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The Time to Rise

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One: Echoes of Promises

Holmes Manor

Merlyn looked over at the window, she saw her middle and wildest grandchild underneath the tree. She knew he hated been here like this, he wasn’t like Myc who was moving the world to his enjoyment. Quinn was running it through the tip of his fingertips. She was terrified, the Death Eaters had tried to approach her wild one. They had ended in very delicate places.

“You worry about him.” she turned to look at Arthur. “

I worry just as much as I worry about the other two.” Merlyn told him.

“William has always been different.” Arthur told her.

“Sherlock, you know he likes that name.” Merlyn told him. “I do too.”

“You began to call him that name, it’s why he likes it.” Arthur told her.

“He is too different Arthur, he I worry for him.” Merlyn said. “Look what he got into.”

“He will be fine.” Arthur told her. Merlyn kept looking at Sherlock and she wasn’t satisfied with Arthur’s answer.

“I wish I would know he wouldn’t be like this.” Merlyn told him.


In the darkness Merlyn tipped-toed away from her husbands arms and went to the rooms, she barely went to. She walked up to the mirror.

“Just a small peak.” She whispered. She touched the mirror and her eyes opened to look into the future. She saw herself in an flat, it was a very weird one but she saw two chairs near the fireplace. She could hear laughter coming from the door outside and she tried to moved toward it, but she stopped when the door opened. She saw the first person come inside and it surprised her to see Sherlock healthy and smiling.

“I still cant believe it.” she heard and saw the person her grandson was holding the door too. the young woman walking inside with him, he was smiling actually smiling. The woman had blond hair, short with a oatmeal color jumper.

“It was easy Joan.” Sherlock said, what shocked Merlyn wasn’t the young woman, it was Sherlock and the way that her was looking at her, like a puzzle he couldn’t figure.

“Well it was amazing.” She told him and gave him a kiss that Sherlock returned and Merlyn snapped out of the vision.

“I do hope that the curiosity was satisfied.” Merlyn jumped to see Arthur standing there.

“Arthur.” Merlyn said. “I…I w—“

“You were looking into William’s life.” Arthur told her. “See anything interesting?”

“Joan.” Merlyn said with a smile grabbing his hands.

“Her name is Joan and she thinks he is brilliant, Arthur he looked healthy.”

“It was a vision, it could not happen.” Arthur told her.

“That’s the point Arthur, now we have more of a reason to help him, out there somewhere is a young woman who thinks my Sherlock is brilliant and amazing.” Merlyn said. “Now let’s go, because we have a grandson to clean up.”

Watson Home

Sophie Watson looked at the ring in her daughter’s finger and she frowned. Joan had come home singing praises and spinning around like a teenager. She was talking about the young man, who just asked her to marry.

“Aren’t you happy Mum?” Joan asked.

“It’s not right.” She told her.

“What do you mean?” Joan asked.

“He isn’t right Joan.” Mrs. Watson said.

“But he is perfect Mum.”

“Is he?”

“Yes, I mean he is everything I’ve ever wanted.” Joan told her. She was of course speaking of Lucas. The young man who had just asked her to marry him.

“He isn’t the man in the lab Joan.”

“What?” Joan asked.

“The man you will meet in the lab with the changing eyes.” Sophie said.

“So I don’t have your blessing?” Joan asked.

“He isn’t the right one dear, I feel it deep in my heart.” Sophie said, Joan looked down at the ring.

“Though your young man is going to think he doesn’t have one.”

“I love him.” Joan said, Sophie grabbed her hand.

“No dear you think you do.”


“One day you will meet your young man but Lucas is not it, I fear he will break your heart.”


A year later Sophie held Joan as they visited a grave with no body as Lucas had been lost in battle and no one knew of the pieces after the bomb went off.