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mercy is a weakness only if given twice

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“Master Surro, sit up.” The Wrath knelt down after slipping past Lana and Theron to meet the Jedi’s eyes from under her mask. They shared the same white eyes now-- signs of Vitiate’s influence.

The Jedi’s shoulders were hunched, and she looked tiny even with her armor and tall stature. “I did such terrible things. It’s all I can see.”

“I know the feeling. It’s hard to move past such things, but you have a lifetime to make up for and surpass your deeds. You meant well, coming here to protect your people. I’m sorry it went so wrong. Now repeat after me,” Nirra paused, looking into the Jedi’s confused eyes, steeling herself from the inevitable seething from Lana.

“There is no emotion, there is peace.” Lana inhaled behind her left shoulder, and Master Surro leaned forward, searching for Nirra’s eyes. Nirra reached into her hood, and took the mask off, letting Surro see her own white eyes. Surro wasn't the only one who had suffered a link to the Emperor.

Surro whispered, her words nearly lost in the crackling of the lightning rod hanging above them, “There is no emotion, there is peace.”

“There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.” Surro was frowning now, her mind on the mystery of the Wrath knowing the Code so well, instead of her own sins.

“There is no passion, there is serenity,” and here Nirra faltered. Nirra had lived by, “Peace is a lie, there is only passion,” for as long as she could remember. It felt wrong to utter those words, and yet… Vitiate had called her a terrible Sith Lord not twenty minutes ago when she had chosen to electrocute the Jedi and free them from mind control instead of killing them. But she spoke the words, and Master Surro repeated, a quiet glimmer in her eyes as if she could see the Wrath falter in her grasp of the Dark.

“There is no chaos, there is harmony.”

“There is no death, there is the Force.” Well, that could be true enough- Nirra had seen enough ghosts on Yavin IV with Nox, who seemed to attract the damn things like carrion to dari-flies.

Nirra swallowed, and added, “There is no contemplation, there is duty.” Surro didn’t repeat it, but she nodded, and Nirra swung an arm under her shoulders to help her up. “And now, your duty is to return to Tython. Heal. Spite may be a Sith trait, but I might encourage you to spite Vitiate by living well. Aid those in need. Create peace where you can.”

Nirra transferred Surro into Shan’s arms, and the Jedi Master stared back at her.”You’re not what I expected of the Lord Wrath. You’re not a normal Sith.”

Nirra laughed, a humor chuckle. “No, Master Surro, I’m not much of a Sith at all. I haven’t been for a while. You might want to speak to Rai. She knows a bit about mind control; she would be able to lend an ear.”

Master Surro smiled slightly, “You really aren’t a Sith, are you?”

Nirra smiled, but turned back to look over New Adasta, “Oh not normally but now? I am very much driven by hate and vengeance. Mark my words, for this treachery, Vitiate will pay the price.”