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Hermione Granger and The Guardian of Time

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This might be the dimmest thing that I've ever done

And when that thought occurs in the mind of 'the brightest witch of her age' it should be a cause of concern for everyone... but then if everyone thought like Hermione Granger, the world would have been a much better place to live in.

That's an obnoxious thing to think.

Some people would find Hermione's habit of reprimanding herself whenever she had an arrogant thought charming, Hermione herself though, found it deeply irritating and thought that she should cut herself some slack.

Especially after the life that I've had...

Hermione Granger is a complicated person who has lived a complicated life and now was about to make a very complicated and also if she were being completely honest with herself, a somewhat dubious choice.

You have a habit of doing that whenever it comes to the matters of the heart...

The aforementioned heart is of course just another name for Harry Potter. Hermione Granger has a seven year habit now of doing the most unimaginable and sometimes atrocious deeds for the 'chosen one' and she almost never regrets it.


It could be worse...

Another charming habit of Hermione Granger in the making... trying to rationalise the fact that she had stolen an ancient Time Turner from the department of mysteries and was currently hurtling back through time in an effort give Harry Potter a better life.

Actually maybe lets not make a habit out of this.

People would have thought that things would have changed after Harry Potter put an end to Voldemort, and people would be right... but people rarely factor in 'post traumatic stress disorder' and 'crippling depression' when they think of such world altering events.

In all honesty, who wants to be thinking about war orphans when they could be thinking about the fact that Diagon Alley was open again.

Who wanted to think about the hundreds who had died in the war when they could be thinking about the fact that there was no taboo on the word "Voldemort" anymore, and that they could yell it from the rooftops and absolutely nothing bad would happen to them.

Who wanted to think about the empty husk that Harry Potter had become when they had a 'boy who lived twice' to celebrate.

Unfortunately for Hermione Granger... She was Hermione Granger.

And Harry Potter had been centre of her universe for almost as long as she had known him.

The things we do for the people we love

That was the last thought Hermione Granger had, as her de-aged body hit the floor in front of the gargoyle that guarded the Hogwarts' headmaster's office and she was knocked unconscious.