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'You're dating who?'

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Riza very rarely smiled. She’s not a lifeless doll, it’s just that there isn’t much joy in doing paperwork. Which took up most of her time. It’s usually things outside of her job that bring her joy.

She smiles when her dog, Black Hayate, is chasing his own tail. She smiled when Roy kissed her good morning. Riza smiled when Rebecca and she went out for coffee. Even now, she had a smile of pride on her face. Not everyone can say their child is a military graduate.

Roy Mustang sat next his wife Riza as the two had front row seats to the ceremony. They were among the other high ranking officers watching the privates receive their achievements. A sea of blue uniforms was all one could see if looking from a high elevation. If you counted the stage as ‘high’ that is.

Private Mustang did consider it high however. There was a mild discomfort that would occur when she was above ground, but it didn’t last. It was nothing compared to what basic training had her go through. As she obtained her rank of Corporal, Rina Mustang smiled almost as brightly as her mother in the audience. Thank God boot camp was over.

As the ceremony proceeded, everyone headed to the banquet inside the mess hall.

“I’m so proud of you!” Riza said giving her daughter a hug.

Even after all her p.t, Rina still let out a subtle “Oomph.”

“Did that hurt?” Riza asked. Unfortunately, she was still a little bigger than Rina in terms of strength.

“Yes ma’am.” Rina said fixing her uniform, “My arms are still sore.”

“You’re still not used to a little pain?” Roy teased.

Rina smirked, “Well, my platoon never gave each other bear hugs.”

“What kind of hugs did they give you?” Roy asked in a snarky manner.

“The kind where you’re being carried on their back because you can’t feel your legs.” Rina snarked back.

The two stared at each other for just a moment. Roy was analyzing Rina’s face. Her short black hair, angular eyes, and youthful cheeks were taken from him. Rina’s tree brown colored eyes, arrow like nose, and small smile belonged to Riza. One thing she didn’t get from her mother was that boastful laugh Riza was currently listening too in stereo.

Both of her black haired family members caught some attention as they arched their backs laughing like, as Ed put it a few weeks ago when he visited, ‘hyenas’.

“That’s my girl!” Roy said picking Rina up off the ground with his hug. “How many people did you carry?”

“Four sir.” Rina replied.

“At once?” Roy asked sincerely.

“No sir.” Rina tightened up her posture a bit. While she was standing before her dad, she was also in the presence of a General. It would take a while to snap out of that reflex. “It was one at a time over the course of my basic training.”

“That’s good.” Riza said.

Rina smiled again, “Thank you ma’am.”

“Oh please dear. Call me mom.” Okay, maybe Riza was just as sarcastic as her husband.

“I don’t know. It seems like it could get old very quickly.” Rina joked.

“Would you prefer addressing me as ‘Brigadier General Hawkeye’ like you did when you were six?”

Finally, the young Mustang started to blush in embarrassment.

“Mom will do.” Rina sighed. ‘Geez, they always know how to push my buttons.’ she thought.

Roy led them all to a table to continue their conversations.

“So, how does it feel to finally be a solider?” the general asked.

Rina thought back to her early childhood. The days when her mom was ‘Brigadier General Hakeye’. The afternoons she spent with little army men toys and impersonating soldiers on a battlefield with her friends on a playground. The nights she stayed up reading about Colonel Mustang, her father’s missions. Rina didn’t have to join the military at 18. Rina was just the type of person who knew exactly what she wanted right from the beginning.

“It’s very satisfying.” Corporal Mustang replied. “I just hope I can live up to the hype.”

“‘The hype’?” Riza repeated. Rina’s answer was briefly hindered as her chest tightened a little. Her eyes didn’t avert away from her mother’s as she began.

“You and dad are highly ranked officers who fought in Ishval. You’re both Generals that protected everyone during the promised day. My last name tends to turns some heads.”

“Your last name doesn’t mean all that much.” Roy said. “What matters is what you do with your career.”

Rina eased back into her chair.

“I know. Thank you.”

“What are you going to do anyway?” Riza asked. “Before you left, you said you were going to work in investigations (CID). Is that still your intention?”

“Of course it is!” Rina said happily. “Now more than ever since my boyfriend is going in—”

“BOYFRIEND?!” Mr. & Mrs. Mustang bellowed.

It was at that moment Rina knew…she fu*ked up.

“Damn it.” Corporal muttered under her breath.

“When did you get a boyfriend?” Riza asked almost excited.

“Oh you know. Firemen carrying him on my back after he twisted his ankle during a run. The usual.”

“So he can’t even walk correctly?” Roy asked not even remotely trying to hide his annoyance. I mean, your little girl goes off to boot camp. Then, for some reason, comes back to accidentally tell you she hooked up with someone. You’d be a little livid to if that were the case. Especially because Riza made him leave the ignition gloves at home, so he can’t even burn the bastard.

“General.” Rina sighed lightly. “He’s a nice guy.”

“I hate him already.” Roy was officially in ‘overprotective dad’ mode. Riza thought it was kind of cute…when Rina was 9 and the neighbor’s kid got her chocolates. But, at age 18, it was just sad.

So, in order to brighten the suddenly downing mood, Riza made a suggestion.

“Why don’t you go get him so we can meet?”

“I uh…I’m not too sure about-”

“That’s an order, Corporal.” Roy interjected with his grin that reeked of evil intentions.

“Yes sir.” Rina stood up, “Promise me you won’t kill him with fire.”

Riza snickered as Roy regrettably replied, “I won’t be able too.”

As their daughter left to search for her currently living boyfriend, Riza tapped Roy’s shoulder.

“You do realize she doesn’t need our approval to see anyone.”

“Like hell she can.”

“She’s 18.”

“She’s our daughter.”

“And you don’t trust her to make wise decisions and stand on her own?”

Roy wanted to reply right then and there, but knew that wouldn’t be wise. He bit his tongue trying to think of a clever retort before he realized that she had a much better point. The only time they ever had to pick her up from school, was because she got into a fight. A fight that someone else started either with her, or someone smaller than her.

“That’s what she’s good at.” Roy admitted. He massaged his temples trying to fix the mixture he was feeling. Pride and dread. “Rina is always going to make decisions based on what she thinks is right. Even if I disagree.”

“So you’re going to accept whoever she introduces us to?” Riza suggested.

With a deep sigh wishing he had some headache medication, Roy nodded.

“Mom, dad.” Rina alerted. “This is my boyfriend.”

The man stood at around 6 feet tall. His uniform was pressed and on-point to regulation. His stringy blonde hair tied in a bun, and his blue eyes were as wide as dinner plates upon seeing who was at the table.

‘The hero of Ishval’ and ‘the hawk’s eye’!

“Oh…you’re that ‘Mustang’?!” He blurted out in utter shock. “I thought it was just a coincidence!”

“Oh my god. My daughter hooked up with a space cadet.” Riza let out.

“Mom! I mean…Brigadier!” Rina tried as her face started to turn red.

“I uh…I’m Corporal E—.” the young man was cut off by Roy’s sudden approach.

The general got up and came around the table to look the man eye to eye. This was the kid who his daughter wanted to be with? He’s was tall, but not very confrontational. All Roy was doing was standing there, yet, this guy was shivering. Then again, Roy had a very intimidating glare.

“General Mustang.” Roy’s hand extended.

The man looked at the gloved hand and smiled in relief taking his offer.

“Corporal Elric.”

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Roy & Riza’s minds being tossed into the empty vacuums of space as the world around them suddenly starts shrinking.

Neither General could comprehend the sudden information given. Not that it wasn’t possible. But that there were too many questions to be asked and they couldn’t pick one to focus on.

All because of one last name.

“You mean…as in…Edward Elric?” Riza asked knowing the answer.

“Yes ma’am.” Elric replied wondering why Roy’s grip was getting tighter.

“As in, the ‘full-metal alchemist’?” Roy asked with a cold sweat.

“Y-yes sir.” Elric answered as his hand started to become numb.

“Dad,” Rina intervened, “I want my boyfriend in one piece please.”

Roy snarled between his teeth as he tried to keep a smile, “So…how did you two meet?”

“In boot camp sir.” At this point, Elric’s hand was turning colors under the state glove.

“Okay, let’s meet up later when dad calms down.” Rina pried their fingers apart as Riza sat at the table eyeing the cloth trying to wrap her mind around the math. The answer was that Winry & Ed had their child 1 year before her & Roy. But she wanted to find a loop hole.

“We’ll catch you two later.” Rina rushed as she rushed her date away.

Out of instinct, “Okay dear.”

Roy slumped into his seat and just stared at the ceiling. It was a nice ceiling. No cracks. Nicely painted. It keeps the weather outside. Something so that he didn’t have to think about the possibility of that little red coat wearing runt being his in law in a few years.

Thank god the couple of generals had a chauffeur that day. Cause Roy intended on seeing the bottom of a wine bottle tonight.