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Dreams Come True

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Yuuri had to admit that when he left to come to Russia, he thought he was giving up the chance to have his last year of high school be something huge. As it turned out, he wasn’t. There was so much happening that he couldn’t really keep track. For one thing, there was finishing high school and making decisions about university. He was going, and with Yakov and Viktor’s encouragement, he’d decided to get a Russian degree. Getting his Russian up to snuff seemed like it would be easier than trying to prepare for the Japanese entrance exam. Mari had retaken it, and she said it was a real pain. She’d done well, at least, and she’d be going to school in Fukuoka.

“What happened to you going to America for school?” Yuuri asked when she told him.

“That was always a choice, not a plan. This’ll be cheaper, and I can be around more to help with the triplets when they get here. Try to keep your crazy friends from putting them on the ice too early. Besides, it’ll be easier to help with the wedding – not to mention I can actually be there without missing too much class.”

That was another thing – Yuuri was spending his last year of high school planning his wedding. It wasn’t that uncommon, but thanks to his fiancé being a figure skating superstar, his wedding was going to be more complicated than most. Also, it was split across two countries.

And, of course, there was still the skating season coming up. No Olympics this year, but now Yuuri was Japan’s Ace. He wasn’t the only Japanese skater skating, but he was their best, and the one they were relying on to continue Japan’s legacy. That was a lot of pressure, which was something Yuuri had never handled very well.

First, though, more pleasant thoughts. It was vacation time, and he and Viktor were heading for Peru for a week. Despite the lack of ninjas, Viktor was literally bouncing in his seat as he made plans for all the things he wanted to see. “The Nazca lines are really cool! They’re giant drawings made in the rocks. Look at the pictures!” Viktor held out his phone, and Yuuri looked through the pictures. They did look pretty cool. “You might like the Ballestas Islands, lots of animals to see. Caral is supposed to be the oldest culture in South America, and they have pyramids! Cusco and Machu Picchu… and of course we have to set some time aside for shopping…”

Yuuri laughed quietly. Seeing Viktor this excited was always fun. “You are remembering sleep in all this, right?”

“Of course I am! Look, there’s a spa therapy thing in the Blue Lagoon, that sounds fun! Nice and restful. Ooh, the zoo has a lot of big cats. Good place to get pictures and souvenirs for Yuri!” Viktor winked at him. “Besides, we’ll get plenty of rest once we get to Thailand. Sun and sand and surf and sleep and Phichit. Is anyone else coming, do you know?”

“I know Phichit’s invited Seung Gil, but I don’t know if Seung Gil’s coming or not. I don’t think anyone else is.”


Their flight arrived in Lima in the morning, and after checking into their hotel, they spent the rest of the day shopping and checking out museums around the city. Yuuri’s favorites were the chocolate museum and the electricity museum, while Viktor loved the Inquisition museum. They called it an early night, partly because of the long flight, but also because they had a very early morning the next day.

The first part of the day was going to the Ballestas Islands to see the wildlife. “I’ll have to be sure to tell Chris I took pictures of boobies,” Viktor joked.

“Get a warning to Masumi to take a picture of Chris when he reads the text. I’d love to see his face.”

“Look! Penguins!” Yuuri shook his head and sent a text to Masumi himself. Viktor would never remember. It was questionable whether Viktor would remember to text Chris the joke about boobies in the first place.

After the islands, it was off to an airplane to go see the Nazca lines. When the first ones came into view, Yuuri thought he might have to hold Viktor back from trying to jump off the plane. He certainly couldn’t blame Viktor for the excitement – seeing the pictures hadn’t really prepared him for seeing the real thing.

They slept in the next day, and then headed for the Blue Lagoon spa. When they got back from that, they were both rested and full of energy, so they went to the zoo to see the cats. They took as many pictures as they could for Yuri, sending them with a “Wish you were here!” notice. Once again, they called it an early night, as they were getting on a flight to Cusco early the next morning.

Viktor completely lost his shit as they ran around Cusco. Yuuri didn’t care as much about the Incan or Spanish history, but watching Viktor was enough fun to make the trip completely worth it. Viktor kept his word and made sure they saw llamas, much to Yuuri’s amusement.

The last stop in Peru was Machu Picchu, where they woke up early one more time to watch the sun rise over the ruins. It was absolutely breathtaking, and well worth the early morning, even to Yuuri. The ruins themselves were much more interesting to Viktor than to Yuuri, but that was all right with him. They flew out that evening to go to Thailand, where Yuuri was very much looking forward to stretching out on the sand and not moving for a day or two.

Seung Gil was there when they arrived, along with his parents. It was good to see Phichit. The first thing Phichit did was show them the media coverage of their trip to Peru – mostly little fluff mentions of First Viktuuri Vacation, but there were a couple more annoying articles. “Early Honeymoon” and “Viktuuri Secretly Already Married?” had both Viktor and Yuuri rolling their eyes, but it wasn’t a big deal. “The Hamsters are starting to get a little bored. It’s been months since you two caused a scandal!”

“Personally, I’d like to keep it that way,” Yuuri said. “We’re not doing another prank this year.”