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the heart wants what it wants

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The heart wants what it wants.

Like bees in a field of flowers, Alec's heart always buzzes to everything Magnus.

In many ways, his love flows and reaches this first and last love of his;

From the way he looks at Magnus - with his eyes unblinking and the way a smile creeps up to his lips and spreads them apart into this radiance that reassures and rejuvenates Magnus giving him a new meaning to a life old and stifled by prejudices and where love never seemed enough, is now a life in which Alec keeps packing him up with heaps load.

Then there's the way Alec calls Magnus's name so sweetly like those field bees making honey - saccharine in every drop of Magnus's name he pronounces.

Alec is very specific in his love:

"Magnus, I love you".
"Magnus, I'm not going anywhere".
"Magnus, what's wrong?"
"Magnus, I'm sorry".
"Magnus, I don't think I can live without you".

Alec is very earnest in his way of loving this man. 

Now in a back alley, red lantern light dazzles them. The universe steps backs, holds its breath and waits for their kiss.

"Everything I do reminds me of you", Magnus tells him, slowly stepping in, moving to be beside the man he loves the most in the world, taking his stand right where he belongs - by Alec's side. "I'll show you what's not an understatement".

Then Magnus leans in, tilts his head back and kisses Alec's parched lips, once again sealing their promise; a love with all their effort.

A love that thrives with one heart, meshing and knowing exactly what it wants.

And now that they're positive about this, all they want is a warm bubble bath together with champagne and lavender scented candles with their arms wrapped around each other sharing honey kisses that lasts forever.


magnus x alec