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"Boy if you don't get your ass down here this very minute you can kiss using the Impala this year down the drain." Dean rolled out of bed (literally as in he fell on the floor) and shrugged a shirt on, the Kansas summer already leaving dean shirtless in bed. Tripping over the abandoned football kit bag next to the door Dean walked out into the kitchen his father already sitting at a chair, drinking coffee and overall looking unimpressed.
"You go on holidays for two weeks and you've already let yourself go to shit. Look at yourself boy. How much have you gained? Good thing we started back training this morning or they'll be kicking you off the team." John grumbled before pushing himself out the door leaving Dean only seconds to throw on shoes before running to catch up. You see John Winchesters military days never left him, leaving a tightly run house and a fitness obsessed father figure. At least Sammy got out of it being the smart child, Mary kept him out of the hell runs.
Less than four minutes into the run dean can already feel his chest begin the clench up his breath coming out shorter and faster. Maybe dad was right, two weeks the change can already be felt. Dean struggled to keep up, the tiny pudge in his stomach seemingly wobbling and his face as red as a kettle.
"You can do this, this is your punishment for the doughnuts and pie you ate..... this is punishment" the mantra Dean had playing with every step. It wasn't until the last stretch of block that Dean was met with a whole new danger. Slowing to a jog John pointed out. " hey look a moving van at the Thompsons old place, guess they ended up moving out in the end, we have to get your mom to drop something round after school today."
Turning his head to try and catch a glimpse of any new neighbors Dean locked eyes with a set of piercing blue and a shock of black hair, mused to look perfectly like someone had run their fingers through it "sex hair" was probably the best term for the small teen that was now blatantly staring back at Dean. The way it felt like the boys eyes pierced his souls lead to another piercing part of his body to pay attention. The boxers getting uncomfortably tight, in an attempt to fix them Dean shoved his hands to his sides only to trip landing on the new families perfectly mowed lawn. Face first in front of what seemed now to be a whole family and his father. A soft hand grabs his shoulder yanking him up where Dean is met by a stare that looked like it could smite you if you looked back for too long. Dean couldn't help but notice the mysterious boy was holding a sleeve of Oreos and by the look of his form it wasn't the only food he loved to eat.
" Shit man thanks, sorry two left feet at the best of times. The name is Dean Winchester."
" It is a pleasure to meet you likewise, Castiel Novak. I'm new here, starting at Laurence High today, I'm a senior."
"Cool, I go there too? Same year as well. I have to go but I live next door so I'll be there.... yeah."
Dean continues jogging his face flushed red for a very different reason.
John is waiting at the door his face slightly covered in sweat, compared to deans ashen, sweat soaked skin.
" You talking to the new kid, real portly ain't he, you should offer a run sometime that way you both can work off those Oreos." With that he turns and walks indoors leaving dean outside and confused. The moment dean steps through the door he is ushered into the bathroom by Mary insisting she won't have her boys smell like death first day back at school." Staring at himself in the mirror he pulls at anything to justify what his father says because despite what everyone thinks dean Winchester cares very much about what he looks like just not in desire for less but for more. Rubbing his arms up and down his body deans member decides to rise as images of perfectly shaped love handles and a stomach that hangs over the waistband of his jeans comes to mind. The tip now brushes his rock solid stomach, beads of pre cum already forming at the head. Stepping into the shower dean begins fist fucking his own palm imagining the warm mouth of the blue eyed angel over his prick, throat contracting inwards running against the sensitive skin as his hands squeeze onto deans expansive thighs. With the smallest moan ribbons of white spray out, the shower wall catching most of the damage.
"DEAN WINCHESTER IS NOT GAY." Deans internal radar screams as we wipes the evidence of the pleasure off the wall.
Maybe I'm a little gay? "Sammy said something once about pans, I am not attracted to pans."
Pulling on the teams letterman jacket and a pair of faded jeans dean hobbled out of the bathroom to finally greet the Winchester family in while at the table. As dean reaches to grab a stack of waffles a small grunt crosses the table and the death stare of John Winchester is truely terrifying, so insteads decided to pour a bowl go low fat yogurt and fruit. Rapidly spooning the plain tasting breakfast into his mouth dean is up standing and at the door before Mary is even done with her coffee.
"Okay I got to go, love you all. Good luck Sammy kick ass today."
As dean heads out to the Impala waiting shining in the driveway a tuft of black hair catches deans eyes and against all judgement shouts. " HEY CAS YOU NEED A LIFT TO SCHOOL??" As the poor kids jumps out of his skin, regret is already pooling at the base of deans stomach, this mornings images flashing through his head. The slam of the passengers door brings dean back to reality and takes in the specimen of human perfection before him. A small pooch of gut pokes out, nosing the front of his shirt like an insistent dog, his cheeks cherubic and glowing pink.
"Thank you dean, it is under my moms intentions that walking to school may improve my fitness levels, so I am hugely thankful and I must repay you."
As the gravelly voice mumbles off deans stomach decides to grumble louder than a mating whale. Castiel's face curls up into what looks to be an attempt of a smile and dean can't help but realise the way his eyes seems to shine.
"Wow dean totally no homo, none at all."
Deans stomach continues the growl and for the third time today deans face flushes red.
"Allow this to be my treat. You sound starving so if you pick me up, I'll shout you food." "Do we have a deal?"
"Of course, and cas you don't have to pay every time seriously I know how annoying it is to diet and exercise but for today I will happily pop into MacDonald and there is a Big Mac meal with my name on it."
Tires screeching the impala is turned the opposite direction and heads straight towards the Golden Arches.
The moment the greasy burgers were placed in the two teens hands, wrappers were yanked off and all that could be heard through the car was silent moans of satisfaction. Slurping on the thick shake pressed firmly into his hand deans stomach is finally sated and as the gates of hell approached (also known as High school) Castiela phone began vibrating loudly, displaying the home screen the international symbol for pride. The LGBTQ+ flag. Dean can't help but ogle at the blatant sign of pride. Castiel following deans eyes catch him staring at the flag and quickly turns off the screen, immediately apologising. "Hey cas it's okay.... I'm not sure yet but I think I'm bisexual. Your not alone but maybe change that screen unless you want to get beaten up on your fist day here." Dean mumbled as they park in the regulated senior spot. Dean climbs gracefully out of the car depositing the wrappers away into a bin destroying the evidence. Cas now only taking in deans letterman jacket and the way he is dressed realised this was the end of the line. No way a jock will be seen with me. "You know dean you don't have to stick around me, you probably have friends and stuff, I can find my way around here." Despite cas's persistent begging dean remains attached to Castiels side through the hallways of Lawrence High only letting go of his arm to wave at a group of guys who also wear matching jackets. "Dean please go with your friends, I'm a loser already here I don't want you to be dragged down to." He repeats the same sentences over and over growing silent as deans smile remains a ball of pure happiness, as if he wants to be there. It isn't until they enter the office and are met with a scary secretary that dean leans down his lips brushing Cas's ears and mumbles "Trying to get rid of me that easily angel, if it's alright with you I'll be hanging around." Proceeding the snake his hand down his back and pinching the plush expanse of fabric covered flesh that is Castiels arse. It takes a huge amount of focus on the office lady to keep Castiel jumping dean this very moment. The moment his timetable is in hand Cas all but leaps out of the office grasping Dean by the arm until there is a quiet hallway. Within seconds dean is up against the wall smirking, licking his lips obscenely and staring the plump boys eyes. Their lips collide in a frantic mess of lip, tongue and teeth, both boys desperately fighting for dominance. It isn't until dean begins running his hands down his sides that cas pulls back breathless he pants. "What felt me up and you don't like it any more, is Mr Dean Winchester too good for a fat boy." Tears begin falling as cas falls to the floor. Immediately dean is by his side holding him, murmuring in his ear. Taking a huge breath in, dean decides to be honest. "Idontnotlikeyoubecauseyourchubbyimjelousandihavethiskindandivenevertoldanyonesoyeah." The boy now free from sobbing raises an eyebrow hinting that what he said made no sense. "Pheww okay I kind your really cute and I don't not like you because your chubby I am kinda jealous of you and I have this huge kink and I don't even know you so I have no idea why I am telling you this." The last part slurs together but the new shine in Castiels eyes shows he hears every last word. A soft yet chaste kiss is placed against deans lips as he helps lift the other off the floor. First period has already long started so both boys holding hands travelled down the halls until the door for advanced math came into sight. Their arms released to their own side. Both wall through the door at the same time causing a wave of whispering as cas is introduced and comes to sit next to 'THE Dean Winchester.' Through out the period both sets of hands groped up and down thighs, dean happily rubbing the cellulite prevlervant through cas's jeans. The bell rings for recess. Cas has a look of pure happiness on his face and it seems to be directed at dean.