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Life: The Biggest Troll

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Robert couldn't believe the devastating news he had just received. Jon Arryn was dead! Dead! As in no longer alive, no longer advising him over his business, over his life. He wondered if anyone had let Ned know. He wept in Lysa's lap for what felt like days and they spent the entire night crying and laughing about all the quirks that had made Jon, Jon. Now that he was gone Robert had to work on his relationship with Stannis as Jon would no longer play their middleman. He had to work in his family business harder than before.Jon had been like a father to him and Ned and all their families and friends. He was also like a grandfather to his children. Robert was more than sad, he was heartbroken and had to call his children back to King's Landing.


Robert was grateful for his loving family. Lysa his beautiful and kind wife. Gendry, his image. Robert Jr(Robin) his special child who was so much like Lysa in everything but looks.And his angel, Minisa, the one child that had her mother's hair and demure nature, while his other children where all so Baratheon-like. She could  do no wrong in his eyes. He remembers the first time he met Lysa. She had been with that creepy Petyr guy and Robert had wanted a challenge. He was very easy on the eyes, so there was no way any girl could resist his smile and jokes and overall free and breezy nature. Well... no one except Lysa. She was even less attainable than Cat. She had been the one girl who wanted to look pass his reputation and nonchalant nature. He thinks he fell in love with her because she didn't have to try to get attention, just like Cat, who use to be such a massive bitch. He had even stopped whoring around so that the claims of him being a changed man where true. However, the straw that broke the horse was the fact that Petyr was a colossal asshole who broke up with Lysa in favor of Cat. She needed a shoulder to cry on and his was the strongest in the realm. Lysa always smiles when they tell people their story, because Robert was such a sap. And now that he thinks about it, it was thanks to Jon and Ned that his life was so organised. He had begged Lysa for a date after Ned and Jon had poked fun at his changed routine. He knew that she made him a better man and father. Lysa agreed and the rest was history. 


Jon was still gone now but at least he had his family. He needed to let the others know of the tragedy that has fallen over their lives. 


Gendry had arrived early in the morning to a calm and house drowned in a sombre atmosphere. He had left with urgency because he didn't know what was going on. He didn't understand why his parents had called him back. They usually loved the fact that their children where out of the house, living their own lives. So it came as a huge shock to him that they needed him home after so long. He left Dragon Stone in such a hurry , that he didnt get to ask questions. And now he was worried. Mornings in this household were filled with crude jokes form both his dad and Robin , with his mother preparing a breakfast fit for kings and Minisa, his sister, singing their ears off but today he finds his mother and Mini weeping hard and Robin meets his puzzled look with glossy red eyes. He engulfs his mother and sister in his large arms.

"What's going on?'' he mouths to his younger brother while grabbing tissue out of his pocket for the ladies to blow their noses. He fears the worst. Is uncle Renly okay? Is Mini okay? Is aunt Cat okay? Is everyone in  their circle okay? He panics and searches for answers. He is finally answered.

"Jon Arryn is..." he falters, "He's dead. Gen, he is gone" Robin finally finds his voice after hours. Gendry couldn't believe his ears. How could Jon be dead? Jon Arryn didn't die Because an old heart gave up. Jon never gave up! Never! And now he's gone. Jon was strong, he had seemed healthy as a horse . They had Skyped just a week ago and he was hounding him on getting a wife and a family. This all happened not less than a week ago while he was at Dragon Stone with Uncle Stannis. Now he was gone. No more sage advice. No heartfelt and loud laughter. Gendry lost hope and crashed. He let a frustrated groan out and started crying in front of everyone , and yes... he was a man grown but Jon was the next best thing to a grandfather that he had.


After a long hot bath and a home cooked meal, Gendry sat with Mini and Robin. They had a little Wake in honor of him. They spent their night drinking and recalling their own experiences  with the elder. They even spoke about each others lives as they were spread all around the country. Gendry had been at Dragonstone working with uncle Stannis at his law firm, Robin had been in Tarth with uncle Renly for the annual fashion show and Mini had been at Dorne vacationing with her new girlfriend, Tyene.  Robin decided it was time for a confession or maybe it was the alcohol speaking.


He was happy to come home and relax after the amazing time he had in Tarth, however he was kind of distracted the entire time. He fell in love with a young and fairly new model. Tommen, he thinks his name is. And now that Jon was dead there was no way he would tell his parents. Robert would probably disown him and Lysa would die of a heart attack and if he remembers carefully when Minisa tried to tip toe out of the closet, they locked her in and threw away the key, but she was Bisexual, so hers wasn't so bad. Why, oh ,Why was the Life the biggest troll? Jon would've told him uncle Renly's solution was to pretend he isn't gay


'' You have to promise to still be my siblings after this...'' he hesitates, " so while in Tarth I did something..." He pauses and sighs.  His older brother and younger sister look at him as clearly as the alcohol would let them, which was quiet easy to do because Mini and Gen could hold their liquor. '' So, I'm gay..." he awaits their responses. 

He gets nervous.

They finally get up and hug him tight. They laugh at him and he loosens up. Did they know? " I've known since I was seventeen" he continues. Gendry and Mini smile.


"I've known for a really long time Rob, trust I can tell. Welcome to the community'' she says wholeheartedly albeit smugly.  After a long night of drinking they fell asleep on the patio, with the warm dark sky as their blanket.