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How to prepare for a wedding night

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It's not everyday I stay this long. Damn fire whiskey for making me this tired after sex. Or maybe it wasn't firewhiskey, but the fact that no matter who, where and when i fuck i always and i mean like every time, make sure to fuck properly.

And a proper fuck takes a looooot of effort and energy.

So yeah, maybe it wasn't just firewhiskey why i was so damn tired right now.

Still, I have to stir uncomfortably because the man that is so tightly curled around me is making me god damn warm. After I, as quietly as possible, slip out from under the covers I try to gather all my clothes. The only piece of clothing I would really regret loosing is Sirius's old leather dark brown jacket tough.


Shit. So much for my silent leave. I continue to put my jeans on and mumble "Eh...hi. "

There is a brown nest of hair peeking from the bed followed by a pair of dark blue eyes. "Don't you want to... you know... stay for a breakfast... or... or have a brunch, Harry? " his voice is sleepy and to my dismay, full of hope.
Now here is an example why i should always leave after the action. They always hope. They are all the same. They hope to stay with the famous Harry Potter for as long as possible.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a heartless bastard and yeah I am aware that not everyone is the same. In fact i sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have a stable relationship. You know, where you go out to the cinema or for a walk to a park and where you don't have to have a scar shaped as a lightning to make love to someone. But here is a problem when you're me. When you're Harry Potter people always look at you as if you were some kind of a god existence and all they see is a saviour of the wizard world. They never want to talk about themselves, they want to know me. Or to be more precise they want to know about me during the war. They bring back the worst memories and they ask the stupidest questions. Like 'did it hurt when You-know-who hit you with the unforgivable? ' 'How did You-know-who look like? ' 'How many people died?' 'Did you murder anyone?'

And these were actually questions this guy asked me yesterday. Don't worry there's been worse.
"Yeah, look I'm very sorry, but... I'm not really looking for anything serious..."

"Me either," he adds immediately, as if he wanted to convince himself and not me. Than he almost jump out of the bed naked when i start to make my way to the floo:" we can just..heh... be friends perhaps? "

I sign and pat my forehead. Just than i see my jacket laying next to the floo so i reach for it, quickly grab a handful of powder and murmur :"Sure. I'll see you around. "

Before the green flames hugs my body I can see him standing up and rushing to stop me, but i don't really care. All i want right now is a soft pillow that is waiting for me in my bedroom, a nice big doze of hangover potion because I'm starting to feel my head aching and maybe later I'll fill the tub with hot water and relax a bit more.
Well of course it's not what was meant to be. Right when i arrive into my living room i see a woman standing near my window balcony looking down at a buzzy street of muggle London.

Now i can see the reason why someone would like to visit my flat. It's simply gorgeous. The living room that is connected to the kitchen by an enormous island is spectacular. The white walls are decorated with simple paintings and modern art works, sofa is long and faces a wide television and a set of speakers that could break my french windows if the volume would be high enough. I also have a furry carpet where i love to sit and occasionally fuck if I consider my lover decent enough to leave without a fight. Overall it's not really my style, but it's sexy, it's luxurious and it's simple. Just like my life.

The woman with high black heels and plain knee length skirt turns around when she hears the floo and gives her white sleeves of her blouse two tugs before she speaks. "You did it again I guess?"

Hermione Granger, a successful leader of S.P.E.W and a highly respected worker in Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures stood right before me with a partly disappointed and partly tired look.

"Ah", i roll my eyes and put my jacket to the side. "Can we once speak about something else than my hectic love life?"

She shakes her head and follows me to my bedroom. "Harry, you can't go on like this forever. Your life is basically sex, alcohol and work...!"

"So...? I like my life."

She narrows her eyebrows :"yeah, you like to go back here every Friday with a hangover and pretend you don't miss a company of a decent partner."

I feel a harsh stung in my heart, but to cry in front of my best friend about being single...? No way. "So what am I to do?"

My bored question makes her frown deeper and she raises her voice just a bit. "You should stay with him! See who he is, see what would happened after some time and..."

"God, Mione!!!" I don't mean to shout, but I do. It's not the first time she's here telling my how ridiculous my life currently is. So what if I don't have someone for a permanent relationship? So what i just want it quick with no boundaries? Even when I date someone, even when I try and give some of the wizards chance they always see only Harry Potter.

She looks kind of scared to see me so frustrated, her posture is tensed and her eyes widened. I simply close my eyes, sign and ran trough my black locks. "Look, Mione i love you, but... don't go into that please... "

I probably sounded tired to her because she just shrugs and leans against the doorframe to my master bedroom.
There are two other rooms in this flat, but i rarely go there. There is the bathroom of course and two guests room. The one that I'm staying in right now is most likely my least favourite one.

It's kind of dull, all white and grey. Everything is sharp. The bed, closet, windows. But it's modern... and the lack of fotographs and decorations always reminds me that I'm indeed the only occupant of this apartment, not that i mind, but i could use a roommate or something. The black sheets of my bed are always making all my one night guests horny. Basically everyone that has been fucked here felt rich and famous being in the same room with naked Boy who lived. God i hate that nickname.

"Ron and I wanted to go on a little trip next month. "

I give her a quick glance indicating 'go on' and try to find something wearable.

"We wanted you to go with us, but...", she stops there for a while and i know what she's thinking. She doesn't want me to be the third wheel once again. I know it because we went out together with Ron countless times and each one it was ackward to see them hugging, kissing and doing all those lovely stares. I'm happy for them, but's just weird.

"Oh, why don't you two just go alone. I bet Ron would love to spend some time with you only. "

She blushes :"we have quite some time alone now that we live together Harry. "

"Than go together some more, i always feel useless around you two."

There is a thick silence between us while i change my shirt. Than there is a small almost whisper like sound that i barely catch. "You didn't feel like that during the Magical ancient creatures exhibition. "

Oh yeah, the exhibition. Right until now I'm not sure if it was by far the best or the worst experience of my life. Ok, the worst experience was facing Voldemort, but it's a close one there. The thing is that I went alone with my best friends that day and we came across Dean. Now, Dean Seamus was gay, that was a well known fact, so when he decided to join us i had someone to talk to and i finally felt a bit more... accurate. Ok, ok i loved it. It was great to have someone to hold when my friends flirted. It was great to hold someone's hand when Ron and Mione did the same.

However, things went super weird than because we went home together, we had sex and....and than... i found out he already had a boyfriend.

I hate cheating. I HATE it. Every time I see a photo of another man in one's purse or a ring on a guy I'm interested in, I vanish. Each time this happens I just want to kick something, preferably the ass of a guy that hid the truth, and ran away.

"So you want me to break another relationship? Should I find a married guy this time?" I say ironically.
Once. I let my guard down once hoping I'll have a chance to have a proper boyfriend and he has to have a lover and he has to be a cheater.

"Oh, Harry... that was one time, neither of us knew Dean had a boyfriend. "

I just roll my eyes, but when Hermione gives me her 'please do it for us' look I groan and fell down on my bed.
"So you're giving me time to find someone who'll come with me to the trip so i don't feel lonely or something? "
She nodds:"i want to find someone so that you can break this monotone life of yours that apparently doesn't make you happy. "

"Last time. "


I shut my eyes and hit my forehead thinking 'you so gonna regret this, Harry'. "I said I'm doing this the last time. I'll find someone I can go out with, but it's the last time, got it?"

She brightens up like a fucking Christmas tree and nodds :"oh Harry! You're gonna love it! It'll be fun... like in the movies, a double date!"

She goes on and on about it for next half an hour and i stop listen after ten minutes. Now I have to convince, which won't be that difficult, some random wizard to go out with me on a date and suffer all those 'holy shit how does it feel to be a Saviour of a wizarding world' questions.

Suddenly I pray that the trip is to mother town of firewhiskey. "Where exactly are we going than..?"

"Thor Park!!!"

- fuck!


After Hermione left I sleep for only half an hour, interrupted almost three times by a nightmare with me and some random guy on a roller coaster. I'm thankful I didn't suffer from the usual dreams with Death Eaters, dementors or Voldemort. Suddenly I awake to a sound of rustling and people talking about something.

It's hardly ten o'clock and here are already people making nose on a weekend. Great!

Now, I'm not that type of person to go all furious over a small interruption so I grab my pajama pants since I shouldn't go out in underwear and a shirt.

Before I open the doors I quietly listen to the conversation that's going on. "Those are the last ones." Says a harsh voice and i can only guess it's some big muscled guy. The type that has to cross the doors sideways because he can't fit with his ridiculously broad arms trough the entrance.

"Oh... but...", the other voice is quite, sounds almost humble, but i know it's a guy too. A shy one probably. "I thought you said you'll take it inside. "

And a self-conscious.

"Look, I have better things to do and there are just a few boxes, you'll manage." What a polite way to say, 'fuck you I'm tired and have something against you'.

After a sound of heavy steps goes away I can hear a deep sign followed by an incoherent mumbling.

It's than that i realise it's the new neighbour that was supposed to arrive yesterday. My landlord said he looks like a fine guy and that i don't have to be concerned by it. He was pretty polite with me since I am the richest occupant in this building. I have the biggest apartment, motorbike, car and dozens of fans. I wouldn't be surprised if he thought I'm a music star or something, thank god he's a muggle and isn't a part of the Harry Potter club. Besides who has a freaking fireplace in their apartment, right?

Anyway there is this quite smart idea that pops in my head. If the guy is attractive and bent enough i could go out with him into the Thor Park. What's more, if it's a muggle I won't have to deal with another Potter fan.

With that i open the door enthusiastically putting on my flirting look. True I'm not in my best outfit, i have after all just my sweet pants on along with a red shirt i sleep in. Still, it hugs my torso and shows my biceps. My hair is a mess so nothing unusual.

I glance at a mirror in my hall, I don't have any red places on my face and I look kind of hot all freshened and relaxed. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm a flirting material. With that tought I open the door.

I am met with the best image of arse in the last five years. The thing that stole my eyesight is round and perfectly made for grouping and touching. The man is bended over a small box surrounded by twenty other one's, but all i see is that one spectacular arse.

I take off my glasses to make sure they aren't just spelled to see perfect arses. Shit, he really is hot.

He must be quite fashionable because the pants are made of fine black silk that fits perfect to his long legs. His light blue loafers suits nicely with the same coloured cashmere sweater that is sliding of his pale back.

I can almost feel my mouth watering. I smile dreamily and close the door behind to grab his attention. You got this Harry.

"You could use some help with those..."