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Coup De Foudre

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“I don't think I'm going to be able to stay away from you.”

There wasn't a day that would go by that Andrea didn't think about those words. They decided to remain in the house, at least until winter passed. And for a while, they were able to pretend that things were normal. Andrea set up snares for rabbits and squirrels, remembering how Daryl had done it. It took some practice, but she eventually figured out how to skin the small animals without ruining the meat. Michonne would go out and find supplies, her pets in tow. No matter what they did, they would always try to be waiting at the house for each other. Waiting for the other to come back, so that they could welcome each other home. It was small things like that that made life bearable.

After a while, the small bedroom didn't work for them anymore, and they moved into the master bedroom. Andrea got rid of the blood-stained rug. The bed was comfortable. Waking up every morning next to each other was reason enough to keep surviving.

The blonde got into the habit of waking up first, so she could watch Michonne rest. She was always beautiful, but even more so when her face would relax in slumber. Despite their small happiness, Michonne's face was so often turned down into a frown. She was always so aware of the troubles around them. Andrea was always trying to think up new ways to make her smile. She'd looted small precious objects for her, like a small crystal cat from a destroyed jewelry shop. She found her a necklace made of fake amber beads, which broke and lost it's beads too soon. She even figured out how to make food that Michonne liked and looked forward to eating. All those things helped, and Michonne was grateful for Andrea's enthusiasm. Even though she told the blonde it was silly sometimes.

What Michonne didn't say was how grateful she was for Andrea waking her up by placing kisses on her face and neck. The ticklish sensation of the blonde's lips behind her ear was the nicest thing she could think of to wake up to. It was the nicest not just because it felt good when Andrea did that, but also because of what would sometimes follow.

On days when they knew one of them had to go out for supplies, they would linger in the bed, hands stroking each other awake. If Michonne was the one who had to go out, Andrea would kiss her body, traveling down from her face to her breasts. Down her stomach, where she would stop to lavish the scar below her bellybutton with affection. By the time Andrea would settle between her legs, Michonne would always be holding onto her hair tight. It was all she could think of doing as the other woman licked and sucked at her. Andrea was always hungry for a taste of her, and desperate to see her come. And she demonstrated that as much as she could with her clever mouth.

If Andrea was the one who had to go out, Michonne would touch her for a long as she could. Her hands re-learning the curves of her body, and its heat, so that no matter what happened she could remember her. Andrea's breasts were so soft and pretty, so she could never resist spending a little more time on them than other parts of her body. She'd spend so long on the caresses that the blonde often had to grab her hand away and bring it down where she wanted it to be. When Michonne would acquiesce, and slip her fingers inside of her, Andrea would arch off of the bed. Michonne liked how her toes would curl and how her hands grabbed at the sheets.

They would remind themselves of their love before facing the collapsing world. They were lucky, because they always managed to come back to find one another. After all, they couldn't stay away from each other.