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Free Falling

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Emma moaned and rolled over as she felt warmth leave her arms. She cracked her eyes open slightly and saw Regina moving about the room quietly. Her eyes slipped closed again after a second, still burning and tired and definitely not ready to be open yet.

“Regina,” she whined. “It’s too early in the morning and it’s Saturday. Come back to bed.” She patted the bed beside her.

“Some of us have things to do, Emma.” Emma could hear the smile in Regina’s voice.

“Like what? Like I said, it’s Saturday, the universal day of sleeping in.”

“Well, for one I have to make our son breakfast.”

“He’s thirteen, Regina. He won’t be up before noon. I’ll bet a week’s worth of laundry and I’ll even pick up your dry cleaning.”

She heard the bedroom door open. “Henry?” Regina called into the hallway.

“Yeah, Mom?” Henry’s voice was faint, but still there and very much awake.

Emma groaned. “Seriously? It’s like eight in the morning. That kid is not right.”

“Nothing, Honey,” Regina called back to Henry. “Just proving a point to your mother. I’ll start fixing breakfast in a moment.”

“Cool,” Henry faintly replied.

“He didn’t inherit the early bird tendencies from me. No one in their right mind gets up before noon unless they have to.”

“Shame you won’t be up before noon, darling. I promised Henry I’d make pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes.”

Emma’s eyes snapped open. She sat up and looked at her girlfriend with wide eyes. “Did you say chocolate chip pancakes?”

Regina smiled, tying her robe around her waist. “I did. I thought I might even pull out the whip cream too.”

Emma’s eyes widened and saliva pooled in her mouth. “Well, when you put it that way.” Emma quickly got out of bed and pulled on her own robe.

Regina laughed and started to walk from the room.

“Regina?” Emma said, stopping the other woman in her tracks.

“Yes, dear?”

“Henry has plans with Ava and Nicholas today, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, right after breakfast, why?”

“I can think of a better use for the whip cream than pancakes.” Emma smirked and waggled her eyebrows.

Regina snorted. “Really, Miss Swan, you are insatiable.”

“And we both know you love it. And you really can’t say anything about insatiable. The other night we went seven rounds Regina. Seven. Because someone couldn’t get enough, now could they?”

A slight blush graced Regina’s cheeks. “I didn’t hear you complaining.”

“And you never will. Just proving a point, my queen.” Emma mock bowed. “Now I believe I was promised pancakes.”

Regina laughed. “I suppose you were. Come on then, let us go satisfy your craving.” Regina cocked an eyebrow before turning and sashaying from the room.

Emma followed watching Regina’s hips sway hypnotically in front of her the whole way to the kitchen. Together they set to work gathering the ingredients for pancakes, never missing a beat, this morning dance one they had done a hundred times since Emma moved in the year before. In no time the family was sitting down to breakfast, smiling, talking, and laughing like they did almost every Saturday. Emma loved these days, where they were a normal happy family. She cherished them more than anything else.

She looked across the table into deep brown eyes. It was all because of Regina that she finally had a family. Her heart swelled and she couldn’t find it in her to wipe the smile from her face through the rest of the meal.


Later, once Henry was off with his friends and the can of whip cream lay empty, Emma was curled up in Regina’s arms, basking in the warmth of the woman she loved. Regina ran her fingers through Emma’s hair lightly, tugging on the tangles that she encountered gently but effectively. Emma snuggled closer to the other woman and sighed contentedly.

They lay like that for a long while until Emma’s stomach growled loudly. Regina snorted lightly in Emma’s ear. Emma felt Regina place a light kiss on the top of her head.

“Well it seems like someone is hungry again.”

Emma turned to face Regina. “Well, what can I say, your majesty, you provide a great work out.”

“Or perhaps we should just attribute it to the fact that you’re a bottomless pit when it comes to food.”

“I am not!” Emma scowled.

“Darling, you eat more than our thirteen year old son.” Regina smiled fondly at Emma. “When he gets older you two will eat me out of house and home, I’m sure of it.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Yeah, ok, whatever you say, Madam Mayor. As long as I get to eat your food you can tease me all you wish about my eating habits.”

Regina stretched and moved to get out of the bed. “Well then, I’m glad you see things my way, Miss Swan.”

Emma snorted but smiled at the brunette.

“I think it would be prudent for both of us to shower first before we went downstairs, though.” Regina pushed herself off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Emma hopped up and grabbed her arm, halting Regina’s progress. “Not so fast. Why would we take a shower so early? It’d just be going to waste.” Emma pulled Regina back into her arms and whispered in her ear, “Because I have plans to take you on the kitchen counter later. You look too god damn sexy in an apron not to bend you over and have my way with you. I already missed out on one opportunity today, I’m not missing anymore.”

A quiet moan escaped Regina’s throat before she shook her head and took a small step away from Emma. “Dear, we really must break you of the habit of having sex on the kitchen counters. It’s unsanitary.”

“So was having sex in the supply closet at Town Hall, but I didn’t see you complaining. And that was your idea. Besides, it’s not like you don’t super Clorox wipe the counters after we’re done anyway.”

“The closet sex was only my idea because someone convinced me it was a good idea to wear vibrating panties to a budget meeting where someone turned them on.” Regina shot her a death glare, but it was nothing like the ones of days past. It was almost…loving.

“Oh, come on, you had to know that was coming, Regina, you know me.”

Regina’s mouth turned up at the corners. “That I do.”

“And besides once we were in that closet you came so hard you passed out for a solid minute. You can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy it.”

“Oh no, I enjoyed that particularly mind blowing orgasm, I just didn’t enjoy waking up the closet floor a minute later. God knows what at on that floor.”

Emma laughed. “But you know exactly what’s been on the kitchen counter so there won’t be an issue.”

“I said no, Sheriff. And that’s final.” Regina walked towards the bathroom once again.

Emma caught her again and started to kiss down her neck, biting lightly at the spot where Regina’s shoulder met her neck. Regina moaned loudly as Emma’s teeth sunk into her flesh. Regina leaned back into Emma, resting her head on Emma’s shoulder. Emma gladly took Regina’s weight and continued the assault.

Emma pulled back a minute later. “We both know you’re putty in my hands whenever I start kissing your neck. I start kissing you downstairs and we both know we won’t make it anywhere else but the kitchen counter.”

Regina growled lightly. “I do not find that to be fair, Sheriff.”

Emma turned Regina around and guided Regina’s hands to her lower back. Regina started to caress the skin there immediately. Emma had to suppress a moan to get out her next words.

“It’s not as if you don’t have your own ways to control me.” As soon as she was done speaking she bit her lip and leaned down onto Regina’s shoulder.

Regina hummed thoughtfully. “You do make a good case, Emma.”

Emma smiled. She was back to Emma, she was out of the dog house. She had figured out long ago that Regina only used the title Sheriff when she was angry at Emma. Miss Swan depended, it could either be a term of endearment or a slight admonishment depending on the tone, but Sheriff was never good.

Regina pulled her hands away from Emma’s lower back. Emma groaned at the loss of contact.

“And I also have the outfits left over from the Enchanted Forest if I really need to persuade you.”

Emma’s eyes widened slightly and a bolt of arousal shot straight to her core. God, Regina in those outfits should be a crime.

Regina looked thoughtful for a moment. “Perhaps I’ll make you a deal, Miss Swan.” Regina reached up and trailed her fingers down Emma’s face lightly. “No premeditated kitchen counter sex in exchange for me wearing an outfit of your choosing instead.”

“Does this deal only cover today, or is this on going? Because let me tell you pretty much every time we’re in the kitchen I have some sort of fantasy. And I won’t get punished if it’s spur of the moment kitchen sex?”

“Consider it an ongoing deal. For every week you manage not to fuck me in our kitchen you get one outfit.”

Emma bit her lip in thought. Kitchen sex or Evil Queen outfits? Well, she really could have both just not on the same week.


“Good,” Regina purred.

“But for the love of god will you help me unlace your corset next time. Those things are a bitch to get off.”

Regina smirked. “No, Miss Swan, I think you’re just getting the hang of it. It’ll be good practice.” Regina walked over and donned her robe again. “But since you obviously have no intention of us staying clean if we take a shower I suppose I’ll go fix us lunch. And yes before you ask Miss Swan if you make it through today without taking me in the kitchen later you can pick out an outfit. Consider it a taste of what’s to come.” Regina arched and eyebrow at her and swept out of the room regally.

Emma stared after her dumbly. God she loved when some of the Evil Queen came out to play. She slipped on her robe and followed after her girlfriend.


Regina set a grilled cheese and a cup of tomato soup in front of Emma and sat down across from the blond with her own salad. Emma smiled brightly at the other woman before digging in. Emma didn’t know how it was possible, but even Regina’s grilled cheeses tasted better than average and she didn’t think the brunette did anything out of the ordinary while preparing them. Magic, it probably came back to magic somehow. She shrugged and munched on.

“Do you know what Henry was planning on doing with Ava and Nicholas today?” Regina asked, spearing a piece of chicken on her fork.

“Dunno, think they were just hanging out for the day. Henry said something about a hike when he asked me and archery practice with Ava. They’ll probably be some super hero geekery with Nicholas in there somewhere too. If he stays true to form he’ll ask to spend the night later too.” Emma’s eyes lit up. Evil Queen outfits were in her future. She licked her lips.

Regina nodded. She had known everything Emma was going to say. She was Henry’s mother long before Emma was. Emma looked at her, head titled slightly to the side. There was something else on her mind.

“You don’t think that Henry’s is getting too old to stay over with Ava? He’s thirteen. He’ll be dating soon.” Regina’s voice hitched at the last part.

Emma smiled kindly. “No, I don’t worry about him and Ava.”

“Why not? She’s not the best influence. She could be pressuring him into doing something he doesn’t want to.”

“You raised Henry better than that, Regina. He won’t do anything wrong. And Ava won’t be pressuring him to do anything that you’re thinking anyway.”

“Why are you so certain?” Regina regarded Emma carefully, searching her face.

Emma snorted. “You really don’t see the way she looks at you when she comes over, do you?”

Regina’s face scrunched, confused. “Whatever do you mean, Miss Swan?”

Emma stuffed another bite of grilled cheese in her mouth. “I mean that she looks at you like you’re a tiger or something, beautiful, something she wants, but something that’s able to kill her in an instant.”

“I don’t understand. And don’t talk with your mouth full, Miss Swan, I swear sometimes you’re worse than our son.” Regina rolled her eyes.

Emma swallowed. “Sorry,” she said sheepishly. “But what I mean is, the kid’s got a major crush on you. And she’s also scared shitless of you, but that’s half the town anyway.” Emma shrugged. “She’s not going to try anything with Henry because she’s not interested in Henry or anyone with Henry’s anatomy. They’re just friends.”

“You don’t know that, Ava could like both.”

“Pay attention to the kid sometime, Regina. It’s really obvious. She hasn’t exactly learned subtly yet. She checks out just about every attractive female that walks by but doesn’t even glance at the hottest guys around here.”

“And why have you observed this.” Regina glared.

“Because I was worried about the same thing as you are right now, Regina. Remember, I’m the one who got pregnant at seventeen? I kinda didn’t want the kid to have any opportunity to repeat my mistakes. Not that I think he will, he’s a better kid than I ever was, but still, you know?”

Regina nodded. “And you’re truly sure.”

“Yes, Regina, besides Henry totally has a crush on Paige anyway, so it’s not like even if Ava was straight that anything would happen. Boy’s got it bad.”

“Wait, Henry has a crush?!”

Emma laughed. “Regina, I think you might need to start paying more attention. The kids around here are growing up. You miss a lot if you think of them as totally sexless, innocent beings.”

Regina looked down and sighed. “I suppose you’re right, Emma. I just don’t want him to grow up so fast.”

Emma grabbed one of Regina’s hands across the table. “I know, I don’t either. Feels like I just got here and he’s going to be gone and grown up and away at college the second I blink at the wrong time.”

“I feel that way, too, and I’ve been here the whole time.” She looked up at Emma with slightly watery eyes. “We’re both going to be sobbing messes when he leaves for college, aren’t we.”

Emma laughed. “We will be, but for now that’s five years away. We don’t need to worry about that just yet. He’s still our little boy, even if he’s going to be taller than you by the end of the year.”

Regina wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled. “Good.”

They finished the rest of the meal in silence, never letting go of the other’s hand.



Their meal done, they migrated into Regina’s study. Emma curled up on one end of the couch, book in hand while Regina leaned her back against Emma’s side, stretching her legs out across the rest of the couch and resting a lap desk on them. Regina caught up on paperwork while the blonde caught up on her latest trashy romance novel. The brunette conjured two glasses of apple cider and lit the fireplace in front of them. Emma sipped on her glass and she turned the pages of her book, alternating between scoffing at the ridiculousness of the story and being intensely interested in it. All the while Regina’s pen scratched across official town documents.

Emma reached the end of a chapter and stuck her bookmark between the pages. She threw the book onto the end table and turned slightly towards Regina.

“You know most people don’t do paperwork on the weekend.”

“Most people aren’t still trying to right the town from the mess your parents made when they forced my departure,” Regina replied, signing another document.

“That was two and a half years ago.”

“Yes, well, when your parents screw something up they don’t do it half way.”

“You’re being serious, you’re still dealing with their mess?”

“Yes, Miss Swan. And I will still be dealing with it for another two years at least. Then perhaps our town’s budget will finally be to rights again.”

“Jesus, Regina, I didn’t know it was really that bad.”

Regina shrugged. “It’s nothing that I can’t handle. Though I do have to suppress the urge to slap your mother for spending fifty thousand dollars in less than two weeks, and that was one of her less…offensive moves as mayor of the town. But wanting to harm Snow White is a natural state for me, so it’s easily ignored.”

“How the hell do you spend that much money in two weeks?”

“You know your new cruiser?”

“Yeah, I love that thing.” Emma smiled. That was one of the better perks of being Sheriff actually. She got to drive the new cruiser and actually feel like a legitimate cop, not like Barney Fife in a cruiser that was literally as old as she was.

“Well, that’s where most of it went. The rest went to building animal habitats around town, mostly birdhouses.”

Emma put her head in her hands. “Of course birdhouses would be in there somewhere. Fucking bluebirds everywhere.”

Regina snorted. “At least you don’t live with her anymore darling. Now you can avoid dealing with her avian minions as much as possible.”

“Rats, rats with wings.” Emma shivered. After the curse broke progressively more and more bluebirds had followed Snow around until she practically had her own flock every time she stepped outside. They were well behaved enough that everyone else didn’t mind. But Emma hated birds. “But seriously how did they manage to keep the town running for six months if they spent money that recklessly?”

“Obviously they really didn’t, dear, or I wouldn’t be mayor again. Your mother obviously didn’t pay attention to her lessons back in our world about how to control the kingdom’s finances. She spent most of the town surplus that’s only supposed to be used in emergencies plus all of that year’s budget as well.” It was Regina’s turn to shiver. “That year was a nightmare.”

Emma remembered that year well. Regina had been constantly cranky for a month and more than one creative death threat against her mother had been lodged. She had thought Regina was just being dramatic about the mess her mother had left in her wake, but apparently not.

“It’s going to take another two years to restore the surplus to what it should be, thus why money has been tight as of late in the town budget. The last thing we need is a Nor’easter to hit us and not have the money to clean up the town.”

Emma nodded. “Yeah, makes sense. So that’s why you snap if I request more paper than allotted at the end of the year.”

“That would be one reason, Miss Swan. The other being I know you waste at least some of it playing paper basketball.”

Emma blushed lightly. “What can I say, it’s not like much is happening around town anymore.”

“Regardless, Miss Swan, you shouldn’t be wasting resources like that. You have dartboard if you really need to be entertained that badly. Or if you’re really bored you could always come upstairs and file paperwork for me.”

“Uh…” Emma would rather fall off a three story building. That’s what she had volunteer deputies for.

“That’s what I thought.” Regina smirked.

Emma extricated her arm from under Regina and wrapped it around the other woman’s waist.

“Fine you win, I’ll stop playing paper basketball and I’ll stop questioning your paperwork habits.” Emma kissed Regina’s temple. “You work too hard you know.”

Regina sighed heavily. “It’s the only way I’ll keep my job. If I don’t perform impeccably, someone will endeavor to take it from me. You know that.”

Emma squeezed her tighter. “I know, but they would have to go through me first.”

“Thank you, Emma,” Regina said quietly.

“You’re always welcome, my queen.”

Emma picked up her book again and opened it to where she left off. Regina pulled the book out of her hands a second later.

“You know, you don’t have to read these…atrocious excuses for literature.”

Emma snorted. “If I wanted to read literature I sure as hell wouldn’t be reading romance novels. At least modern ones anyway.”

“Then why read this glorified smut?”

“For laughs mostly. Though sometimes it does give me some creative ideas.” Emma grinned at Regina.

“Do not tell me some of the things we’ve done in the bedroom have been inspired by romance novels.”

Emma shrugged. “I didn’t tell you, you figured it out. And believe me, you’ve liked some of the things I’ve tried.”

Regina groaned. “Don’t inform me of which ones, I want to remain ignorant on this particular issue. I do not want to knowingly enable this habit of yours. I don’t even see how you can get past the first page. The writing is usually horrendous and the plot formulaic at best and do not even get me started about the characters and their characterization.”

Emma pulled back and looked at Regina closely. “Regina Mills, are you a literary snob?”

“I prefer literary critic.”

“Oh come on, Regina, it’s not like you could write a better story.”

Regina cocked an eyebrow. “Miss Swan I had 28 years to do whatever I pleased, why wouldn’t I try my hand at writing?”

“Oh my god, you wrote a romance novel?” Emma’s eyes were the size of saucers.

“I didn’t say that, now did I, Miss Swan?” Regina looked away from Emma.

“But you did, you look away when you’re trying to hide something. Oh my god, Regina you have to show me. Pretty please?” Emma shot her the best puppy dog eyes she had.

“I’d rather not.”

“Oh come on, Regina, you can’t just tell me you wrote a book and not expect me to want to read it.”

“I can ask you not to, however.”

Emma paused for a moment. “Are you, Mayor Regina Mills, actually embarrassed by something you wrote?”

“It wasn’t as if anyone else was going to see it. I wrote it for myself.”

“So it’s kinky.”

Miss Swan.” Regina glared.

Emma rolled her eyes. “Regina, I sleep with you and have slept with you for three years for god’s sake. We have anything but a vanilla sex life. Need I remind you of the Evil Queen outfit you owe me later tonight?”

Regina sighed and looked at Emma. “Fine, it may have had a BDSM premise.”

Emma’s eyebrows rose in surprise. That definitely wasn’t something they had tried yet. “So basically you wrote Fifty Shades of Grey three decades before it actually came out.”

“Oh please,” Regina snorted. “It’s quite obvious whoever wrote that knew nothing about what they were doing.”

“And you do?”

Regina just looked at Emma. “One doesn’t become the Evil Queen and not know a thing or two by the end of her reign.”

“We’re going to come back to this at one point. And you are going to let me read that book if it’s the last thing I do, but Jesus, Regina, that’s so fucking hot I don’t even know what to do with myself.”

“Really, Miss Swan, I didn’t think it would be something that you would be interested in.”

“I’m up to try anything once, Regina. You should already know that. But we’ll come back to that later. For now I think you should go change into an Evil Queen outfit. I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

“You’re imagining me in all leather with a riding crop, aren’t you?”


Regina smiled. “I think I have just the thing.” She turned more fully and caressed Emma’s face. “And if you’re truly interested we will talk about everything later.” She set her paperwork aside and strode from the room. “Give me fifteen minutes to get ready, Miss Swan,” drifted back to Emma, still sitting on the couch in the study, slightly spellbound. She wasn’t sure if it was a good thing that she ended up this way so often around Regina, or pathetic.

The corners of Emma’s mouth turned up. Good. Always good.


“You may come up now, Miss Swan,” Regina called a short time later.

Emma scrambled off the couch and ran up the stairs, practically tripping over herself to get there as soon as possible. She stopped dead at the doorway to their bedroom. Regina sat on the edge of the bed, legs crossed regally, staring at Emma expectantly. Emma sucked in a breath.

Holy hell.

Regina stood and stalked towards her. Emma swallowed hard as she got a full look at the outfit. Tight leather pants encased Regina’s legs, leaving little to the imagination. Emma watched, entranced by the way her muscles flexed under the material. The leather pants lead down to practical but still very sexy riding boots. Emma felt her mouth go dry.

Emma’s eyes drifted back up Regina’s form to take in the red riding coat that fell almost to the floor. It synched in Regina’s already tiny waist and pushed her boobs outward for Emma’s perusal and enjoyment. The shirt underneath the coat was low cut enough for Emma to see almost everything she wished. Her eyes continued their journey up Regina’s neck and finally looking at her face. Regina’s make up was darker, much more dramatic than usual. It made her eyes pop and intensified Regina’s natural beauty.

“See something you like, Miss Swan?” Regina asked, voice deeper, practically oozing sex.

“Yes, lord, yes. Holy fuck, Regina. I like this outfit even better than the one with the crazy top hat. I mean, shit. I don’t even know what I mean anymore.”

Emma stepped forward, reaching out to touch the other woman.

Regina stepped away. “Not so fast, Miss Swan.”

“Regina,” Emma whined. She couldn’t stand not touching the woman right at that moment.

“We haven’t made it through the whole day yet. You haven’t quite earned this outfit yet, dear.”

Emma groaned. “You aren’t going to be that evil are you? Please tell me you aren’t. Because I will not be able to handle it if you just walk around in that outfit all day. I literally think that I would jump you on any available surface.”

Regina chuckled darkly. “Oh no, I’m not going to be so cruel. But if you even so much as attempt to take me in the kitchen for the rest of the day, there will be consequences.”

Emma cocked an eyebrow and smiled. “Oh really, what kind of consequences?”

Regina’s eyes went hard and cold. “No sex for a week. I do not like when deals with me are broken.”

Emma gasped. “God no, please Regina, you know I can’t go that long. I’ll literally combust.”

“Then see that you do nothing in our kitchen.”

Emma nodded vigorously.

“Good.” Regina stepped forward and played with the hem of Emma’s shirt. “Then we may proceed. Get rid of this, Miss Swan. It’s hiding my view.”

Emma had her t-shirt on the floor in under five seconds. She stepped closer to Regina and laced her hands in the brunette’s soft hair and brought her in for a kiss. Regina immediately took charge and Emma gladly let her. Regina’s tongue left no corner of her mouth unexplored. Emma groaned lightly and clutched Regina’s hair tightly. Regina gasped lightly from the pain in her scalp, but further melted into the kiss.

Emma felt Regina’s hand move across the plains of her stomach and around to her back, stroking her lower back for a few seconds. Emma arched into the contact, but Regina’s hands moved on a second later. They traveled further up her back, leaving goose bumps in their wake. Regina fingered the clasp of her bra for a second before expertly undoing it. The straps fell down Emma’s arms and hung limp, the only thing keep her bra in place now was Regina’s body.

Regina gently eased them apart and tugged on Emma’s hand until they unwound from her hair. Emma’s bra was on the floor in the next instant. Emma stepped forward again, hands going for the button on Regina’s riding coat instead of her hair. She needed to feel her skin on Regina’s. She needed it now.

She flicked open the button easily enough and pushed it off Regina’s shoulders and onto the floor. Emma frowned at the row of little buttons that held the shirt beneath together. Those would take forever to get off.

Regina chuckled quietly, more of a rumble in her chest than anything substantive, at the look on Emma’s face. Emma glared up at her.

“Why do all your clothes from Fairy Tale Land have to look so damn good, but be so damn complicated.”

Regina smirked. “You haven’t even seen what’s under the shirt dear.”

“You did not wear a corset just to spite me. You’re in a riding outfit, Regina, don’t tell me you went riding in a corset.”

Regina shrugged. “I had to look my best at all times, Miss Swan.”

Emma groaned and set to work on the small buttons. “How is that even possible, Regina.”

Regina leaned in and licked the shell of Emma’s ear. Emma’s breath left her in a giant whoosh. God, it should be a crime how much Regina affected her.

“Magic, Miss Swan, it always comes back to magic.”

Emma finally hit the last button and pushed the shirt from Regina’s shoulders to pool on the floor with the coat. Underneath was a white lace corset. Emma stared at Regina for a few seconds. As much as she hated getting them off, lord were they hot. Emma’s fingers ghosted across the swell of Regina’s breasts where they met the fabric of the corset. The skin erupted into goose bumps.

“I suggest you get on with undressing me, Miss Swan. I am not a patient woman.”

Emma leaned in and started to kiss Regina’s neck, returning to the same spot she had bitten earlier and adding to the light mark she had left there. Regina was hers and everyone would know it.

She kissed her way up to Regina’s ear. “We all know you’re the most patient person out there…except when you’re aroused,” she whispered. Regina shivered under her.

Suddenly Emma found herself on her back on the bed. She hadn’t even seen Regina move. Emma smiled at the woman hovering over her. Regina looked down at her hungrily.

“Your observations are accurate, Miss Swan.” She lowered her head to Emma’s breast, taking a hardening nipple into her mouth.

Emma moaned loudly. She laced her hands through Regina’s hair again and pushed her head further into her body. Regina’s tongue circled her nipple in response, coaxing it into a peak. The brunette’s left hand glided across Emma’s body and played with the other nipple, rolling it and circling it lightly, making it stand to attention as well. Regina let Emma’s nipple go with a pop and switched to the other side.

Emma started to squirm under her. She was soaked and ready to go. She didn’t know how much more she could take. She needed Regina inside of her right now.

“Regina, please,” she groaned as Regina bit down lightly on her nipple.

Regina looked up at Emma, a mischievous glint in her eyes. She released Emma’s nipple and sat up. “Please what, Em-ma.” She smiled with kiss bruised lips.

Emma thought she could come just from Regina saying her name like that. “I need you to fuck me, Regina, please.”

Regina smiled wider. “As you wish, my white knight.”

Regina swung off of her and rid Emma of her pants and panties in one smooth motion. She crawled up Emma’s body once again. She kissed Emma hard. Emma responded immediately, desperately, trying to convey how much she needed the other woman in that instant.

“Fingers or mouth?” Regina purred in her ear.

“God, I don’t care as long as you do something.”

Regina pulled back and smiled predatorily. “Both it is.”

Emma groaned and fisted her hands in the sheets below her. God, she really didn’t understand how Regina could be so fucking sexy.

Regina started kissing her way down Emma’s body, stopping at certain places she knew drove Emma wild and spending a few seconds at each. Emma started squirming again now that Regina’s weight wasn’t fully on top of her. A few agonizing seconds later Regina was finally where Emma needed her.

A whine escaped Emma’s mouth as she felt Regina’s breath ghost across her clit. “Re-gi-naaaa,” she moaned.

Just as Regina lowered her head Emma’s cell phone rang.

“Do not answer that I beg of you. I might just kill whoever is on the other side,” Emma said, panting.

Regina sat up and dug Emma’s cellphone from her jeans pocket. “It’s Henry, dear. I have to answer.”

“First the kid costs me a week of laundry now this. God, can I disown him?”

Regina chuckled. “No, dear, you can’t.” Regina hit the answer button on Emma’s phone and brought it up to her ear.

“Hello, Henry,” Regina said cheerfully. She paused for a second. “Of course dear, just make sure you’re home tomorrow before noon like normal.” She paused again. “Yes, dear, I love you too. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, dear.”

Regina hit the end call button and threw down the phone, crawling back up and settling herself in the same position she was in before the phone rang. “You were right, Miss Swan, our son wanted to spend the night at Ava and Nicholas’s. Which leaves us alone the whole night to do. Whatever. We. Want.” Each of the last words were punctuated by a long lick across Emma’s clit.

Emma’s hips bucked as shocks of pleasure rippled through her body. “God, yes!” Emma exclaimed.

She felt Regina smile as she started to lick Emma in earnest. Regina alternated between short and long licks, changing it up, preventing a definite pattern from building Emma up to the peak. Emma squirmed harder, trying to get what she needed.

One of Regina’s arms snaked across her hips and held her down, preventing her from squirming too much. Emma groaned loudly. Regina was such a god damn tease at all the wrong times.

And then without preamble two fingers entered her. Emma screamed and clenched her fists in the sheets that much harder. She felt like she was going to rip them. She didn’t care.

Regina pumped in and out of her steadily, finally settling into a rhythm to match with her tongue. Emma felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge, warmth building at the base of her spine. The muscles in her thighs started to quiver. The noises that were escaping her throat were far from human. God, she was so close.

“Open your eyes and look at me, darling.” Regina said, ceasing her licking for a few seconds.

Emma pried her eyes open and looked at Regina as the brunette set to work once again. It was a struggle not to shut her eyes and twist herself back into the pillow once again, but brown eyes held her there. Her muscles quivered harder, the warmth at the base of her spine was almost unbearable.

With one scrape of Regina’s teeth against her clit she was gone, over the edge into oblivion. Her eyes closed of their own accord and her body arched tightly.

“Regina!” she screamed.

She came down from her high slowly. Her body was heavy and aftershocks kept coursing through her. Emma blinked open her eyes slowly. Regina lay with her head on Emma’s lower stomach looking at her softly.

“Welcome back.” She pulled her fingers out of Emma and licked them slowly.

Emma groaned and flopped her head back. “Holy shit, Regina, that was one for the record books.”

 Regina hummed around her fingers. They exited her mouth a second later, clean once again. “I’m glad dear.”

“Jesus, I don’t think I can move yet, but when I can I’m fucking you into next Tuesday.” Emma lifted her head up just in time to see a flash of desire flicker through Regina’s eyes.

Regina crawled up Emma’s body and nestled her head in the crook of Emma’s neck. “I look forward to it, Emma.”

Emma wrapped her arms around Regina’s body and drew her closer. She buried her nose in Regina’s hair and inhaled lightly, taking in the scent of the other woman, apple shampoo and something muskier that was purely Regina. Slowly, the heavy feeling left her limbs. She shifted and lifted Regina’s head to meet her eyes.

“Hi,” Emma said, smiling warmly.

“Hello, darling.” Regina returned the smile. “Feeling more alive are we?”

“Mhm.” Emma leaned down and captured Regina’s lips. This time she was the one in charge of the kiss. Emma sighed contentedly, tracing every part of Regina’s mouth she could reach.

Emma’s hands wandered down Regina’s sides and around to her back, toying with the laces of the corset. She undid the knot after a few tries and started to slowly loosen the laces as best she could from this position. Perhaps she was really getting better at this, the laces actually seemed to be obeying her will this time around. Maybe because she wasn’t scrabbling to get it off of Regina this time.

When Regina deemed the laces loose enough she sat up and rid herself of the garment coming back down and pressing into Emma. Both of them groaned at the feeling of their breasts pressing together. Emma’s hands roamed over the newly exposed skin lightly, tracing the paths of barely there scars and making the muscles under Regina’s skin twitch at the contact. Her hands migrated up to Regina’s neck pulling her in for a deeper kiss.

After a few seconds of kissing she flipped them. She ended the kiss and looked down at Regina. Regina’s hair was flung out over the pillow underneath her in a dark halo. Her makeup was smudged, her lips swollen. She was absolutely stunning.

“I love you, Regina.” Emma kissed her forehead lightly before dipping down to her neck and ravaging the skin there.

“I love you—ah—too,” Regina gasped back, tangling her hands in golden curls.

Emma licked, nipped, and sucked until Regina’s neck and collarbones were thoroughly marked and Regina was squirming underneath her, moaning loudly. Regina would probably yell later, but it was winter, turtlenecks and scarves were appropriate and tomorrow was Sunday anyway.

She moved down Regina’s body, moving to her breasts and giving them the same treatment she had received earlier, plus a few extra marks where ever she felt like leaving them. Emma moved slowly to her stomach, licking the ab muscles there and making them tremble and twitch. A swirl of her tongue into Regina’s belly button received and extra loud moan before Emma continued her trek towards her final destination.

When she reached the hem of Regina’s leather pants she licked along the edge, taste of the leather mixing with the taste of Regina’s skin. Her hands went about unlacing the front quickly and pulling them down.  Emma settled herself comfortably between Regina’s legs, hooking one over her shoulder for better access. Once she was happy with her placement she looked up at Regina and smiled. The brunette’s head was flung back into the pillow, her chest heaved up and down, a light blush across it. It was a delicious sight.

She lowered her head and took her first taste of Regina, moaning as the brunette’s essence coated her tongue, slightly sweet and tangy, much like the woman herself. Emma wasn’t up for teasing Regina. Not after the orgasm she had just had. No she’d give Regina what she needed, sans teasing. She could always tease later.

She licked in short strokes over Regina’s clit until she felt Regina’s thighs started to clench around her. Smiling, she lowered herself even further and plunged her tongue inside. Regina’s walls contracted, squeezing her tongue and trying to pull it further inside. She kept pulling her tongue in and out making sure to run it over the rough patch that always made Regina moan the loudest.

Regina’s moans were getting shorter and breathier. She was so very close. Emma circled one of her hands around Regina’s legs and pinched Regina’s clit lightly. A gush of fluid hit Emma’s tongue as Regina came. Emma lapped up every bit as Regina came down and her legs unclenched from around Emma’s head.

She crawled up Regina’s body and settled lightly on top of her. She brought her lips to the brunette’s and kissed her languidly, allowing the other woman to taste herself on Emma’s tongue. She pulled back a minute later and flopped her head down in the crook of Regina’s neck. Now that Regina was taken care of her body was heavy and sated again.

“After a nap we’re going to wake up and we’re going to order take out for dinner from whatever place that you find to be the least offensive and we’re going to fuck all night long on various surfaces until we pass out. Sound good?”

“Mmm,” Regina hummed into her hair.

“Good. Because I love you so fucking much and you’re so fucking hot I literally do not ever want to stop touching you.”

“I love you too, Emma. So much I don’t even think you realize it some days.”

Emma sat up just enough to peck Regina on the lips quickly before laying down again. “You’d be surprised how much I catch on, your majesty.”

Regina chuckled tiredly.  “Some days I am. Other days, I’m not surprised at all.”

Emma smiled, closed her eyes, and fell asleep still on top of Regina shortly after.