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Lean on me.

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Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes, Ravenclaw Fourth year   Greg LestradeGreg Lestrade, Gryffindor Sixth year

John Watson John Watson, Gryffindor Fourth year        Mycroft HolmesMycroft Holmes, Slytherin Sixth year

Jim MoriartyJim Moriarty, Slytherin Fourth year            Sebastian MoranSebastian Moran, Slytherin Fifth year


Damian PotterDamian Potter, Slytherin Fourth Year.


Damian Potter watched as Sirius hugged Harry tightly while saying goodbye. He and their God father's relationship had begun to strain over the years, especially after he was sorted into Slytherin so their good by was swift. He followed his brother onto the train and snagged a compartment for them both before the lions dragged him away.


"Hopefully this year will be quieter. But if what Siri says is true then i doubt it," harry said, sighing at the thought of another lost quiet year. Damian smiled and ran a hand through his dark hair.

"Well, hopefully it won't be too bad this year. And any trouble can be pushed onto someone else brother mine, speaking of which, we actually get to go to Hogsmede this year legally," After Peter Pettigrews sighting the year before Sirius and Dumbledore had both agreed that the boys should stay in the castle, which caused more than a few tense words between Damian and Sirius.


"Yeah, there is that," Harry conceded. It was nice to talk to his brother again, Harry had been staying with the Weasley's while Sirius and Remus went on a second honeymoon and Damian stayed home, only leaving to visit a few friends for the day. Ron had been trying for years to get Harry to spend less time with Damian, but his hatred for all things green played a big part in that.

"Oh, here are the Weasleys brother, best head back to them. Oh, my god, what happened to Lestrades hair?!" he asked, peering out the window.

"What, what?" Harry asked, looking out as well. He grinned when he saw the usually quiffed brunette Keeper sporting grey or silver locks instead.

"Oh he does suit that. No doubt he spent his summer over at the Holmes' place, and was the subject to Holmes juniors experiments" Damian said, definitely appreciating the new look.

"How do you know that?"

"Mycroft Holmes is the Sixth year Prefect for Slytherin, Lestrade is for Gryffindor last year they were partnered up for their rounds and became quite close. Last I heard Lestrade had asked Holmes out to Hogsmede and they've been an item ever since. Now if the other Holmes boy and Watson wise up they'll be one big happy family," Damian explained, pointing out the tall, auburn haired boy with Lestrade.


"Oh, by the way Draco asked me to ask you when you were going to ask him out because quite frankly the longing looks during class are getting distracting. So man up or you'll lose him," Damian teased as Harry's cheeks turned red.

"Get stuffed Damian, see you later," he returned leaving the compartment to join his housemates. Damian chuckled and pulled out the newest potions journal out of his trunk to read.


Sherlock groaned as Mycroft shot him another glare after their parents left.

"Look, it wasn't my intention to turn his hair silver, the spell was supposed to cover grey hairs not spread them," he grumbled looking for John. Lestrade had laughed when it happened and said not to worry, but Mycroft had gone all bridezilla on him and they weren't even getting married. To top it all off mummy had locked up his lab as punishment so he'd been utterly bored all summer when John and Jim hadn't visited.


"Sherlock!" He turned at the Irish voice and smirked at his dark haired friend, "Hey, still haven't fixed Gregs hair then?" he giggled madly.

"Nope, i did warn them it might go wrong but he insisted and now I'm the one in trouble, seen John yet?" Jim shook his head before watching the train windows.

"Nope but he'll be here soon no doubt," and just after that John turned up puffing,

"Jim you berk, I was calling you!"

Sherlock smirked again and they made their way onto the train find most compartments occupied they settled on one with a lone Slytherin inside.

"Hey. Potter," Jim greeted, Damian waved a hand, "We sit in here?" he looked up with lazy blue eyes and nodded.


"Yeah, just keep it down," they took their seat, Jim opposite Damian, john next to Jim and Sherlock next to Damian. John lent forward,


"Don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm-"

"John Watson, Captain of the Gryffindor team, chaser as well. He's Sherlock Holmes, Ravenclaw, and some kind of armature sleuth and this is Jim Moriarty. I already know you. Damian Potter, Harry's younger brother," Damian interrupted not looking up from his book. An awkward silence filled the compartment as the train took off.


" know about us then?" Sherlock asked,


"Kind of hard not too, your older brother whines about you more than anyone, Harry's Gryffindors' seeker so of course he talks about you Watson and Jim and I are dorm mates," he explained. The others nodded before they began to talk about their holiday.

"Is that Soultines newest edition?" Jim asked, pointing at Damians book.

"Yep, just out lists all the potions in his earlier novel alongside several x rated ones. Read it yet?" Jim groaned.

"No, they sold out before i got to the shops,"

Damian shrugged, marked his page and handed the book over,

"Here. Give it back when your finished,"


"yeah, I've read it twice already so...I recommend the page on wolfsbane, and the potions to cure heart deffects in adolecents, really controversial stuff," Damian said, Sherlock chose that moment to jump in.

"Well that would be interesting to you wouldn't it Potter?" He smirked, Damian shot an ugly glare his way,

"Just because you found out my Godfathers a werewolf last year and had him fired Holmes doesn't make you some sort of hero. it just makes you an ass, Remus loves teaching and being attacked when he was a baby wasn't his fault. He took precautions and was safe-"

"except that night when he scratched you," John interrupted. Damian's face had gone completely blank.

"I think you should leave now,"

"you can't kick us out," Jim cried.

"Watch me!" one flick of Damians wand sent all three boys packing. Sprawled out in the hallway Jim managed to remove himself from the pile of elbows and knees to try the door again, only to find it locked.


"Well done smart arse,"