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The first time Mrs. Scamander talked about marriage in front of her children, they were playing in the backyard and her husband and she were talking about their future.

Theseus, hand in hand with his little brother, turned his head towards them and grinned from ear to ear.

"Newt and I are going to get married in the woods, so he can invite all the creatures he wants." The little boy looked up at his older brother at the word and smiled, delighted. He was too young to know what marriage meant but if it involved creatures he was more than happy to participate.

"Well, honey," Mrs. Scamander chuckled. "You can't decide that already. You two need to talk about with your respective partners, when you have them, of course."

Theseus frowned and put his little brother behind him as if he was trying to shield him from her words.

"Why do we need partners for? I'm gonna marry Newt!" He protested looking almost offended.

"Well... Thes, it's a little too early to know that. You two are brothers and I'm sure-"

"But Uncle Mike said I can marry Newt because we're purebloods..."

Mr. Scamander rolled his eyes.

"I'm sure he said that. But what your mother was trying to say -before you interrupted her so rudely- was that you two are young and you'll both probably meet someone else."

"I don't want anyone else," Theseus said, stubborn. He put his hands around Newt and pulled him close. The little boy, feeling the other's distress returned the hug.

"It's okay, 'Seus. Don't get mad at Dad." Newt pleaded and Theseus relaxed immediately.

"We're just trying to say that you have to wait a little before start making plans, okay?" Mrs. Scamander smiled kindly and Theseus nodded, although he didn't look pleased.

His older brother said it was 'alright' although days later she could've sworn she heard Theseus telling Newt he could choose the colour of the suit he wanted for their wedding.

She sighed.


Leta was invited to spend Christmas holidays with the Scamander family and she was more than pleased to be there. Not only because she really liked Newt, but because his family was very kind to her.

Well... Almost all of them.

It had been a while since Newt's older brother, Theseus Scamander, had left Hogwarts to continue his education to become an auror. According to Newt, he had been recently hired by the Ministry of Magic which was a huge deal for someone so young.

And because he was a very busy man he couldn't join them until Christmas Eve. He arrived at night, using floo powder and almost making Mrs. Scamander jump when the fireplace turned bright green and his older son appeared.

Leta was a very observant person, so that was what she did as soon as the newcomer set foot in the house. Theseus didn't look much like Newt, sure he had freckles (but not as much as his younger brother) and reddish hair (not curly) but those were the only things those two had in common. Theseus was taller and looked physically stronger than Newt.

But the physical appearance was not as interesting as the way he behaved in the house. He was greeted by his parents and although he clearly looked happy to see them it was clear they were not the main reason for his visit. His eyes kept looking around, almost desperate to find the other familiar face.

"'Seus!" Newt greeted and his brother's face turned almost comical; his features softened and his eyes sparkled with adoration.

Leta had siblings and they certainly didn't look at her the way Theseus was looking at Newt.

How interesting.

The older Scamander took Newt in his arms and as if he wanted to prove his strength he lifted his little brother and turned around until Newt was giggling and protesting that 'they were not children anymore'. Theseus finally stopped and let Newt stand on his own, but didn't took his arms off him.

"I've missed you," he murmured over Newt's cheek before nuzzling his neck making Newt laugh again.

"Me too," the younger assured. "Now let me go so I can introduce you to someone very dear to me."

As soon as the words left Newt's mouth Leta knew there was going to be a problem, even before noticing how Theseus' expression changed.

Good thing she was hard to intimidate.

"This is Leta Lestrange," Newt said with a huge grin and left Theseus side to approach her. "Leta, this is my brother, 'Seus."

"Theseus," he corrected, shaking her hand. "Only Newt calls me 'Seus."

Leta nodded because she understood perfectly, it was not a 'that's a silly nickname my brother came up with and I actually don't really like it that much' it was more like 'only Newt has the privilege to call me that'.

"It's okay," she said and Newt looked at them both with a clueless smile, happy that they were getting along.

They weren't. There was a strange tension between them that only grow when Newt focused all his attention on explaining her how a wizard should take care of a hippogriff. Leta knew some of that information but she enjoyed having his complete attention so she didn't mention anything.

Theseus didn't like that, he tried a couple of times to get Newt to pay attention to him too and even complained that they hadn't seen each other in months.

Leta just rolled her eyes. Men were such babies sometimes.

"How's work, honey?" Mrs. Scamander tried to change the subject.

"Fine," Theseus answered, not so enthusiastic anymore.

"Have you met someone especial yet?" The question asked by Newt's mother made Leta wonder if she was aware of what was going on or she genuinely had no idea.

Theseus grabbed the fork he was using to eat and pressed it in his hand until his knuckles became white. He tried to focus on his plate while answering. "I haven't had the time for that."

Mr. Scamander looked at his elder son with curiosity but didn't comment on it.


The next morning Leta had the bad luck to wake before everyone else so she found herself in the kitchen, pouring some juice in a glass when Theseus Scamander joined her.

"What are your intentions towards my brother?" He didn't seem to want to pretend he liked her anymore and she was half relieved half irritated about that.

"The same as yours it seems," she replied and had the satisfaction of seeing him blush, surprised.

At least Theseus didn't deny it.

"I just want him to be happy," he mumbled, looking suddenly miserable.

"But you'd prefer him to be happy with you," Leta pressed because honestly she didn't like him either and she certainly was not a kind person by nature. She could make an effort of course, but only for certain people.

Theseus pressed his lips together, but didn't respond.

"Don't hurt him," he warned her instead and returned to his own room.

Months later Leta made a mistake and Newt was expelled. She didn't mean for that to happen, but didn't stop Newt from taking all the blame.

She was sure Theseus Scamander hated her even more.


The day Captain Scamander lost it completely was the same day the new soldier arrived. He was in charge of the Ironbellys and had his face covered at all times, he went by the name of 'Artemis' although Theseus' troops suspected that wasn't his real name.

They knew their Captain had a strong discussion with Artemis and some of them began to think they hated each other. Until Theseus worried glances proved them wrong.

They observed closely their interactions and noticed the way their Captain fingers traced the other man's face or how he was the one that brought him food and convinced the other to get some sleep.

Theseus Scamander was also the only one with enough courage to try to earn the dragons' trust in other to stay close to Artemis. The Ironbellys didn't let anything except the Captain to approach him.

They all suspected their Captain had a 'thing' for Artemis but only Harris was brave enough to comment on it.

"What are you gonna do when this ends, Captain?" He asked.

"You mean if we survive?" Theseus said, only half joking. They all know the risks of going to war. "I guess I'll go back to the Ministry."

"Sounds fine," Harris said and then cleared his throat. "But I meant... I don't know- get married?"

Their Captain laughed, only there was no humor in that sound.

"I have no one."

"What about Artemis?"

Theseus tensed. "What do you mean?"

"You seem like... I mean- you love him," Harris said and everyone around noticed there was no doubt in his words. It was not a question.

Theseus looked down and then back at Artemis' tent.

The silence lasted a couple of minutes. The soldiers thought he surely wasn't going to say anything about it, until they heard a broken whisper: "He doesn't love me like that."

There were many unspoken "I'm sorry" coming from the eyes of the soldiers, for they all liked Theseus Scamander, he was a good Captain and some of them even consider him a friend.

They just wanted him to be happy.


Desmond Williams had a couple of years working as an auror at the Ministry. He as many of his co-workers firmly believed they knew their boss, Theseus Scamander, very well. They knew that his little brother was untouchable, he could do whatever he wanted because it was obvious Theseus doted on him and couldn't resist his brother's puppy eyes.

Newt was also the only person capable of making Theseus grin from ear to ear, but he was also the cause of most of their boss' worried expressions.

When the younger Scamander was in England Theseus smiled and laughed the most; sometimes they missed that good humor of his when Newt was away.

Sadly, Newt didn't stay long. And although Theseus didn't become a grumpy creature when his brother is not with him, he was not the same.

They knew Theseus Scamander loved his brother so much that they all were worried about his boss when the news about New York arrived.

They were sure Theseus was going to take a portkey and bring his brother back himself for the expression on his face was of a desperate man.

Fortunately, Newt returned to England that same day.