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Miss Me? (Sequel to Vampire On Baker Street)

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Chapter 1:

The autumn breeze pushes the fallen leaves through the air. Many people are walking through the park, wanting to take part in this seemingly perfect day. ...All except for two that is.

The air is tense between the two vampires.

Sara gulps down her fear,"H-How-"

Little Rosie then runs over. "Auntie!" She calls happily. "Aunt-" she pauses once her eyes settle on the tall figure that stands across from Sara.

Tom kneels down to her height with a friendly smile,"Hello, Rosie. Do you remember me?"

The little girl shakes her head slowly.

"I am a friend of your daddy and auntie Sara," Tom explains. "I held you when you were just a tiny, tiny baby." He pokes her tummy gently causing Rosie to giggle. The young girl smiles up at him, feeling more comfortable with the giant.

Sara is anything but comfortable. She wants nothing more than to grab Rosie and run, but she knows she shouldn't make a scene. She doesn't want to freak Rosie out, nor does she want to provoke Tom.

"How did you get out?" Sara questions the vampire.

He takes a moment before raising his gaze to her and smiling,"Good behavior."

A chill runs down her spine. A reminder of how dangerous Tom truly is. Behind his friendly smile, something dark lurks.

Tom stands and Sara is quick to pull Rosie to her side.

"I am better now," Tom insists with that same unnerving smile.

Sara's eyes narrow,"Does Mycroft know?" She knows Tom is lying. If he was truly let free, Mycroft would have told her.

He evades the question with one of his own. "How have you been? It has been... quite a few months since I last saw you." His eyes narrow a fraction, obviously hurt that she would ignore him for so long.

Sara gulps,"Just the same old, same old." More people have started arriving in this part of the park, this puts her a little at ease. She doesn't think he will try anything with witnesses around. "Um," she clears her throat,"Rosie and I should be getting back. I had promised John that we would be back for lunch." This is all a lie of course since John is currently with Sherlock on a case overseas.

Tom's face reveals none of his true emotions. He just smiles and nods,"Of course, of course. Don't let me hold you."

Sara picks up the little girl and places her on her hip. "Let's go home, Rosie."

Rosie turns her head back to Tom and waves,"Bye, bye."

Tom waves in return,"Goodbye, Rosie." He locks eyes with Sara and says with complete confidence,"We will be meeting again, soon."

Sara slowly backs away from him before turning around and briskly walking toward the entrance of the park. She glances behind her shoulder after a few steps and sees that he has disappeared. She gulps and quickens her pace.


Driving to Baker Street, Sara tries to get ahold of Sherlock and John but neither are picking up their phones. She curses and throws her phone into the passenger seat.

"Language!" Rosie calls out from the back.

Sara gives a weak chuckle before a thought pops into her head. She quickly turns the car around and speeds toward the only location she knows they will be safe at.

Parking the car, Sara gets Rosie out of her carseat before striding into the building with her.

There is a woman sitting at a receptionists desk in the foyer. She stands as Sara passes her. "Wait! Excuse me, you cannot go back there-"

Sara flashes her FBI badge and keeps walking. She takes a few turns through the maze-like building before sneaking past a security check point with increasingly more difficulty since she has a small child with her, but does it none the less.

Barging into the office without announcement. "We have a problem," Sara says.

"What could possibly be so important that you need to barge into my office with that creature?" Mycroft sits at his desk with an annoyed expression.

"Tom escaped."

Mycroft freezes at those two words. "...Impossible." He shakes his head and says with more confidence,"You are confused. There is no way he could have escaped-"

"Tom!" Rosie squeals with a smile.

Sara gives Mycroft a smug look,"Rosie saw him too."

The suited man rolls his eyes,"She is just copying what you say."

"Fine," Sara huffs. She stalks around the desk and pushes him out of the way from his computer. She hands off Rosie to him before typing on his computer.

"Wait, I-I don't-" Mycroft argues weakly as he holds the child awkwardly on his lap.

Rosie studies Mycroft with silent interest, even reaching up to poke at his face. The older man lets out a resigned sigh and lets the child do as she wishes.

"What are you doing?" Mycroft questions the vampire instead.

"Contacting the head of the prison to see what is going on."

She soon gets ahold of the man through Skype.

"Hello, Travis," Sara greets with a fake smile.

'Oh, hello. I was not expecting to see you on the end of this call,' The man replies with a smile. He is a man in his thirties with a family of three. Sara always liked him, she could tell he was a good man.

"Oh, Mycroft is indisposed at the moment," Sara says offhandedly. "How is Tom doing?"

Travis smiles,'He is doing great. Believe his therapy sessions are really helping.'

That was the same exact thing he told her the last time she checked in. Something is definitely off.

Sara's eyes narrow,"Is that blood?"

As Travis reached up to scratch his head Sara noticed some type of red stain on the cuff of his white button up.

He looks at his arm,'Oh, that? Yeah, I had a nose bleed. Nothing serious.' His fixed smile never falters.

Sara glances at Mycroft and sees him frowning suspiciously at Travis, ignoring the fact that he has a toddler on his lap. Rosie meanwhile is in her own little world, playing with the buttons on Mycroft's suit.

Sara turns back to Travis and sees him walking through a hallway.

'Anyway, Tom has been the perfect prisoner as of late,' The man continues. 'I believe he-' As he strides down the hall he passes a body laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Sara's eyes widen,"I-Is that..."

Travis glances behind at the body then faces the camera with that same smile,'She is fine. Nothing to worry about. Now, about Tom-'

Sara has seen this behavior before. This man is compelled.

Shutting the laptop, Sara turns to Mycroft with an eyebrow raised. He shuts his eyes and lets out a sigh.

The next few hours are full of phone calls. Mycroft is trying to get the prison under control while also trying to get in contact with his little brother.

Sara sits on the couch in Mycroft's office trying to contact Sherlock or John as well, while Rosie sits on the ground with a couple toys Anthea nicely brought her.

Sherlock and John are currently on a case in America. A couple of important documents involving the Queen were smuggled there, so it is their job to find the culprit and take back the papers. They have been gone for about a week, but there is no telling how long it will take them to close the case.

Sara sits back on the couch with a frustrated sigh. She could not get ahold of either man.

A sudden thought pops into her head. She quickly types a number into her phone and waits for an answer.


Sara smiles,"Where are you guys at the moment? I may be in need of your help."