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Anywhere But Here

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The apocalypse had happened with very little warning unless you counted the sudden and highly unexplainable exposure of all magic. It seemed like all over the world the veil keeping people from seeing and understanding that the various kinds of magic were, in fact, real and not simply fiction, fell at the exact time. People who had been exposed to magic and either rationalized it away or forgotten it, intentionally or with 'help', all suddenly remembered it with a crystal clarity.

The entire world had descended into chaos. Wars had broken out more or less spontaneously in many countries, the violence and murder rates were at an all time high, and religious fanatics began a new, literal witch hunt. The latter was made all the worse with the help of the internet. New websites popped up every day with names, pictures, and addresses of known and suspected witches and wizards.The vast majority of them were simply normal people who for some reason had gotten on the wrong side of the wrong person/people. Some of them were on the list because they were rich and someone else wanted what they had, while others ended up on the various lists for no other reason than that they were randomly added by someone who just wanted attention.

The pandemonium lasted for exactly five weeks before people began dying by the million, literally. Every day for Buffy didn't even know how long, but one million people died each day. Some were killed by the witch hunters, others in accidents, but most of them just dropped dead. Their hearts simply stopped beating and no amount of CPR or any other kind of medical aid could restart the organ. The were no good reasons for why Buffy knew that; she just did.

Buffy had been in Britain at the time of the secrecy meltdown with Willow, Dawn, and Kennedy. Giles had invited them so they could get a good look at the Council Headquarters. Well, it was more like the bombed out ruins of their HQ, but he wanted them to know where the decisions had been made for the last couple of centuries now that things had slowed down a little. They also got a tour of several of the Council Estates, unfortunately, all of them were bombed in the first week after the Exposure. Clearly, the boys in tweed hadn't been as careful as they'd thought.

Giles, Willow, and Kennedy had all been killed when the RAF dropped bombs on the estate they were staying at while visiting Giles' home country. Buffy and Dawn had only survived because they'd been out Slaying. Or rather Buffy had been slaying while her little sister had supplied a running commentary on everything from the state of magic, to the vampires she dusted, and the shoes she wore that night. They'd had fun despite the need for extra secrecy, but it had all come crashing them when they saw the light show from the direction of their current home base.

All the borders had been closed and sealed tight, or they would've returned to the US, pronto. Not even Giles'/the Council's contacts had been able to get the four of them out of Britain. Apparently, someone high up in the chain of command in the land of tweed had made an executive decision that the Queen Slayer and one of the most powerful witches in the world needed to stay in Britain to defend it.


Six months after everything began Buffy and Dawn found themselves in Scotland, more specifically they were not far from Inverness according to the road signs. The world population had dropped drastically and while they had spent most of the time on the move they saw less and less people. Which Dawn had guessed had more to do with the unexpected apocalypse than the fact that they were in the sparsely populated Scottish Highlands.

That, however, didn't explain why they suddenly ran into a small family of four who all looked remarkably well-fed and cared-for, which was more than could be said for the two Summers sisters. The woman had curly, slightly bushy, brown hair while the the man had black, messy hair and a pair of incredibly green eyes behind a pair of glasses. The boy looked like a mini clone of his father, except for the lack of glasses, and the little girl had inherited both his eye color and his hair color but her hair was quite curly. Both adults were wearily holding a wand and looking like they were a split second away from casting spells in their direction.

They two Americans slowly put both of their hands up and to the side to show they had neither wands nor other weapons in them and the couple relaxed slightly.

"Hi!" Buffy gave the family a friendly smile, "We mean no harm. We're just passing through."

A look of surprise came over both of the adults' faces, presumably at her quite obvious not-British accent.

"You're American. Why didn't you go back when everything went bad?"

Both sisters frowned at her, but it was Dawn who replied. "The borders were closed almost as soon as the news broke. No one in and no one out. We're stuck here unless there's another way to get across the pond."

Before anyone could say anything else the man broke in, "I'm Harry Potter. This is my wife Hermione, and these two are our children Corvus and Bluebell.

Both women smiled a little at the names, not that either of them had any room to point fingers, but Buffy returned the introduction and said, "I'm Buffy Summers and that is my sister Dawn. We were originally in England to visit my old mentor, but, well..." She trailed off. There weren't really many conclusions to that sentence.

"We're sorry for you loss." The woman, Hermione, replied genuinely before her husband continued.

"Perhaps we should take this conversation somewhere less... I'm mean, it's too open and we'd rather not be seen. I'm sure you understand?"

A short conversation later and the six of them were on their way to what used to be a restaurant. Harry had promised to cook while they talked, and his wife had promised them he was a very good cook both with and without magic, but given their exposed position it would be done with magic so it would be done quicker.

Both Buffy and Dawn were hoping for an explanation for the apocalypse or barring that something which could help them survive and/or get back to their friends. They were magic wand users, so who knew what they were capable of?