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No one else but Yours.

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Castiel had come back to the bunker, in relative darkness. Realizing it was the early hours of the morning and Dean would be in slumber. The younger angel was glad he had not been away for too long and was pleased he could get back to his mate. The angel crept through the dimly lit halls in search of the life source he could feel in the kitchen. Why Gabriel was not with Sam did not worry the ancient creature, because his older brother could not stand still for five minutes never mind stay in bed, until his hunter awoke. The angel found Gabriel slumped in a chair, nursing a steaming mug of something, sniffing the air it was hot chocolate. Sensing something was not quite right Castiel moved with cat like grace and approached his brother.


“Cassie your back, Dean will be pleased.” Gabriel did not look up and sipped his drink slowly.


Gabriel was not his jolly self, the younger angel noted. Yes, it was early in the morning, but his brother seemed down. Well, verse now in downward moods he sat next to the older angel and waited for the evitable confession.


“Cassie I did something that you won’t like, just hear me out before you get pissed, okay.” Honey eyes searched blue, and he hoped this would not cause issues between them.


That made the little angel go on high alert. Not liking the sound of it. Castiel knew what his brother was capable of and did not often admit when he was in the wrong. But he inclined his head, showing he understood, the request.


“I upset Dean, made him cry, he wet himself. His emotions got the better of him.” Gabriel saw the change in his little brother, the caring and compassion had gone and now blue eyes were verging on a full blown storm. The younger angel’s hands gripped the Formica table top, and small cracks started to form.


“What did you do?” Hissed the angel not needing his pregnant mate upset in any way. The pregnancy was high risk as it was, Dean did not need any more stress.


“I told him the babies’ sex. I swear it was a mistake.” Grimaced the older angel.


“That’s why dad stopped the meeting and sent the thunder bolt down, to abolish you.” The angel roared out his voice echoed loud in the darkened room. “You dare upset Dean after everything he’s gone through. The one thing in his life he was looking forward to, and you took it from him.”


“Cassie I’m sorry, Dean’s okay, he told me.” Said Gabriel sufficiently chastised now.


“Do you know what you did, Gabriel? You took the one thing that he could control in this pregnancy away from him. The one last pleasure he had. Dean would spend hours talking to them, wondering about names, it kept his mind busy, brother, it kept him happy.”


Castiel's eyes glowed blue but tinged with purple. And Gabriel knew he was in deep trouble. Automatically the angel’s blade slid from his arm, and the room fell dark and oppressive. Electric crackled around the younger angel’s, vessel. In all the millennia that the Archangel had been alive, he had never felt fear. After all, he was one of the most powerful beings in the universe. This scared him; his little brother was going supernova and, he was slightly proud. That the angel who everyone had dismissed, had over looked, turned out to be mighty, and powerful. That he could smite a being such as himself.


Suddenly the lights clicked on, and the angel’s blinked at the blinding yellow light that flooded the kitchen. Dean was stood there, rubbing at jade green eyes, his brown hair all mussed from sleeping. The sleep top he had on was half way up his baby bump. Pyjama pants dipping at his hip threating to snap with the extra girth he now carried.


“Can I ask what’s going on?” The hunter posed in a sleepy but slight hard edge to his voice.


“I’m smiting Gabriel for what he did to you.” Spat out Castiel. “How could he do that to you? I just.”  The angel had no more words and just seethed in fury.


“Cas its fine he said sorry. And we’ve been planning the nursery.” Came the calm voice of the hunter, not overly amused at the power display this early in the morning.


“See he’s not upset, we sorted it. Like I told you we did.” Sulked Gabriel, looking down at his shoes not wanting to catch his brother's eyes, in case it set him off again.


Dean walked over to his mate and Gabriel was about to tell him to keep away. Castiel was a danger, he was not human but a powerful being so ancient no one fully understood.


“Sweetheart don’t harm Gabe; he’s family. Come to bed I’ve missed you.” Dean touched the arm of his mate gently, and Castiel looked down and realized he was maybe just blowing this a little out of proportion.


“I, of course. Just don’t want you, upset love.” Soft blue eyes landed on Dean’s belly, and he had to smile at the sleepy state of his mate.


“I know sweetie but its fine we are okay, see.” Smiled back Dean rubbing his bump.


The angel’s rigid posture dropped. His blade vanished, and his eyes stopped glowing. The buzz of electric in the air stilled and the dark, oppressive feeling lifted.


Gabriel would never be so amazed at how the hunter handled Castiel. Their bond was truly spectacular. No angel Alpha, who saw a threat like that would simply drop it, even from a mate’s request. But Castiel was now so in tuned to Deans needs and Dean instinctively knew what the angel needed. It was sweet and something he would cherish, it was a privilege to witness.


“Come on angel I need snuggles, and the babies need their papa.”


Castiel ghosted his lips over Dean’s forehead and took his mates offered arm. “Of course love, let's get you back into bed, and later today you can tell me your plans, for the nursery.”


Dean turned and winked at his friend, and Gabriel smiled and mouthed thank you. The hunter nodded and guided the younger angel away. Dad had got it right with them two that’s for sure. ‘Chuck help anyone that would want to harm Dean or those babies.’ He chuckled to himself. They would be on the receiving end of one pissed off Alpha angel. And it would not be Cassie that would lose.