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The Boar And The Bear

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BEAR [bair]:The Bear is considered the greatest of all beasts, and are held sacred to Thor. Bears are considered to be similar in personality and temperament to humans as they are intelligent, curious, highly adaptable, brazen and persistent creatures, with an innate awareness of fairness and honour. A common favorite of berserkers and shape shifters, the Bear is often the totem spirit of those who are extraordinarily strong of body, mind, and soul.


BOAR [bawr, bohr]:Linked to both Freyr and Frejya, the boar is traditionally associated with protection from harm. As an warriors' symbol, its body often formed the crest on helmets representing a potent sign of protection and ferocity in battle. The Wild Boar is the mightiest of the totem animals of the Vanir. The Boar first taught mankind the arts of agriculture by showing us how to plough the Earth before "sowing" seeds by rooting up the ground with his tusks.


DRAGON (or SERPENT) [drag-uh n] [sur-puh nt]:

The mighty Dragon (Serpent) is the dweller of the burial mound, and the physical and psychic embodiment the Earth’s natural powers of fertility. Representative of natural electromagnetic Earth energy, pictured as slithering across the skin of the earth. As the great serpent guardian of gold, the Dragon (Serpent) has been closely associated with unseen power, fertility, protection and esoteric wisdom.


High Castle, Kingdom of The Enchanted Forest - 28 Years Earlier, 3AM

'Just once more,  My Queen and all will be calm,' spoke the midwife soothingly. 

Bearing down, the woman, already drenched in sweat, pushed with all of her might in front of the fire.  Her suffering was rewarded with the strong cry of a new child....but she was not done.

'You must be strong, My Queen,' startled the midwife in amazement, 'Just one more time...there is another....'

Bearing down again, the Queen soon gave birth to a second child, smaller than the other, but with as strong and ferocious a cry.

Her work done, the Queen lay back against the pillow as she wept of exhaustion and joy. Soon, the babes were brought to her side and, so absorbed was she with her newborn children,  that she did not notice the raven that had flown from its perch on her sill and headed off to distant lands with its cries of warning and foreboding....


Skloss, Kingdom of Uvihr - Present Day, 3AM

The High Queen arose from her restless sleep, throwing on her heavy dressing gown to shield herself from the cold drafts that lingered and swirled about the rooms and corridors of the bastion that had been her temporary accommodations for the past fortnight.

The fire barely glowed in the coals of the hearth and she determined that a flogging would be given to the servant that had allowed it to die so low.

Stepping to the window, she could see a heavy snow swirling outside the diamond shaped panes of the window, collecting deep on the sill and sparkling in the light of the full moon that hung low and red in the sky.

She'd had disturbing dreams.  The boar and the bear had walked as equals through a darkened forest portending an alliance of strength and fertility, ferocity and protection.  In its mouth, the boar carried the lifeless, great serpent who guarded and protected the gold of the Kingdom, tossing the body in a clearing bathed in the white light of the moon.

The cold wind whipped at the High Queen's body and face as she opened the glass shutters, but she no longer noticed or cared; her ears had heard the cry of the eagle.  

Walking to the dressing table, she scratched a few words upon a piece of parchment before returning to the window.  Holding out her hand, a raven appeared from nowhere to land upon her wrist.  It was but a moment before it had taken flight again, messaged attached to its leg.

She watched with a scowl on her lips until she could see the bird no more, then called sharply to the Commander of the Guard, who entered the room immediately.  She relayed swift, but sure, orders, and he left at once to carry out her command as she gathered her items to return to her own castle.


The Forests of Ravndal, Kingdom of Uvihr - Present Day, 3AM

The old Master lay awake pondering his dream.  

In a darkened forest, the boar and the bear had walked as equals.  In its mouth, the boar carried a lifeless, great serpent which it spat into a clearing bathed in the white light of the moon.

Turning his head, the Master looked to the other side of the small hut where his apprentice slumbered, undisturbed.

His eyes grew heavy after only a few moments, but snapped wide again when he heard, distinctly, the eagle's cry.   Pulling himself quickly from bed,  he moved to the wooden table in front of the fire where he scratched a few words onto a piece of parchment before opening the raven's cage so that it might hop out to perform its work. It watched him curiously, turning its head this way and that as the Master secured the parchment to its leg.

'Fly swift and sure.  You know the way, ' he encouraged as he opened the window.  Lifting the raven, he placed it on the sill. 

'You must not fail, ' were the last words spoken by the Master as he watched the bird fly off into the night.

Turning back to the cluttered table, he placed his hands upon the top and bowed his head. 

Now, he had only to wait....