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How (Not) To Take Over the World

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this is set in 2015 i guess? right after dope came out.

"so the ghosts didn't upset BTS, huh? Looks like we'll have to step up our game and destroy them at all costs." the dark hooded figure from before said EBULLY.
"b-but that's impossible!" gasped another hooded person standing next to the desk, their head bowed in RESPEKT. "BTS is rapidly gaining fans all over the world. V's cuteness, Suga's swag, and Jimin's celebrated lack of jams are drawing fans in like a black hole! ARMYs are streaming their MVs day and night, and they might get Dope to a million views by the end of this week!"
"then we'll have to hit them where it hurts," Dark Hood said menacingly, twirling a pencil with an eraser in the shape of Suho's head. It put its feet on the desk and began to think, the mental gears in its head grinding and squeaking like a door in a horror movie.
Second Hood began to pace, but they were unable to think properly under the judging glare from the Chen poster nearby.
Dark Hood slammed down the pencil on the desk. The Suho eraser bounced onto the floor. The figure sprang to its feet like it had
just sat on a pinecone, crushing the Suho eraser as it did so. "bring in the three," it demanded DARKLY. "i have a PLAN."