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Mugiwara's Chatroom Of Doom!

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Prologue: Zoro The Pimp!?



Marco looked at the box of tapes in confusion, it was such a mystery what these things held. From what he and the others could tell these belonged to the Mugiwara Pirates, just hearing that name makes him perk up.


Why? Because that's the crew Hinata chosen to sail with, strange really. He never got the chance to see her or thank her after the war, to say the least all the Mugiwara crew members up and left once the war was over.


He didn't mind it though but it still made him worried, it's like they've went into hiding after that. No traces or footsteps behind, he shook off the feeling when he heard Thatch voice call out.


"Oi Marco! Pop in the tape, we're ready!" Marco shook his head and did what he was told to do, once the the tape was in Marco hit play and sat in his seat.


The screen open's up to what looks like to be a.....chatroom?


Mugiwara Chatroom Opens


Nami has logged on


Luffy has logged on


Hinata has logged on


Usopp has logged on


Zoro has logged on


Chopper has logged on


Brook has logged on


Sanji has logged on


Frank has logged on


Robin has logged on


Nami: phew! I got this up and running!


Nami voice rang throughout the room leaving everyone confused, what was this? What was even a chatroom?


Robin: I like the idea of us talking on here


Hinata: me too!


Luffy: It's so cool! Is this an everyday thing?


Nami: if you want it to be! :)


Sanji: mou, Marimo your awfully quiet


Zoro: well I've been think about me and Nami's date


Everyone: Date!?


The chat was getting interesting yet boring, they were about to just leave this episode and go on with there party but....


Hinata: Zoro I thought you were dating that pink haired girl!


Zoro: who? Anyways I have to go get dressed up


Zoro has logged out


Nami: I have to get ready for mines, brb!


Nami logs out


Sanji: Guys I swear he had a girlfriend with blonde hair!


Hinata: he had one with pink hair too!


Chopper: don't think that Zoro is a Pimp right?


Everyone perked up at the word pimp, just what the was going on here!?


Sanji: Then that explains why he's.....








Luffy: Oh ok, just don't burn his dick off.


Ace chocked on his drink once he heard Luffy's words "His what!?" Everyone around him chuckles at this reaction.


"Oi Ace! Never heard your brother curse before or something?"


Ace glared at the man who said that, if he wasn't still injured he would of started lighting up some people.


Hinata: Ok!


Hinata logs off


Sanji logs off


Luffy: Hey Robin!


Robin: Hm?


Luffy: I wanna include more people on here, but then again I don't know who....


Robin: Well let's start small for now ok?


Luffy: K! 


Chopper: Hey Luffy, where's Usopp?


Luffy: trying out for the Emo Army


Emo Army!? At this point everyone burst out laughing while Yasopp looked embarrassed.


"E-Emo Army!? That's a thing!?" Shanks yelled out laughing.


Luffy's crew sure was interesting


Chopper: He's still a emo!?


Usopp: Yes Chopper and for good!


Usopp upoalds a picture


Luffy: Bruh WTF!?


Usopp: I thought you supported me Luffy!


Luffy: I never said I did, change yourself Usopp! Your not gonna be Emo forever!


Usopp: shut up! Uncle Adam promised me that I would!


Luffy: Who tf is even Uncle Adam?


Usopp: The man who's gonna change the world for better


Luffy: you mean for Emo's 


Everyone laughed at this, this conversation was going nowhere.


"Ace your brother sure knows how to be sarcastic!"


Ace smiles at this, he has never seen Luffy act sarcastic so this is something knew.....aside from the cursing of course.


Hinata has logged on


Sanji had logged on


Luffy: how did it go?


Hinata: we gave the girls invention's to our group chat


Luffy: oh wow!


Zoro has logged on


Zoro: Hinata you ducking bitch!


Hinata: Lol you came just in time


Girl #1 has logged on


Girl #2 has logged on


Nami had logged on


All 3: Zoro~!




Nami: Wait who are you!?


Both 2: His girlfriend!




All 3 girls:.......Zoro!


Zoro: Shit!


Zoro has logged off


All 3 girls have logged off


Hinata: There, it's done


Luffy: Hey I see her house!


Hinata: don't you mean hospital?


Chopper: Were here!? Yay!


Franky: Uh who are we seeing again?


Hinata: Tsunade 


Everyone stopped and looked at the screen shock, Tsunade Newgate. Wife of The infamous Whitebeard and one of the most legendary doctors out there.


To say the least everyone slowly turned towards Whitebeard to see his reaction, Tsunade up and left years ago. No one knew where she went and she left a broken hearted Whitebeard behind.


Not only that, the Mugiwara pirates knew her!


Luffy: Maybe Tsunade can cure Usopp problem!


Usopp: No! Her punches are hard shit!


Luffy: Oi your the only one here who loves to get punched by her!


Sanji: of course! My lovely Slug Princess Tsunade, she may be old but her beauty hold no bounds!


Robin: Sanji cool it, she's married


Sanji: to who again?


Hinata: I don't know, will just ask her once we get to her house


The Chat Ends


Everyone stared at the screen with mixed feelings, the thing much has happened in one episode. Tsunade is alive and doing well, and yet....this was too much take in!


Marco was about to turn off the projector until Whitebeards gruff voice stopped him.


"Marco.....please put on the second tape" his voice held so much sorrow yet relief, Marco knew what was going inside his head.


Marco nodded and brought out the second tape 'here we go.....'