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‘Doctor, are you okay?’

The Fifth incarnation of the time lord looked up from his plate to see the concerned faces of his companions Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough.

‘Yeah, fine Tegan. Why do you ask?’

‘Well, you just haven’t seemed yourself today.’ Said Turlough.

‘And you're not eating.’ Said Tegan.

The Doctor looked down at his plate full of food, not even having noticed that he hadn’t been eating.

‘I-I..don’t feel too good. I think I’m going to be sick.’ The Doctor yelled, as he stood up from the table and ran down the hall towards the bathroom.


‘What do you think’s the matter with him?’ Asked Tegan, as she stood and began cleaning up the table.

‘Not sure; could be side effects from meeting his past selves maybe? You saw how he was before the first one even showed up.’ Said Turlough, as he remembered how the Doctor had been only a few hours prior when they had been visiting the Eye of Orion. Turlough had almost lost count of the amount of times he had fainted.

‘Yeah, well whatever it is, I hope he tells us.’ Said Tegan, although as she back to the kitchen to wash the dishes, she doubted she would be correct.


‘Doctor..we meet again.’

The Doctor felt the dread and panic setting in, clouding his brain and blocking all logical thoughts. He thought he had gotten rid of The Mara..although he supposed that was too hopeful thinking. The Mara is never really gone, it’s the dark thoughts inside all of us.

‘What do you want?’

‘Power. Possessing you was the only time I have felt that much superiority and power. I need to feel that again.’

‘Leave me alone.’

‘Well have it your way if you want then. I can just go visit my good ‘ol friend Tegan. We’ve become pretty close over the past couple of months.’

‘No, you leave Tegan and Turlough alone.’

‘Listen, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll leave your friends alone, permanently, if you just do one thing for me…’


‘Doctor! Are you alright?’ Asked a concerned Turlough.

‘Fine Turlough! Now, where has the Tardis landed us this time.’

‘Doctor, you just ran out of the room because you needed to vomit.’

Not even looking up from where he was standing at the console, The Doctor brushed off their concern.

‘It’s probably just the flu or something like that, nothing to be concerned about. Now, sorry to disappoint you Turlough, but we have landed on Earth, 1984, London.’


Tegan rolled her eyes in a mixture of annoyance and concern. He almost never told them if something was wrong with him, unless it would involve a planet exploding or something like that. From what Tegan could remember he had never gotten sick since she had been on board. Maybe it was nothing, maybe she was overthinking but she was definitely concerned.


Earth, 1984, London.

Tegan licked her chocolate ice cream, sighing in content as her worries were forgotten for the time being. Turns out they had landed on a beach, which was good in Tegan’s opinion (saving the world is very tiring). Meanwhile, Turlough was busy sketching the lovely view from their spot on a bench, overlooking the sea. The Doctor was catching up on some reading, The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. The comfortable silence was interrupted by Tegan.

‘So, how long are we gonna stay here?’

‘You can’t be ready to leave already!’ Turlough exclaimed, ‘Doctor, can’t we stay for at least a few more hours?’

‘I didn’t say I wanted to leave! I was just asking.’ Shot back Tegan.

‘Calm down you two, we can probably spend a few days here if you both would like that.’ Tegan and Turlough quickly agreed, as much fun as saving the universe was, it would be nice to just relax for a few days.

‘Good, because I have some things I need to get done.’ Muttered The Doctor.

‘Like what?’

‘Oh nothing exciting Tegan, just catching up with some old friends.’


After spending another hour relaxing on the beach, Tegan and Turlough left the Doctor to go explore.

‘Are you sure you're alright? It’s really unlike you to not want to explore!’

‘There might be some aliens invading! Wouldn’t want to miss that would you?’

But The Doctor insisted that he was fine, he had some important people to visit, and they would just be standing around bored out of their minds. So they had left to explore, with the time of 9:30 being their curfew.  


They’re so stupid.

They leave you all the time, can’t you see that?

Yes, I know you told them to leave, but if they were your real friends wouldn’t they stay?

You should go.

You have the opportunity to leave, why aren’t you?

Your so stupid.

The Doctor cursed, as The Mara sent insult after insult through his mind. He knew it was a useless battle, as he had agreed to the deal. But that wouldn’t stop him from trying to escape. He was running as fast as he could, to nowhere in particular, desperate to escape the demon-like creature inside his mind. He was losing, The Mara was going to take over, he had to stop it-


‘Thankyou Doctor. I’ll take the wheel for a little while I think.’