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Someone Who's Just Right

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"See anything you like?"

Niall's breath ghosts across the sweaty skin of Liam's neck and he feels a shiver run down his spine. The other boy's body is pressed against his own and he's grinding a little as they move together to the beat of the music in their own little confined space on the dance floor of the crowded night club. Liam lets his hands slide down to Niall's ass, cupping it firmly, and suppresses a soft groan when Niall rolls his hips, bringing their crotches in direct contact. If it were up to Liam, he'd take Niall to the bathroom and fuck him raw right now – but that isn't going to happen. Not tonight. They've got other plans.

After talking about it for weeks, they've finally decided to have a threesome. Tonight. It's been a fantasy for both of them for a long time, and it isn't like Liam isn't looking forward to it – he is. But right now, he's horny and the fact that Niall's hips are pressed flush against his own isn't helping. Besides, so far, he hasn't seen anyone he would like to take home with them. It's not that there aren't any attractive guys here – the club is packed with them – but none of them seem exactly right.

Since they don't have a friend they could ask to join them, Niall suggested looking for someone who might be interested in their favourite club. Whenever they go out, they find themselves looking around, admiring strangers on the dance floor, so Liam doesn't doubt that sooner or later, they'll find someone they both approve of. Liam isn't entirely sure that it'll be quite as easy as Niall imagines, though – it's hard enough to find someone for a quick hook-up in the bathroom these days, at least in a non-gay club – so looking for someone who wants to have sex with both of them, as tempting as that offer may sound, is probably going to be a challenge.

Still, he looks around the club, trying to figure out who's alone and into guys, which turns out to be a lot harder than even he expected. Maybe they should've gone to a gay club in the first place; that would've narrowed it down a little.

His eyes linger on a few guys but eventually, he just shakes his head. "Not really."

Niall sighs. "You're so fucking picky."

He turns around in Liam's arms and presses his back against his front instead, which only makes Liam's trousers feel even tighter. Not helping, Niall. His hands stray to Niall's hips again and he rests his chin on his shoulder, cock pressed comfortably against Niall's backside.

"What about him?" Niall asks, pointing at a tall blond guy who's making eyes at a broad-shouldered redhead.

"Hmm," Liam murmurs, shaking his head.

"And him? He's cute," Niall suggests, pointing out an admittedly good-looking model-type guy with dark curls and green eyes.

"Yeah, but…"

Liam knows he's being difficult, but he wants this to be right. It's his first (and possibly only) threesome, and he doesn't want to settle for just anyone. So far, he hasn't seen anyone who really tickles his fancy. Sure, he can imagine sleeping with all of the guys Niall has pointed out to him so far, but he has a feeling that they wouldn't click. He can't really explain it; he just knows.

Niall sighs heavily and turns back around, wrapping his arms around Liam's neck and pressing their lips together in a long, deep kiss. When he draws back, he raises an eyebrow at him. "Is it me or are you being a pain in the ass tonight?"

Liam frowns momentarily, then feels a grin tugging on the corners of his mouth. "I could be a pain in your ass…"

He waggles his eyebrows suggestively, making Niall laugh and then roll his eyes.

"As tempting as that sounds… no. We came here for a reason tonight, and I'm not leaving until we've found our guy."

"Am I not enough for you anymore?" Liam asks in a tone of mock hurt, his bottom lip jutting out into a pout.

Niall rolls his eyes. "Don't be a dick; you know that's not what this is about. I thought you wanted this."

"I do," Liam admits, sighing heavily. "I just didn't think it would take this much time to find someone. I figured by this time we'd already be going at it."

"You'd be buried balls-deep inside someone already if you weren't so bloody choosy," Niall groans, giving him a pointed look before he once again turns around to face the crowd.

Liam grimaces but knows Niall has a point. He squeezes the other boy's hips and sways with him, turning them around a little after a while to have a look at the guys dancing on the other side of the club.

A sharp intake of breath, followed by a soft "oh" makes Liam raise his brows and look at Niall curiously. The other boy is staring off into the distance and Liam follows his gaze. He scans the crowd in order to find whoever has caught Niall's attention. He glances towards the bar area, squinting to make out the guys leaning against it in the darkness of the club.

Suddenly, he sucks in a breath when he sees him, and knows Niall can't possibly be looking at someone else. The boy they're both checking out now is leaning against the bar, sipping some sort of fruity cocktail. He's gorgeous, even from a distance, and Liam unconsciously digs his fingers into Niall's hips.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Niall asks, turning his head to brush a kiss over Liam's cheek.

"Dark and handsome over there by the bar? Yeah," Liam says instantly, not taking his eyes off their potential partner for the night for fear of losing him. "That's him. I want him."

"Then you shall have him," Niall announces cheerfully, stepping away from Liam. "I'm gonna go talk to him."

Liam has no time to change his mind – not that he wants to – cause Niall's already on his way to the boy in question. When he's about halfway there, the boy seems to notice that he is being approached, and looks up curiously. Across the crowd, their eyes meet, and Liam swallows hard at the intensity in the stranger's dark gaze.

Then the boy focuses on Niall, an almost timid smile appearing on his lips when Niall says hi.

Liam watches them talk for a moment, trying to figure out whether the boy is interested in Niall's proposal. It's hard to say when he can't even hear what they're saying – but from what Liam can tell, the boy's body language doesn't suggest disgust. Which is a great start.

After a moment, Niall points in his direction, and the dark stranger's eyes are on him once again. Liam licks his lips and makes himself smile, raising a hand in an awkward wave. The boy's eyes bore into him and Liam feels oddly naked under the stranger's scrutiny. Finally, Tall, Dark and Handsome takes his eyes off him and turns back to Niall, lips moving as he answers Niall's question. Liam isn't sure if he imagines it, but he thinks he sees a tiny nod.

Dying to find out what's going on, Liam decides to approach them, managing a little smile when he reaches them. "Hey," he says softly, touching Niall's back to get his attention.

Niall looks over at him and grins; that wide, white smile that's nearly impossible to resist. "Hey, guess what? Someone's interested."

Liam's heart skips a beat. "Oh?"

Niall nods. "Liam, meet Zayn, Zayn, this is Liam. I asked Zayn if he'd be interested in… let's say 'hanging out' with us tonight, and he said yes."

For a moment, Liam wonders if Niall actually used the expression 'hanging out' because that could give the boy the wrong idea. Now that they've found their guy, he doesn't want anything to go wrong.

Liam swallows hard, and up close, Zayn's eyes are even more intense than from afar. After an almost awkwardly long moment of silence, Liam manages a smile. "Nice to meet you, Zayn," he says, holding out his hand.

Zayn shakes it, smiles back and gives him a nod. "Nice to meet you too, Liam," he says, and reaches for his glass again, finishing his drink.

Niall beams. "Great, now that that's done… shall we? Or would you rather stay and have another drink; maybe some dancing?"

Zayn nods. "Sure. I mean, yeah, we can leave. Or stay. Whatever you like."

"Yeah, let's go," says Liam, licking suddenly dry lips because Zayn is still looking at him and he's beginning to feel a little weak-kneed.

Niall tugs on his arm. "Come on then."

Liam blinks and finally, reluctantly, breaks the eye contact with Zayn but still glances over at him every once in a while to make sure he's still following them as they make their way to the exit of the club.

Liam's flat is a couple of blocks away from the club, so it only takes them a few minutes by foot to get there. Niall makes some small talk as they walk, and Liam is grateful since he has no idea what to say in a situation like this. It all comes much easier to Niall.

When they arrive, he fumbles with the keys, and manages to unlock the door after a moment, taking the two other boys first upstairs, then inside his flat. There's an awkward silence for a moment as they take off their jackets and make their way into the living room, but then Niall starts talking again, instantly making all three of them feel more at ease.

"Do you want a drink, mate? What do you want?" Niall asks, looking from Zayn to Liam and back again.

Zayn shrugs. "Um. Anything, I'm not picky. Beer?"


Liam gives a one-shouldered shrug as well. "Beer's fine."

Niall nods and leaves to go to the kitchen to get their beers, leaving Liam and Zayn alone for a couple of minutes. They're still standing there in the living room, both with their hands buried in their pockets. Liam's about to open his mouth and probably say something incredibly stupid, when Niall saves him.

"Fridge's empty!" he calls from the kitchen and Liam sighs.

"Right, I forgot to bring a new six pack upstairs… I'll get one, hang on."

He gives Zayn a little smile, then almost runs straight into Niall on his way to the front door. Niall grins and steadies him. "Careful there," he says, then adds, "Hurry."

Liam gives him a nod and leaves the flat to get beer from the basement. As he always does when he runs out of something, he curses the fact that he lives on the third floor of a building with no lift, and is once again out of breath by the time he reaches his flat's door.

Before he re-enters the flat, he takes a few deep breaths, allowing his heart to slow down, and pushes his hair back, hoping he looks all right. Maybe he should sneak into the bathroom before rejoining the other boys, but after toying with the idea for a few seconds, he shakes his head and decides against it. He can't look that bad if Zayn has agreed to come home with them, right? Besides, his hair's hopefully gonna get messed up all over again once they get started, so there would be no point in making himself presentable.

Why is he so nervous anyway? It's not like this is that different from a random anonymous hook-up with someone he's met at a club – which is something Liam doesn't do regularly, but it has happened every once in a while. The fact that Niall's here with them should make him feel more confident, not less.

The thought of having both Zayn and Niall at the same time tonight makes him gulp nervously, and he tells himself to get a grip. Another deep breath later, he pushes the door open.

He enters the flat, and stops short.

There, on the couch in his living room, Niall is practically in Zayn's lap with his tongue down Zayn's throat. Zayn's eyes are closed, his head tilted up, and he's clearly enjoying the kiss.

Liam just stares.

It isn't like he's jealous. He and Niall aren't a couple. They're friends; best friends, and started hooking up a few months ago. What started out of boredom has turned into a pretty regular friends-with-benefits thing, and it works. They always have someone to shag when they aren't dating anyone, and together, they've already discovered a number of kinks they weren't aware they had before. There's no awkwardness, no jealousy when one of them goes on a few dates with someone else. It works, and while their initial worry was that one (or both) of them would get emotionally attached to the other, that never actually happened, so they decided to keep doing it until one of them has the prospect of a serious relationship. So far, that moment hasn't come, though.

Liam figures that Niall will be the first one to meet someone special – he is a social butterfly and falls in love more easily than Liam himself does. And Liam isn't looking forward to a time when regular sex with Niall won't be a possibility anymore, but this isn't the time to worry about that.

Liam focuses on the situation at hand, licks his lips and closes the door noiselessly, then sets down the six pack of beer on the kitchen counter before he makes his way into the living room where Niall is now straddling Zayn's thighs, hands in his hair as he kisses him deeply. Not taking his eyes off them, Liam sits down next to them, close enough to feel the heat radiating off them, and watches them intently. Zayn's eyes open and he breaks the kiss quickly, drawing back. Liam is charmed by the faint flush that works its way into his cheeks. "I'm sorry, I–"

"Yeah, sorry," Niall says with a grin. "We kind of got started without you."

Liam raises a brow at him, then shakes his head. "That's all right," he murmurs. "As long as you're planning to include me at some point…"

He smiles hesitantly, then licks his lips because once again, Zayn's eyes are boring into him, occasionally straying to his lips. Liam doesn't even have to be asked; he's been longing to feel Zayn's lips against his own ever since he first saw him. He pushes himself up on his knees and leans in, cupping the side of Zayn's neck. He looks down at him for a long moment, taking in those incredibly long lashes surrounding intense brown eyes, and his full, pink lips. He brushes a finger over Zayn's bottom lip, then leans down and presses his mouth to Zayn's, eyes fluttering closed.

Zayn responds immediately, tilting his head to the side to kiss Liam fully, lips parting slightly as they both fall into the kiss, letting it grow deeper. "Mmmh…"

The little sound Zayn makes goes straight to Liam's cock and he swallows hard, cupping the back of his neck and digging his fingers into it as he slides his tongue into his mouth, tasting the strawberry cocktail Zayn was drinking before. Niall's murmuring words of encouragement into Zayn's ear and Liam lets out a startled sigh when he feels the warmth of Niall's breath ghost across his own collarbone, followed by a gentle kiss. Niall's hair brushes Liam's cheek and Liam can tell by the soft sucking noises coming from his friend, that he's kissing Zayn's neck. Zayn seems to appreciate the attention he's getting because another soft sound leave his lips, muffled by Liam's mouth pressed to his own.

When Liam finally draws back, he stares at Zayn in awe, heart racing in his chest, and Zayn looks back at him through heavy-lidded eyes, head tilted to the side a little cause Niall still has his mouth fastened to Zayn's neck. Niall's hand sneaks its way beneath Zayn's t-shirt, and from what Liam can tell, he's pinching his nipples, making Zayn squirm.

Damn, he moves fast.

Liam has to smile when he remembers the first time they hooked up. They were hanging out at Niall's, both bored out of their minds but not feeling like actually getting up and doing something productive either, when Niall promptly kissed Liam. One thing led to another, and before Liam knew it, they were lying on the floor, sweaty and sated and covered in come, the only sound in the room their heavy panting.

"You wanna do this again sometime?" Niall asked when he'd caught his breath, and since it had been the best shag of Liam's life, there was only one way to answer that question.

And here they are, several months later, taking their relationship, for lack of a better term, to the next level.

By having a threesome.

Liam's gonna need a while to really wrap his head around that concept.

Snapping out of his reverie, he gently nudges Niall's hand aside, replacing it with his own and letting his fingertips ghost over smooth, warm skin. Zayn lets out a whimper and holds Liam's eyes, tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip before he bites down on it while long fingers tangle in Niall's hair.

Niall moans at the gentle tug of his hair, encouraging it before he draws back, releasing Zayn's neck with a satisfying wet 'pop'. He leans back to admire the hickey he's just left on the other boy's neck, his smile smug. Liam raises a brow at him and Niall grins sheepishly. "Oops. Got a little over-excited there."

Zayn looks over at him, elegant fingers coming up to touch the bruise on his neck. "That's all right," he says softly, returning Niall's grin. Liam pulls his hand out from under Zayn's shirt and takes a breath.

"So, I got the beers. Do you guys want one or should we move this to the bedroom?"

He usually doesn't want to get down to business right away but he's still nervous and not entirely sure how to handle this situation. Niall's helping a lot, of course, but Liam's mind is working frantically on the technical details of a threesome, wondering how this is gonna go and how they're gonna do it – and he's probably over-thinking this.

Niall reaches down to adjust his cock in his trousers and shrugs. "I wouldn't mind a beer," he says. "Always gets me in the mood."

Liam snorts. "Don't I know it," he says, and jumps up after Zayn gives him a nod as well.

Liam leaves to get the beers; they're cool enough, so he doesn't bother putting them back in the fridge for a while. He comes back, handing both of them a bottle before he sits back down and he takes a sip.

Niall throws his leg over Zayn's lap, still sitting half on top of him as he takes a generous swig off his own beer, eyes never leaving Zayn. He seems perfectly at ease, and not for the first time, Liam admires his ability to adapt to just about any situation. "So, have you done this before?"

"Hooked up with two strangers for a threesome? Can't say that I have," Zayn chuckles, giving him a quick smile before he licks the foam off the top of his bottle. Liam watches him avidly and swallows hard, his cock stirring as he watches Zayn's tongue circle the rim of the bottle, and wonders what it'll feel like on his skin.

He swallows hard, and drinks more beer.

"Neither have we," Niall admits. "Been thinking about it for a while but never went through with it, mostly because Liam here is really picky. You're pretty much the only bloke he even considered."

Liam flushes and gives Niall a disapproving frown while Zayn's eyes find his again and gives him a tentative smile. "Oh yeah? I feel honoured to meet your criteria."

"I'm not that picky," Liam murmurs, taking another sip and shrugging. "I just don't want to settle for someone who doesn't feel right."

Zayn nods. "It does have to feel right," he agrees. "And I think this does, right?"

He looks from Niall to Liam anxiously, as though afraid they're going to change their mind and send him home after all, and Liam nods quickly. "It does. It… yeah, it does," he says, giving Zayn a reassuring smile. "I don't know why but it just… does."

Zayn smiles back and takes another sip, and Liam still feels hypnotised by the things Zayn's mouth is doing to his bottle. It's not even like he's doing anything that unusual; he just seems to be one of those people who can make anything look sinful and sexy. He clears his throat and looks at Zayn for a long moment. "Weren't you worried that we're, like, some crazy axe murderers who only want to lure you into our flat to–"

When Zayn eyes him with a raised brow, Liam stops and shakes his head. "I'm not saying we are! We're not – we just want sex."

He closes his eyes and sighs. Now he's made them sound like they're desperate – which they really aren't. They're perfectly fine having sex on their own, and as he opens his mouth to explain this to Zayn, Niall just laughs.

"What Liam is trying to say," he says, "is that we're just looking to sort of broaden our horizons a little tonight. We've had sex before; we just haven't had a threesome. And really, Liam, we are sort of desperate. I mean, have you looked at him? He's gorgeous."

A faint flush appears on Zayn's cheeks and he looks down, a little smile on his lips, clearly pleased by the compliment. Liam resists the urge to touch his cheek, wondering if it feels as warm as it looks. Looking up from his bottle, Zayn nods. "I get it. I've actually had this fantasy for a while too; being approached by two handsome strangers and asked to join them. As for your question – I wouldn't have come home with you if I'd thought you were gonna murder me. You both seem trustworthy, so I hope you are."

"We are," Liam says, nodding. "Don't worry."

"I won't," Zayn murmurs with a sweet smile, and takes another sip. Liam does the same; emptying his bottle after the third swig. He wipes his slightly clammy palms on his jeans, wishing they could just get started already because all this waiting is making him anxious, especially when he looks up again and notices that Zayn and Niall seem to be having some sort of intense staring contest and he feels that odd twinge of jealousy again.

Maybe he's just worried he's gonna end up being the third wheel. So he just has to make sure that won't happen. Easy enough, right?

Finally, Niall sets his own empty beer bottle down as well, grabbing Zayn's and placing it next to his own. He slides his hand back up to Zayn's chest, tugging on his t-shirt lightly. Zayn's playing with a strand of Niall's hair and finally tugs a little harder to pull him into another deep kiss.

Once again, Liam feels his stomach flip a little and wonders if Zayn doesn't want to kiss him or if he's shy or if he just likes Niall better, or…

Get a fucking grip.

He rubs his face and takes a breath, pushing all worries away, and leans over to Niall to kiss his neck. Niall makes a soft sound of approval; something between a sigh and a mewl, and Liam smiles as he slides his mouth down to Niall's collarbone and showers it with soft kisses.

He blinks when he feels someone take his hand, fingers sliding through his own, and he glances over at Zayn who's now watching him again, and holding his hand. Liam gives his hand a tentative squeeze, and another blush colours Zayn's cheek.

"Bedroom?" Liam whispers, and Zayn gives him a faint nod.

"Yeah, let's go," Niall says as well, and gets to his feet, giving both of them a hand and tugging them up. Liam doesn't let go of Zayn's hand.

They follow Niall to the bedroom, shoulders bumping because it's a narrow hallway and Liam's surprised he even makes it to the other end of it because his whole body is screaming at him to push Zayn against the wall and have him right there. Only the thought that they're not alone; that there are three of them and that threesomes are probably incredibly hard to pull off when they're standing up, keeps him going.

Niall's already turned Liam's bedside lamp on by the time Zayn and Liam enter the room, and he strips down to his boxers without preamble. Liam looks at him appreciatively, taking in the pale skin and slight muscles, and feels his mouth water. Niall always has that effect on him.

He glances over at Zayn and has to smile when Zayn is looking at Niall with just as much admiration.

He reluctantly lets go of Zayn's hand and turns towards him, tilting the other boy's chin up with a soft brush of his fingers against his jaw, just wanting to silently ask for his permission to undress him. Zayn looks at him through the semi-darkness of the room and then cups the back of his head and pulls him into a hard, passionate kiss.

Liam's eyes roll into the back of his head and he stifles a moan as he responds to the kiss, hands trailing down Zayn's back and tugging on his thin t-shirt until he manages to work a hand under the fabric and touches warm skin.

Zayn's breath falters and he thrusts his hips forward, hips flush against Liam's, making his cock twitch in anticipation.

When Liam briefly forces his eyes open, Niall's come up behind Zayn and he gives Liam a quick smile before he slides his hand to Zayn's front and starts unbuttoning his pants.

Liam breaks the kiss for a moment to tug Zayn's shirt over his head, and then steps back and stares for a moment. He hadn't expected to see quite this much ink, but he's intrigued, taking a long moment to just admire the tattoos adorning Zayn's body. Fingers trace a few of the lines as he moves his hand down his chest and stomach, thumb grazing a nipple and then circling his bellybutton.

He slides his hands up Zayn's sides, squeezing lightly, exploring the curves of his body, and then looks down, distracted by how Niall's tugging down Zayn's trousers. Liam swallows hard as he notices Zayn's bulge, staring at the shape of his cock outlined through his white boxer briefs.

Giving in to the urge to touch it, he drops to his knees, grips Zayn's hips and presses his lips to his erection, feeling its slight pulsing and heat through the soft, thin fabric of his underwear. He mouths his cock firmly; looking up at Zayn and watching those long lashes flutter against his cheekbones.

He slides his hands to his ass and cups it, drawing back to look at Zayn's still-clothed cock again and swallowing hard when he notices the growing wet spot near the tip.

He hooks two fingers under the waistband of Zayn's underpants, unable to wait any longer, and tugs them down, swallowing hard when the tip of Zayn's cock brushes his cheek, leaving a trail of wetness on it. He turns his head and breathes him in, swallowing hard before he opens his mouth and sucks the head of Zayn's dick into his mouth, tongue darting out to lick up the bit of pre-come along the slit.

Zayn sucks in a sharp breath and when Liam looks up, he finds two pairs of eyes staring down at him, watching him intently; Zayn's filled with longing, Niall's encouraging.

Liam draws back and licks his lips, then wraps a firm hand around the base and takes him into his mouth again, feeling the weight of it and exploring the heat and texture and taste with the tip of his tongue. He feels a hand tangle into his hair and can tell it's Niall's. At first he's just tugging lightly, running fingers through his hair; then he presses his hand against the back of his head, forcing him down a little, and Liam moans around Zayn's erection, obliging happily.

He swallows around Zayn's erection, then relaxes his throat and stares up into Zayn's dark eyes as he takes more of him into his mouth until he has to drop his hand, and most of Zayn's cock is in his mouth. He's spent months practising this on Niall, perfecting his skills, and Niall knows very well how much Liam is able to take. When he looks up and meets his friend's eyes, Niall winks, patting his head as if to tell him he was doing well.

Then Niall focuses his attention back on Zayn and kisses his shoulder, trusting Liam to know what to do.

And Liam does.

He closes his eyes and starts bobbing his head back and forth on Zayn's cock, tongue pressing against the underside as he draws back and then takes him in again. Zayn's making the most delightful sounds; his voice soft and slightly raspy, and it's the sexiest thing Liam's ever heard. He wants to hear more of it, and wonders what he'll sound like when his cock is buried inside him. If he gets to experience that tonight, that is; maybe Niall's gonna be the one to fuck him and Liam will be doing something else.

Either way, he can't wait to get more of Zayn.

His cock twitches at the thought, and suddenly Liam realizes that he's the only one who's still fully dressed, the hard fabric of his jeans pressing down on his cock uncomfortably, and he hurriedly works on opening the fastenings of his trousers to release his cock. It springs free and he wraps his hand around it, stroking himself in time with his movements on Zayn's cock.

He's fully prepared to finish Zayn off; suck him dry and swallow everything, but Niall's got other plans because after a while, Liam feels a familiar tug on his hair and knows Niall wants him to stop. He's used this move on him countless times before.

He reluctantly slides off Zayn and licks his lip as he looks up at the two of them, staying in the same position, even when Niall takes Zayn's hand and leads him over to the bed, pushing him down on it unceremoniously and getting on top of him.

Zayn's moans fill the room again, and Liam wants – no, needs to see what Niall is doing to him – so he gets to his feet with some difficulty, tugs off his t-shirt and pushes down his pants all the way. He steps out of them, completely naked now, and moves over to the bed, standing beside it for a moment, eyes on the couple on the bed.

Niall's lips are pressed to Zayn's chest, sucking hard on a nipple, and Zayn's fisting Niall's hair, eyes screwed shut in pleasure.

For a moment, Liam is hypnotized by the stark contrast of the two boys on his bed, all their differences highlighted even in the low light in his bedroom. Niall's pale, spotless body draped across Zayn's, darker and covered in black ink; the blond hair next to black when he moves back up to kiss him again. They're beautiful, and all of a sudden, Liam's previous jealousy is gone and he realizes he'd be perfectly happy to just sit back and watch them be together on their own.

He lowers himself onto the bed, leaning back against the pillows, hand finding its way back between his legs, eyes never leaving Zayn and Niall.

"What do you want?" Niall murmurs into Zayn's ear, hands sliding down his sides, fingers digging into his hips. Zayn arches up into the touch and lets out a moan, fingers tangled into Niall's hair. "What do you want me – no, us – to do to you?"

Zayn's breath is shallow and he swallows. "I don't know. Something. Everything."

Niall smiles and looks up at Liam. "What do we want to do to him?"

Countless different scenarios appear in Liam's head and he just nods – everything sounds just about right. Niall rolls his eyes but doesn't complain about Liam's indecisiveness this time; instead, he sits up and motions for Zayn to do the same. "Up," he says, and Zayn pushes himself up obediently, glancing at Liam over his shoulder.

Liam's cock twitches in his hand and he has the sudden vivid image of Zayn on his knees in front of him, lips stretched around his cock, and he has to take a deep breath to keep himself from coming right then and there.

Niall touches Zayn's arm. "Get on Liam's lap."

Zayn blinks at him but nods, doing as he's told and hesitantly placing his hands on Liam's shoulders as he straddles his thighs. His cheeks turn slightly pink again and Liam licks his lips and looks at Zayn, manages a reassuring smile.

"Kiss him, touch him – do whatever you want to him," Niall orders then, and Zayn hesitates for another moment before he cups Liam's cheeks and leans in to kiss him. Liam's eyes flutter closed and he swallows hard; Zayn's lips are warm and soft but insistent, and he opens his mouth to him, letting him deepen the kiss and meeting his tongue with his own. He slides his arms around Zayn's waist, drawing him closer, against him, their chests pressed together, cocks trapped between their bodies.

As they kiss, he trails his hands up and down Zayn's back once, twice, then cups his ass, stifling a moan at the realization that his ass cheeks seem to fit perfectly into the palms of his hands. He cups them more firmly and squeezes, spreading his cheeks and brushing his thumb over his opening, moaning into Zayn's open mouth when he clenches around the tip of his finger.

"Fuck," he mutters, breaking the kiss to press his lips to Zayn's neck instead, sucking a mark into his skin that matches the one Niall left on the other side, as he keeps brushing his thumb over the slightly puckered skin around his opening.

"Lift him up for me, babe," Niall says, and Liam looks up to meet his eyes. Figuring out what Niall wants, he arranges Zayn on top of him, pushing him back just a little so he's on all fours with his ass up in the air, and draws him in for another kiss.

He doesn't close his eyes this time, wanting to see what Niall is doing, even though he has a pretty good idea of what's going to happen when he spots the tube of lube in Niall's hands. He watches him uncap it and spread the slippery substance over his fingers; then his own hand is pushed aside as Niall slowly works one, then two fingers inside. Liam can tell he's gentle – he always is – but he still feels Zayn tense a little in his arms. He brushes kisses over his bottom lip and the corner of his mouth, silently asking if everything's all right, but Zayn only looks at him with dark, hungry eyes, and Liam has his answer.

He sucks in a sharp breath when he suddenly feels Zayn's long fingers curl around his dick, pulling the foreskin back and flicking his thumb over the already-leaking head. He pushes up into Zayn's hand, moaning when Zayn starts moving, stroking him while pushing back against Niall's fingers at the same time. His eyes are screwed shut, a look of intense concentration and pleasure on his face, lips parted and glistening in the low light of Liam's bedroom. He leans in and sucks Zayn's bottom lip into his mouth, eliciting a breathy moan from the other boy. He grazes his teeth over his lip, biting lightly, and doesn't let go until it's plump and red, his own spit glistening on it now.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," he whispers, and Zayn's long lashes flutter against his cheeks for a moment before Liam once again loses himself in those dark, intense eyes.

An almost disappointed mewl leaves Zayn's lips when Niall withdraws his fingers, and Liam keeps a hand on the back of his neck, reassuring him as he watches Niall fumble for a condom and pull it over his cock.

He watches him give himself a couple of strokes, smiling when he looks up.

"Zayn, babe, I'm gonna fuck you so good," Niall murmurs as he moves into position behind Zayn, stroking his hands up Zayn's sides. "You ready for me, babe?"

"Fuck, yeah." Zayn's voice sounds strained and Liam strokes his neck and shoulders gently, watching Niall rub his cock against Zayn's entrance, slowly, teasing; taking his time. Zayn lets out a frustrated gasp and drops his head, pressing the top of his head against Liam's stomach, and Liam can't help but notice that his face is so close to his cock now that he can almost feel the warmth of his breath on it.

He licks his lips and squeezes his eyes shut for a moment, then keeps watching Niall whose cock is now trapped between Zayn's ass cheeks, pressing them together with both hands, and he's thrusting against him, his whole body moving back and forth as he rubs his cock against him but never actually entering him.

"Please," Zayn breathes, practically sobbing. "Please, just… please fuck me."

Niall gives Liam a grin and raises a brow. "Louder."

"Fuck me," Zayn whimpers, voice failing him, but apparently it's good enough for Niall because when he draws back this time, he positions his cock, using his hand to make sure it doesn't slip away, and pushes in with one slow, fluid move. Liam's lips part as he watches Niall's cock disappear inside Zayn and his hand tightens around the back of Zayn's neck unconsciously.

Zayn is breathing heavily and Liam can feel the tension in his muscles; he reaches down and tilts Zayn's chin up so he can look at him when Niall, after giving him some time to adjust, pulls back just to push back in again.

Zayn's eyes flutter closed and a low moan leaves his lips; a sound so rich and deep that it makes Liam's cock jump a little.

Zayn notices and looks down at his erection for a moment, then back up at Liam with an impish smile. Liam frowns and is about to ask what's going on when Zayn wraps his hand back around Liam's cock and bends his head to swipe his tongue over the exposed tip.

Liam groans and slides his hand up into Zayn's hair, tangling his fingers in the dark silky strands and tugging encouragingly as Zayn gradually sucks more and more of him into his mouth.

The angle isn't ideal and doesn't allow him to actually see Zayn's full lips wrapped around him; all he can see is the top of Zayn's head, so he leans his head back and closes his eyes, focusing on the wet warmth of Zayn's mouth and the tightness of his lips around his length. Every once in a while, his lips seem to tighten around him, and when Liam opens his eyes again, he realizes he's closing his lips around him in time with Niall's thrusts; probably from the impact of Niall's cock slamming into his prostate.

He meets Niall's eyes and stares at him for a long moment, taking in his flushed, sweaty skin and the expression of pure bliss on his face.

"How does he feel?" Liam hears himself ask, and wishes for a moment, he could switch places with Niall while at the same time, he wouldn't want to give up the sensation of Zayn's mouth around him for anything in the world.

"So fucking tight," Niall murmurs, breathing heavily as he keeps fucking into Zayn again and again; his hips making a satisfying slapping sound against Zayn's backside every time they connect. "Tight and warm, and oh god, Liam, so good."

Liam licks his lips and nods; he can imagine it and hope he'll get to experience it later.

He tightens his fingers in Zayn's hair, then lets go a little, stroking the soft strands gently and encouragingly. He moves his hand down to Zayn's cheek, gasping when he feels his cheeks hollowing as he sucks.

"Fuck," he breathes and tips his head back, reaching behind himself to grip the headboard of his bed and leaning back as far as possible in the hope of getting a peak at Zayn's face.

"Can you," he starts, licking his lips as he looks back at Niall, "Can you just move back a little, I want to–"

He doesn't even need to finish his sentence as Niall seems to be reading his mind. He places both hands on Zayn's hips and easily pulls him back with him a little, forcing Zayn to move backwards with him.

Zayn does and then pulls off Liam's cock entirely, breathing heavily as he stares up at him.

Niall slams into him and Zayn keens, fingers on Liam's hips now; nails leaving crescents in his skin as he braces himself for Niall's rough thrusts.

Liam leans back and watches for a moment, then reaches between his legs, wrapping his fingers around his own cock and pushing it down to rub the tip over Zayn's lips. Zayn looks up and meets his eyes, a shaky breath ghosting across the wet tip when Niall thrusts in again.

Liam's lips part of their own accord as he watches the tip of his cock slip into Zayn's mouth. Zayn breathes in through his nose, then closes his mouth around Liam's cock and Liam whimpers as he watches him take all of him in again, and it's the most amazing thing he's ever seen.

Mouth hanging open, he watches Zayn suck him off and push back against Niall at the same time, and he briefly wonders if he'd be able to do the same if their positions were reversed. He knows what it's like to be fucked by Niall – it can get pretty rough – and after a while, he often just finds himself just taking everything Niall gives him after losing the ability to push back against him.

Suddenly, Zayn makes a strangled sound and Liam looks down at him, stroking his hair for a moment before he looks up at Niall and gives him a nod. Niall grins and reaches around to the front of Zayn's body, stroking him in time with his thrusts. Liam honestly expected Zayn to stop sucking him off when he's close, but he doesn't; he keeps sucking him a little sloppily while Niall continues to fuck him.

He feels Zayn still after a moment and pleasant vibrations surround his cock when Zayn hums as he tenses and loses it, and he feels the splash of hot come somewhere near his knee. He licks his lips and tugs on Zayn's hair a little, forcing him off his cock.

Spit trickles down the corner of Zayn's mouth and chin and he looks up at Liam questioningly; looking almost disappointed at the loss of his cock in his mouth. Liam licks his lips and stares down at him as he strokes himself, knowing it won't take much longer. He meets Niall's eyes every once in a while, staring at him longer when Niall pulls his cock out, tugs the condom off and gives himself a few more rough tugs before he comes as well, all over Zayn's lower back.

Zayn lets out a moan at the feel of Niall's release against his skin, and the sound of that in combination with the sight of Niall coming undone is enough for Liam; he focuses back on Zayn's pretty face for just a few seconds and gives his cock a little twist before he comes too, spurting all over Zayn's lips and cheeks.

When he's spent, he trails the tip of his cock across Zayn's lips, painting them white as he breathes heavily, his body trembling.

Niall throws the condom away and reaches for a couple of Kleenexes to wipe his come off Zayn's back, and in the process also cleans up the little mess Zayn made on Liam's leg.

Liam is still mesmerized by the look on Zayn's come-covered face, and drags his thumb across his bottom lip, just staring at him for a long moment before gently rolling him over so Niall can hand him a Kleenex as well to clean up his face.

Liam lets out a shaky breath and slides down on the bed, leaning against the pillow, still breathing heavily as he stares up at the ceiling. After a long moment, he rolls onto his side and looks at Zayn, touching his stomach and chest gently, resting his palm over his heart and feeling it slow down to a regular beat.


Zayn lets out an incredulous laugh and turns to stare at him. "Do you have to ask?"

Liam grins. "Guess not," he murmurs.

He strokes Zayn's cheek gently, then leans in and kisses his lips softly, taking a moment to suck on his slightly swollen bottom lip.

Then he releases it and nuzzles him, breathing in his intoxicating scent, and draws back to rest his head on Zayn's shoulder. Niall pushes himself up on his arm and leans down for a kiss as well. When he draws back after a moment, he smirks. "That was bloody fantastic if I may say so."

Liam grins. "It was."

"You lads up for another round?" he asks, excitement written all over his face.

Liam chuckles and works an arm under Zayn, drawing him close to him and pressing a gentle kiss against his forehead. "Give us a moment to recover and we'll see. You'll spend the night, right?"

Zayn looks up at him and smiles. "If you want me to."

"Sure," he says, meeting Niall's eyes briefly to confirm that it's all right. Niall's nod is instant, and he stifles a yawn as he curls around Zayn's other side, snuggling into him.

Liam hides a smile as he tugs the sheets out from under them with some difficulty and pulls it over the three of them. He has a feeling that the next round's going to have to wait until the next morning. Zayn looks like he's half asleep already, and Niall's yawning again, and Liam spends the next few minutes watching both of them doze off; breath evening out.

He strokes Niall's hair gently, then looks at Zayn for several minutes. He looks, if possible, even more beautiful and angelic when he's asleep, and Liam feels something stir inside him; an unfamiliar protectiveness and fondness. He leans down to kiss Zayn's forehead, then shifts a little to reach for the light switch.

He relives the events of the night as he's lying there in the darkness, and thinks about all the possibilities that have opened up tonight. He wonders if Zayn would want to do this again sometime, or maybe even turn this into a regular thing. They do seem to work well together, and all three of them enjoyed it, but would Zayn – and Niall – be up for that? Or does he just want to go back to their regular thing after this?

Liam isn't sure, and decides to ask him first thing in the morning.

Well… after a round of mind-blowing morning sex with Zayn and Niall anyway.

Liam sighs as he imagines that, and closes his eyes, listening to Niall's soft snoring while Zayn's breath tickles his neck. It's strangely comforting and finally lulls Liam to sleep as well.