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Tsurugi has his arms crossed, and it seems to be staying that way. He also hasn't looked at Tenma besides when he first walked up to the shop, looking confused and wondering where Tsurugi was.

Despite that, he's glad to be spending time with Tsurugi. However, he wasn't eating, and his food was probably getting cold…

"Tsurugi? Is something wrong with your food?" Tenma asks, a tinge of concern in his voice. Was something wrong with him? Was he sick? He certainly hopes if he is that Tsurugi hadn't come here with him if he couldn't eat…

Tsurugi somehow looks down even further. "No." His legs are crossed too, and he's leaning his chair back so only the back two legs are touching the ground. He looks like he's going to fall.

Tenma is only even more confused. When Tsurugi had texted him to come here he mentioned it was one of his favorite places to eat. Looking around, a small pastry shop seemed too cutesy for Tsurugi, but he was learning new things about him every day. Tenma had also never expected Tsurugi to exchange numbers with him, but surprises are good sometimes, he supposes.

Tsurugi is staring so hard at the table between them that he might burn a hole through it. Tenma takes it upon himself to help Tsurugi eat.

He leans up over the table, just barely lifting himself out of his chair and grabs Tsurugis spoon. He had gotten something that was too small and fancy for Tenma to recognize, which somehow didn't surprise him. He scoops up part of whatever-it-is, and holds it in front of Tsurugis mouth.

Tsurugi cracks an eye open, notices the spoon inches from his face, and yelps. It takes what looks like all his concentration to keep him from tipping his chair all the way over.

Tenma is suddenly very glad they came here during a quiet part of the day.

"Are you alright, Tsurugi?!" Tenma sets the spoon back down in the small cup and puts his hand on Tsurugis. Tsurugi looks like he's about to pass out.

"I'm, I'm fine." He mumbles a 'sorry' and settles down. He finally uncrossed his arms, so that's good. Tenma picks the spoon back up and tries again.

Tsurugi stares down the spoon hovering by his mouth for a few seconds before closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Tsurugi is really the only person I know who can look annoyed about eating something sweet, Tenma thinks. He doesn't open his eyes again until he's done with the spoonful. When he does, though, he sees Tenma smiling at him with those big baby-doll eyes that are crinkled at the corners and he thinks he's seen an angel, now.

That's it. That was it. That was all he could take. Tsurugi mutters an internal 'forgive me for this' and pushes himself up from the table. The utensils clatter and the sound of his chair being shoved back is awful.

Tsurugi is making a beeline for the inside of the shop and Tenma stands up to look after him. By the time he catches on to what's going on, Tsurugi can't be seen anymore. The few people occupying the shop are wide-eyed and staring at Tenma.

He makes his way into the shop and apologizes to the employees on his way. He doesn't know what's gotten into Tsurugi…  He guesses he probably went to the bathroom, since there's nowhere else for him to go, really.

He pushes open the door of the bathroom and sees only one of the stall doors is closed, so that’s probably him. He can see his shoes and… also his jacket? Was he on the floor?

Tenma knocks on the door of the stall and sees Tsurugis shoes shift slightly. "Tsurugi? Are you sure you're okay?" He pauses for a moment, then, "Actually, I know you're just going to say you are no matter what, so never mind. What's wrong?"

Tenma just hears a muffled groan. What he doesn't know is that Tsurugi is currently having a crisis, because Tenma is so good, and so cute, and Christ he was on a date with Tenma, and he was here screwing it all up and probably making him think he was a real freak, and--

"Tsurugi… Um, maybe this wasn't a great idea."

He can practically feel his heart stop when he hears those words. This is it. This is how Tsurugi dies, huddled up on the floor in a bathroom stall on the brink of tears over something so stupid-

"Maybe we should go for a walk instead? I like being with you, but you seem upset, so, um," Tenma slides down the wall to sit next to the stall. "Maybe if we just walked together for a while, that'd be better? I'm starting to get the idea that going out somewhere for a, a first date wasn't the best idea." Tsurugi hears a kind of nervous laugh from the other side of the door. So, so Tenma wasn't mad at him? More so, he had no reason to be mad at himself.

Tsurugi blinks a few times, breathes. Tenma didn't get mad at anyone, he didn't think. Someone could probably beat him up and he'd still-

Ah. Right. That's exactly what Tsurugi did when they first met, and here he was on a date with him, so that wasn't too far off after all.

"So, are you okay to come out now? I don't really think the bathroom is the best place to be, exactly." The statement makes Tsurugi chuckle lowly, not entirely of his own accord.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming out." Tsurugi sits up and opens the door of the stall, and Tenma almost immediately wraps him up in a hug.

He's… really, really warm. Tsurugi nearly melts.

"I'm glad you're here with me, okay?" He says, face mashed into Tsurugis chest. "I hope I didn't make you feel bad or anything to make you hide like that."

Tsurugi nearly starts crying on the spot because no no no Tenma you could never but he doesn't. Instead he just stiffens and mumbles "No, it's fine, don’t worry about it," and that's not that great of a reaction either, but it works.

Tenma releases Tsurugi from the hug, but he doesn't let go. Instead, his arms just slide down from Tsurugis back to his hands, and he swings their arms a few times and grins. Tsurugi can't help it, he returns the smile but it's crooked and kind of awkward from lack of use. Tenma doesn't seem to mind, though. In fact, Tenma just grins even bigger, and leans up on his tip-toes to kiss Tsurugis cheek.

Oh. Oh. That was. Oh. His lips were soft and warm, and even though it was just a peck on the cheek Tsurugi really felt like he was going to collapse. He sputters looking for some kind of response, but comes to nothing. Tenma just smiles, not as big this time but still beaming just as bright.

Tenma is holding his hand when they walk out. He only lets go to pay for their food (what did he do that for? Tsurugi was the one who brought them here,) and apologize profusely for both causing such a scene and wasting food. The cashier laughs, says something about "young love" Tsurugi doesn't quite catch onto that makes Tenma blush, and appears to let them off scot-free.

Tenmas hand immediately latches back on to Tsurugis once they leave the shop. Tsurugi finds that he doesn't mind at all, actually.

By this time, it was getting to be on the edge of evening, and the sky was tinted orange. Tsurugi liked this kind of setting. He definitely felt a lot more comfortable like this, at least. He looks over at Tenma, and he has a sort of sleepy smile on his face. It makes his lips twitch and a smile creep onto his face, and it feels… good. He feels happy, which, he thinks, blushing a bit at the thought, is how he feels a lot around Tenma.

Tenma glances at Tsurugi, sees his smile, and softens. Tsurugi's not even sure how that's possible, Tenma getting even softer, but it's nice all the same. He feels Tenma wrap his arms around Tsurugis, and flushes.

Tenmas head is resting on Tsurugis shoulder, and he's practically latched onto him. He's so incredibly warm, and he decides that's why his face is so hot.




When they get to Tenmas house, Tsurugi feels cold when Tenma lets go of his arm. He waves goodbye at Tsurugi and it takes a minute for him to realize he should probably wave back. As soon as Tenma's inside and the door closes, Tsurugi starts sprinting. He's got the biggest smile on his face he's probably had in a long time.

Yuuichi will probably make fun of him, but he can't wait to tell him about it.