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Shooting Star

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Light Yagami was bored.

Now this was quite a common occurrence for the five-year old; neither his parents nor the dimwitted fools that called themselves his teachers provided anything remotely challenging to his intellect. Right now he was lying in bed with the light off, trying to find something to occupy his mind. It was three o'clock in the morning, and everyone else was asleep in the house.

His sister, two-year old Sayu Yagami, still shared a bed with his parents, but Light was old enough for his own room. This was something of a relief, as he no longer had to pretend to sleep for twelve hours just to placate his parents.

That's not to say that Light didn't sleep, it's just that he slept nowhere near the amount of time a boy his age should. Three or four hours a night was the norm, but it could be less if he had not done anything intelectual the day before.

Which brings us back to the current problem. Light was completely and utterly bored. He was unable to switch off his brain, unable to sleep even a wink tonight. After hours of lying in bed mentally doubling twos in his mind (his usual method, although it had ceased to work lately due to him having the whole sequence memorized up until around 2 to the power of 100) he had given up, switched the light on, and got dressed. He wore a dark blue fluffy coat over his pyjamas, and slippers on his feet. Silently padding to the door, he removed the pencil lead in the hinge and left.

Once in the kitchen, Light made a beeline for the cookie jar. His parents knew that he occasionally snuck cookies out when they weren't looking, but they didn't mind. He was five, after all, and he supposed they found it cute. What they had no idea of was that Light also bought cookies from the supermarket on his way home from school, and replenished the cookie jar almost every day, before eating them at night. He couldn't store the cookies in his room, because his mother Sachiko cleaned it every day; she was sure to find them. But strangely, nobody took any notice of the cookies in the cookie jar. Soichiro assumed Sachiko had bought them, Sachiko assumed Soichiro had. It was like the saying: if you want to hide a letter, find a postbox. Nobody noticed what was right under their noses unless it was in some way out of the ordinary.

Grabbing six cookies, Light tiptoed back to his room. Once there, he opened his window, took a torch from his bedside table (it had been easy to persuade Sachiko to buy it, he simply stated he was afraid of the dark) and jumped out. Landing on the grass a few feet below (he was lucky his room was on the ground floor, otherwise he would be unable to do this), he took off at a brisk pace to the field behind his house.

It was not a cold night, but it was crystal clear, free of any clouds. A few stars shone in the sky, but that was not why he had come. Patiently, he sat down on the coat and waited, staring up at the heavens.


A meteor streaked across the stars, leaving a blazing trail of light, before it faded. Light's eyes grew wide, and he smiled. When his science teacher had told him to research something to do with space - to get him out of the way while she taught the class something that was all common sense to him (really? of course Venus was too hot for extraterrestrial life, the greenhouse effect caused that. Had the rest of the children not heard about Global Warming? it was all over the news! but back on track.) he had chosen meteors. Apparently, the perseid shower was due to peak on the night of August 12th.


Light laughed happily as another meteor blazed through the sky. Munching on a cookie, he got out his map of the night sky that he had drawn last week, and marked the positions and directions of the meteors as he saw them. An hour later, and his map contained many streaks of pencil, all radiating out from a single point.

'Comet Swift Turtle, I've found you.' The debris field of the comet was the origin of the Perseid shower, although it itself was not bright enough to be seen. Over the last few days Light had been tracking its progress across the sky. Comet Swift-Tuttle, or Swift Turtle as he preferred to call it, was known as 'the single most dangerous object known to humanity' - if it hit the earth then all life would be wiped out. Light had become fascinated by the subject. He had started his research on the meteor that had wiped out the dinosaurs. Apparently, Swift Turtle had 27 times the energy of that one. He loved the fact that something so deadly could produce something so beautiful as a shower of stars, which were really fragments of the comet burning up.

Half an hour more, and the sky was beginning to show signs of the greyness that came before dawn. Light yawned and stood up, folding away his sketches and clicking off his torch. Really, he should probably have tried harder to sleep. Now his parents would know something was up. Oh well, he could always just tell them he had a nightmare. Light found that it was easy to manipulate people at his age, because they believed you were not at their intellectual level. That was true, of course. Light was far above them.

Light was trudging back to his house when a strange noise compelled him to stop and look up. It had sounded like a shout, but there was nobody here. He spotted another meteor, much brighter than all the others, coming in his direction. Wow. If he was really lucky, it might land as a meteorite somewhere near here, perhaps in this very field! It had been Light's ambition to own a piece of Comet Swift Turtle ever since he had researched it. It was stated that although it caused a massive meteor shower every year, the pieces were so small that they always burned up in the atmosphere, and no meteorite had ever been found. Perhaps this would be the first.

Light had just thought this when suddenly there was a searing pain down the right side of his face, continuing down to just over his heart. Too startled to cry out, he collapsed, clutching his chest, where something was burning him, hotter than the kettle steam, hotter than that time when he had stuck his hand in a birthday candle on his third birthday to see what was making the thing glow. Around the pain, the only thing he could think of was 'It hit me...' before he blacked out. His heart stopped soon after, the meteorite having lodged itself in the left atrium. Light Yagami was dead before the sun rose.

'Huh? where am I?' a newly departed soul awoke from sleep. The first rays of dawn were just peeking over the horizon.

'Who am I?' He really had no idea who he was, but he guessed he was the little boy lying in the field. After all, was there anybody else around? At this revelation, memories began to filter into his mind. His name was Light Yagami... he had been hit by a meteor...

Shouldn't he be nonexistent right now? Light was an atheist, but he might have to revise his opinion on that matter. He waited quietly for his judgement - it was best to make a good impression on whatever God there was that he hadn't believed in, and maybe his age would count in his favour.

When no divine judgement came, he found himself quickly getting bored again. Deciding to test his new abilities, he found that he could look around, without eyes. It was really quite odd. The odder thing still was what happened when he concentrated.

The whole world suddenly turned blue, with the grass picked out in black. His body seemed to emanate energy from a glowing orb in his chest. The leaves blowing around in the air stopped moving. Time stood still. Baffled, he reached for the glowing sphere. Touching it (not with an arm, not a leg, but touching it nonetheless), he was suddenly sucked into it.

Opening his eyes (he had eyes again?) he was met by the brown ones of a plain looking boy. They widened in fear and awe, but Light didn't really notice. He was so tired, and the blackness was so inviting... he slipped into sleep.

Mikami Teru was thirteen years old. He was also very unhappy.

Just today he had stood up for a couple of kids that were being beaten up in his class, and what had he to show for it? The bullies had turned on him and laid into him, and he had not a word of thanks from the two he'd saved. Only looks of pity and whispers behind his back.

"That kid..."

"I heard he's part of some weird cult..."

"Wonder if he did it because of the pain..."

"Maybe it's some weird ritual."

"Crazy weirdos."

Mikami even now was shaking with an attempt to control his anger. How dare they mock his beliefs! He was still only a young initiate, but once he was eighteen, he would join the Cult of Stars in service of the All and Only. He is the One who sends righteous judgement on the wicked, and Mikami had already promised his life to Him.

If only he could receive a sign! sometimes it was hard to keep his belief while mocked and judged by all around him. He needed a way to reaffirm his commitment. That was why he was out walking.

The 12th of August was the most Holy night of the year. The Cult of Stars believed that meteors were sacred messages from the All and Only, and tonight was the night of His actions. Mikami knew that if he would ever receive a sign, it would be tonight.

"All and Only!" he cried out to the heavens. "Please, show me your grace... I need you..." Suddenly, a blaze of light filled the sky. Mikami's eyes grew wide with awe. The All and Only had answered him! He watched in reverence as the meteor fell through the sky, before landing somewhere far ahead of him.

With no regard for his own safety, he ran for the source of the light. He must have run for ten minutes or more, and his legs were riddled with scratches and nettle stings. They finally gave out at the edge of a small field, and he collapsed, breathing hard. He watched the sun rise at last. The light illuminated a small figure lying in the field. Mikami got unsteadily to his feet and walked over. A little child was there, unconscious. Mikami gasped when he saw the silvery-white burn mark down the left side of his face and the hole in his shirt. Carefully lifting it over the boys head, he saw a starburst shaped silver scar over his heart. He placed a hand on it. There was no heartbeat, but he could feel something there. He realised that this boy must have been struck by the meteorite, which was lodged inside of him.

Mikami Teru had no doubt that this was a sign from the All and Only. Had the boy been evil, and struck down for his misdeeds? For some reason, that tugged at his heart. The boy could be no older than five. How could he have angered the All and Only so?

But then the boy opened his eyes and looked at Mikami. He had been struck, and yet he was alive. That could only mean one thing. This Boy was sacred at the very least, at the most, he was the Incarnation of the All and Only, sent from Heaven. As his eyes fluttered closed, Mikami picked up his body with endless care. Then he began to walk back to the Cult of Stars, where the festival would be drawing to a close. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in Light's life, and the beginning of a prophecy as the Lord of the Cult of the All and Only.