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Santiago and the Wolf

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The first selfie Amy sent Rosa had her hair up in a sloppy work-out ponytail. The straps of a blue tank top were visible, but beyond that, the picture was too close to show much of the room. Amy’s expression was exaggerated, comical disgust and exhaustion.

@ the gym was the text underneath. Ugh.

She sent the text and then tucked the phone into the side pocket of her bag before turning back to the sparring mat. “Okay,” she said, taking a deep breath, getting into a solid fighting stance. “Count of three, Terry?”


Sup with u?

Rosa was waiting for a text from Amy while watching Gina shake mud off her fur. It flew in the air, hitting her- but not as badly as Charles got it. Charles was already complaining, while Gina ignored him.

She checked her phone maybe twice more than she normally would- normally she’d never check in between signals, but Amy was usually pretty good with replying, and Jake had gotten into the habit of stealing Rosa’s phone whenever he could and muting it to fuck with her.

But she could only look at the phone for a few moments before she decided to give into the fact that her skin felt stretched under her leather jacket and jeans, and the pier by the warehouse was going to be empty all night. She passed her phone to Gina- who wasn’t interested in running with them tonight for some reason- and started to strip. She’d check her phone when she wasn’t shifting.


Raincheck. Work is a beast.

So what if the text was also a bad inside joke? Amy thought that it got her message across just fine. She’d have to put their date- god, had she really been in this city for long enough she was attempting to have regular dates with someone in it?- on hold for the night.

Work, unfortunately, wasn’t even a real beast. It was like a tiny beast; a small infestation of imps that the hunters had stumbled upon while following up one of the several locations that Holt had given her. They were nasty little things- one had tried to set Scully’s feet on fire, and another that Amy had only just gotten out of her hair a few minutes ago. She’d had to shoot one off of Holt with a crossbow bolt, actually.

He’d said he was impressed by her aim but would rather she not shoot at his skull again. He’d been impressed.


Rosa didn’t send Amy a selfie, but she did send her a picture of Jake sprawled across the laps of both Charles and Gina, smiling and waving. Look what I’m stuck with when you cancel on me. Idiots.

She wasn’t mad at Amy; frustrated at the fact that they’d been playing tag for what felt like forever. Sick to death of just remembering what Amy smelled like instead of being near her. The time and space between dates was starting to feel like the itch under Rosa’s skin near the full moon.

It was weird, kind of freaky. Rosa wasn’t sure if she liked the itch, but she knew she liked Amy. Which was something. Something better than hanging with the losers she called a pack, anyway. The thought almost made her smile. Almost.


“Oh, this is definitely werewolf fur,” Jeffords said. “One of them probably brushed up against this and got caught on the door hinge.

They were downtown, and Jeffords was crouched by the backdoor of a nightclub. Amy was thrilled, seeing how it had been her idea in the first place to check out this location next. She’d walked past this nightclub a couple of times with Rosa, after hanging out at the bar down the street- they’d even considered checking it out.

There had been little things about it that made Amy think ‘possible paranormal hang out,’ from the cast of characters she saw going in and out of it, to the low volume of people coming in and out of it the night after a full moon. So when it showed up on the list of places that Holt thought might actually be a werewolf den, she knew they had to check it out.

And she was right. They had been there, they had actually been there.

Her phone buzzed twice, and her hand went to her pocket automatically. No, she’d promised herself that she wouldn’t text Rosa during important parts of patrols- anyway, if Jeffords turned and saw her texting right now, she’d be mortified. So she promised herself that she’d text Rosa the moment they were done here.

Maybe they’d even have celebratory drinks.


Your place. Not mine. Roommates.

Although, technically, Rosa could have told all of them to scram- and they would have scattered even if it wasn’t a direct order. Looking around the warehouse, though, with their rigged electricity and acquired furniture and Gina’s crap lyrca jumpsuits all over the place, she’d rather not spend the night with Amy surrounded by any of it.

They planned while Rosa worked out- replying to texts between reps. They planned for a raincheck date too, just in case, because every other date they’d attempted to have recently had been pushed back at some point. Amy spent a lot of time on the phone overly apologetic. It was so hyperactively genuine that Rosa couldn’t help but believe her- and it wasn’t as if Rosa hadn’t had to cancel and rearrange things too, recently.

Rosa blamed Jake. She usually did when things got annoying.


Their phones were abandoned on the counter in Amy’s kitchen. The shit apartment she was renting at least meant that she didn’t have to share her living space with any of the other hunters; she always insisted on her own place or she started feeling like she was back home with her brothers.

She didn’t have to think about any of that now, though. She let out a surprised laughed as Rosa moved the both of them- moved Amy, really, picked her up so that Amy could wrap her legs around Rosa’s hips and waist. It was only for a minute; just enough for Rosa to get Amy on the counter by the sink, and just fast enough that Amy hit her head slightly on the cabinet. She winced, hand to the back of her head, and both of them snorted in laughter.

Rosa pulled her in for another kiss, and Amy didn’t unwrap her legs from around her partner for a second.

Amy missed two calls, Rosa missed one.