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Bond of the Souls

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The portal had opened suddenly, and the light inside was intense, blinding even. A feminine figure stepped through. She appeared to be clutching her abdomen as blood splattered the ground; her black clothes were ripped and coated in a powdery substance.  She was gorgeous with short shoulder-length blue hair and deep golden eyes, injured as she was, she held herself in a warrior stance. Her head suddenly jerked to the left, her eyes widened in shock at the enormous beast that started towards. It was unlike anything she had seen before, and she had seen many demons in her lifetime. The creature had the body of an ape, its body covered in dark fur. And its face…its face was the most horrid, the mask it wore was skeletal white, and pure black eyes glistened through.

The girl spun around to face the portal door, she placed the palm of her hand over it and the door closed slowly as the light faded away. Narrowing her eyes at the monster she clenched her fist, where a bracelet linking her middle finger to her wrist lay. It was an object of interest; the metal was a silvery gold, a scythe and sword crossed over were etched into it. It looked beautiful in a deadly way; the diamond placed in the ring around her finger glowed red.

The monster glared at the figure, she was clearly injured and carried no weapon. This is going to be easy, it thought, such strong spiritual pressure too, her soul will taste good. It was about to lunge at her when it stopped abruptly. Looking on in astonishment as the girl’s fragile bracelet changed form until she was holding a pale gold double-edged sword almost the length of her arm. The creature could do nothing but watch as she charged forward and sliced through its mask, it screeched in pain, then disintegrated. Landing on both feet, she still held tightly onto her stomach as blood continued to pour through. She staggered in uncertainty towards the town.

A grey furry hand swatted the young woman aside into the walls. The impact was so hard it made a crater in the wall. The girl sunk to the floor, breathing heavily she glanced to the side and saw her only weapon lying under the rubble. She started crawling towards her sword when a skeletal mask similar to the monster she just defeated blocked her path. It appeared to be grinning maniacally. It closed in on her, ready for the kill.

This is it, she thought, Angel, I pray this won’t be too painful. She closed her eyes tightly awaiting her death.

“Hey you”, called a male voice. The monster snapped its head back to see a boy with bright orange hair wearing a black kimono. He wielded a large white sword, which he swung at the monster, disintegrating it into black dust.

By now, the girl’s wound was bleeding profusely, soaking her clothes. The boy crouched down in front of her, frowning. “Hey, you alright?”, he asked. The girl glared at him. Did it look like she was alright? “Uh yeah, obviously you’re not... I’ll take you to my dad’s clinic; he can take care of your wounds.”

“Just give me my sword.” She replied, panting. “It’s over there”. He stared at her in surprise.

“Your sword? You have a sword? Are you a soul reaper?” He questioned.

“Soul reaper? The hell is that?” The orange head glared back at her, opening his mouth to explain, before she cut him off. “You know what?” ,she croaked, pointing at the rubble that lay a metre away. “Talk later, get me my sword.”

He stood up obediently, reaching out his hand to pick up the sword. The instant his fingers touched the hilt it transformed back into the bracelet. He snatched his hand away, astonishment etched into his face. His head shot up to meet her eyes.

“Yeah it does that sometimes”, the girl answered. Her breathing was becoming unsteady. “Just hurry up and grab it okay?” He took it into his hand looking at it in wonder. Still staring at it he handed back to the other teenager. As soon as the girl touched it the bracelet it changed into a stylus made with the same pale golden metal. She held it like a paint brush using the tip to draw a strange tattoo onto her skin, then leaned back against the wall. The boy realised she was sitting in a pool of her own blood.

“Holy crap, how are you sitting there drawing tattoos when you’re bleeding so much?” ,he shouted making the girl jump.

She scowled at him. “What?”

He reached forward to help her up. “We need to get you to the clinic.”

The girl swatted his arm away, before pointing at her cut. “Look, it stopped bleeding. It’ll start closing up.” Though, she was biting her lip tentatively. “The tattoo, it’s called a rune, for healing.” Her response met his blank look. “In other words; I’ll be fine.”

He sighed. “Alright if you say so…” The girl pulled herself off the ground, steadying her body against what was remaining of the wall. “But you have some explaining to do.”

She nodded her head curtly. “I want some answers too.” They walked in an awkward silence for a couple of minutes. “So…what’s your name?”

“Ichigo Kurosaki”, the orange-haired boy responded. “You?”

“Zayla…Krieger”, the girl stated.

“You’re defiantly not Japanese. Krieger, European?” Ichigo squinted at her.

“My…dad’s from Germany. Krieger means ‘warrior’ in German.”

“You know, I thought my hair was extreme. But yours is just next level. Navy Blue? Seriously? Of all colours, you would dye your hair blue? ”

Zayla ran her fingers through her hair, which was encrusted with blood and cement. “It’s not dyed, it’s natural.” She noticed the look Ichigo was giving her. “Fine. Don’t believe me.”

They walked the rest of their journey in silence, until they reached Ichigo’s house. A large sign hung over the door; Kurosaki Clinic. The pair walked through the glass doors, with Ichigo leading the way. A man bulky man with dark hair and a goatee was seated on the dining table. He smiled goofily as Ichigo walked up to him, Zayla stayed near the doors. He jumped up, attempting to kick his son in the face, but Ichigo dodged easily, holding his father’s leg by the ankle.

“Hey, Dad, my friend, Zayla, needs some help. She keeps saying her wound is healing, but it’s clearly not. I need you to fix it up.” Ichigo explained in a low voice. His father nodded gravely, as his expression turned serious. “She has lost a lot of blood, and for some reason doesn’t want to be treated.”

Isshin got up and walked started towards to girl. Frowning she backed up against the wall.

“It’s alright, I just need to take a look at your injury.” He assured her. Zayla considered arguing, but gave up looking exasperated. If he takes my blood sample or something, I’m in deep shit, Zayla thought.

Isshin led her to the clinic and gestured for her to take her place on operation bed. She lifted up her blood-soaked t-shirt and sat down as he looked at the cut which was closing up slowly but surely. “Doesn’t look too bad, I’ll clean it then bandage it up” Isshin said, reaching for his equipment.” Soon thick layers of bandage were wrapped around her abdomen. Relieved, Zayla stood and muttered her thanks before walking out the door.

Ichigo was waiting outside, pacing the corridor, looking concerned. He glanced at her as she came out of the clinic. “You better now?” He inquired. Zayla nodded. “You could use some new clothes.” Eyeing her torn and bloody attire, he threw one of his t-shirts. She caught it and held it at arm’s length before raising an eyebrow at him.

“Does it stink?” she asked, smirking.

“What do I look like? A tramp?” Ichigo asked narrowing his eyes at her.

“You don’t look like one, you smell like one.” Zayla jabbed a finger at him seeing that he was getting pissed. “Anyone could smell your BO from a mile away…”

“Why you little – ” he started but was soon cut off as his sister, Yuzu, ran towards them. She appeared to be anxious about something.

Yuzu reached for Zayla’s hand. “Ichigo, Dad said your friend here needed something to wear” Ichigo flinched at the word ‘friend’. “I’ll get her something from Mum’s old clothes.” The little girl dragged Zayla to another room.

Zayla felt awkward as Yuzu searched for a pair of trousers, she introduced herself and talked all the while about her family. She could judge from the reactions of the family that Ichigo’s mother had passed away; the poster of the woman in the living room said as much. Zayla wasn’t comfortable knowing she was going to wear a dead person’s trousers. It must be hard for them too, she thought to herself, seeing someone in their late mother’s clothes. “Er… are you sure, Yuzu?” Zayla asked. “I wouldn’t mind staying in these trousers; they only have a little blood stain…”

“Don’t be silly.” Was all Yuzu said, carrying on with her search.  A few minutes passed before she emerged with a pair of black jeans. She handed it over to Zayla, and pointed her chin at the bathroom to go and change.

After being clothed in baggy a t-shirt and jeans, Zayla exited the bathroom to find Ichigo waiting for her again. “What?” she asked, irritated. What was with this kid? Why did he care so much?

“You promised me an explanation.” Ichigo stated, gesturing for her to follow him. He sat on his bed as Zayla plopped herself onto the chair. She opened her mouth to begin, when a short raven-haired girl jumped up and crouched on the window sill.

“Hey Ichigo, Kisuke gave me the – ” she stopped sharply and glared at the other girl. The girl hopped off from her position and landed next to Zayla, who gave the other an equally hostile glare.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Do you want something from Ichigo?” The shorter girl fired questions at Zayla. All the while, Zayla looked amused. She then cleared her throat and introduced herself.

“I’m Zayla Krieger. Ask him. Guess so.” Zayla answered the questions. The raven haired girl continued to glare.

“Umm… Zayla, this is Rukia Kuchiki one of my close friends.” Ichigo said. “Rukia, calm down. Zayla’s going to explain to me exactly what she is.”

“We are known as Nephilim or – ” Zayla started only to be cut off by Rukia.

“You look human?” Rukia stated.

“No shit, Sherlock. That’s ‘cause I am human. Well, half anyways.” Zayla admitted. Rukia widened her eyes in wonder.

Intrigued, Ichigo leaned forward. “And other half…?”

Zayla’s eyes shone as she replied. “Angel.”