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I'm His Girlfriend but He's Not My Boyfriend

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It all started when I was walking down the hall on the first day back from summer break and who other than Derek freakin' Hale was there. Hale and his little gang (Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Jackson and Theo) were always there really, looking like nobody could touch them but something was different today. Something was off and it only took me a second to realise what it was, he was looking at me, Derek Hale king of Beacon Hills was looking at me, ME! Me who was about to walk into somebody, thank god for Scott and his fast reflexes.


"You ok Stiles?"  


I could hear Scott asking me a question but all I could think about was the intensity of Derek's eyes on me. It was like nobody mattered apart from us. Of course it had to be shattered by the bell ringing; making me jump about a foot in the air and letting out a very girly, high pitched screech.


"I'm fine!", I shouted as I raced to my locker, through the crowds of people all trying to get to class only to get pulled into the girls bathroom. When I finally realise what's going on my back is pressed up against the tile wall and Lydia was setting me with a very unimpressed look.  


Lydia is my best friend because while Scott may be good at... well, being Scott, I needed some girlfriends in my life so here was Lydia, talking and I should probably be listening.  


"No, no, no, you are not walking around this school in that! Not only is it hiding you figure, it's a mess of colours and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!???? Stiles you are not going to be seen any longer in them jeans they have holes in them and have dirt all across the bottom and is that, is that MUD!"


Lydia with her head in her hands could only look upon the mess that is Stiles after the incident...


"It wasn't my fault!" I wanted to say more, like why exactly I had been wearing these disgusting pieces of cloth but Lydia was already talking again.  


"Stiles I love you; you know I do and that's why I say we need to get you some better clothes and some more figure fitting ones while we're at it." I was about to open my mouth to protest that AGAIN it wasn't my fault but she was already speaking again. "I know, I know you don't like all the fitting clothes and I promise I won't make you buy anything you don't like but you will try everything I get you on and we will be buying something today got it."  


There was no point arguing because apart from the fact I knew I wouldn't win I was actually looking forward to getting some new clothes with her.  


Lydia decided that we could miss the first day back to go for an emergency shopping trip and honestly I'm glad because I didn't feel like going to school in these clothes this morning and I still don't feel like going in them now. We were just driving and talking and for a minute I thought I saw a black Camaro behind us; but only one person in Beacon could afford something like that, no there's no way that's him. I just ignored it. I was just watching the houses roll by when Lydia suddenly asked me,


"So why are you wearing them horrid things anyway?"  


"First off, this wasn't my fault secondly, it was Scott's and third, he should think himself lucky he's not dead right now because he's basically killed all my clothes"  


"What did he do now!?"


And then I go in to a rant explaining how he managed to ruin all my clothes and how I'm getting my revenge.


"Ok we're here"  


"Wait, what how long have I been talking?"


"Just about an hour forty-five"


"Wow... I didn't realise that I was talking for that long sorry Lyds, anyway let's get going I would like to leave before this place closes."  


As we make our way inside I noticed it wasn't that busy apart from a few mums talking about god knows what with their kinds out of control running all over the place.  


"So where are we going first?"  


"First we are going to stop in Victoria Secrets to get you a new bra because honey that thing isn't doing any favours for you; then we can go too forever 21 get you some new things, they're always sooo cute in there would look great in everything. Then we can go and sort out some dresses and other things for you and seriously if Scott even goes near your new clothes I will kill him myself... clear?"


"Crystal" I can't help the grin that's spread across my face when I hear Lydia say that because really we all know that it's not true she wouldn't want to ruin her nails but it's the thought that counts right?? And with the stupid grin across my face we head to the first shop.


"Lyds what about this?" We were looking through all the different types of bras at Victoria Secret when I found a little black lace, it's a push up and I wouldn't normal pick something like this but it was too cute to say no too


"OMG YES STILES YES!!!!" Lydia squeaked at me already looking far too excited that I found one. "Stiles look they have another here in red, you have to try these on please for everything this friendship is worth please try them on and they will be great for you, no way Stiles look they even have matching panties!"  


"Lyds calm down I'm trying them on and taking them home I already know it, I just think I've finally found the right ones"  


*10 mins later*  


"Lyds do you think it's too much?"  


"Stiles you look great, I think for the first time I'm actually jealous of your body"  


"Wow... thanks Lyds"  


"Oh, keep them on by the way, don't put you old one back on. And yes you are allowed to do that all I have to do is take the tag off and scan it so turn around and let me do my thing"  


After a rather expensive trip to Victoria secret (after picking up a few more things on the way out) we were finally heading to the other stores. Yet I couldn't help but feel like we were being watched as we walked around. It was like I could feel someone breathing down my neck but when I turn around no one was there.  


"Ok you are going to try on all these play suits, body suits, jeans and tops got it?"


"Got it!"  


"Does this look ok because I kind of love it, what do you think Lyds?"


"You look perfect, I love it and so will Derek"  


I just ignore the last part of her comment and focus on the amazing woman in the mirror in front of me. Lydia convicted me to try on a black bodysuit that hugs my curves making my hips look bigger and my waist look smaller, it show off more of my cleavage (thanks to the push up) but not too much. Clinging to my hips I have I have a little black skirt, then 5cm black heals on my feet. And I look hot for once, god I love Lydia sometimes.  

"Ok we have spent 4 hours in here, got you an all new wardrobe I think it's time to go because trust me Stiles I love shopping more than the next girl but we do need to get home also I don't like driving in the dark so come on time to go"  


"K I'll go take these to the cashier and maybe after this we could get-"


"Oh, I'm just going to go look at this you have fun with that Stiles" I tried to call her back but Lydia was already half way across the store.  


"That will be $250 please"


"Are you serious?" At that the man just looked bored and continued to say


"$250... please"  

I was just getting ready to call Lyds to help me pay when I felt two strong hands grip my waist from behind. I gasped not knowing who it was or why they were holding me until I heard that voice, a voice I would know anywhere... Derek Hale's. But that wasn't what shocked me most, what really confused me was what happened next;


"Don't worry baby, I got this" and then he swiped his card across the reader and picked up my bags handing them to me with a smirk that I knew could only mean bad news.  


I just stare at his back as he begins walking away, he's nearly made it out the shop before my brain catches up and I run out of the shop to catch up with him only managing to keep my balance by his muscle filled arm holding me up.


"Why did you do that? Have you been following us?"


"I was just taking care of you, what's wrong with me taking care of my girlfriend?"


" BECAUSE IM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND! " My mouth hanging open like an idiot as I just look at his smug face; he cups my cheek in his hand and leans in to press a kiss to my nose and whispers


"You will be, soon, soon you'll be my princess" he straightens up and looks me in my eyes and says "didn't you know I always get what I want, and I want you, so let me have you it will be easier"


I was too stunned to speak but finally my mouth was cooperating I tried to contain my shock and confusion but all I could do was speak in a squeaky voice,   "What do you mean make it easier?!"  


"Don't worry baby you'll understand soon and if you ever need anything again ask me, NOT anybody else, just me, you got that baby" after my minute of silence he just says "good" and walks away; but not in time for Lyds too not notice him.


We spend most of the way back in silence listening to the buzz of the radio. Well Lydia's listening to it but all I can think about is what Derek said to me why he kept calling me baby. Oh well, it's probably some weird joke his friends told him to do, it should be back to normal tomorrow with them ignoring me, only speaking to me to insult me, yep normal...

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My alarm makes my jump to attention and immediately fall out of bed on to the floor. I get up, shut my alarm off and try on my new clothes.

I sent a quick text to Lyds with a picture of me making sure I looked ‘presentable’ as she says.
'Lyds you think it looks good...???' I was wearing the black bodysuit with the black skirt again with the black heels but this time I have my hair down so it sends waves of brown locks over my shoulders and mid-way down my back. The thing is I'm not nearly as tall as everyone else because I haven't had a growth spurt in a while so I'm only about 5'4 while every else is near 5'9 unless your Derek because of course he had to be different apart from being super muscular, he's also 6'5. He's basically the walking, talking, breathing example of tall, dark and handsome...
Just before my thoughts can become anymore invested in him my phone buzzes:
'Stiles you have to wear them you look great' then before I can even think another text comes in saying 'I'll be round in 5 be ready'

It doesn't take long to find a space in the school parking lot, mainly because if anyone sees Lydia's car they move immediately to make room for her. It's great having a popular best friend sometimes. Lydia sees Jackson and says she needs to go but says we can meet up again later so I carry on walking to my locker. I can see Scott a few lockers down talking to the new girl Allison, they are so going to become a couple at some point, he's so in love with her. It's funny really he doesn't even realise I'm there because he's so transfixed with her. I open my locker to get my books out and put them in my bag. Suddenly I hear a bang next to me so loud it makes me drop my books all over the floor in front of me I go to pick them up when a voice next to me says

"Stop, princess, what are you doing I'll get them for you" I turn only to be met by Derek Hale bending down getting my books for me, he puts them in my backpack zips it up and takes it out of my hands swinging it over his left shoulder and starts walking down the hall.

"Hey, what are you doing??!!" I shout at him as I'm running to keep up. People are staring but I don't care, I don't know what game Derek is playing or why he's doing this at all. Surly he has better things to do than torment me by making my dreams come true. Sure I could let myself believe that this is all real and he likes me but where would that get me, a broken heart, humiliation... I don't think so.

"I'm carrying your bag what does it look like I'm doing?"

"That's not what I meant" I finally catch up to him, only panting a little,

"Sorry princess was I walking too fast?" He has a sly smirk on his face as he wrapped his arm around my middle leans in and whispers "I didn't mean to make you so out of breath, didn't mean to get you panting baby" he leans back still wearing that smirk like he was just given the best thing in the world. I wasn't going to let him have the satisfaction though

"I wasn't panting for you, I was panting because of you" at that his smirk only widens and I realise what I just said I try to correct myself but he's already there taking my hand walking me down the hall all the while wearing his stupid smirk.

I yank my hand away when he tries to get me to walk further, like everything’s perfectly normal and try to get my bag.

"Just give me my stuff Derek" I say almost begging him; but that only makes him smile and now I'm mad, I'm really mad, but not only am I mad I'm confused... very, very confused. Why is he smiling at me like that seriously what’s going on, it's only 1st period and already he's managed to confuse me, with all his weird stunts.

"You’re going to sit with me at lunch aren't you baby?"

"No why would I ever sit with you!" I shouted at him, because yeah I was getting mad now; suddenly he pushed me up against the lockers his whole body pressed against mine and I could feel him getting hard through his pants, as if he was trying to control himself but just couldn't.

"You will sit with me today, you got that baby" I nod only to get him off me and as he straightens up again (yes I am that small he has to bend down to reach my face) he says "I never want to hurt you or force you to do anything but baby please just do as I ask, it would make me so happy and I can do anything for you, just let me prove myself"

"Are you being serious right now?" I managed to whisper out. The look of pure honesty in his eyes was to true to be faked but I had to know if he really meant what he said.

"Everything I said is true just let me do something for you please... I can do anything, only for you. That's why I'm carrying your books I don't want you to get hurt because I know how heavy they can be for you"

"Why do you want me to si-“

"STILES!" And that was the one thing worse than Derek... Theo. Theo Raeken was is the worst person you will ever meet. He bullied me all the way through elementary along with Derek and unlike Derek still does today. "Hope you’re not taking all the fun Derek, you know how badly I want her" Derek looks like he's about to punch something and Theo well, he looks like he's enjoying this more than usual.

"What's wrong Stiles got nothing to say? Hope you don't run crying to daddy this time... what you’re not going to talk, not even a little noise. Well how about I make you!" He pushes me into the lockers but unlike Derek he uses too much force and makes my head bang into them too. When the ringing in my ears has stopped I realise that he has a hand around the back of my thigh and it's creeping closer and closer to my bum. "You ok Stiles you look a little flustered?" He asked in the most innocent voice he can manage then suddenly grabs my cheek making me gasp. I try to push him away and get out of his grip but it's too strong.

"Theo get off her" I hear Derek shout but before a sarcastic remark can even leave Theo's lips he's off me and on the other side of the hall. I notice all the students circling around us basically trapping me with them. Derek shoves Theo's face into the locker causing it to dent and Theo to moan in pain, then he's looking at me with real concern in his eyes.

"Are you ok? Please tell me you’re ok, he didn't hurt you did he?" It came out rushed but all I could respond with was a weak "yes" and then I'm being pulled into an embrace. I should be embarrassed, I shouldn't be hugging the well-known jock, bad-boy Derek Hale. But all I can feel is the strong arms surrounding me and the safety they bring with them. I’m suddenly overwhelmed with the need to speak to mum, I need her. Dad can’t help with this and I don’t know how to tell Scott or Lydia. I feel like crying like letting all my feelings out, I just want to see her one more time, just speak to her one last time, just hear her mocking me about boys one last time. I just want to feel her love me, one last time…

After about 5 more minutes the bell rings but Derek doesn't let go he holds on a little longer; stroking my hair. When he lets go all he does is look at me with pure affection asking
"Are you really ok princess?"

"I'm fine Derek, really, thank you"

"Have this" he takes off his leather jacket and draped it over my shoulders, he anxiously looks at me, searching my face for any signs of disapproval: but all I do is smile and gladly take the jacket. Its cliché and cheesy but I love the gesture anyway.

"Guess you could say that I really am your princess and you’re my prince in shining leather" in that moment his face lights up with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. And I can't help but want to see it more.

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I walk into the cafeteria and look for Scott only to see that he's sat with Allison, practically drooling over her. Surprisingly Lydia wasn't in sight, as I walk further in, swaying my hips on my way through the tables and people I see her talking to Jackson. She's sat at the corner table near the widows, only Derek and his friends sit there. I remember the one time I tried to sit there, I got all my work out of my bag and put it on the table, my lunch next to it. It was great until Theo came and knocked all of my things onto the floor and then dumped my lunch on top of it all. I decide it's not a good idea to sit there, Lydia might be ok but I'm definitely not. I turn and make my way back to wear Scott's sitting, hopefully they don't mind me being there.

When I reach the table Scott's to busy kissing Allison to notice I'm there. I knew they'd get together. I don't disturb them, knowing eventually they'll realise I'm there. I look across the cafeteria and notice everyone's staring at me, even Scott and Allison are looking at me. I hear my phone buzz and get it out to look who it is. I unlock it seeing a text from Lydia, it says 'Why the hell is Derek Hale asking for you??!!!!!' And that's when I remember the promise I made him earlier. Just as I'm about to get and leave I feel a hand on my shoulder and another stroking up and down my side. I turn my head, already knowing that it's Derek, but wanting to see that it's really him. "Oh, you’re a silly girl sometimes aren't you baby, you forgot your sitting with me today didn't you. Don't worry I'll forgive you for now but don't ever do that again, don't ever sit with other people again" not a moment later he leans in and whispers so only I'll hear "your mine baby, I told you, I always get what I want. And trust me I want you and I'll have you."

Suddenly, I'm being pulled up from the table and carried over to the table Lydia's at, people are staring at me again but I don't care, all I care about is why exactly Derek finds me so important and what will happen if I ever forget again. When we get to the table he puts me down next to Lydia and Jacksons looking at me with anger written across his face. Derek sits across from me, looking at me like he can see all of my deepest secrets.

"Derek, I don't think I should sit here" I manage to mumble out, my words getting quieter as I go. He gives me the most disbelieving look then like he expects me to try and find a reason not to sit there.

"For once she's right, she doesn't belong here Derek, she shouldn't be sat with us; she just makes us seem so-"

"So what Jackson? What does she make us exactly?" Derek glares at Jackson for a few minutes and Jackson just sulks and looks down like he wants to disappear from Derek’s intense and intimidating stare.

We sit through an awkward lunch with Derek staring at me and complaining when I'm not eating. Lydia tries to get me in the conversation but Jackson mainly ignores me and focuses sourly on Lyds, which is perfectly fine with me. At least he won't be teasing me.

By the time the final bell goes I can't wait to get home, away from everybody and just relax. Lydia needed to get ready for her date with Jackson so I had to walk home, luckily it wasn't raining but the wind was flowing through my hair and constantly whipping my skirt. I was nearly home when I heard someone shouting me. Suddenly, I feel myself being turned round and I'm faced with Derek Hale. "What are you doing?" I ask him as he crushes me in his chest.
"Just wanted to know if you want a ride home, I can get you there a lot quicker, also you didn’t eat at lunch and you need to have something." he says with a hopeful glint in his eye.

“No, I’m ok, thanks for the offer though” I continue walking at a slightly faster pace. With the way he’s been acting recently I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to catch me again and force me to eat but he didn’t he simply let me go.

Feeling slightly disappointed I make it home and the minutes I’m inside I race upstairs and into my bedroom. Putting my bag away I slip out of my shoes and begin to strip. I walk into the bathroom in only my bra and panties sit on the edge of the tub and turn the tap. It takes about 5 minutes for the tub to fill up with bubbles and warm water. I decide to get a drink and even though my dad’s not home I wrap my dressing gown around me and make my way down stairs. Checking the doors locked I make my way back to the bathroom put my chocolate milkshake on the windowsill next to me turn the taps off and kick the door close. Dropping the my fluffy dressing gown in the middle off the floor, along with my underwear, I make my way over to the tub and step in, one foot at a time. I sink down so only my heads out of the water and close my eyes. After about 30 seconds I got sick off the silence and decide I need some music to keep me occupied and my mind off other things. I turn my headphones up to the loudest they’ll go and close my eyes again.
I feel the water moving around me and suddenly somethings touching my legs. My eyes fly open and I bring my legs up to my chest. When I look up I’m met with the most amazing view I’ve ever seen Derek Hale lowering himself into the tub with me. One of his hands closes around my ankle and tugs gently at it, telling me to move, but I can’t. I can’t move anywhere, my body’s frozen in its state of shock. Then I’m being pulled down, through the water closer to Derek. He stops when my legs are wrapped around his waist our chests touching.

I feel like I can’t breathe. His skins so hot against mine, his hands wandering down my back, cupping my ass. His eyes are roaming just like his hands were taking in the sight of my body. I feel a blush making its way from my face down my neck and over my chest. I try to pull away but his grip tightens and he pulls me towards him more. I can feel him getting more and more aroused as the seconds go by. Poking in to my butt, yet there’s nothing I can do.

“What are you doing here?” I whisper, embarrassed by how my body is reacting to him.
“I was just going to watch you, make you’re ok but then you got undressed and I could see all of your beautiful skin and moles. I could see what every boy wants to see, but none of them have. Have they? Baby, you’re the most perfect person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and now I can see you without all those useless bits of clothing on. You drive me mad, I knew you were hiding an amazing figure under it all. I’m sorry I know it’s forward but I couldn’t help myself. I mean look at you.”
“Your exactly like Theo, you know that?”
A growl escapes him and he looks at me, with a stare full of hatred, “I’m nothing like Theo, he’s a creep and he’s always trying to get a feel of you. He’s always been like that he’s always wanted you. But now I’ve got you so-“
“No! No, you haven’t got me, I’m not yours Derek. You think you’re better than him but look at what you’re doing right now. You broke into my house, watched me as I undressed, got into the bath with me and to top it all off, you pulled me on top of where you can see and feel as much as you want. You think your better than him but you’re not. If anything you’re worse!” I shout the last sentence as I storm out of the bathroom and in to my bedroom. I find an oversized jumper to put over myself, I should have picked up a towel while I was in the bathroom.

A few moments later Derek knocks on the door and comes in, not waiting for my reply. He puts a towel on my bed and goes to hug me. I flinch away, not wanting him anywhere near me after what he just did. He whispers a pitiful “sorry” as he leaves. I hear the front door open and slam close behind him. Not knowing what to do now I simply sit on my bed, wishing and praying mum could help me somehow. Tear sting my eyes and my vision becomes blurry. Curling up in a ball I cry myself to sleep, not knowing if I was crying because I wanted mum or because of Derek. Either way I had no idea what to do now or how I was going to win a game I didn't know how to play.