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Dragons Decide

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There were five of us waiting on the main Gather grounds of Dragon’s Head Hold, five Candidates-to-be waiting for our draconic escorts to sweep us away to the Weyr. The only other people around were the guards stationed on the Hold’s outside wall, and they were studiously ignoring all of us. Three of the other Candidates-to-be were ones I knew, fellow children of the Hold, clustered in a small group whispering amongst themselves. From the furtive glances they kept shooting my way, I had little doubt they were talking about me. Rumor travels fast in the Hold, and I had little doubt there were at least three or four rumors flying about me, no matter how much my parents and Lord Artex had tried to keep things quiet. If nothing else, they were likely to remember I’d not been there when the dragons did their official Search, and were whispering about why I was nonetheless standing out with them now.

The other person waiting was a young man I didn’t recognize, a fact that was easily explained by the Apprentice Harper knots on his shoulder. He kept glancing at me as well, and I had a sinking feeling he was one of those busybody Harpers who thought it was okay to bother others even when they obviously wanted to be left alone. I shifted slightly, turning further away from him, hoping he would take the hint. These were the last few minutes I was ever going to be at Dragon’s Head Hold, and I certainly didn’t want to waste it talking to some idiot Harper.

Luck and I however had never been friends, especially lately, and the Harper boy sauntered over. “What do you want?” I growled, hoping that being antisocial enough would make him leave me alone. Instead, it just made his mouth curl up into a half smile.

“My name’s Tarrant,” he said, offering his hand. I glared at it for a long moment before finally giving it a quick shake. Thankfully he didn’t try to bow over it or kiss the back of my hand like some Harpers did.

“Iana,” I said with a curt nod that would have scandalized my mother. ‘Be polite!’ I could almost hear her hiss. ‘No one ever got ahead insulting perfectly attractive young men!’ Not that I cared much for the opinions of young men, attractive or otherwise, but that had never mattered to her. What I wanted rarely did.

When I didn’t say anything further, Tarrant dropped his back next to mine and stared towards the direction of Dorado Weyr. We couldn’t see it from the Gather grounds of course. You couldn’t really see it from anywhere in the Hold, until you got right up to the canyon’s edge and looked down. It was how the Hold had gotten it’s name after all, perched up on the western cliff that formed half of the Weyr. The silence stretched, broken only by the low whispering of the other Candidates-to-be. Which was fine by me, but of course the Harper broke it. Were they allergic to quiet or something?

“Figured I should come over and introduce myself and thank you,” he said. I shot him a look, but he’d kept his gaze focused on the horizon.

“You’re welcome,” I said, an almost instinctive response, though I had no idea why he was thanking me. I’d never met him before, which sort of limited what I could have done to earn his thanks.

That thought obviously occurred to him, because he shoved his hands into his pockets and dropped his voice to a low whisper, thought he never quite stopped smiling. “I… know why you’re here. Today. And why you weren’t when they did Search.”

“And you’re thanking me for that?” I said, so taken aback by his words I wasn’t even offended.

Tarrant nodded emphatically, making the Harper-blue glass beads at the ends of his braids click together. “It’s politics, which means it’s totally stupid of course. My father is Masterharper Kobin, and he didn’t exactly want to lose his only son to the Weyr. But apparently I smell really enticing to dragons or something, because they really really want me. Lord Artex wanted to get rid of you, and the Weyr said they’d only take you if they could take me as well. Our dear Lord Holder went and talked to my father and thus, here I am.”

I felt the muscles in my jaw tighten, and I sucked in a deep breath to keep from saying something unforgivably rude. “How do you know that?” I finally managed to ask, as I tried to get my emotions back under control. I wasn’t even sure what I was angry at. That Tarrant knew even part of my situation? That the Weyr had used me to play politics? I was mad at Lord Artex of course, but that wasn’t new.

“I… tend to eavesdrop,” he said, his smile turning wry. “When I saw Lord Artex riding into the Hall, I knew something was up, so…” he shrugged as his words trailed off. His smile melted away and he reached toward me like he was going to put a hand on my shoulder. I twitched away and he let his hand drop. “I’m sorry,” he said after another moment. “I… heard why Artex wanted rid of you. It’s stupid and unfair.”

I felt myself flush. The circumstances that had led to my current exile from the Hold were not exactly something I wanted some random Harper boy to know. I certainly didn’t want his sympathy. I wanted to be able to be angry, or at least annoyed at him, to push him away so I could wallow in self pity. But I’ve always been terrible at holding on to anger, and he did sound honestly sympathetic, without any of the judgement that I would have expected. Which probably meant he didn’t actually know the whole story, but that was probably a good thing anyway. “Thank you,” I said finally, with a sidelong look at Tarrant.

He gave me a smile and started to say something when a blast of air caught us both off guard. I shielded my eyes with my hand as dust swirled everywhere. The dragonriders had arrived. There were two of them, a green and a blue, and they were huge. I’d seen dragons before, but always from a distance.

Tarrant let out a low whistle as the dragons settled into a landing. “If those two are that big, how huge must the bronzes be?” I hadn’t thought about that, and I quickly decided it was not something I really wanted to contemplate. But the rider of the green had dismounted and was heading our way, so I was saved from having to make a reply. Tarrant picked up his bag, and after a moment’s hesitation, I followed suit.

“You must be Tarrant and Iana!” the rider said, pulling off her flight helmet. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised that the greenrider was female, but I hadn’t really thought about it until just then. The surprise left me embarrassingly tongue-tied, but fortunately the greenrider didn’t seem to be waiting for a response. “I’m Tania, and that green lump over there is Maith. She’s y’all’s ride down to Dorado. You can just follow me and we’ll get you all strapped in and get you down to the Weyr.”

Mounting and strapping in was a lot less difficult than I’d expected it to be, and Tania assisted with everything with the ease of long practice. She even helped me tuck my skirts around my legs so no one on the ground would get an improper look up them. Once that was done and she’d double and triple checked that Tarrant and I and our bags were secure, she swung up and fastened her own straps. “Hold tight,” she said over her shoulder. “We’ll circle the Hold so you can have one last look, and then head straight to the Weyr.” On some unseen command, her green stood, rocking backward, and I tightened my grip on the straps as the dragon shoved itself into the air. I would love to say that flying was an amazing, joyous experience, but it really wasn’t. Intellectually I knew the straps were secure, but I kept feeling like I was going to slide off the dragon’s side at any moment. “Maith says to calm down, you’re fine!” Tania shouted over her shoulder, words barely audible over the rushing wind. I tried to take deep breaths, to calm my rapidly beating heart, and it worked a bit, until the dragon banked to circle us around the Hold. I made the mistake of looking down, wanting a last look at the place that had been my home for the past sixteen Turns of my life. But nostalgia was wiped away by panic as I realized exactly how far away the ground was. I squeezed my eyes shut, and gripped the straps tighter, trying to ignore the chill of the wind that still managed to find its way under my skirt hem. I could hear Tania laughing, and felt myself flush, though I didn’t open my eyes. “Last chance to say goodby to Dragon’s Head!” she called. “On to Dorado Weyr!”