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The street corner named desire

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It was one of the coldest days of the year so far. My breath puffed in front of my face, coming out of my mouth as smoke while my nose ran rivers down my face. I impatiently rubbed it away with the sleeve of my wool jacket before pulling it closer around me. I buried my nose into the fabric, hoping for a bit of extra warmth but to no avail. All i got for my efforts was to be scratched by the annoying wool fiber, irritating my skin. I had bundled up in multiple layers of the impossibly scratchy fabric right before leaving the safe, warm comfort of my home before venturing out into the frozen tundra known as New York City. Well, at least it wasn't summer time where it smelled like a garbage can that had been lit on fire.

My hat had slowly sunk lower, almost covering my eyes as i attempted to navigate the sidewalk back towards my apartment. I pushed the hat back up and out of my eyes as i watched a man come out of Gristedes foods, holding some precariously full grocery bags. I squinted as i moved closer, wanting to get a good view of him. He had dark shoulder length hair that was covering the side of his face. I wondered if he could see behind all that hair...probably not. Well, obviously, he didn't see the patch of ice that was in front of him.

It happens in a flash. At one moment he is standing up and the next he is on the ground, his groceries on the ground and making the snow covered pavement have a splash of color to it. Suddenly, i realize that this entire time i had just been standing there in the way of people and just staring, watching this guy fall. I wretch myself from the sidewalk, apologizing profusely to the people who were shoving past me and jogging over to him. I kneel down, picking up a box of froot loops by the curb. I look up and hand them to him, struck by how beautiful his deep brown eyes were. They were breath taking in a way. I quickly avoided eye contact, gulping.

"H-here, i thought you might need some help since you slipped on the ice and i figured i would just be polite and help you." I said quickly, all in one breath and hoping and praying he didn't react rudely to the help.

A lot of people in New York seemed to be that way. Then again, after one bad encounter i had stopped trying to talk to other people except, say, the ones i worked with and family. I look up and give a nervous smile. His eyes widened slightly and a small smile came to his lips.

"Thanks. You have a nice smile." He pointed out, his dark eyes crinkling, his smile widening.

Suddenly, it wasn't so cold outside anymore.