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Akito and Estelle in The Lorax

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Akito, Estelle, Vincent, and Felicity were visiting Aunt Gloriosa and Uncle Timber since their parents were busy, though importantly, Atticus and Mo were having a second honeymoon together and decided to have a romantic weekend and Barbie was busy with her family which meant that they wouldn't see Kelly, but they would still have each other. Larvitar, Teddy, Vulpix, and Mismagius were with them though as well as Scruffy, Dot, and Snow White. They were in an old room which had some of their aunt and uncle's old books and they were trying to find one to discover and read together.

"Wow, look at this place!" Akito smiled at the book collection in awe.

"There must be interesting reads around here somewhere," Vincent said before holding out his cat. "Girl, go see if you can find one."

Snow White yawned and stretched before hopping over the shelves of books. "If I must..." she then said to herself. "Hmm... Watership Down?"

"Nah." Scruffy shook his head.

Snow White jumped to the next shelf. "Marley & Me?"

"No, try something fun for all ages." Felicity suggested.

"Hmm..." Snow White hummed before going to the Dr. Seuss section. "Hey, how's about The Lorax? I heard that was Mo's favorite."

"Perfect." Dot smiled.

Snow White then whipped the book down with her tail before curling up into a ball.

Felicity yelped as she then dove in and saved the book on a pillow with a relieved smile. "Thank goodness." The accident prone girl sighed in relief.

The Fudo siblings and Felicity looked at the Lorax book with their pets and Pokemon.

"This seems interesting." Vincent said.

The kids then went to see their aunt and uncle in the other room.

"Which do you think she'll like better?" Timber asked his sister as he took out two different engagement rings with unique gems on them. "Lapis lazuli or kyanite?"

"Hmm... Kyanite." Gloriosa smiled.

Timber looked at both rings and agreed with the darker blue. "This one matches her hair anyway."

Gloriosa nodded with a giggle to her brother's agreement on her decision.

"I really hope she says yes." Timber said.

"I'm sure she will," Gloriosa winked. "You got this~"

Timber smiled back. The kids then came to see their aunt and uncle.

"What's up, kids?" Gloriosa smiled as Timber smiled nervously and hid his ring from them as he wanted it to be a surprise.

"We found a book!" Akito and Estelle announced as they held The Lorax.

"Oh, The Lorax," Gloriosa smiled. "This was your mother's favorite."

"Yeah, she loved reading that one to JJ and Rosie." Timber chuckled in memory of when their other uncle was in Kindergarten with his girlfriend.

Vincent's medallion that he's had ever since his first time with Winnie the Pooh began to glow. He the held onto it as he looked to his maternal aunt and uncle from his mother's biological family.

"Shall we read it?" Felicity asked.

"Well, I see nothing wrong with that." Gloriosa smiled to her nieces and nephews.

"I think we're going to be apart of the story." Vincent said.

Felicity, Akito, and Estelle looked to him in wide wonder as the adults got ready.

"Uncle Timber, what's that ring for?" Estelle asked.

"Uh, nothing?" Timber smiled nervously and put the ring behind his back which just made the kids smirk with their pets and Pokemon.

"It wouldn't happen to be an engagement ring, would it?" Estelle smirked.

Timber sighed while blushing. "Well... Yeah... I'm gonna ask.. Erm... 'Aunt Sci-Twi' to marry me."

"Dad told us about how you fell in love at first sight with her at Camp Everfree." Vincent smirked as his medallion glowed.

"And he was right." Timber said.

The kids giggled as Gloriosa took out the book and sat on the couch which made the kids sit down.

"Are you gonna tell us a story, Aunt Gloriosa?" Estelle asked. "That's what Barbie always does for us and Kelly."

"I sure am." Gloriosa smiled before wincing as the medallion got brighter.

"Oh, that light!" Felicity grunted. "C'est trop clair!"

"What?" The others asked.

"It's too bright." Mismagius translated.

"Make it stop!" Snow White and Vulpix begged Vincent.

"I-I can't!" Vincent told them.

The light soon engulfed them and transported them all into the story.

"Oh, dear, they've exploded!" Gloriosa gasped.

"Atticus is going to kill us..." Timber panicked. "Well, he'll beat me to a coma and Mo will probably get hysterical!"

The light from before soon shined from the book. The siblings took the book and opened it to see if it could tell them what happened to the kids, and where they saw their nieces and nephews with their pets and Pokemon appearing in the story.

"Uh, Gloriosa, what happened?" Timber nervously asked his sister.

"I'm pretty sure this was done by some sort of magic," Gloriosa replied. "At least the kids are all right and so are their pets and Pokemon."

"That is good," Timber looked relieved with her. "But what do we do and how do we get them out?"

"Hmm... I'm pretty sure if we read this story to the very end, they'll be transported out of the book." Gloriosa said.

"I hope so." Timber sighed.

Gloriosa cleared her throat and began to read the book aloud. "'We open in Thneedville, a city they say with all plastic and fake and they liked it that way'," she began to narrate the opening prologue. "'A town without nature, not one living tree. So what happened to them? Cue the music, let's see'!"

The kids soon appeared with their pets and Pokemon into the world called Thneedville and a new alien robot-like Pokemon was hiding in the background as the town was waking up like Belle in her tiny and quiet village.

"So weird." Felicity said.

"Anyone else feel like they're being watched?" Vulpix asked.

Larvitar then dashed ahead with Scruffy to find out who was watching them and the new Pokemon attempted to hide away. "Who are you?" He soon asked the new Pokemon.

"I am Deoxys." The Pokemon replied.

"What kind of Pokemon are you?" Larvitar asked.

"I'm a Psychic Type." Deoxys replied.

Mismagius, Vulpix, and Teddy soon joined Larvitar to meet the new Pokemon.

"Where do you come from?" Larvitar asked.

"That is an interesting story..." Deoxys said before running off.

"Hey, get back here!" Larvitar glared as he chased after the odd Pokemon with his 'cousins'.

The pets soon went after them as their owners looked all around Thneedville and it was unlike any other town they had ever seen and nothing seemed to be real and there was even air sold in bottles like water bottles and the trees were plastic and filled with batteries.

"This city has to be fake, right?" Estelle asked her brothers and cousin.

"Sure feels like it..." Felicity replied as she poked a bush which felt more like bubble wrap.

"Why did my medallion send us here?" Vincent asked.

"The same reason you were sent to the Hundred Acre Wood?" Akito teased since he knew Vincent didn't like Winnie the Pooh until their other aunt and uncle read them that story about the search for Christopher Robin.

"Hmm... Maybe we're supposed to help these people learn something." Estelle said.

A little boy came out of a lake before he seemed to glow green which made the others wince slightly nervously for him, though he didn't seem to be hurt. Despite the lack of actual nature, the people seemed happy, though Felicity and her cousins didn't have the same mutual feeling, and where they started to look for someone they were supposed to meet. The townspeople soon came to a stop as their mayor came. The others looked with them to see a rather short man who was in charge of things known as O'Hare.

"How did that guy become mayor?" Vincent whispered.

"I don't like that man." Felicity looked annoyed and disgusted.

"Me neither." Akito and Estelle agreed in unison as usual.

A preteen boy seemed to be going to a certain house with a model airplane.

"WAH!" Vincent cried out as his medallion began to float and pull him to the preteen.

"Vincent, come back!" Felicity called out as she went after the boy.

Akito and Estelle shrugged to each other and followed suit. The Pokemon and pets continued to go after Deoxys who was going to the same house the preteen boy was going to.