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Dragon Fred

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Dragon Fred

Fred screamed as the book surged from her hands and the portal sucked at her, drew her in. Her fingers desperately clawed at the edge. Books flew past her, hit her.

The pull was too great and she had to let go. The portal closed with a snap, sending waves of power inside and out. Bookcases tumbled.

Fred was sent off, whirling, into nothingness.

Her feet were cold, so cold, and so was the rest of her, and there was no air and only darkness, darkness and cold.

Black, blacker, blackest…

Suddenly there was light, and warmth and she drew breath, a deep, deep breath and there was pain.

Pain, painer, painest.

Ouch. Fred looked up. There was a huge, friggin’ huge, hand, claw thing, holding her. She could barely see, but there was something even huger, and bright gold, above her.

The thing to which the huge hand belonged. It had wings, huge golden wings that the sun shone through. A huge head turned and a huge, facetted eye looked at her, inner lights whirling blue-green.

At that point in time, Fred thought it a good idea to faint.