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The priests have left and I'm alone in the clearing, nothing but the crickets to keep me company. The marble under my back is still warm from the day's sun but it's quickly becoming cooler with the evening breezes. I'm terrified, my heart is pounding and I'm having trouble catching my breath. No one knows what happens to the girl chosen by the Patron, once the priests leave there is no one to witness and nothing but an empty altar in the morning. The priests cannot even tell you what it looks like. It has only ever communicated with our people through signs, voices, and visions, the statue in the holy temple is just a formless humanoid standing sentinel in the Great Hall.  

I'm sore from the purification rituals and still bleeding from my courses. The Great Priest was rough when he inserted his fingers in me to verify I was untouched and my skin still stings from the scrubbing I was given. My stomach is growling from the enforced fasting begun last night. The worst part though was having to squat and allow the priestesses to pump warm water into my ass and pussy to clean me out. After the cleansing, I was dressed in a gauzy white chiton and sealed in the Sacred Sepulcher to ensure I would remain pure for the Patron.  

I'm aware of the compact that brought me here, it was made hundreds of years ago. All of us learn it when we are children. Our kingdom enjoys safety under the Patron's invisible presence and in exchange, a virgin girl is given to it. Every hundred years the creature chooses from among the girls who are experiencing their first moonblood and leaves its sigil on the door of her home and on the wall above where she sleeps. When it is discovered by the family the priests are immediately summoned and the girl is taken to the temple to be prepared. The following night on the solstice she is taken to the holy grove and there chained naked to the marble, thighs stretched wide open and her wrists above her head to await it. 

I lay there thinking of the things I will miss, the impending birth of my eldest brother's child, my friends, my family. I wonder if every girl before me who has been sacrificed to it has felt the same or if they met their fate with courage. It's painful to remember the look of horror on my mother's face and the look of resignation on my father's when they found the sigil. I am thankful my sister and three brothers will be around though to care for my parents. 

My thoughts are cut short when the crickets suddenly fall silent and I hear what sounds like deep and sonorous breathing. I lift my head to look around the clearing and fear grips me when I see a shadow coming from the western woods. There is a full moon painting the grove in bright silver but as the Patron spreads out into it like smoke, the light is diminished until there is nothing left but the fitful and pathetic light from the lone torch at the altar.  

The shadow rolls over the grass and engulfs the altar. I can barely see a thing but I feel the heavy cloak of its form over my body. It doesn't make a sound and I wordlessly plead with it, fear choking my throat and silencing my voice. I watch with trepidation as the smoke solidifies into a truly sinister and grim looking creature. Well-muscled, over seven feet tall with skin as black as onyx. Silver hair pulled back from a beautiful but severe face and bound tightly in a thick braid with gold bands. Exquisitely tooled bracers and a matching torc glint in the torchlight. Adorned with rich Lapis and Amber they are priceless and could feed my entire village. His lower abdomen tapers off into a formless mist, the tendrils slinking up the sides of the altar and licking at my belly. A cold terror seizes me as I realize what he is. Jinn, a creature of legend. Immortal, mercurial, gifted with unimaginable abilities, cruel and charming in turns. He leans in and the red light from his lidless eyes reminds me of a fire's dying embers and I find myself almost hypnotized by the patterns swirling within them. He wraps his hand around the back of my neck, bringing his lips to mine and forcefully exhaling a red mist into my mouth. I know I shouldn't fight it, I should be honored that I was chosen to pay this price for my people but I panic anyway.  

My struggles make no impact on the creature. He does not get angry, does not stop but patiently waits out my futile squirming until I breathe in enough of the mist that it begins to affect me with a creeping paralysis. I can blink and I can breathe but every other choice has now been taken away. He removes the chains, they are no longer needed. I open my eyes which had closed without conscious thought and if I could have I would have screamed in terror. As it is I can only make vague gurgling noises. 

The creature gets bigger as I watch, a monstrous giant with a mass of black tentacles springing from its back, a part of the Jinn legend never mentioned in the fairytales. They draw closer and I see they all end in little round mouths, mouths with thick tongues and a growth of long tendrils lining their rims like sea anemones. My breathing speeds up in fear when the tentacles begin to wander over my body.  

I squeeze my eyes shut as if not seeing will help and I feel one of the tentacles slide between my legs, its tongue licking under my hood, coaxing my clitoris out and sucking it into its mouth. A second tentacle slides in just underneath the first, its tongue gently enters my pussy just deep enough to curl up underneath, putting pressure on the bundle of nerves just behind my clitoris. A third tentacle descends upon my breasts and begins to feast upon them, sucking and nibbling.  

I lie there helpless as more tentacles open my thighs wider. Now thoroughly exposed another tentacle joins in its tongue slowly inserting itself into my ass, carefully working its way in a little at a time. It's not long after that I'm trying to push into the penetrations and moaning in pleasure under the sexual assault. A tentacle continues to suck hard on my clit and rub firmly underneath the hood while the others stroke inside my ass and fondle my breasts. The multiple stimulations prove to be overwhelming and a violent orgasm grips my body. They continue to work me over, prolonging the orgasm until I am over sensitized and twitching. I'm given no time to recover before they assault my body again, driving me to orgasm a second time, a third time and a fourth time until they begin to run together. 

The moon has risen fully and disappeared behind the western mountains before he finally grants me mercy. I've lost count of the number of times his unrelenting tentacles have demanded a response my body has unwillingly given. My throat is wrecked from trying to give voice to the pleasure and I'm utterly exhausted. I can't imagine what he wants from me next and I force my tired eyes open. Pressure and discomfort suddenly grip me when his thick fingers slide roughly into my pussy and begin to work it open, forcing the muscles to stretch. I try desperately to move and escape the aggressive penetration but the paralysis holds me in place. I am wordlessly begging for it to stop but he doesn't heed me at all.  

My hips involuntarily spasm as he digs deeper into my pussy. With a quick sharp twist, he breaks my maidenhead and pushes through to my cervix. My opening is a ball of throbbing pain as it is forced to accommodate the span of his knuckles. I feel my pussy give, opening to the demands of his fingers and I pray that's the end of it but it's not. He brings forth a cage like object that is long, open at both ends and looks as if it made of some kind of black metal. It has tiny bony knobs all along its length and I am clueless as to its purpose as he slides it into me. I grit my teeth and silently sob as it extends the length of my channel and locks into place, holding my pussy and cervix open wide. I'm introduced to the point of the knobs when they jut out and sink themselves into my flesh, injecting me with a cool liquid that numbs my pussy and blessedly leaves me with just an uncomfortable pressure. I can't understand why he gave me such pleasure and then did this to me. He still hasn't spoken a word. My stomach churns in sick anxiety, wondering what is next. My heart races in fear when he reaches out his hand but he merely lays it over my eyes. Next thing I know a wave of drowsiness hits me and everything goes dark.