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learning to fly (and falling on the ground, but that's expected) 101

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There's no real need for the full on neon and party lighting right now, Hizashi thought as he laced up his favorite pair of skates and stared in awe at the tall and ever awesome Toshinori. He looked as if he'd be incredibly clumsy in his own pair of skates, and the look in his eyes that spoke explicitly that he had no earthly idea what the hell he was about to do confirmed it. Hizashi noticed the very look in those eyes, and his own red ones closed as he stood up and offered his own hand to Toshinori's, the elder grabbing the hand almost immediately.

"You look worried about all this, Toshi. It's not as if you'll die if you try skating or anything!" Hizashi laughed as Toshinori looked at his partner in the eyes, flustered.

"Yeah, I know, but-" his own statement started well enough, but in an instant, the taller blond almost stumbled forward onto the floor beneath him. Before he could make a tripping, stumbling and embarrassed fool of himself in front of Hizashi, the shorter caught him with a smile and some sort flirtatious wink that made the taller look down in a shy and flustered manner.
"Oi, oi, Toshinori. There's no falling at my rink unless you're falling in love!" Hizashi laughed as he held onto both of Toshinori's hands as he tried to regain his own balance.

"That's sweet," the taller laughed, knowing full and well that he'd already fallen in love, "but seriously...this seems dangerous. I've never actually roller skated before, you know."

"Oh, I know." Hizashi stated as he looked at the shaky posture and temperament of his fellow pro. He snickered at his fear, laughing uproariously (only in his mind, of course) at the fact that this was the same man that would willingly put himself in danger on a daily basis- but he was scared of a few skates. "But it's no trouble to teach you, pro. I can assure you I can keep you from scraping yourself up, and maybe teach you a few tricks, eh~?"

"I'm not going to lie, but you teaching me tricks scares me more than anything." Toshinori joked, laying a hand on Hizashi's shoulder. "Imagine the headlines, huh?"

"Oh, of course. 'Breaking News: All Might's Trusted Secretary Defeated By Present Mic's Roller Skates!'" Hizashi laughed along as he let go of Toshinori's hand to show off these very tricks that could be the end of the #1 Hero someday. Toshinori watched these tricks with childlike amazement, watching as his partner rolled across the rink like it as easy as walking, and the pure look of joy upon Hizashi's face was contagious. With even the shortest glance towards his smile, Toshinori's face lit up with a grand affection and infatuation.

"Who knew someone as hyperactive as you could find the time to skate gracefu-" the taller started, but his statement was cut short by the sight of Hizashi rushing towards him and grabbing his hand.

"I can't skate alone, Toshi! Besides, someone's gotta teach you to skate! We aren't just here to get away and be all lovey, right?"

God, I can't wait until we get to be all lovey, Hizashi thought as soon as the words left his mouth. At this very mention of the words "teaching to skate", Toshinori felt a sense of dread, fearful for himself as Hizashi slowly started to roll him across the floor. With his eyes shut tight, he allowed Hizashi to guide him across the rink, his hands slowly dragging him as his voice simply told Toshinori to walk forward, forward, forward, and that all skating was was just walking forward, forward, forward...

"Ah! There we go!" rang Hizashi's voice, and in an instant the rink was fired up- the neon lights, the strobe lights, the dazzling and overeager glamour making its mark in the building. Even with closed eyes did this sudden burst of light disturb Toshinori, and he had to open his eyes to fully understand just what had colorfully exploded in this very rink.

"Well, isn't it beautiful? Had to test out the lights at least once while you were here, you know."

"They're....bright, alright." The taller said, his voice trailing off as he took notice of how the lights reflected off of Hizashi's glasses, and how his eyes were heavily illuminated by the colors that he felt weak in the knees, and if there's one place where you don't want to feel weak in the knees, it's at your boyfriend's own skating rink. Nevertheless, the look on Toshinori's face was star struck, and he looked around the place once more as Hizashi hid his largely growing smile behind a hand.

"Hizashi, this is really, really nice."

"'Course it is, Toshi. Can't bring someone like you to a place without trying to impress you! And while you're at it, I warned you about falling!"

"You slipped and fell on the ground...did you not notice?" Hizashi said as he almost broke into a laugh, and it was in this very moment that the taller realized that his knees went very weak and that his lack of knowledge about the movements of skating were presented quite well. He felt the cold floor on his back, and felt the warm blush reach his face as his partner helped him up.

"No, not at all..." Toshinori admitted as he tried yet again to balance himself with the skates on, and Hizashi laughed as he shook his head.

"You're something, ain't you, Toshinori? Falling all over the place though I told you we don't do that unless it's falling in love!"

"But if you've already done that, isn't falling in a literal sense the only other thing you can do?"

A silence. Toshinori's shy but warm smile. Hizashi's complete and utter lack of words.
In an instant, with no warning, like the incessant shining of the strobe light as it flickers on and off, Hizashi found himself instantly against Toshinori, and their faces met with some sort of pent up passion that had been ever growing during the "lesson." The taller almost felt surprised by this instant kiss, but he felt that passionate atmosphere as well and simply took it as it went. Hizashi's thin arms wrapped around Toshinori's neck as Toshinori's wrapped around the shorter's waist. Caught up in this moment and knowing nobody else was around, the kiss was a lot more intense. The lights flashed and flashed in front of the pairs' closed eyes, and the strobes' patterns matched the fast pacing heartbeats of the two. As it continued, the shorter's hands found themselves in the taller's hair. The hands never meant to do any damage to Toshinori's hair, but as messy as it was normally, Hizashi shrugged and decided to mess it up further. Toshinori smiled into the kiss and his quickly reddening face showed it. He let that redness stay on his face as a reminder that this was happening and that he couldn't let a moment such as this flee his mind. However, what he did let slip his mind was the fact that the two were still in their skates, and that the movement of their bodies as they kissed could easily and at any point throw off their balance. It was merely a coincidence that they noticed this at the same time- and in the bright flash of the strobe, they let go and Hizashi found himself rolling away slowly across the floor. His face found itself in a small grin, and he laughed as he grabbed onto a rail to stop his movements.

"Ah...well guess we've all fallen in one way or another tonight, huh?" Hizashi joked. The taller smiled and ruffled his hair back to its ordinary mess before responding.

"Funny. Last time I remember, what we just did wasn't teaching me to skate!"

"Oh, knock it off, Toshi." Hizashi laughed, and he quickly sped back to his partner before they met again, the glitz and glamour of the neon skating rink lights illuminating both actions of falling, as after they exchanged their simple "I love you's", Hizashi misstepped and tripped over his own laces.
Guess they weren't his favorite pair anymore.