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While the Children are Away (We Play)

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It can be said that John and Helen Smith loved their children. However, sometimes they needed time for themselves. After one of their makeout sessions were interrupted by Thomas needing help with Max, the two decided to send their children off to their parents. Her mother had said when she had called to make the offer that she had done it sometimes with her father.

"You definitely need it, Helena, what with that dreadfully handsome husband of yours." she said. "Of course." she said woodenly. She knew just how handsome he was, and how much her mother had a crush on him. She wouldn't know how much she loved the special side of him; when his black curly hair was sweating after sex and there was a slight pink on his cheekbones and his breath came in shuddering gasps as he tried to come down from his ecstatic high that she had given him. Then, he would start to kiss her with those precious lips of his until she would lose breath too and.....

"Helen?" she inquired, hearing her rapid breath and slight moans. "Oh..Mother, you're still on the line? Sorry, I'm just remembering..things." she said to cover her actions, and the fact that John had entered and chose to stroke her hair, which was very sensitive to his touch. "So, can you bring them up tomorrow?" she replied. "Oh course. How long do for want them for?" she responded. "With John, I'd say a week, if you want." She was shocked.

Helen put the receiver down and said to her lover, "Do you think that the children should visit their grandmother tomorrow?" "Sure.", he said reluctantly, "Why?" "I made the offer for it. How long has it been since I tied you up? Used the uniforms we keep?" He thought back to it and said, "A long time, Hel. Why don't we take them there and we can have our fun like we used to?" he planned. "We can, Johnny." she asked over and kissed him with passion, "I'll tell her."

She picked up the phone and told her mother the good news.

When the beat up station wagon reached Mrs. Moore's elegant house and had parked, he unloaded the luggage and gave the children some luggage that they could hold. They ran to the door, ringing it and yelling, "Grandmother!" again and again. She, wearing a handkerchief around her grey curls, slowly came to the door, making Thomas and the twins howl with anticipation. Helen said to them, "Be quiet!" and they did yelp, but in softer tones. They might have been about to do it again, but then Mrs. Moore opened the door.

Thomas and the twins piled on their grandmother, kissing her everywhere on her mouth. "I wish I had that welcome more often." she mouthed to them and kissed their hair and cheeks.

The two had to work on the task of peeling their children off of their grandmother and sent them upstairs to unpack their clothes. Then, John briefed her with the children's preferences and schedules were. "Thank you so much." she had said with gentility and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed and Helen said, "You know that its my husband, right?" "Well I see why you need that break." she replied and gently mussed up his head. He looked pleadingly at his wife, hoping that she would let her stop what she was doing.

"Well, I am glad that you will be watching these little monsters for a week." his wife said, abruptly changing the subject. Mrs. Moore said in return. "I hope you have fun." As they left to go upstairs, she whispered in her daughters ear, "Tell me how it goes." They quickly said goodbye to their children and headed out the door as if she belonged somewhere else.

There was a comfortable silence hanging over the car. Every so often, he looked at her face rimmed in the fading sunlight. Occasionally, she would look back and it would remind him of coming home. When they reached New York, he inquired, "Are you thinking about something?" She turned her head towards him and playfully kissed his cheek. "So that's what you were thinking about?" "More about my mother but yeah, sure." she responded, still looking at the sunset" "She's been doing it ever since my father died a few years back. She thinks of you as a reincarnation of him,." "Well who wouldn't want to. You are so kind, a good husband, lover and father."

Johns face lit up at those words. He whispered, "I can't wait to jump you, Helen." She shivered slightly at the implication of his words and felt a familiar wetness creep down to her nether regions. She gently put a hand on his thigh, which made him jump, almost pulling the car into a ditch."Don't do that" he hissed at her.

But she, being the very mischievous person she was, kept it there and he relaxed against it,loving it's warmth against him. He nipped her ear and whispered, "You naughty minx. You can't wait until we get home to fuck me?" She looked back up, eyes full of a mischievous energy. "No I can't, sir. I really want your cock." she said with a slightly nervous smile. "You're going to have to wait, Hel." he replied, using a petname that he only used in bed.

John opened the door and dropped the keys in the foyer bowl. "Well, Helen Smith, if this is the only place that I'm going to get it, here and now.." He was interrupted by her arms wrapping around his middle and a kiss to his neck. He relaxed against her touch, then felt her teeth nip at his neck, leaving a red mark. "Helen!" he yelled. She giggled at him. "This is where you're going to get it." she responded. She walked around him, and kissed him passionately and slipping her tongue into his mouth.

"In your dreams, baby." he yelped between kisses. He started to tickle her, pulling her dress up to put his fingers in her belly button. She giggled with pure joy, which drew out multiple giggles from him. "Upstairs?" Helen questioned, after her hand started to cramp up. "Of course, Helen." he replied, starting to carry her upstairs. "You are a romantic, John Smith." she responded as a result of his actions. He looked at her with desire. She could not wait to get upstairs and see her handsome husband without his clothes on.