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One Lucky Girl

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Everything Cassie believed in was going to change.

and that would happen faster than she could ever could suspect.

Cassie got up Wednesday morning and was on the way to school.

I should mention that Cassie is a girl who is only just 10 years old.

She has bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.

She went to school that morning as I said

In class, she was not really popular. 

Most kids wanted nothing to do with her,

that had not so much to do with her.

But it did with her mother. 

Her mother was a real hippie and flower power person, 

and that made Cassie feel ashamed sometimes. 

With the crazy things her mom would do, from time to time.

Cassie was quite a shy girl, that like to stay in the background.

In the class everbody was restless,

there was going to be a group of people coming to school and talk about the 1960s and nobody knew who was coming.

The children in her class knew that Cassie's mother was a hippie,

and asked her if her mother was coming to school  for as she had been stuck in the 60 's.

Cassie said nothing that was usually the best thing that she could do,

most of the time they would leave her usually quickly at eas. Thank God, they did this morning.

The teacher let 4 men in the classroom and they presented themself as the Beatles.

Cassie knew the Group, and  realized that it ware the real one's too.

She couldn't believe her own eyes.

The beatles were already  for quite a few years apart from each other,

They had decided to do this project to show children what it was like to be growing up in the 60's.

Later on it became clear,  It was an excuse to keep an eye on to Cassie for as long as it was necessary.

But right now Cassie and her classmates didn't know that.

They told stories to the kids, the most told by Ringo Starr and John Lennon.

The class listened with full attention and so was Cassie.

Suddenly her eyes seemed to be attracting by a glace she saw.

She looked and saw the eyes of Paul mc Cartney were focusing on her.

She looked back at him and saw that he was getting a stub from George Harrison, when George saw what Paul was doing.

Paul stopped the eye contact right away with Cassie.

The children had questions and they ware alloud to aks them anything they wanted to know,

The children did asked them all kind of questions.

They gave answers to all the questions the children had.

All of Suddenly the police came into the classroom and simply said to the Beatles

"she is caught!!!!"

Thereupon the beatles jumped up and screamed in relief

the whole class watched the Beatles and ware suprised at their response.

On Which the agent took the Beatles with him out off the classroom.

But not before the police agent stopped at Cassie's desk, and said to Cassie that she had to come also with him.

She said "I have done nothing wrong Sir."

"I know" said the policeman "But come with me anyway. "

Her teacher came to Cassie and said it was allright and she should go with the police.

She had no choice than to go along with police and was taken to the police station.

Where she was placed in a room.

She was very scared. She knew she didn't do anything wrong but why was she here? 

30 mitutes later a officer came and took Cassie to a interrogation room.

There were some police officers inside.

 It was a intimidating situation for Cassie who got scared.

And they sat in frond of her, and  they started to ask Cassie for her name and where she living.

Cassie answered these questions and asked why they had to know.

The man in front off her told her that her mother was arrested

for abduction of a 1 year old child.

Cassie  nervous started to laugh and said she would have known

that if her mother really had kidnapped a little child, she would have known that, you can't hide a baby for the outside world.

Which the agent said "It happed 9 years ago.

And you Cassie, ware the 1 year old who was kidnapt by, what you believe is your mother.

And that she had kept you Cassie for 9 years with her and raised you like you ware her own child."

Cassie  was completely gutted by what they had been telling her and simply said "that is impossible."

Moments later Paul and Linda mc Cartney came into the room.