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From Saishuu Academy to Heavenly Host

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"Where are you hiding? Don't leave me."

The childish voice echoes through the corridor.

"You can't just keep me waiting. I need you..."

After the voice, giggling in the same tone can be heard.




Shuichi Saihara, the Super High School Level Detective, was walking to school one morning. He had his shoulder bag and usual hat he wears. Despite being next to a nice pond nearby as he walked, he only stared down at his feet with a neutral expression as he walked further. That is, until he heard a familiar voice.


The moment that voice spoke, Saihara stopped in his tracks to hear Claire de lune play in the back of his mind. He looked up and turned to see the beautiful Super High School Level Pianist, Kaede Akamatsu cheerfully jogging up to him, holding the strap on her bag with her left hand and waving with her right hand.

Saihara: "A-Akamatsu-san..."

Kaede finally reached Saihara, stopped and bent down a little breather before stretching back up at Saihara.

Kaede: "Jeez, don't walk off on me like that."

Kaede placed her index finger on her cheek and tilts her head while saying this. It made Saihara's heart go doki doki.

Saihara: "Right. Apologies, Akamatsu-san."

Saihara didn't run off on Kaede at all, but Saihara, despite being aware of that, didn't clarify that and apologised to Kaede anyway. The two eventually continued walking, this time together and almost in sync pacing.

Kaede: "So, did you have any detective business on the weekend?"

Saihara: "Huh? Don't you know... I'm still in training and I've only solved one major case. It's incredibly rare I'd have any work to do, and even then, I'd mostly observe my uncle doing all the work."

Kaede: "Ahh, I see. Well, that's very disappointing."

Saihara: "D-Disappointing?"

Saihara remained calm, and thankfully, Saihara's hat prevented Kaede from noticing his ahoge dropping down almost instantly.

Kaede: "Well, I had a great weekend."

Saihara: "Is that so?"

Kaede: "Mhm. Amami-kun took me to this amazing all-you-can-eat restaurant. Of course, I stuffed myself. How could you not? Almost everything there was irresistible. It must have been very expensive, yet Amami-kun paid all of it."

Saihara: "That's what a rich family able to afford a maid and having several mothers can do."

Kaede: "Oh, that's right. He did mention being part of a rich family a few times in the past, huh? That explains why he barely ate. He must be used to this type of delicacy. And I mean it when he said he barely ate, he somehow resisted a lot of this and just settled it with some drinks and a calamari meal. That's impressive, you'd understand what I'd mean if you were there. Gosh, Amami-kun really is impressive. He practically paid for me and I'm so grateful for it, he's like a white knight. And there were other peo-"

Kaede saw Saihara's head went back down and his hat was covering his full expression.

Kaede: "Oh, sorry? Did I ramble on for too long?"

Saihara: "N-No... Please... Continue..."

Saihara was hiding his watery eyes from Kaede while trying to get Claire de lune out of his head.




Both Kaede and Saihara enter the classroom to see that many members of the group got here earlier than usual. Saihara's usually one of the first of the classmates to arrive.

Angie: "Hiyonara, Shuichi and Kaede~. What took you so long?"

Kaede: "Sorry, I just saw Saihara-kun walking and we decided to chat for a little bit."

Maki: "I see, so Saihara slowed you down."

Saihara: "Hey, don't... Put it like that."

Saihara held onto his hat and tipped it down over his face slightly.

Saihara: "Also, what's this about taking long? I always arrive here around this time. Same for Akamatsu-san. If anything, you guys are early."

Ouma: Aww, did you really forget Saihara-chan? You're so cruel..."

Saihara was confused. Forget what?

Saihara: "...What's going on?"

Iruma: "Wow, you're fuckin' clueless. It's Yumeno-san's last day of school and we planned to have a full-day surprise party for her."

Iruma's hair started to curl and shrivel up.

Iruma: "N-Not that I care about the fuckin' brat. I just... I wasn't lonely at all, I swear!"

Saihara awkwardly stares at Iruma slowly breaking down into an emotional wreck. Eventually, he comes to ignore her and turns to the other members of the group.

Saihara: "Yeah, I never knew about any of this."

Tenko: "What!? You forgot that we may never see Yumeno-san again!? Not even a menace could be that heartless!"

Maki and Kiibo grab onto Tenko's arms in case she might make a run for Saihara and flip him.

Saihara: "Are you sure I forgot? I really don't think you guys notified me. When did we discuss all this?"

Tenko: "Will your brain grow a size if I remind you? It was at the all-you-can-eat res-"

Tenko slowly started to place her fingers together twirling them awkwardly.

Tenko: "Th-The one that you didn't arrive to... On the weekend... Heh..."

Saihara stepped back in shock.

Saihara: "You seriously forgot I wasn't there!?"

Kaede: "Ha ha, remember when I said there were other people with me and Amami-kun..."

Kaede tried to keep a smile on her face but it only made things more awkward.

Kirumi: "Deepest apologies, Saihara-kun. Would you like a massage to make up for it?"

Saihara: "Huh? Uh, no... It's fine Toujou-san, but thanks for the offer."

Kirumi: "Understood."

Korekiyo: "...I'd like a massage from Toujou-san."

Everyone ignored Korekiyo.

Kaito: "Damn, and I just finished too."

Kaito walked down from the step ladder after putting a banner up around the classroom window, with Maki assisting from the sides.

Kaito: "You could have given me a hand with the decorations if ya just arrived earlier."

Saihara: "Ah, sorry Momota-kun. If I knew about this, I would have been sure to try and help."

Tsumugi: "Oh, by the way Saihara-kun, in case it wasn't obvious this was Chabashira-san's idea."

Saihara: "No surprise there."

Saihara stared into Tenko's direction, looking up to show a clear facial expression of a gentle smile.

Saihara: "You're a really good friend, Chabashira-san. I'm sure Yumeno-san will love what you've done for her."

Tenko started to go bright red so she covered her mouth and gave a smug smile thinking she's hidden her blush, when literally everyone can see she's as bright as a tomato.

Tenko: "As much as I hate being praised by a menace, I have to give my thanks."

The group is distracted and almost instantly in sync draws their attention to the classroom door once it slides open once more. The Super High School Level Adventurer, Rantaro Amami and the Super High School Level Entomologist, Gonta Gokuhara, entered the room together.

Amami: "We're backssu. The principle gave us full permission to stay here the whole day doing this, thinking it was a very thoughtful idea and it could bring the class together."

Amami looked to the side to notice the two new additions to the group.

Amami: "Ah, looks like you finally arrived. I was wondering where you two weressu."

Kaede: "Aha, sorry Amami-kun. We got a little sidetracked."

Iruma: "And by that, she means you got cucked by a cuck!"

Kaede: "Huh!? Of course not, what does that even mean!?"

Iruma: "I-It was just a joke, no need to yell at me..."

Gonta: "Gonta hasn't seen you in forever!"

Saihara dodged out of the way to avoid getting the hug of death from Gonta, and gave a small wave to him instead.

Saihara: "Good morning, Gonta-kun. I'm happy you're glad to see me."

Gonta: "Very glad. If you hadn't arrived later, Gonta would have refused to begin the party."

Saihara: "That's... Very sweet of you. Thank you."

Saihara is happy that someone in this class full of douchebags actually cared about Saihara.

The door slides open again and everyone's attention is drawn back to it. This time, Ryoma being the one to enter.

Ryoma: "She's right around the corner."

Kaito: "Alrighty then, everyone get into their positions."

Maki: "We weren't assigned any."

Kaito: "Well... Then just get ready."

The cute little loli opens the door to a loud group of her classmates screaming "Surprise" at the top of their lungs.

Ouma: "Happy birthday, Flat-tits- Gah...!"

Ouma's fun spoiling joke is interrupted by Maki forcing him quickly into the locker and leaning against it so he can't get out. However, Yumeno doesn't seem as eventful.

Yumeno: "............Naah?"

All chimes, noises and background music was stripped from the scene and it was just a short series of awkward nothingness. Yumeno didn't even bat her eyes.

Ryoma: "Not even a flinch."

Tenko: "Y-Yumeno-san... Is something wrong? Did you expect this outcome or something?"

Yumeno: "No, it's not that, it's just... What's going on?"

Tenko: "Oh, I see! You're just confused is all! Well, you see, this is a goodbye party for you in order to celebrate the fun times we've all had with you together. Kyaaah! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!"

Yumeno: ".......Oh."

Still nothing.

Angie: "It's a party that we planned together specifically for you, since it's your last day and all~."

Yumeno: "Wha-!? Really!? For me!?"

Suddenly, the room had burst with positive energy all around, to the point where even Yumeno felt more excitable.

Tenko: "Gaaahh...!"

It seems Angie's persuasion moved Yumeno more than Tenko.

Angie: "Thaaaaats right~. We'll hold stalls with each other, have a food stand, perform class orgies-"

Kiibo: "I think you should stop talking after that second part."

Yumeno: "Heh. This sounds like fun."

Kirumi: "Indeed, but before we start..."

Kirumi turns to Maki.

Kirumi: "Harukawa-san, could you please stop leaning against that locker and let him go?"

Maki: "I don't want to."

Ouma: "Harukawa-chaaaan...! It's dark in here...! Please let me out...! Is this what your soul feels like...!?"

Maki: "However, if it's by request, and it'll stop his whining..."

Maki turned and opened the locker by hand. Ouma tumbled out and landed on his hands and knees on the floor. He slowly began to get back onto his feet. 

Ouma: "You're so cruel, Harukawa-chan. It was just a joke."

Maki: "Just like your life."

Kaito: "Don't waste your breath on him, Harumaki. You should know better than to give him the provocation that he wants."

Maki: "You're right, so I'll stop. I can't confirm it won't happen again."

Angie waved her arm to get everyone's attention to her.

Angie: "Alrighty then. Have we all gathered~?"

Amami: "Seems like itssu."

Tsumugi: "Mhm, all present and unoccupied."

Angie: "Righto, then with that... Let Himiko's final day begin~!"

Iruma: "...You guys got the goods, right?"

Ryoma: "Not entirely sure if you meant the food and drinks, the heroin or both."

Saihara had completely forgotten about the class forgetting him after seeing everyone gather to start the day. He knew the special friend speaking to him when he hears Claire de lune play in the back of his head once more.

Kaede: "You joining in, Saihara-kun?"

Kaede gives a nice and pretty smile while placing her hand on Saihara's shoulder.

Saihara: "...Yes, of course I am."

Saihara smiled back at her. The goodbye party started and almost everyone was having a great time.
Kirumi was serving the other students and delivered specific snacks to students who were too lazy to get up and walk to the table. 
Korekiyo was able to watch the beauty of humanity taking place before his eyes as his classmates each bonded together with this celebration.
Tenko and Angie were supposed to host activities together, but it seemed they competed for stealing the role of hostess, it was to the point where Yumeno got bored of the activities and just decided to socialise with other students.
 Kaito was always by the punch bowl trying to get Maki to participate with them, but to no luck. However, she did watch from the sidelines.
Ouma was following Saihara around, and regonized the musical score Claire de lune coming from Saihara's head for some reason as Saihara stared at Kaede cheering on Amami who was participating against Angie in a dart game.
Iruma spent a lot of time by the food table, often complaining that she ran out of chips in a single packet instead of just going to get another packet from the bag.
Ryoma was watching from the sidelines wondering what it'd be like to feel such fun and happiness like his classmates do. He was approached by Tsumugi who lent him her phone which was opened up to the cat folder. Ryoma was excited and scrolled through the folder happily, until a picture of his deceased girlfriend got mixed in. A smug grin emanated from Tsumugi's face as her glasses resembled that of Delta.

Eventually, it got dark after school, and the group spent the dark with the lights off telling legends and ghost stories to each other.

Angie: "And then... She was found on the floor with an axe in her chest!"

Yumeno: "Naah...! Then what happened!?"

Angie: "Well, it's a long story, but if I were to rush it, it results in her actually being alive, but the students ignore her thinking she's dead. She's picked up and chopped to pieces as soon as she gains consciousness."

Yumeno: "Much spooky..."

Angie: "Oh, you don't want to hear about the girl who's neck got squished by a tentacle vine then. The blood poured all the way to her legs!"

Yumeno: "Oh, I really do. It sounds like a tragic tale."

Tenko: "Kh! This story is lame! Not even scary!"

Korekiyo: "Then why are you leaning on Akamatsu-san's shoulder?"

Tenko: "Better question? How on earth can you see in the dark!?"

Saihara: "A-Akamatsu-san's... Being leaned on?"

Angie: "Another part of the story has this boy who ties his friend to the floor and slowly cuts his stomach and makes him bleed further and further."

Tsumugi: "Oh my, a yandere!? Now I'm interested! But... Where did you hear this story?"

Angie: "About that..."

The shutter opens and the lights turn on.

Gonta: "My eyes...!"

Korekiyo: "hissssss"

A familiar voice is heard followed by a matching figure at the door. It was their teacher.

"Oops! Sorry about that, were you guys telling stories?"

Korekiyo: "Angie-san was providing us with a delightful tale."

Kaito: "D-Delightful?"

Both Kaito and Tenko were shivering like they were in the arctic.

Maki: "It's not a very good story if you skip through most of it just to get to the more unsettling parts."

"Ah, judging from that, they're ghost stories?"

Angie: "That's right~. They seem to be based on a true story from my sources... How or when that story occurred, however, I refuse to tell you."

Yumeno: "Wha... Angie, you're creeping me out."

Angie: "Creeping? You out?"

Yumeno: "That's not helping your case at all."

"Well, how about I help you guys by getting a lamp and some marshmallows. It'll be like an idoor campfire."

Ouma: "Marshmallows!? I'm in!"

Amami: "Very good ideassu. May I assist?"

"That's fine, Amami. You've already helped the class enough, it's time you enjoy their reward along with them."

Tenko: "Sensei, make sure you give strawberry marshmallows to the special girl."

Yumeno: "Ah, so you were aware I like those."

"Alright then, will do. You kids have fun until I get back."

The teacher closes the door to find some marshmallows for the group.

Angie: "...So anyway, as I was saying, this story was told to me by the lord himself after I visited a website that gives instructions to perform this strange friendship ritual."

Kirumi: "Hm? Strange... Friendship ritual, you say?"

Angie: "When dear friends are to depart, people perform this special ritual with a paper doll at school to keep their friendships in tact forever, maybe even meeting one another again."

Tenko: "A friendship ritual that could keep me with Yumeno-san forever no matter how far away she is!? Why didn't you tell us this before!? What do we have to do!?

Kiibo: "Hold on a minute! You're saying your god gave you a vision of a really complex and brutal story the moment you found this website which gave instructions to a ritual? I... Don't think that's normal. What do you think?"

Kaito: "I'm not buyin' it either. This shit sounds suspicious."

Iruma: "You guys are fuckin' pussies! Being afraid of some lucky charm dance because some mentally retarded religious freak told you she learnt some Halloween story!?"

Ouma: "She's right, you know. Doesn't that make you look like a coward?"

Ouma placed his finger over his mouth to imply being sly and stared at Kaito specifically.

Kaito: "I'll show you who's a fuckin' coward! Angie, how do you pull this shit off!?"

Ryoma: "Alas, he fell for it hook, line and sinker."

Ouma: "Woah, Momota-chan, I was just joking around. This about this, what if you're right for once and this ends badly?"

Kaito: "Heh, who's the coward now!?"

Ouma: "...Whatever. Let's just get this over with."

Korekiyo: "How does one participate in this game?"

Angie: "Well, you see..."

Angie reaches for her backpack by her desk and pulls out a blank piece of paper as well as some scissors. She cuts a paper doll out of it and hands it up to the other students who each have her full attention.

Angie: "You just take one of these, put all your friends into a circle and have them grab onto a piece of the doll~. Of course, it has to be at midnight inside of School grounds."

Tsumugi: "A little convenient to our current situation, but... I don't see the harm in that."

Maki: "It sounds like a waste of time, but it's not like I have anything better to do."

Kiibo: "Hmm... Simple enough, although I'm still skeptical. Not sure why someone would dedicate an entire website to a ritual as simple as that."

Gonta: "Perhaps the creator of the website is like Shirogane-san and their very passionate about their interests, and they wanted to share it with everyone."

Tsumugi: "Heh, yeah. I can confirm that I'd definitely do something like that."

Kiibo: "...Alright then, I'm in."

Yes, the group really is that gullible. They each got together until they formed a circle and held onto different parts of the doll. Saihara heard that music play in his head again. 

"Saihara-kun... I guess that this means no matter what, we'll always be friends forever."

"...Mm... Yeah."

Angie: "And pull~!"

The clock struck midnight and all sixteen members of the group pulled on the doll, and got their own individual part of it.

Angie: "The fate has been sealed."

Silence echoes throughout the room.

Ouma: "...I don't feel any different."

Kaito: "Well, duh. It's a silly friendship charm. Nothing's supposed to happen."

Iruma: "Well, then what the fuck did I waste my time for!?"

Angie: "No, no, it really did have magical abilities to maintain friendships~. God told me so. It just needs to settle in~."

Kaede: "Personally, I think it's already settled in."

Everyone looked at Kaede's pure waifubait smile.

Saihara: "Huh?"

Kaede: "It must mean our friendship with one another as a class couldn't be any stronger and more unbreakable, so no charm or ritual or spell or whatever can effect it further."

Saihara: "Akamatsu-san..."

The one thing Saihara thought to himself afterwards was "why can't I get that fucking song out of my head!"
A crack noise was heard throughout the room.

Amami: "What was thatssu?"

The group turned to hear knocking on the door and a familiar voice.

"Hm? Hey kids, I can't seem to open the door. It's a sliding door so how can it be locked? Are you blocking it or something?"

Tenko: "Sensei, we're not blocking the door."

"Hello? Anyone in there?"

Iruma: "Wait, you can't hear us!? I thought you were one of the younger teachers out there!"

Yumeno: "...I think this means I should delete a certain photo album of mine."

Tenko: "Wh-!?"

"This isn't exactly funny. Open the door."

Tsumugi: "Guys... I really don't think he can hear us."

Kaito: "The door probably just have a sound barrier. See, let me give him a hand opening it."

Maki: "If there's a sound barrier, then how come we can hear him?"

Kaito made it towards the door but didn't reach it. Instead he started to slip. Slip right down to the floor. Saihara realized that the floor was falling down beneath them. Saihara lost consciousness. The last thing he heard was the terrified cries of his fellow classmates.

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Saihara: “...Huh?”


Saihara awoke his slumber to find himself inside of a dark hallway at night. He doesn’t understand his situation at all. Where is he? How did he get here? Why is he here?

The hallway looked old, so old that there were cracks in the floor. The layout was a simple hall with lockers paving both the left and right side. Despite the night heavily covering the hall, Saihara could make out that the lockers were red.

In the end of the hall, there was both a shoe rack and a large door. An exit, perhaps?


Saihara: “Hmm…”


Saihara placed his hand onto his chin and observed from in front of him. He couldn’t make out anything else other than what he saw. Or at least, what he can see. The only light source is that the door has a light shining through, which Saihara presumes is the moon.
He looks over his shoulder and turns. The corridor behind him is pitch black making the illusion the hallway fades to nothing. He couldn’t see a thing.


Saihara: “...”


Just in case something weird was going on, he didn’t want to make any noise. He doesn’t even understand his situation.


*bang bang bang*


Saihara: “Eh?”


Saihara heard a loud banging noise, and immediately turned to see what appears to be someone/something banging onto one of the lockers. Saihara slowly approaches the locker and hesitantly opens it. Strangely enough, it wasn’t locked.




The voice of a young anime girl squeals as a pile of pink and yellow spills out of the locker instantly and lands on the floor face first. Upon the girl lifting her head, Saihara instantly recognizes her identity the moment Claire de lune echoed in his head again.


Kaede: “Huh!? Oh, Saihara-kun?”


Saihara: “A-Akamatsu-san!”


Saihara immediately helps Kaede up to her two feet and after she greets him with a smile, she innocently placed her left fingertips in between her breasts and looked around.


Kaede: “Where are we?”


Saihara: “I’m not sure. I have barely been here actually. I just woke up in the middle of the hall. Do you recognize this as part of the school?”


Kaede looked around further and observed her surroundings.


Kaede: “Nope, I’ve never seen this place before.”


Saihara: “I see. Considering you know your way around, I think we might be in a different school. Then again, it’s night and you could have misremembered.”


Kaede: “Well, I never misremember things and I am very observant of places I visit, so I can safely say I haven’t been here before.”


Saihara: “I see. I shall take your word for it. That means this might not be apart of our school.”


Kaede’s eyes dulled out and she stared at Saihara with concern.


Kaede: “Could it be… We’ve been kidnapped and taken to another school?”


Saihara: “...That is a possibility.”


Kaede: “What? O-Oh no..!”


Saihara: “However, if we were kidnapped, why would we be put here of all places? And where are the others?”


Kaede looked around once more and realized Saihara was right. It’d be weird to abduct someone and put them in a random hallway in the middle of the night.


Saihara: “Akamatsu-san, my memory is foggy. Are you able to retrace your steps”


Kaede: “Hmm..”


Kaede imitated Saihara for a bit by placing her clenched hand onto her chin and pondering.


Kaede: “We were holding a goodbye party for Yumeno-san.. Then it proceeded into the night.. Then Angie-san told us ghost stories until she suggested this ritual… What was the ritual supposed to do..?”


Saihara: “Ah, that’s right. My memory’s coming back. Somehow, the teacher got separated from us and… The floor collapsed?”


Kaede: “Yeah, that’s… Not something you see everyday. Perhaps it was Yumeno-san’s magic trick?”


Saihara: “I doubt it.”


Kaede: “Something like that only happens in a dream. Maybe we really were kidnapped and started to hallucinate that.”


Saihara: “Possibly. Still, we’re not going to get answers just standing around here.”


Kaede: “Right, we should look for everyone.”


Saihara: “I mean, the exit is right there. Maybe we can figure out where this is from the outside.”


Kaede: “Hmm…”


Kaede immediately ran for the door and placed her hand on the front.


Kaede: “Huh? It’s locked? No, not locked. It’s… Frozen shut like decoration stuck in place.”


Saihara: “What?”


Saihara followed after Kaede and tried it out himself. Kaede wasn’t wrong. The door really was stuck. It was like someone replicated a door and stuck it to a wall as a prank or something. Kaede, out of nervousness, slightly moved her leg to accidentally knock over a shoe.


Kaede: “Oops.. Huh?”


Kaede took a closer look.


Kaede: “Saihara-kun, don’t these shoes look… A little too small for a High school student?”


Saihara took a closer look. Kaede was right. The shoe was the size that matches that of a preschooler’s. He looked to the other shoes on the shoe rack. They weren’t much different and around the same size.


Saihara: “This is strange.”


Saihara looked up to see a bulletin board he couldn’t see back further in the hall due to the lockers covering his view of it. He walked up towards it and read the flyer out loud so Kaede could hear it.


Saihara: “ Heavenly Host elementary School shuts down. A terrible incident occurred involving a murder of a 9 year old girl which lead to ghost reports and several unknown casualties of students. The parents deemed this school unsafe, as well as crying families suing the school for taking their child away from them. Report: 1979


Kaede: “Wh-What?”


Kaede was shook, so was Saihara but not as much.


Saihara: “Is this… Heavenly Host elementary?”


Kaede: “S-So this is saying… We’re in an abandoned elementary school which has been reported to have killed children years ago..?”


Saihara: “That seems to be the case, but we can’t be sure until we… Uh, look around.”


Kaede looked down at her feet in fear, then back at Saihara with confidence.


Kaede: “Right. It’s scary, but regardless of where we are and what’s going on, we won’t get out of here if we just stay here.”


Saihara and Kaede both nodded in sync and proceeded back into the hallway hesitantly descending into the dark black.




Neither Saihara, nor Kaede could see a thing. It was pitch black.




Kaede: “Ew, yuck! I stepped in something!”


Saihara: “Be careful, and try not to make any noise.”


Eventually, Saihara saw a window, which emanated a blue light into the room. Saihara used this to notice a light switch on the wall which he quickly used the opportunity for.
However, he strongly regrets doing so.


Kaede: “.......”


Saihara: “.......”


Well, the good news is they found out what Kaede stepped in. The bad news is, Kaede has stepped in intestines that were coming out of the corpse of a little girl. They tried to scream but nothing came out. They were just stunned and silent. Eventually, Saihara took a large gulp down and walked up to the corpse. It was a young girl, around the age of 6, and he didn’t recognize her. Her body seemed old, like she’d been there for months.


Saihara: “..Stay on guard, Akamatsu-san. This place doesn’t seem safe.”


Kaede: “It doesn’t SEEM safe?”


Saihara: “Okay, it isn’t safe. However, be glad. Imagine what could have happened if we stayed back in the halls.”


Kaede: “...You’re right, we’re not going to solve anything like this, and this place is unpredictable. Let’s move.”


Saihara: “However, with this, I think maybe we really were kidnapped, but whoever got us is using a certain way to get rid of us.”


Kaede: “Huh?”


Saihara: “It’s just a possibility though.”


Kaede and Saihara were going to proceed further into the halls onto to hear loud, yet strange groaning noises. At first, Saihara thoughts it was a teacher jerking off, but then realized that wasn’t the case when a huge zombie-like figure approached them. His eyes were flooded in red and black, his skin was blue and he held a sledge hammer in hand.


Kaede: “H...H-Huh!?”


Kaede was understandably trembling. Saihara couldn’t believe his eyes.


Saihara: “Let’s go.”


Saihara grabbed Kaede’s hand and ran the opposite direction of the zombie-like man. However, the moans and groans behind him from the man didn’t adjust in volume. Was he following them? Saihara didn’t want to look back to see. Eventually, Kaede overtook Saihara and she ended up being the one to pull him through the halls.


Saihara: “Akamatsu-san, watc-”


Saihara failed to warn Kaede in time and she stepped right onto a gap in the floor causing her to jam her foot, eventually resulting in her floor collapsing between the two. When Saihara came to, he found himself in a small room with almost nothing inside it. Both the walls and floor were wooden. Thankfully, he couldn’t hear the man’s moans anymore. It seems Kaede gained consciousness beforehand and was looking at her foot.


Saihara: “A-Akamatsu-san, are you alright!?”


Kaede: “Yeah... I’m fine.”


Kaede was looking at her ankle with was a ring of bloody scratches due to jamming her foot through the floorboard.


Saihara: “Ah, you’re hurt. Let me give you a hand.”


Saihara got some bandages from his pocket and wrapped them around Kaede’s ankle.


Kaede: “Who was that guy?”


Saihara: “I have no idea. He almost looked undead.”


Kaede: “It seems that’s our kidnapper. Wait, did you just say undead?”


Saihara: “Huh?”


Kaede: “Saihara-kun, the flyer from back then. It said one of the reasons for the school shutting down were ghost reports. Could a zombie qualify as a ghost?”


Saihara: “Eh? You… Have a point there. But, is there such thing as the supernatural?”

Kaede: “Considering our current situation, yes. I stepped in a corpse’s intestines, mind you.”


Saihara: “Well, you never know, this could be someone setting this up to look bigger than what it actually is. However, there’s no doubt we’re in danger. That was definitely a real corpse of a young girl back there.”


Kaede: “...All of this is too much to handle. I just hope the others are okay…”


Saihara noticed tears forming in Kaede’s eyes. Saihara stared at her, and then failed to resist the urge to give her a hug.


Kaede: “Ah..! Saihara-kun?”


Saihara said nothing and just continued to hold tight. Kaede eventually wrapped her arms around his in return. Once they separated, it seems Saihara was already done with the bandaging.


Saihara: “Better?”


Kaede: “A lot better. Thank you, Saihara-kun.”


Kaede gave a gentle, yet passionate smile to Saihara which caused Saihara to blush, and tilt his hat over his eyes. Kaede giggled a little, thinking Saihara was being adorable. Being able to read that from her expression, Saihara only just blushed harder.


Kaede: “Now then, let’s see how we can get out of here.”


Kaede got to her feet and looked around the room, followed by Saihara following after. There were no doors, windows or any sign of an exit. The only reason they could see was the hole they fell through above.


Kaede: “Sai..Hara-kun?”


Saihara: “Huh?”


Saihara’s thought patterns are interrupted by strange black smoke seeping through the walls.


Kaede: “What’s that?”


It began to spread.


Saihara: “I don’t trust it. Try to avoid it.”


That advice can only last them so long. The smoke started to fill the room, and eventually spread around their feet. Upon that, the smoke decided to rise around their bodies and…


Kaede: “Guaugh…!”


...The smoke dived into their mouths like it was trying to fill their bodies. It caused indescribable pain. They could barely breath or move, they couldn’t even speak a sentence without long pauses between crooked words. It was like they were subjected into a ZTD replay. It sent them quickly to their knees.


Saihara: “Haaah… What… is this.. Guu… Stuff?”


Unlike Kaede, Saihara resisted and tried to cover his mouth or take some of the smoke out, but to no luck.


“Hang onssu!”


That voice. Suddenly, a bucket of water was poured onto both Saihara and Kaede at perfect accuracy. The smoke stopped.


Saihara: “Haaah…!”


Kaede: “Heh… Hehh… Hehhh…”


After the smoke let the two of them go, it seeped back into the walls. Once the two caught their breath, they looked up to see the expected reaching their hand out for them.


Amami: “Are you two alrightssu?”


Kaede: “Amami-kun!”


Saihara: “We could be better.”


Kaede took Amami’s hand and he pulled her up from the hole, followed by Saihara. The both of them were soaking wet, and Saihara tried not to point out that Kaede’s bra was showing through her clothes.


Saihara: “Thank you for your help Amami-kun.”


Amami: “No problemssu. I heard you in trouble and came right away.”


Kaede: “Amami-kun!”


Kaede hugged Amami tightly, in which he chuckled and didn’t mind letting her. Saihara tried to ignore getting cucked once again.


Saihara: “...Right, you poured water on us and you’re suspicions were correct it makes that weird smoke go away. Do you know something about this or did you just get lucky?”


Amami: “Ah, about thatssu… No wait, it’s nothing. It’s just a lucky guess.”


Saihara: “Hm?”


Saihara takes notice of Amami backpedaling. However, he didn’t want to bring it up. Or at least, not for now.


Kaede: “Oh hey, Amami-kun. Do you know what’s going on around here? Weren’t we just in School before?”


Amami: “I’m not suressu. It seems something unnatural is going on here. I think it might have something to do with that ritual.”


Kaede then reconsiders. That’s right, Angie’s ritual. She said it gave her a weird vision about a horror story from a website. She then proceeded to perform a ritual with us from that website.


Kaede: “I… Think you’re right.”


Amami: “In any casessu, we should look around. Maybe we’ll find something.”


Kaede: “Looking around this place? Uh, I’m not so sure about that.”


Kaede looked down at her knees nervous. Understandably so, considering her and Saihara’s experience within the last hour.


Amami: “It’s alrightssu…”


Kaede looks up to see Amami walk to Kaede and gently lift her to her feet by hand.


Amami: “You have me now.”


Kaede is infatuated by Amami’s hair flowing and his charming smile so much that she forgets her current situation temporarily.


Saihara: “Hnng!”


Saihara grabs onto his chest like he’s having a heart attack.


Amami: “Come, if anything, staying here is going to have that weird zombie come after usssu.”


Saihara: “Eh? Zombie?”


Kaede: “I… I see… So that guy..:”


Amami: “I thought it was obviousssu. But if you two have doubt, then there might be a chance this is all staged.”


Cricket’s noises emanate across the area.


Saihara: “Amami-kun, we’re definitely not in a normal everyday kidnapping situation as far as we know.”


Amami: “It’s best to keep all possibilities consideredssu.”


Saihara: “That’s just another way to live in denial.”


Kaede: “I agree with Amami-kun.”


Saihara clutches his chest once again.




Down the halls, the three walked close together to avoid someone falling back. Their surroundings consisted of blood on the walls, wooden floorboard with huge cracked in holes, a series of classrooms the group decided not to enter for the meantime and occasionally a dead corpse. The school looked like a haunted hotel.


Amami: “Reeeallly creepy.”


Amami reminded us to be scared.


Kaede: “All of this is making me feel nauseous.”


Saihara: “Do you want to hold my arm to be reassured?”


Kaede: “Huh? Uh, no thanks, I’m fine.”


Saihara tried to resist clutching his heart from yet another rejection. The hallway had reached a dead end.


Amami: “It appears to be a dead endssu. I guess those classrooms are worth checking out.”


Saihara nodded and the three of them looked into the first classroom from the dead end. Inside, there were desk that barely reached above Saihara’s knees and a small storage closet in the back.


Amami: “Huh?”


Amami noticed a small doll by his feet and picked it up. Upon doing so, he felt dizzy. Kaede decided to look into the storage closet.


Saihara: “Did you find anything?”


Kaede: “Nope. For a closet, it’s completely empty.”


However, Kaede noticed a key on the floor right in the very back of the storage closet. Suddenly, the door behind her slammed shut.


Saihara: “A-Akamatsu-san!?”


Saihara started knocking on the glass window on the door repeatedly to see if she’s alright. Kaede tried to open the handle but to no luck.


Kaede: “It’s locked for some reason.”


Kaede started to feel cold. Very cold. She looked to her right to see a sight that terrified her causing her to back into the wall. Saihara could see her from the window but not what she was looking at.


Saihara: “Akamatsu-san, what’s wrong?”


Kaede didn’t respond. She was too busy staring at the ghost of a little boy standing in front of her. It was like a boy covered in blue flames. However, his eyes were hollow and he had blood coming from his arm. He looked like a zombie, but this time glowing.


Saihara: “A-Akamatsu-san!”


Kaede placed her delicate hand over her mouth to avoid puking from fear. It didn’t help when the ghost started moving forward. However, before she could scream, a huge smashing noise could be heard from the door.


Amami: “Akamatssu.”


Kaede: “Amami-kun!”


Amami had gotten one of the chairs and taken out the glass window with it. Kaede immediately took Amami’s hand and was pulled through the window to safety. She landed on her hands and knees, scratches on her arms and legs upon going through the window and cutting herself on the glass.


Saihara: “Akamatsu-san, are you alright!?”


Kaede: “Amami-kun!”


Kaede gave Amami another hug. Saihara looked down at his feet, this time miffed rather than distraught.


Kaede: “...Wait, the ghost!”


Saihara: “Ghost?”


Amami: “Ghostssu?”


Kaede quickly got up and looked through the glass window, trying not to cut herself on the glass. However,


Kaede: “It’s… Gone?”


Saihara: “Gone? So that’s what you were looking at. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you out.”


Kaede: “It’s fine. It was pretty stupid of me in the first place to go in there along and unequipped.”


Kaede turned her head back to the boys with a bittersweet and awkward smile.


Amami: “Ah, equipmentssu. In an area like this, shouldn’t we carry supplies to defend ourselves?”


Saihara: “Ah, good thinking Amami-kun. But is there anything around here we can use?”


Amami: “I don’t think sossu. I guess we’ll have to look around.”


The three of them brushed themselves off and left the classroom, Amami having previously dropped the doll back in it’s original position on purpose.




Saihara: “Eh?”


They leave the classroom, to see the hallway is a lot different than it was before.


Kaede: “The… Room changed?”


Amami: “I was wrongssu. Something supernatural has almost definitely got to be happening.”


Amami didn’t play ZTD.


Saihara: “In any case, is it still safe to look around here?”


Amami: “Well, it’s not like standing here forever is much saferssu.”


Saihara: “You make a good point.”


Saihara and Amami nod to each other and the three continue through the hall. Throughout the hall, the trio is slowly more and more unsettling with the screams of children echoing around the room. Except their screams had no direction of where they’re coming from, it seems it was just influential torment than children getting hurt.


Kaede: “Guaah…!”


Upon the end of the hallway, the three stopped. There not only was a dead end, but huge bloodied clumps of meat on the floor. They couldn’t tell if it was a student’s corpse or just a bunch of animal meat. It looked gooey and raw, as well as looked days old.


Amami: “Disgustingssu.”


Saihara: “Let’s… Leave it be. It’s best not knowing what that is.”


The three decided to turn the other way and ignore it. However, there was nowhere to turn to. Aside from the classroom they left, there were no entrances or doors in sight.


Saihara: “Huh? Are we stuck?”


Amami: “Seems like itssu. There aren’t any other entrances around here. Not even turns for the hallway.”


Saihara: “I guess we’re low on opti-”


Saihara was cut off upon leaning on the wall, only to fall right through it and get separated from the two.


Kaede: “Saihara-kun!”


Amami: “F.”




Saihara landed on the floor face first. He looked up to find himself in a dark library full of candles to light up the room.


Saihara: “Where am I?”


Saihara got to his feet and started to observe his surroundings while walking through the middle of the library. There wasn’t much of interest, except for how he seemingly entered some sort of passageway.


Saihara: “Amami-kun? Akamatsu-san?”


It was worth a shot, but no luck. They weren’t around. Saihara was upset to think that they were probably having snu-snu as he was in a cold library alone and unarmed.


Saihara: “Wait a minute.”


Saihara got an idea. Maybe one of the books inside the library could help him figure out what’s going on. Unlikely though, since they’re all children’s books. Saihara opened one of the books to find it was scribbled with random blurs and drawings. He couldn’t tell if the red they used to draw with was blood or crayon.


Saihara: “Some kid...”


Reading will have to wait though, since he heard groaning sounds coming from the door at the end of the library. Saihara almost immediately put the book back and hid on the side of the bookshelf in hopes that he wouldn’t be seen. He heard the door slam open and large footsteps walk across the library. Saihara didn’t want to look at where he is, because one risky move could be game over for him.


The footsteps got louder, but eventually started to sound softer as he went past Saihara’s location. Saihara used this opportunity to turn to the other side of the bookshelf to avoid being seen if he was to look back on the library. He stayed down on his feet crouching with his hand on the floor to keep safe.


Once the footsteps stopped, Saihara gulped and made a run for the door. He briefly saw that zombie guy from earlier at the end of the library with his back turned. The door was luckily open meaning Saihara could sneak through without making any noise. And he accomplished to safety. Outside was yet another crooked corridor to explore. Except this time, Saihara was alone.




Kaede: “Amami-kun! Where are you?”


Kaede is tapping her foot rapidly while crossing her arms outside of the previous classroom. He said he’d only take a few minutes.


Kaede: “That’s it.”


Kaede gives in and walks into the classroom to check on Amami. The classroom was a lot darker than the previous ones. She could only barely see her surroundings.


Kaede: “Amami-kun?”


Kaede turned towards the desk and look around to no luck. Maybe it’s because of the lighting, but Amami was nowhere to be seen. She looked around the desk and turned to the board. Her arm being grabbed implied she wasn’t alone.




Saihara could hear familiar cries in the distance, and ran towards them immediately. However, as he went on, he began to feel dizzy. Really dizzy.
He eventually fell to his knees.


Saihara: “Huh?”


Saihara fell directly to the floor like he was passing out. He didn’t understand what was happening to his body. He slowly drifted into a cold sleep.


Saihara: “...Eh?”


By the time Saihara came to, he found himself locked onto something. His fist was restrained as well as his ankles. He tried to wriggle around to process his location. It turns out he’s on a bloody operation table.


Saihara: “Not again… Huh?”


Saihara heard rattling coming from his shackles followed by a clicking noise. Saihara stared at his left shackle before pulling his arm through it. Somehow, they unlocked. Saihara brushed off his wrists and ankles for a little and got of the table.


Saihara: “Strange…”


Saihara couldn’t have the time to think however, since he heard someone coming. Saihara had a quick reaction and ran to the closet in the back of the room the moment he saw it. However, he hit the floor after slipping over something on his way.


Saihara: “Hrrgh…! What the…”


Saihara looked back to see a severed tongue skid across the floor behind him.


Saihara: “Gross…”


Saihara couldn’t think about that, however, so he quickly got up and hit in the closet. The door was slightly open, so he could peek at the operation table. Someone, or something, huge entered the room. A sweat drop went down Saihara’s face.


The creature moved forward and placed something onto the operation table. A teenager, from the looks of it. The teenager was bloodied, like if they were injured and taken there. He couldn’t identify them just yet. After a weapon was removed from the teen’s chest, it was tossed to the floor closer to the closet in Saihara’s sight.


It was a bloodied axe. In hopes that didn’t cause the creature to come his direction and notice him, he covered his mouth. On the opposite end of the room, there was another closet. A closet full of weapons.
The creature took the weapons from that closet and started to use them onto the students.


Those gurgled screams were almost instantly recognized by Saihara. If Amami were there, probably instantly. Saihara covered his mouth to avoid screaming as tears flooded his eyes trying to cope with witnessing his blonde piano baka waifu being dismembered before him.


15 students remain

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