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“Scully,” Mulder said, gazing at her almost the way he used to in the early days of their partnership, only now with more purpose. He continued, fighting back tears, his hand still resting on her abdomen. “You mean…you didn’t get someone else…I mean…for the IVF?”

She burst out laughing. Honestly, she didn’t want to but she really couldn’t help it. Mulder could be so dense at times. “No, of course not,” she replied.

He looked confused, then asked “But, how?”

Scully laughed again. Then her face sobered up. She had an idea. “Let me show you how.”

He got the gist, and to her surprise, leaned over and kissed her firmly on the lips. She opened her mouth slightly, and he got the hint to slip his tongue between her teeth. She leaned into his touch, moving her hand to the back of his head and gripping his hair.

They kissed each other until they were breathless, then pulled apart. Mulder began to massage Scully’s breasts over her shirt, and eager to feel him skin on skin, she took it off, over her head.

She was wearing a plain, light blue maternity bra, but to him, she couldn’t have looked sexier. There she was, carrying is child against all odds.

Dana reached her arms behind her back, unbuckling and slipping off the bra. Her breasts had gone from a B cup to a D since he last say them, and, by the look on his face, it appeared it was a very welcome change.

He marveled at her nipples, puffy and dark like ripe fruit, rubbing them back and forth with his fingers and feeling himself grow hard with every moan that escaped her lips. He knew her breasts were really sensitive. They always had been, but now the rush of wetness down to to her core came on a lot faster than it would have with him doing this had she not been pregnant.

Having Mulder touch her breasts was nice, but her clit was aching with desire and she wanted him to touch her there.

She got up off the couch and shed her pants and white cotton panties, giving Mulder the cue that he needed to undress.

He knew Scully always enjoyed being the one to free his erection when they did this, so he left his boxers on. The friction of the tight material was delicious yet painful for him, and seeing how turned on Scully was in that moment did nothing to tamper with his arousal.

“Come here,” she said, standing there, gloriously naked, with the profound slope of her belly at full attention. She had thought she would feel embarrassed to do this in such a state, but seeing how hard he was for her made her cast all of those worries aside.

She abruptly pulled down his boxers and gave his erection a gentle lick from the bottom up just to tease him before she pushed him gently on to the couch.

Mulder almost feared he would come before he was inside her, and when she straddles him and slid her wet heat down onto his cock, her inner walls were much tighter than he had remembered, or maybe that was just a marker of how long it had been for them.

Either way, when she slammed her body against his for the first time, a loud moan escaped from his dry throat, nearly taking the air from his lungs. She felt amazing, and she was doing the most amazing thing for him, bringing their shared creation into the world.

Sensing that Mulder would not be able to stave off his orgasm for more than a minute or two, Scully began to circle her hypersensitive clit in between her middle and index fingers. She didn’t mind that this wasn’t going to last long. She was just glad to be with him again.

In a feeling of reverence, he placed both his hands on her stomach, gently massaging so he could prompt their child to kick.

Scully continued to ride her partner as she pleasured herself, and feeling the flutters of her baby moving made her vaginal muscles clench tightly around Mulder’s cock.

He began to lift his hips up off the couch, thrusting into her waiting heat as she slammed down onto him over and over again. The sensations were incredible. For both of them.

Within a few more moments, her walls trembled around his hardened member and he exploded into her with a hoarse cry.

She slid off of him, and he pushed back against the couch so she could lay in front of him. He spooned her, resting his head on hers and brushing his hand over her belly.

“Wow,” he said. “I think that was the best it’s ever been for us. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it last longer.”

“It’s okay,” Scully mumbled sleepily. In the early stages of her pregnancy when she’d touched herself and cried thinking of Mulder, she’d discovered that the hormones turned her climaxes into natural sedatives, and this time was no exception. She assumed Mulder was exhausted too, and the thought of falling asleep in his arms again after all these months was thrilling to her, even in her sleepy state.

She managed to stay awake a little longer on that thought, like a type of psuedo caffeine. Briefly she envied Mulder’s ability to have coffee, while she would have to wait another month or so. But it was a small price to pay.

“I still don’t understand how this happened,” Mulder admitted. “I mean, I assume by what we just did that we conceived this baby the old fashioned way and not with IVF, but, I thought you said it was impossible and that the last treatment had been your last chance.”

She huffed, still feeling groggy. “He’s our little miracle, Mulder,” she said. “The one you told me never to give up on.”

“He?” Mulder mumbled incredulously, the post-coital haze combined with his still-recovering status catching up with him.

“Yeah,” Scully said, smiling and scooting her bottom closer to Mulder’s groin. “He.”

“Hey, Scully,” he inquired, “Do you know what the Latin word for miracle is?”