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Give Him to Me

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Seidou High School is up against with the powerhouse Yakushi High School before the Fall Tournament ends. The winner will have the ticket to Koshien.

The night before the game.

The players of Seidou had different individual activities for their preparation of this tournament. Some players are still inside the meeting room to discuss strategies, some are working with their swings outside school grounds and others went to their perspective rooms.

On the other hand, Furuya keep his pace to throw his pitches onto the captain's mitt. The loud sounds echo the entire gym made the other players interrupted in their swings.

"Enough. That's already 20 pitches you throw there. Go to bath and rest yourself." Miyuki instructed, taking off his mitt then approach to their ace. "Hey, I told you to rest up. Stop putting that aura of yours haha!" Miyuki teased, the aura is unbreakable, insisting him to continue throwing more pitches but enough is enough.

"Please Miyuki-senpai, add more ten." He's still insisting.

"I told you no more. You should take care of your injury. We don't know what coach will do to pitcher relay. Just be ready no matter what." As he tried to mantain composure as the captain of the team. He still wants to show concern with his teammates. Miyuki pat Furuya's shoulder to indicate him he really did his job for this team and he is satisfied how he put effort on it.

"You really did your job." As he praised Furuya, the captain start walking to the exit door. He lower his head, not wanting to face his other teammates his weakness and burden because of his injury he got received from the last match. This is such pain in the ass, he touch his lower left ribs, the swelling is getting serious.

"Miyuki-senpai." Their ace called him out.

"What do you want? I told you, it's eno-"

"I won't lose to you."

Miyuki turned his head to face Furuya who has a serious face, looking around the ball he is holding. Miyuki got himself confused on what he said but before he ask about it, Furuya continue.

"Give Sawamura to me, Miyuki-senpai."


The whole gym got quiet all of the suddenly, their eyes landed to two individuals who they thought they respect each other and their battery. But Furuya is competing on Miyuki?

"Furuya, what are you talking about?" Kanemaru asked, he was swinging his bat along with Zono and Toujou until they stopped in midway because of them. "What are you trying to prove, Furuya? Do you think our captain is hitting on Sawamura?" This time, Zono asked their ace. Miyuki blinked few times, processing what is happening right now but he understood why Furuya is like that. Sawamura who has been greedy to catch his pitches, calling out his full name and get mad on him every time he do sarcastic thing. Sawamura has much attention on him but what it makes it a big deal?

Furuya looked at Miyuki with intense gaze, determining to do anything to win in this battle. But Miyuki still don't get him.

"Furuya, it's not that my business in what you are thinking right not but I actually don't understand what you are trying to-"

"Sawamura has been looking at you with full glimpse in his eyes." He interrupted Miyuki again. Furuya approach the captain until their shoulders close to each other. He added "Sawamura has his eyes on you and I dislike it. I am sorry Miyuki-senpai. I wont hand you to him." And with that, Furuya first to exit the gym.

Miyuki looked dumbfounded with what just happened on Furuya. He just replied 'Okay' with a smile with mixed of confusion.

The whole players started to murmur across the gym. Miyuki just stood there without moving an inch. What the hell...

Kanemaru gripped his bat, gritting between his teeth while watching their ace exit the scene and leaving Miyuki alone.

"That monster sure has guts to say that. You have to be kidding me." Kanemaru commented, giving an interesting smirk on his face showing that there is going to have a big battle between team. Toujou smiled at him. "We won't lose to him either. We should better swing again." The two first years started swinging on their bat while Zono look at them also confused as Miyuki.

"Miyuki, do you have any idea what's happening here?" Zono asked, confused as hell on what is really happening. Miyuki respond with foolish smile.

"I am confused too, Zono. Don't ask me."


Outside the field, Sawamura is running with his beloved tyre again, pump up to perform his best in playing Yakushi tomorrow. He wants to do at his best and want to do more to get the ace number he wanted.

"Eijun-kun, don't push yourself." Haruichi reminded his fellow teammate, he stopped his swing to just tell him. Sawamura replied yelling on Haruichi. The second baseman smiled.

"He is too excited to play tomorrow but Eijun-kun giving his best so I will do my best also." He put his bat closely to his head and he close his eyes. "This is for you, Eijun-kun."

"That Sawamoron sure is a big idiot running with that tyre before the game." Haruichi lower his bat to search who owns that voice and it is Kuramochi.

"Good evening, Kuramochi-senpai." Did he heard me?

"Oh, Kominato. I didn't even see you there. Are you babysitting the moron?"

Haruichi noticed the sweats all over Kuramochi's face while carrying his bat. Had he been practicing a lot earlier becofe coming here?

Haruichi shrugged and replied to him. "I am not, senpai." He puffed his cheeks, disagreeing what his senpai said to him. Kuramochi laughed at him.

"Nyahah! I'm just kidding. You should go back to your room now. I shall replace you to watch over him."

The pink haired shook his head on his senpai's suggestion.

"You don't worry about me, senpai. I'm okay just by watching him." Haruichi realized what he said but before he react, Kuramochi nodded, keeps his eyes on his kouhai.

The shortstop replied, "Same. He just have this spirit that lifts the whole team. He surely 'The-Sunshine-That-Seidou-Needs' Nyahahah!!"

"Where did you get that nickname, Kuramochi-senpai?" Haruichi asked, it's the first time someone said that- not even the team ever said that- Kuramochi scratch the back of his neck but his eyes still glued on him. "I nickname him that. Even how an idiot he can be. He is really admirable to watch his hardwork."

The second baseman didn't have the chance to ask more question. He have to admit the fact that Sawamura is auch an aspiring person. He smiled tenderly while awatching Sawamura finished his run.

Sawamura gazed on their place. He smiled widely while he run towards them. Such sunshine.


"We aren't you idiot! Want me to kill you later? Speaking of, I haven't practicing my wrestling move onto you. Want to be my dummy?" Kuramochi grabbed Sawamura's neck and start to tighten his grip to choke him down. Haruichi just watch the two happily enjoying themselves doing their usual stuffs.


The night is dazzling with full moon in the sky with stars above the ground. The school grounds are filled with laughters, anxious and determination. Each team has compassion to take up this battle until the last step. The preparation is done. Interesting things might come between the team. But who
ever wins this game will have the ticket to Koshien.

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The night before the game.

After taking a bath, Miyuki walked to the corridor of their dorm, searching any place where he could think of his own thoughts. Luckily he found an empty bench and he sat on it. He saw the full moon appeared in the center of the sky with no clouds to cover it. It's a plain beautiful view. Watching the sky feels at peace as he drink his favorite black coffee.

However, the night should not be distracted with the pain of his lower ribs. He put down his coffee near his side and he tried a little stretch by moving his left arm upward until he pull a little more until he stop when he felt the unbearable pain.

"God dammit! This is painful." He cursed, gritted his teeth. He'll sure bear it until the game ends. Hopefully he could.

"Oy!" The voice sounds familiar but he did not intend to search on it because he knew who exactly he is. "What is it, Kuramochi?" He asked, continued to drink his coffee. If he saw something, he should better ignore it.

Kuramochi stared at him as he approach the captain and without hesitance, he grabbed the black coffee on Miyuki's hand.

"You bastard, that injury of yours. I can sense it after the last match. Don't let the team overwhelmed by it. Save it until it last." Kuramochi don't like to show any mercy on this person, not even their last match. This will be their chance to make it to their dream and if that stopped then he better beat this person up.

Miyuki don't want to argue him so he just lower his head instead, covered his eyes using his hair to hide the weak side of him. Being burden in the team is one he don't like to, he don't mind doing responsibilities but with this situation is hard for him to accept.

Kuramochi didn't mean to say those words but he is pissed off seeing the captain being gloomy, this is how he shows concern. Before he could continue lecturing him, a two figures appeared in the shadow.

"It's actually felt different when Furuya said that to Miyuki. I am just hoping that he is not serious about that."

Zono's voice.

"We will not know unless he meant what he said. However, isn't that Miyuki and Kuramochi over there?"

Shirasu's voice.

When they showed up, Shirasu pointed at the two near the bench. Zono first approach and greeted the two male adding questions regardness like why they are still outside even in at this hour. Kuramochi asked the question back to Zono. Shirasu noticed that Miyuki is not even speaking nor looking at the two so he interrupted him.

"Miyuki, are you alright?" He asked, he also saw the sweat on his face. "You look pale, did something happen?"

"He got an injury last match."

Kuramochi answered Shirasu's question quickly as possible, glaring on Miyuki.

"I am quiet sure he got that from previous match and this bastard making a slight move to notice the coach but glad he isn't."

The two quietly glanced on their captain and thinking all the commited responsibilities that he had. It's hard to maintain all of it.

But Kuramochi continued with his speech, "You idiot, you would thought that no one notice you? Give me a break!" He put down the coffee near Miyuki's side.

"Save it until it last."

Miyuki didn't bother to respond. He hopes that time flies already and the three just go to their room. It feels like a sword slash on his chest when Kuramochi is lecturing him. The three males got surprised when Miyuki stands up and turned his head with a smirk (with no devilish intended).

"Hehe... You won, Kuramochi." He grabbed his coffee, finishing until its last drop. "But I don't let it stop what i want." That smile is a sign how his strengths can handle this injury. The fighting spirit that they want. Zono and Shirasu felt the captain vibe on him but Kuramochi got pissed off even more. "You sure have guts, don't get too cocky or else i will add another injury on your side!"

In this dazzling night, the four of them shines as the moon above. Miyuki gained his posture and ready to carry his team with his full strengths tomorrow. Even how strong the opponent is, he is ready to show what he got.

"Before we go to our rooms..." Kuramochi suddenly remember something and stopped in midway of their walking. They turned to looked at him.

He added, "Zono and Shirasu, What are you guys talking about Furuya said on Miyuki earlier? Mind telling me? I heard the same scenario on Asou and Ono. What's going on?"

The two glanced at Miyuki who don't want to speak first because he is confused as hell also. Zono answered for him. "Earlier in training, Furuya made a sudden propose or simply want to challenge Miyuki on who can win for Sawamura."


Zono and Shirasu thought that Kuramochi will react differently in this kind of situation but they didn't expect that the shortstop made a murderous glare on Miyuki, he is even more pissed than before.

The two along with Miyuki are shocked in his action.

"Touch him or I will kill you, Miyuki." Kuramochi warned, glaring him intensely made the three shivers. This is the different Kuramochi that they know.

This might be the most outragious thing had happened to Miyuki, with just one day, he felt overwhelmed with all things happening. Who would thought his fellow classmate and also a teammate will do anything to stop him. He couldn't do anything nor he couldn't understand a single thing but everything will be interesting if he join the flow, right?

Miyuki watched Zono bickering on angry Kuramochi while Shirasu stopping between them. Zono is persisting because couldn't understand what's with Sawamura and couldn't get a chance to someone explain everything to him. Shirasu isn't responding at the situation but it will make a big fuss if this keeps up.

Sawamura doesn't have any idea what's happening.

"I'll also going to kill our ace when he gets in my way." Kuramochi threaten, his dark aura keep flowing above him. After hearing this, he know what exactly he will do to protect his precious kouhai to the devilish teammates he had. He needs to do with Kominato brother and the others before else. He needs to stop them.

And Miyuki finally spoke, the three male halt on what they are doing. It's already too late to stop everyone with this.

"Ne~ Kuramochi, what are you going to do if i am serious on winning here?"

This isn't the respond that they needed. Miyuki is making it worse.

Kuramochi tries to attack on their captain but Shirasu stopped him by grabbing his hem. Miyuki just let out a smirk and continue. "Being the pitcher and catcher of the team had significant relationship, right? Sawamura has his eyes on me." This is way more ridiculous than it should be. The two most reliable of the team are set in fire to who will survive.

Shirasu start to speak up before everything will get worsen. "You both, enough with this. We have a game tomorrow."

"Tch!" Is what only Kuramochi respond. The only way to shut him up is to punch that ridiculous smirk on him. Miyuki give a smug face to tease his teammate even more.

Kuramochi didn't waste anymore hours and just throw a 'goodnight' to the two and glared on Miyuki. When the shortstop disappear in the shadow. The two male glanced on Miyuki and his smirk turned out to be a silly one.

"That's actually scary. Haha!" He said with a nervous laughter. Who would thought that guy is scary, as expected a former yankee.

"Miyuki, what the hell you just did? You have two people going to kill you. You have any idea what's happening?" Zono asked with trembling of his voice.

Miyuki just give his usual funny look on his teammates, who would thought he would be killed anytime soon. He casually replied to him, not wanting to continue this conversation anymore. He has lot to deal with especially his injury. But despite the burden within the team, would it be interesting to do foolish to avoid any cause of reputation.

Shirasu respond on Zono before him, "Maybe there are other players out there are going for Sawamura." Zono got surprised on Shirasu, disbelief what he said.


"Don't say a word, Zono. But would it be fun, right?"

The two silently watched their captain while heading to his room.

"Tomorrow will surely interesting."

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The day before the game.

The official match will start before noon. The team finish packing their stuffs and went straight to cafeteria for breakfast before they go to their respective bus. The managers are helping for the provided supplements like water, food and first aid kits.

The retired third years went to greet some players and wish them goodluck before they leave and watch the game after their class.

Inside the cafeteria, the players from second and first string are watching the famous first years trio who are happily chatting with each other and doing their usual things like Sawamura screaming on Furuya while Haruichi calming down him.

The more the relief pitcher smiles alot, the more jealous the other players are. Zono is quietly watching the others with internal panic that forms sweats around his face while digging his food.

Am i really in Seido high school?


Thirty minutes before the game.

The whole team gathered, the whole team with one heart to win in this game. The coach instructed the team and give them a shot of powerful words to do their best and give everything they got.

A loud roar spread the whole stadium. An outloud roar to win.

"AHA AHA AHA! They sure are loud. " A former monster of the Yakushi team with his batting skills are unpredictable and full of powerful ability. Raichi watched their opponent while laughing at the sudden burst.

The monster batter search this particular person. A person who made his heart skipped a beat during their match last summer tournament. Hitting those nasty pitches is way amazing and wanting to hit more of them.

He finally caught the brown haired player with his shimmering golden eyes, it's not mistaken.

He yelled out his name without doubting what he saw.

"THAT'S SAWAMURA EIJUN! HELLO! HELLO!" Raichi jumps ups and downs, wanting to be noticed by Sawamura. The other teammates are trying to calm down Raichi's excitement but the monster batter isn's listening. But Sawamura can't see him because the team is blocking his view.

He got pissed off and made his voice louder. "SAWAMURA EIJUN! I AM HERE PLEASE NOTICE M-URK!" Raichi stopped midway when his father- Raizo cover his son's mouth to shut up and drag him inside the dugout to give him banana.

"You are such a pain in the ass-son, you know that? We get it you love the southpaw pitcher so much but can you shut the hell up? We are in defense and their top batter lineup will be dangerous. Mishima, you're up!" The coach instructed as the team ready their gear to defend the first inning.

Raizo grabbed Raichi's remaining banana and before his son can complain, he reminded him. "The southpaw is in dugout and don't flirt around, got it?" Raichi nodded as he run to the third base.

The head coach massage his head, lowering his temper because his stupid son is deeply love with the southpaw. Talking non-stop about him when they head home, screaming his name while he hit a ball and just smiling just by hearing his name.

"Raichi, don't start any ruckus when you face that guy you loved."


Yakushi is on defense while Seido is on offense. Mishima is the starter pitcher from Yakushi. Kuramochi is in the batter area.

My goal is to reach the first base.

With focus Kuramochi to clear his mindset to fullfilled his responsibility. He glance to Sawamura first who is in bullpen watching him along with Kawakami.

Sawamura, as always, cheers for him.


As the game started, Kuramochi smiled while he grip his bat, he will fullfill his responsibility and thanks to Sawamura's never-ending cheering for him.

Brat! I will show you what a cheetah can do!

Mishima fired his pitch, ball. Mishima fired another one, ball.

Raizo got pissed off. Mishima is aware his coach presence so he tried remain his posture to pitch confidently.

Mishima throws a sinker, Kuramochi hit it. Foul.
He throw forkball. Kuramochi made contact but failed. Foul.
Mishima throw another pitch but this time, another forkball barely in plate but Kuramochi thought this a chance to hit it but another failed contact. Full count.

"Ah, a southpaw who can throw a sinker and forkball." Kuramochi fixed his helmet, not minding the fill count as long his head its his responsibility to get in the first base.

Akiba noticed the tighten grip on Kuramochi, he looked at Mishima and indicate to throw a sinker as their finishing touch.

I wont lose to a southpaw of yours, Seido.

With that attitude, Mishima throw his pitch but Kuramochi respond on that pitch and give a hit to the right field.

Kuramochi is on the first base.

The whole crowd screamed in the stadium. Cheers went to each side of the team.

Mishima got pissed off, he gave a hit in their top line batter.

"AHAHAAH! Don't worry, Mishima. You can get outs later AHAHAHA" Raichi cheered on his friend, giving another way around to stop Seido from scoring.

Mishima doesn't understand how Raichi got interested in Seido's southpaw, the guy screams loudly and annoying but what attracts on him was his golden eyes. Maybe that's why he liked that man. He looked at the opponent's bullpen, he saw the southpaw cheerfully yelling on their lead-off teammate.

I wont lose to him.


"Damn, i got carried away." Kuramochi angrily said, taking off his equipment and lend it to Shirasu to help him.

"What do you mean?" Shirasu gathered the gears and noticed Kuramochi is glaring on someone who isn't welcome to his sight. He already knows who it is.


Shirasu look on where Kuramochi is glaring at and no surprising, it's Miyuki who is talking to Sawamura. He gave a light chuckled and patted Kuramochi's back.

"You're a type of man who gets jealous easily. If you wont run faster to the second base, Miyuki will steal him to you."

The shortstop got pissed off while seeing Shirasu walking back to the dugout.

"Ah crap! I surely will run on the second base, just you see, Shirasu."

The next batter will face Mishima is Toujou.

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Kuramochi is on the first base, the next batter will be Toujou.

Mishima tried to remain calm on the mound, getting a run surely lose his cool. He looked at Kuramochi with his long lead from the base. Seido is surely playing aggressively in just first inning.

Mishima look on the runner for a second and he throw his first pitch. Kuramochi with a smirk, advance to the second base. Faster like a cheetah.

Damn it! A base steal?

Akiba noticed the change of course seeing the ball fly away to the plate but he able to catch it. He didn't know why the batter didn't react on that, it can be fly on left fielder. And before he throw the ball to the second base, Kuramochi is already steal it.

The loud roar rings around the stadium. A succeed base steal. Kuramochi put his fist hand above the air, giving his teammates a pure success and taking the responsibility fullfillment.

The Yakushi players starts to yell for Mishima to calm him down. He is a bit tense with the sudden steal. Akiba, on the other hand, look at Toujou and in the dugout to see what will their next sign from their coach.

They sure made a great plan.

Akiba throw the ball back to tense up Mishima who is sweating a lot. But Yakushi keep their pace and cheer for their starter pitcher.

"Focus on batter, Mishima!"

"Stay focus!! AHAHAHAHA"

"Forget about the runner!"

No outs, runner on the second base. Yakushi needs to defend on this inning, if Seido scores, their momentum is up in their hand.

Mishima got distracted in such big lead Kuramochi was doing again. A bit tense yet pissed off, he throw the ball on the second base, safe.

"Nyahahaha!!" Kuramochi laughed, after the throw he gives another big lead. Mishima got really pissed off in this lead-off player, his composure is losing again.

Game start. Mishima is focus on the next batter, trying not to distract on the runner. Akiba called for a low pitch and when he does, Toujou low his hips and lightly bunt the ball. Mishima caught the rolling ball, he noticed Kuramochi is on third base so he threw the ball on the first base. Toujou out.

The crowd roar once again and cheer for a succeed sacrifice bunt. Toujou run to the dugout and get praise by his teammates.

Sawamura, out of no where, approach him quickly. "Toujou, good work! Did your bunt master taught you really well?" He happily asked. Toujou knows Sawamura likes to get praise by his fellow team. He found him really adorable. Toujou can't help his overwhelming feeling towards to Sawamura. In respond to that, he patted his head and whisper 'thank you' as he headed to the dugout.

Sawamura blush more and flash a big wide smile on his face. He glanced to Furuya with his firing aura inside the dugout.


The dugout freak out and walk away to Furuya with his overflow firing aura. This is definitely not good.

"Sawamura, come back here in bullpen." Miyuki called out who came from bullpen, letting Ono to catch for Nori. Sawamura salute on their captain and march back to the bullpen. Before he could go, the aura inside the bullpen feels intimidating. He shivers but he smirk.

Definitely not good with that man around.

Miyuki knows this can end his life but it seem fun. He pulled Sawamura back and put him on his side. He wrapped him arm around the relief pitcher's neck and pull him closer.

"CAPTAIN! WHAT'S TO BE THE PROBLEM? AND WHY ARE YOU SO CLOSE TO ME?!" Sawamura yelled, almost turning Miyuki's ears to deaf. He tighten the pull on Sawamura so he can tease him even more and he added with a tender sweet voice that he regret doing it.

"Want me to catch for you? ❤️"

Furuya fired a large hazing aura mixing with the other players, they witness Sawamura's blush and pushed him away. The relief pitcher is mixed with utterly ashamed, utterly embarrassed and wants to kill his favorite catcher for doing that. Miyuki can't hold back and laughed out loud. Sawamura's face is priceless and adorable. This can be the reason why the others adore him.

Miyuki keep teasing him. He wants to see his reaction even more.

"Don't you want to?"

Sawamura can't help it. He wanted to throw anyway.


Watching those two get Furuya impatient, the tingering feeling made him stand up and went to coach Kataoka. He can't stand it.

Kataoka really knows his player's behavior. He knows what he is going to reply.

"I said. You will not throw today."

With that one sentence. The dugout seem at in peace again.

One out, runner on third base. The next batter is Haruichi.

Mishima looked at Raizo, giving him a respond to give him a try to knock him out but this guy is a powerful batter with that wooden bat of his. Mishima nodded.

Raizo let out a frustrate sigh. Mishima a complete idiot will walk that guy on the base.

"Ah! Damn it! I hope he is ready to face the most dangerous player later." He looked at the bullpen, a player who is catching for his beloved son's future lover.

He let out aign again after thinking his son is head-to-toe on that guy. "Sheesh, i can't believe that idiot fell in love with another idiot."

"Ahaha! Don't worry, coach. He isn't the only one who love that guy." Raizo froze. Did he misheard it or is he just getting old?

Sanada who came from the shadow appoach to Raizo and sit next to him. Raizo glared at him.

"What are you talking about, Sanada?" He asked, keep glaring to their ace. Sanada smiled.

"This competition feels like we aren't fighting to Koshien." He replied. Raizo still confused on his statement. "Can you make it clear?"

From soft smile to smirk, he looked at the opposite bullpen and watched the pitchers.

Raizo got even more frustrated after realizing what he said.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Chapter Text

One out, runner on third base. The next batter is Haruichi.

Mishima looked at Raizo to give him any sign if they try to knock out this batter but appearantly, this batter is one powerful hitter even he used the wooden bat. Raizo gave him to try getting out the batter but what Mishima understand mistook his coach signs.

Raizo let out a frustrate sigh. Mishima a complete idiot will walk the batter on the base. Sanada trying to control his giggling.

Mishima was ready to throw the first pitch when a sudden eerie atmosphere flow around his body. He search around for a second to find who belongs it and when he found it, it was guy on the third base with flitching eyebrow looking at him.

"Eek!" Is he mad at me?!

Kuramochi always does his pissed off look when he is up to challenge with someone, he wont lose even how childish the game is. He can't stand how Miyuki is so close to Sawamura today. He is probably going to plan killing him after this but right now, he hopefully not affect on his play. What it important is how he will score.

Haruichi is on the batter zone. He bow to Akiba as he turn his face to the pitcher and a quick glance on Kuramochi. A dangerous gaze which noticed by Mishima.

Are you freaking serious? What is this feeling? It feels like we are not fighting them? Are they fighting each other?

A question stuck on Mishima's head. He don't know how this team functioning as whole but even so, the result of this is none other than the guy Raichi's likes.

The pink-haired batter form a fist hand closer to his curve lips. "You sure have guts, senpai." He mutter, gripping his wooden bat.

Akiba knows that Mishima is weak on this guy so they decide to walk him out. They heard another screaming frustration on their coach.

"Four Ball!" The umpire announced.

"HARUICHI DON'T SWEAT IT UP! YOU WILL GET THE HIT NEXT TIME!" Haruichi walked to the first base. It's easier now that they got their own momentum to get a score now but what matters on Haruichi is Sawamura's loud voice cheering him. He blushed.

Mishima is trying to remain calm, maintain his pace and confident because the next batter is Miyuki.

'The demon captain.'

'The bastard is here.'


Sawamura cheered their captain who is walking to the batter zone. Nori went to the dugout to rest for a bit along with Furuya. Shirasu and Zono got worried how will Miyuki will battle in here especially how he will manage his injury.

Mishima's worst enemy is now on the batter zone. He is one a big deal that he needs to stop. They need to face him and fight him or else he isn't strong enough. Mishima wants this to happen so this will their now-or-never challenge and prove that he is an ikemen with weakness.

"Koushuu, are you really sure you are going to Seido?" Even one footstep closer to the stadium, a guy with glasses and a tied white cloth on his head asked his fellow friend who reach the entrance of the stadium. It's not surprising because the stadium has a lot of numbers of audience with both parties cheering their perspective team.

The blond hair guy didn't bother to answer the question. The guy with glasses just nodded as they both go along to reach the stadium. Luckily, the game just started.

"I can't see him. I doubt he is going to play today." The glasses guy fixed his sight and focus on searching him. And they heard a loud and noisy person on the bullpen cheering for his teammates who are up against other team.

The glasses guy is about to speak when the blond hair guy- Okumura spoke at him before him. "Let us sit first, Taku. I just want to see the game." Seto who is in a state of shocked but no doubt he practically see him also. He just don't want to convey his feelings to others but Seto knows him. It's a love at first sight seeing the amber eyes of the pitcher in Seido. The strong determination, the willingness to fight and the couragement in those eyes. Which makes if really admirable.

Okumura finally found the amber eyes he had been looking for.

Chapter Text

The next batter is one famous catcher who went to various magazines with his highly performance and incredible plays which give him the high profile in Japan.

Miyuki Kazuya is walking to the batter area with astonished appeal and flashing appearance that made the opposite team (and even his team) feels intimidated. The players gave him an intense glare while the others are ready to put him down. He kept his smile pasted on his face with a clear mindset without any worries to think about. But the fear keep rising above to the core of his brain that made him grip his bat. He is just walking but the sudden ache on his lower ribs almost drop his bat. It almost gave him a mini heart attack but he still kept his posture.

Everything will be alright. The team needs me.

The scream and shouts he only could hear, not listening to his pounding heart of worries nor the cold sweats that are forming. Ignoring any possibilities that might happen and just go with the current situation. When he stepped on the batter area, Miyuki suddenly remember from his class about a situation that cannot be handle or control it and it's up to the person if he will face it or run away.

So.. this is flight-or-fight situation. I never thought of this can be a serious problem.

Miyuki put his bat on his shoulder, choking it tightly. He needs to perform at his best and ignore the injury. Even he is a little bit off today, he already know that the coach will switch him off soon but he wants to play until the end. He wants to win.

Kuramochi glare dagger on Miyuki, mentally killing the catcher if he made error on this. Haruichi giving a small lead, his eyes are focus on the pitcher.

The game starts. Mishima making quick glance on the two opposite bases occupied by Seido's players. Akiba already giving him a sign to focus on the batter because if they didn't take the guy on the batter out, the momentum will be theirs in the entire game. Mishima nodded when indicate his mitt low to the batter.

How many attempts did he take to clear his mind? This feeling of worries is drifting him off which can affect on his play. Miyuki choked his bat once again. Anything he could think of, any possible way to put his focus on the game. He tried to breathe in and out and closed his eyes. What can help him focus on the game? What is the alternative to make himself calm? What is it?


His voice...

Miyuki got his attention back in the game when Mishima throw his first pitch. Low and away. Miyuki didn't react on the throw. And the umpire announced.

"Strike one!"

Even what the doctor's advice to not pitching for the final game, Furuya is still not giving up to convience Kataoka to put him on the mound. Despite his foot injury, he still wants to play with his teammates to reach the Koshien.

For a long time, Furuya feels like he is a right place that baseball is a fun sport. He never had one friend or a teammate who can play with him because he is a monster. With his quiet atmosphere, he grew up without anything regarding what baseball feels like. But now, it felt like he is in a right family.

By watching inside the dugout and getting impatient on how his favorite catcher making an appeal in the field, its like he is owning his stage. Their ace fired up his aura once again to convience his coach one more time. But it all ended with a 'No' from his coach which he felt disappointed.

"GO CAPTAIN! GO FOR HIS FIRST PITCH!!" Furuya glanced near his side to see his fellow first years along with his second years are cheering for their captain. However, his eyes always lead to this one annoying player and a former rival pitcher. It was confusing at first to verify what his feelings towards their relief pitcher and from just a brief moment he realized it when Sawamura has a high looked up to Miyuki. This feeling never let go so he challenge their captain last night. This urge feeling that keeps bothering him, the thought that Sawamura will steal from him, he couldn't settle his rattle feelings towards the catcher. He wanted to fight him in order to steal him.

Furuya never had a strong feelings to someone but this person keeps reminding himself that he was the reason why playing baseball is fun. He didn't know exactly how it all started but his tiresome behavior can turn out surprisingly cute. Every part of Sawamura's appearance are gorgeous to his view. It was like an angel keeps him alive with his flashing eyes.

The relief pitcher is busy cheering for his teammate. Furuya take a chance to slowly move closer to Sawamura's place. He not sure why his body automaticly moving which an inidication to hug him from the back. He wants to fight his compulsive action but he wants this person so badly.

In few inches away to hug him, Furuya suddenly stopped when someone grabbed his shoulder.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" Kanemaru asked, gripping his hand on his shoulder. Furuya didn't bother to answer him. Kanemaru added, "Just tell me what you are doing?" Furuya never thought someone on his team is extremely mad on him. He just want to hug this person, nothing else. Furuya also noticed the presence that giving by his teammates, the presence of anger. He got surprised from their reaction but he intended not to show it.

"What's up Kanemaru?" The two individual are shooked when Sawamura looked at them with confusion. Kanemaru released Furuya's shoulder as he respond to him.

"It's none in your business, Sawamura. Just keep cheering for Miyuki-senpai."

"But i saw you gripping on Furuya's shoulder, did something happened?" Sawamura insisted to know the answer. Kanemaru puzzled his thought to make an excuse quickly. Sawamura can be an idiot most of the time but an idiot like him can fully understand what he is in situation. Sawamura pouted, the silent become uncomfortable.

"If something happened, we can talk about this later. Right now, we need to cheer our captain because look he is in batter zone." Sawamura pointed his finger to where Miyuki is standing as he uproar his voice. Furuya and Kanemaru looked at each other, no words open. They went to their places where Furuya seat back to his place and Kanemaru back from cheering again.

It was an awkward situation for this team, even Shirasu is bewilded on what happened. He hopefully thought this team will not affect and do their best just because of this one person. Shirasu knows the presence of his fellow teammates, intensely glaring on Furuya.

He glanced on Sawamura, a boy that mostly Seido likes. It's like he has this magic that he turned everyone become adore to him.

Oh Sawamura, i hope you are aware on what's happening.

He wished that this day will be over soon because he can't stand the eerie feeling inside the dugout. He was glad that the coach is focus on the game but his instinct keep bothering him that Kataoka is watching them earlier. He hopefully that coach wont point this out.

Chapter Text

In such situation where they can score in first inning to obtain their momentum to challenge Yakushi. All their expectations lies on the captain who is now in a state of battling himself with his overwhelming thoughts. He is having a difficult time to search anything to clear his mind and to focus on his batting. The sudden tension on his lower left rib is starting to ache even more. He bit his lower lip to bear the pain for a moment. He just needs to hit straight to the center field so Kuramochi can run straight home.

While Yakushi's pitcher is busy looking to his opposite sides, the captain took his time to take a deep breathe to ease his pounding heart and ignore his aching rib but his mind just started to cloud again. Shit! In just few moment to spare, he needs to think something quick as possible when the pitcher starts to move his body to throw the ball. Miyuki recollect his thoughts and tries to justify what he can do to control his underlying pressure. Any possible way to focus on his play. Anything.

Mishima nod as he throw his first pitch to where Akiba indicated. Miyuki's luck isn't his side when his nerves suddenly halt him and his unable to move. The sudden pressure caught up on his left arm. Miyuki mentally cursed himself, what can he do in this situation? It’s giving him a big anxious to himself. Will he able to play until the end when his coach caught him with his injury? Will he able to win? Is he going to run away or continue fighting?

Until he come up something random to calm him down. He listen to the voices around him, trying to search the noises from the audience, avoiding the voices inside his head until this one particular voice is able to hear it, loud and clear to his ears.


His voice...

"Wha-" Miyuki made a horrible cracked voice which Akiba got shooked on what he heard but gladly he able to catch the pitch. It was low and away from the plate. Miyuki lightly blush on what he did, he fixed his posture by encircled his arm with his bat and hopefully that the catcher didn't heard him. How embarrassing...

The umpire announced what he witness, "Strike one!" Miyuki sighed, the luck is really not his side. He fixed his helmet and his sport glasses. It's not his intention to give a strike, he hopefully do his best to perform good during his plays or he let his team be down because of his unnecessary actions. But it bothers him what across his mind, its just by hearing his loud, bashful voice- Badump.


Mishima give a smirk to his coach and making a signal that he can stop this handsome catcher. Raizo gave a thumbs up to Mishima which the southpaw blush with the inverbal way to compliment him. He is proud on what he did even it's just a first strike out after numerous wasted balls he did earlier.

Raizo eat one banana to make him think who is his next pitcher to put on the mound. He wanted Sanada to take over but what he said earlier make him change his mind. He will go on that later. For a mean time of decision, his eyes land on his son who is securing the third base and cheering his teammates. He made a frustrated sighed, rubbing his hair in anger but this will be for awhile to let his son to try this. Yakushi is outnumbered in players, after the third years are gone, it felt like they are incomplete family. It thanks to them it feels like he is home once again and he just needs to help his team to rebuild when they win this match. Raizo take his time to make his players rebuild by trying something they know they will enjoy. This is baseball, a sport where everyone can play any position they wanted to try.

It's not a bad decision to let his son try in doing different position not just batting him. But it was a terrible thing that he son wanted to be a pitcher because he got inspired to his beloved southpaw. He thought it is just an accident that his son fell in love to this pitcher. He just thought of it, hopefully his eyes isn't deceiving him but it's not. During practices, Raichi throw nasty yet heavy pitches which some of his catcher can't manage to catch and took time to get those fastball. But it was a satisfaction that have another tool to fight the strong team.

Raizo put the skin of the banana in the trash and he noticed that his son is giving a glance inside the opposite dugout which the lefty southpaw cheering on his team. Raichi making a face of determination to face that man, wanting to hit every pitchers he face-off is what he desires but loving the boy is what he likes the most. Raizo massage his head to cool of his boiling point of his mind. He hopefully gets the win and finish everything before everything turn out to be a disaster.

"Neh, coach." Raizo looked at their ace, eyes full of challenge while watching the game. He looked at his coach with his smile. "Are you going to change Mishima to Raichi soon, right?" Sanada asked. Raizo didn't answer him. "Raichi will be his second time to be a pitcher in this tournament. I just hopefully he can maintain on the mound because..." Sanada scratch the back of his head, the anxious looked showed on his face. Raizo disapproved on his reaction.

"...being on the mound is difficult when you face the batters."

"Quick babbling around, Sanada." And this time, Raizo is the one scartching his neck. He knows what will happen to his son and he is ready to change pitchers anytime.

As he continued, "My son just want to face his beloved pitcher and I am sure you are excited also." Sanada thought his coach will scold him once again but gladly he is up for it. Sanada is not sure if he can face the southpaw with his bouncing heart. He is indeed excited to face him or maybe try to flirt him around. He loves to see how the southpaw reacts again, every expression, every movement and everything. He can't wait to see him in the field.

Raizo and Sanada looked up to watch the game when Miyuki hit Mishima's pitch but missed.


Badump, badump

This isn't good. My heart can't stop pounding i even waste a hit.

Miyuki choked his bat again. One strike and one foul. The second pitch is a forkball that he wanted to hit but it was miss due to his state of mind that keeps appearing in his head.

Sawamura, get off in my mind.


Sawamura scream loudly as he could, the only way to wake up their captain is to scream his full name. Kanemaru yelled at Sawamura to shut up while Haruichi is trying to calm him down. Miyuki tries to inhale and exhale, calming his heart is what he needs to do right now but yelling his full name isn't helping at all. It made his heart beating so heavily that might affect his play again. He heard the complain noises of Sawamura that he gladly can focus on his game.

Miyuki's heart wont shut it even he wanted to. It's loud, that felt his adrenaline rushing to his veins. Miyuki thought there is something against his chest, squeezing it tightly that he felt suffocate to handle. It felt like Sawamura is responsible with all of this actions.

Akiba wanted to ask if the captain is alright with his plays. It surprised him how he scream earlier which he thought there something hurt him but seems not. Akiba put his mitt in the middle, Mishima nodded. They both agreed with this pitch, they will take out him.

Remain calm as he could, Mishima throw his signature pitch but this one looks nasty. Miyuki hit the pitch but suddenly his lower rib twisted that made the impact of the ball isn't what he expected. Mishima caught the ball and threw it back to Akiba to shut the lead-off then he throw it to the second base where the pink-haired boy barely make it. Yakushi made a double play.

Yakushi prevent Seido from scoring and they defend the inning. It's about time to change gears.

Miyuki took off his helmet, his sweats are gaining more than usual. The pain is too much for him to bear the entire inning. He is about to take his gears when he felt the presence of his teammates are looking at him. Miyuki don't have much time to deal with them but what caught him made his heart pound heavily was Sawamura is glaring at him.

Chapter Text

The crowd watch the Seido, looking at them in disbelief. It almost there but they failed. Yakushi shows no mercy and definitely put their strengths to stop them. For a mean time while the players went back to dugout, Kataoka called Kawakami to be the starter pitcher and instruct him on what he said last night meeting.

“You will carry the team by your pitching. If you can perform accord to your performance, you will stay until the end. So do your best.” It felt overwhelmed by those words but he will do the role while their ace is resting. He shrug off all his worries as he nod to his coach. “Yes sir!”

Near the equipment area where some players having small chats about the line-up of Yakushi and how they will able to stop them. However, Kuramochi is not in pleasant mood after witnessing the poor performance of their captain. He keep glaring on him until Zono approach him.

“Hey, Kuramochi, is there something bothering you?” He asked, fixing his cap. The glare of the shortstop is intense so Zono give a slight of glance over to whom he is glaring on until he never said a word and just put his hand on Kuramochi’s shoulder. “Now now, the game is still ongoing. You need to control your anger for now and deal with him later on.” Zono adviced, leaving the shortstop to go on the field. It’s true that its still not the end of the match but what bothers him is Miyuki showing a sign of weakness. He always put himself in burden and laugh about it. It’s a bad mechanism if you ask him but he knows that he can overcome it. Kuramochi put his glove and fix his cap to go to the field. He glance over to Miyuki one more time and suddenly his anger snap again.

Making an inappropriate error during crucial moment. He cannot believe how he let those strikes passed him. It was unbelievable to perform very poorly in this game. He had various complains on what he did but can’t blame himself. It was hard to accept.

I want to play until the end.

He control his heavy breathing and wipe his overflowing sweat around his face. The game still ongoing but he feels really, really weak. What a bad timing to have this, he thought.

But Miyuki was dealing with the stirring feeling about what happened earlier. It’s something that he couldn’t understand how it got in that situation. It was unexpected to occur on him.

It felt like Sawamura’s voice reach out deeply to his mind and feels like a laser beam right into his heart. It felt so different but why?

“Oy Sawamura, where are you going?” Kanemaru asked who is putting his baseball glove on. Sawamura just walk away without saying a word on Kanemaru.

“Tch! Not again, you idiot.” After what happened last night or the last couple of days. Kanemaru feels irritated whenever Sawamura is not listening to him, It’s not like he never listen to him but rather his attention is on someone or something. It irritates him. All the things happening to Seido, this is far the worst. Having a sudden annoying yet comfortable feeling to someone drawns on to you until it gets deeply. Kanemaru silently cursed at himself, blushing slightly and thinking how he fell in love with THAT idiot.


Miyuki top prior right now is to stop the enemy from scoring. After few adjustment of the belts, fixing the elbow and knee supports, and put on his helmet. He breathe slowly, avoiding everything to cause him distress along with his injury. It might be a long game but he hopefully fight over it.

A sudden loud voice yell at him, calling by his full name. He hopefully don’t want to hear his voice now, not right now.



Not again.

“What do you want?” Miyuki asked, looking at the southpaw but returns immidiately on what he is doing. Firstly, Sawamura didn’t speak, he let out a deep breath. He just wanted to critisize on his captain for performing badly but it made it stop coming from his mouth.


“What was that about?”

“Nothing.” He isn’t sure what he is going to say. “Just don’t go on your way just because you’re the captain of this team.”

Miyuki halt for a moment, staring on Sawamura who is blushing again. He doesn’t know if this guy is always late in every news in the team. Is he concern on him? Just because he made errors? And blaming his captain duty?

And as usual, Miyuki laugh really hard, wrapping his belly. He always this interesting ever since.

“WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?! I AM SHOWING CONCERN ON YOU! YOU MEANY BASTARD FOUR-EYES!” Sawamura puffed his cheeks in annoyance, cannot understand this man’s brain. He might thought that he always joke around. Miyuki inhaling to absorb oxygen while calming from laughter.

“I am not laughing at you, moron.”


“Haha! But your expression is really funny.”


The little bickering of the two made an intense aura from Miyuki’s back and he is fully aware of this. He still want to tease more but most of the team is on the field.

“Haha! Go back in the bullpen and catch for Ono. I am going to play now.” Miyuki walk pass on Sawamura but he stop to whisper something that Sawamura could hear. “We’ll definitely win. Trust me.”

Sawamura heard him loud and clear. He always believe on him even how brat, irritating, bastard he is, he always have a respect on him.

He smirk on their captain making his way to the field. Kawakami is on the mound, shouldering everything to unleash his ability in his pitching. Sawamura run back to the dugout to ask Ono to catch for him. Before that, Furuya walk towards him and made Sawamura freak out.

“Furuya, you scared me. What ‘s the matter?” Sawamura asked, Ono is front of him drinking water. Furuya stared on Sawamura for a minute. The southpaw tilt his head and he said, “You should be resting, don’t move around the dugout.” Furuya locked his eyes on him, don’t want to speak nor don’t want to move. Sawamura started to freak out but before he move away from Furuya, the monster pitcher grabbed his arm. Sawamura is freaking out but what shock him when Furuya said something he absolutely no idea how to respond.

“I won’t lose to him.”


Chapter Text

After getting a three strikes to a power player and a double play earlier. The Yakushi team got their confident after preventing their opponent team from scoring. It’s now their time to score to take advantage.

The bench players praise each of their teammates who made an excellent play-offs, especially on Mishima’s pitching. Raizo smiled on his team putting an aggressive play, reliable players and teamwork to work hard in this match, but despite all of that, the game is still beginning and its too early to celebrate. They made a fantastic effort and with this confident build up, it hope remain consistent until the end.

Seido team is part of strong team, they even appeared in Koshien. Yakushi, however, never step on that stadium, even during his high school career. The only way Raizo will do is to give everything he got to carry his team to play in Koshien to play different well-known strong school in Japan. This is what he wants to achive in this current life he had.

He firstly instructed his team such as giving signs and follow them coordinately since Seido successfully does their job in order to score. All of them nodded as they headed over to change their gears. He was busy looking at his team when suddenly his son surprised him from the back by asking, “Is Sawamura Eijun-chan will be a pitcher for this inning?” Raichi flashed a huge glittery eyes with his smile reach over his ears and bouncing like a kid expecting an answer to his teacher.

Raizo calm himself first by patting his chest and catching his breathe, his son almost gave him a heart attack. He looked at his son, prepare to scold him for doing that but he sighed instead. He glance over the opponent team and search to his beloved son’s southpaw pitcher if he will be the pitcher for this inning. Unfortunately, he saw Kataoka is talking to a sidearm pitcher. Raizo give a sigh in relief.

“Your beloved pitcher isn’t pitching this inning i guess.” Raizo answered, patting on Raichi’s head. Even how he used to his son’s ruckus, noisy, annoying behavior he still can’t believe that he behaves this way. It was like he is seeing a different son. Raichi smiled softly but in saddening one, he couldn’t wait to face-off his beloved pitcher to appear on the mound and show again his ability with his nasty pitches. Maybe not his time to show up.

Raizo rushly added, “But i bet he will play later just wait for it.” Raichi made his usual smile again and suddenly hysterically laugh again. It was for a better good since his son is a type of man who easily get emotional. Raizo sighed, atleast he is back in his usual self again.

The players tries to calm Raichi from being excited again while he walk to the baseball equipment and grab his bat. It was no good when Raichi begin to swing his bat, a prepartion to take down the sidearm pitcher. The players walk away from Raichi since his swings are dangerous. He can’t wait to hit more, the eagerness is keeping him impatient. This sidearm is a big deal also. Raichi wont hesitate to any pitchers, he will hit those pitches far as he could until his beloved southpaw pitcher is on the mound. He’ll be waiting for him.

— —

Kawakami throw the last ball to Miyuki until his shoulder is loosen up. The expectation, worries, confidence are all in his hand with the ball he is holding. Kataoka is sure a promising coach giving this simple task to him. He work so hard to able to reach in this stage, he will not failed Kataoka on this. He is always prepared to fight.

The team cheers for the sidearm pitcher on the mound but suddenly he feel tense up and puts him in pressure instead. It begin to sink him up the heavy atmosphere around him. It felt happy that his coach give this role but his anxiety keeping hin occupy. He is not the ace and yet-

“Stay focus, Nori!” Kawakami snapped back in reality after Miyuki shouted his name and spread his arms indicating him to stay calm. Kawakami nod in respond. Miyuki sign in relief seeing Kawakami relax, he was a little worried when saw his shoulders are tensing up. It might be how coach instruct him or other else. He punch his mitt to calm him down, he is not yet done with his aching body but he needs to perform his duty now.

The game is on, top of the batting of Yakushi and Akiba is the first batter to face Kawakami. Miyuki move his mitt inside the area of the batter, Kawakami nodded. He lift his left hip and once the foot is on the ground, he pull his right shoulder forward from the side and he release it. The ball made it in the plate and the empire announced.

“Strike one!” He put his fist upward. Akiba look quiet amazed that he shot the inside pitch but that’s not he is waiting for. Miyuki watches Akiba choke his bat. The captain called for a sinker, which Kawakawi feels confident of. The sidearm pitcher smiles on him, with his sinker he will boost his self-esteem. Kawakami throws his second pitch, Akiba got confused at the course of the ball and miss it. Strike two.

Akiba keep his cool, he’ll definitely hit the last. Miyuki lower his mitt, indicating to throw one of his breaking ball. Kawakami keep his smile as he roar his last pitch. Akiba got a chance to hit the ball that can flew in the fielders when it suddenly break the direction. He got shook when the ball went to the in-fields as the player catch the ball and throw to the first base. One out. Same goes to the second batter that made one strike and a hit from the in-fields. Two outs.

The next batter is Mishima who luckily hit the first pitch of Kawakami and landed on the center field. He made it to the first base despite how lack he is in stamina.

‘I made it, coach. I made it.’ Mishima making a crying victory with a thumbs-up. Raizo sighed with his annoyance but with the effort, thanks to him, he give the whole team a boost.

Miyuki scratch the back of his neck, he can guess that guy is a one-hella-lucky man. Kawakami’s course of his ball should be in the inside but forget it. He might a little tense up since that guy shut him up.

‘Nori, focus. Our real deal is the other two right now.’ Miyuki look at Raichi walking to the batter zone and Sanada next. Kawakami take a small breath, putting up his pace again. He made a mistake earlier but neverlethness, this one is a deal now.

When the monster batter reach the batter area, his excitement once again build up from his body to his hands. A sharp smile and his burning soul who can only stand a brave pitcher to throw a pitch to him.

Give me Sawamura Eijun-chan.

Chapter Text

One thing Furuya never do is to speak out his own feelings. He never share it because he believe that he is the only one who could understand himself. Being self-aware and not pushing to drawn the line between himself and the external world. His love for baseball is more enough to enjoy his company with the others. But is it enough?

It all began during the time Sawamura got the yips.

Furuya never felt so lonely during pitching practice in the bullpen. He is with Miyuki to play catch and focus on improving his ability. He heard that Sawamura is banned for pitching due to his yips, the coach also put a heavy training to overcome his situation like he runs every morning until the end of practice. Even summer is already ended the heat is still remain consistent. Furuya in a silent distress, throws the ball hardly and away on Miyuki’s mitt.

Too high... Miyuki raised his left arm to catch the ball above him and thank goodness he catch it. He took a deep sigh and glance on Furuya. He asked, a little concern. “Is there something wrong, Furuya? You are a little off this practice.” He’s worried that there is troubling around him and he don’t want to end up like what happen to Sawamura.

The monster pitcher didn’t speak, he look around his hand, observing every corner of it. The look of the southpaw pitcher is pasted in his mind, it keeps appearing everytime he begins to think serious things.

After Sawamura switch out in their practice game with Yakushi, he don’t want to leave the mound. When Furuya run over to the mound and want the ball, Sawamura seem don’t want to let it go. He looked defeated, lost and loss of hope. Furuya felt his heart sank seeing him in this state. He never do something to help him, even he is his former rival, he wanted to offer a help but he can’t do anything. Furuya, if his honest and can speak about his feelings openly, it feels nice, warm and comfortable when Sawamura is always around him. Being noisy, being ruckus, being annoying but he found it really enjoyable. Their differences always stood up infront of everyone but they always stay together, not just they are in the same year but they called themselves as friends.

Miyuki just stared at Furuya who blew by the wind and lost himself in the air. “If you keep spacing out like that I will stop catching for you.” Furuya come back to his sense after hearing the catcher and made a hesitation to his aura.

The catcher laughed and added, “I will stop when we reach 20 pitches, Rei-chan and the coaches are calling me this afternoon. We need to stick our schedule for preparation in Fall tournament.” He bend his knees and put his mitt in the middle. “And also, if you keep your ball fly away from my direction, i am gonna decrease your pitching with me.” Furuya let out his flame of aura and Miyuki keep laughing at him.

“How about 50 more pitches, Miyuki-senpai.” He didn’t even listen to what he just said.

“No. Just 20 is enough.”


“No butts.”

“I want to pitch more.”

The captain can’t bear his insisting request. He is not the only catcher in the team. “I said no more.”

The two finish their session together but Furuya keep insisting for more and Miyuki keep scolding him to halt their practice. The catcher sigh in annoyance, how greedy this monster pitcher.

Before Miyuki could walk to the coach staffs, Furuya suddenly asked him which the catcher surprised from it.

“Miyuki-senpai, what would you do when your friend is in trouble?”

It was out of the blue question and what seem to surprised him is Furuya have a friend? Well, maybe he consider the young Kominato and Sawamura are his friends since they are the same level or maybe outside baseball. Even so, Miyuki still surprised on him but feels relief that he had a friend he is concern of. He needs to help him somehow. He have trouble at first how he will deliver on what he is going to say but he just speak what he commonly thought about it.

“I don’t know how to respond on that since i don’t have a friend to begin with so to answer your question is maybe how you able to convince your friend and find ways to help him sort of by staying by their side in case they need confrontation.“ He isn’t sure if it is a right answer but he hopefully that Furuya won’t ask for more since he had important things to do. And Furuya’s look is not convincing as what he expected. But what shocked him is what Furuya said.

“I thought Kuramochi-senpai is your best friend.”

The monster pitcher titled his head, his expression remain unchange but the tone of his voice sounds confused. Miyuki starts to lose cool because of his persisting attitude. But that question went to his mind, did he even consider Kuramochi a friend? They become classmate until recently and they both always talk to each other even some other times Kuramochi grabbed his collar and him causually laughing at him. He don’t see something special or so called friend at all. But Kuramochi is a good company.

“If you thought that him and me being friends. He mostly prefer killing me than calling him a friend. Haha!” Miyuki being his usual self, laugh while he walk back to his track. “I have captain duty to do. You can call someone on the team to catch for you. Later.”

Furuya watch the catcher moving on his way. He signed, letting the heat hit his bare skins. He suddenly feel lonely again. He really miss the noisy player, calling his name outlouad and running each other that turn out to a sprint. He miss his competation with him. He took off his cap and wipe his sweat all over his forehead. The sun is shining brightly in the depts of afternoon. He wants to enjoy baseball once again together with him.

“Come back in full condition, Eijun.”

— —

All the noises came from the team made fuzz over Sawamura is still in the team. They keep gossiping him, talking about he don’t deseve to be in regular. Furuya’s ears are ringing in this noises of his class, he can’t take them too much. He close his eyes, hands cup up both of his ears and he focus his mind to avoid them. If only Furuya has a loud mouth he can shut the people around him but he can’t. How can he do to stop them?

Trying to make his mind silent, a thin voice called out him. “Furuya-kun, are you alright?” It’s Haruichi. He remember that the pink-haired will give his notes and also teach him in earlier lecture. It’s already break time.

Haruichi who barely can’t see his expression because of his eyes are covered by his bangs but he knew that he sounds concern. “Is there bothering you? Is it about the class talks about Eijun-kun?” The monster pitcher nods, opens the notebook and begin to scribble. Haruichi continue speaking, “Eijun-kun is working hard in the passed days, running every practice until its done and it worries me. I am relief that he still in the team but i hope his yips will be gone.” The pink-haired sits on an empty seat, hand on his chin while he watch Furuya scribbing on his notes. He is done and the next thing they do is Haruichi recalling the lecture earlier. But before they proceed, Furuya said something that Haruichi couldn’t believe.

“I believe on Eijun.” It’s just a simple sentence but it came from his feelings. Furuya who barely talks, said about Sawamura. Haruichi smiled, blush flushing on his cheeks. “I believe in him also.”

— —

“I won’t lose to him.”

Those words were spill on its own. He tighten his grip a little so Sawamura won’t escape. He’s in a little panic, he don’t know how he will explain his action. He’s just can’t take it seeing Sawamura act around when Miyuki does something to him. He dislikes it.

“Huh?!” Sawamura scream, furrowing his eyebrows in what his former rival said. It’s freaks him out on why Furuya doing this all of the sudden, spilling out nonsense that he don’t have idea what is he talking about.

“I won’t lose to him.” Furuya repeated.

“What are you talking about, Furuya? Are you alright?” Sawamura unconsciously touch Furuya’s forehead as if he have a fever. The monster pitcher blush by the touch and Sawamura move back by the sudden react, blushed back on Furuya. Cannot tolerate the scene anymore, Ono made his way to the center, splitting the two away to each other.

Ono command Asou to let the two sit down. He then observe his surroundings if everyone is paying attention to them but in relief they are focus on the game. Ono look at Furuya first but not want to look on Sawamura who is confused in the situation. He told Asou to keep Sawamura occupied and maybe change the course on what he is thinking. Asou nodded and went to sit near Sawamura. It was in the middle of the game and Furuya made another inappropriate movement towards Sawamura. How this man able to resist.

Last night, Ono witness the commotion of the respected battery. The challenge fired-up even the first years are up against to this monster pitcher- but not in baseball related- it was to Sawamura Eijun. He can’t make a conclusion how it turn out everything into something more problematic in the team. It’s alright for falling in love but he didn’t expected they fall into one particular person.

When Ono made up his mind to ask some questions to Furuya, the monster pitcher made an apologenic look and say ‘sorry’ to Ono. “It surprised me also to do something to him. I didn’t mean to.” He continued, he lower his head but he keep his eyes on Sawamura. Ono just smile, maybe Furuya really ever see someone special to him. He put his hand on Furuya’s shoulder and went to his side to sit down.

“Do control your actions Furuya. You know there are other players are up to him.” Furuya fired up his aura again. There are more? Other than Miyuki?

Ono couldn’t understand him but he give a light chuckle. Ono give another quick advice that they need support on their team and deal with this unrelated problem later. Furuya nodded. Then a sudden burst of scream coming from a loud mouth person, Asou put both of his hands together, not wanting to get deaf. Sawamura blowing airs on his nostrils, pointing at Furuya in anger. Asou might said something but it reliefs.


How thankful that Sawamura is dense in the situation. It might a big problem if he is aware. Asou giving an apology gesture to Ono. And the catcher waved his hand and let the two duel to each other. Furuya fired up once again, with bigger aura around him and Sawamura screaming to stop it.

They won’t pitch for a mean time unless Kataoka instruct them. Ono was suddenly called by Kataoka and when he approach him, Ono was surprised on what his coach said.

“Tell the two pitchers to throw on the bullpen. And check Furuya’s condition if he can throw.”

It is a relief for Ono to have an idea to ease the situation earlier. Focus in the game. Ono nodded on his coach and went back to his place where the two are together cheering the team.

Chapter Text

Kawakami starts to feel heavy on his shoulders, the confident change into a sudden drastic pressure. If he is not mistaken, this guy puts down lots of pitcher by his dangerous swings and crazy home runs. Todoroki Raichi. Kawakami swallow his saliva, hearing his beating heart becoming louder and louder when the monster batter walking slowly to the batter zone. He breathe in and slowly easing his pace and try putting up to challenge this monster. Raichi devilishly smiles, putting up his bat to prepare any pitch that can connect.

Two outs, player on the first base. Miyuki put up his mitt once again calling up a sinker. Kawakami shooked his head, a sinker in first pitch? But Miyuki didn’t mind, he will help Kawakami to bring back his confident. He can do it. If it were hitted, there are reliance team at the back.

Kawakami nodded, smiles tenderly. Putting up his strengths in his heart and believe, he throws his first pitch. Raichi didn’t react seeing the ball is not near the plate.

“Ball!” The umpire announced. Miyuki throws the ball back to Kawakami, atleast the sidearm pitcher have the remain build-up in his mental state. Raichi choked his bat, his burning expression gives an extreme intidimidating aura on the pitcher. Kawakami let out a small air, calming himself as he throw the second pitch outside. Strike.

“Amazing!” Raichi murmured, looking on the catcher’s mitt. I wonder if the next pitch would be a slider. Putting up his bat again and choke it. Miyuki glance on the monster pitcher, he seems desperate to hit now. Miyuki put his mitt inside the area of the batter. Kawakami nodded as he execute his arms and throw it. Raichi saw the ball coming on his direction as he made contact on it but made passed on him. “Foul!”

Raichi didn’t mind at all. He’s waiting for the pitch he wanted. The Yakushi team cheers loudly along with Mishima. Seido team does also for Kawakami. Miyuki spread his arms once again and put his mitt which Kawakami surprised. A Sinker will do. Kawakami smiled and nodded, he change his grip and when he is prepared, he fired up.

The monster didn’t even have chance to think when the ball slides to his direction. With a devilish smile, he fired up aura as he swing his bat and smash the pitch he wanted. The swing is not hard but it went to the right field. Mishima tried his best to run on the second base while Raichi runs while laughing.

And now, where is Sawamura Eijun-chan at?

As he step in the first base, Raichi look around his surroundings and the dugout. From a devilish smile turn into a sweet lovely smile, he saw the brunette hair with a yellow glowing eyes on the bullpen pitching along with the raven hair tall pitcher. He watches the two bickering to each other and could hear his pitcher’s voice.


“No can do. Ono-senpai told me to pitch first”

The monster pitcher just look at angry Sawamura, screaming out his frustration on him. He found it really fond in his behavior and he will not get enough to it. That’s it. Turn your eyes on me.

“Tch! I will wait for my turn.” The relief pitcher pouted but still mad, move himself away from the monster pitcher place and lean his back on the wall. Ono finally arrived with his protective gears. He firstly ask some questions on Furuya before he go to the opposite side.

“Furuya, tell me what you feel on your right foot, okay? Start your first pitch!” Ono place his mitt on the middle. Furuya nodded, he turn his whole body to face Sawamura. He cover half of his face by his baseball glove, he form a sweet smile and a light blush when Sawamura is watching him. When he decide his grip, he lift his left hip as he move it to his side. He twisted his body and hoan his right arm forward to the catcher’s place. The speed is remarkably amazing and Ono catch it with a loud thud on his mitt.

Ono smiled, “Nice pitch, Furuya. So how’s your right foot?”

“Nothing much a pain. Can we pitch a little more?” He requested. Ono nodded to him. “Yeah sure.”

Mishima yell on monster batter, who seem not moving to what he is watching. “Raichi, focus on the base! Sanada-senpai is on the bat now. Stay focus!” Raichi was just watching the two a far. He was willing to show his skills to impress his beloved pitcher but he was occupied by that tall man. He form his fist, gritting his teeth in anger. He curl his lips downward, not wanting to cry on what he witness. Once he made his appearance on the moud, he will show his best to impress even more.

— —

“Oh, so he noticed that also.” Sanada reach the batter zone, watching the little monkey who is settle up to run. Sanada smirked.

“Who are you talking about?” Sanada suddenly interupted by the catcher near him. Miyuki glace on him but quickly move his sight on the pitcher. He surely heared what he said so he wait for his answer. Miyuki put his mitt as he wait Kawakami to throw his first pitch.

“Nah~ It is about our strong batterman who has an interest in your relief pitcher.”

Say what... He got distracted on the ace player when Kawakami throw his first pitch. The ball just went to straight to his mitt and Sanada not reacted to it. He sigh in relief when he able to catch it.

Not the one I am waiting. Raizo give him a word in trying hitting the sidearm pitcher’s breaking balls earlier. “It’ll be a very tricky to hit them but just try it and observe it. I have a trust you on this.” Sanada light chuckled, he will try his best to execute what Raizo said. He choke his bat, the next pitch might be the one he is waiting for.

Nothing can bother to Miyuki in what this player have said to him. He throw the ball back to Kawakami after getting a ball called by the umpire. Miyuki put his mitt lower, expecting a slider for the next pitch. Kawakami nodded, preparing to throw the second pitch.

“And also...” Miyuki was focused on the pitch when Sanada interupt him again and that made the captain surprised in when he heard the last sentence.

“... give me your beloved relief pitcher.”

Sanada hit the slider onto the right field as he run to the base. Same with Mishima and Raichi. Miyuki was in a state of shock and curse himself for failing a call to Kawakami. But the fielders made their appearance to do their own role in the game. Shirasu able to catch the ball and put up his feet on the square white, he threw it right on Zono who is in the third base then he throw it to Haruichi on the second. A succeed double play.

The roar become loud and clear in the audience. Both team shows aggressively and incredible game plays in first inning. The second inning is about to open.

— —

Down the road near Inashiro Industrial School, it’s already been one hour and a half when the game starts. Itsuki is having a trouble carrying a large bag on his hands, waiting for a taxi to come. He glanced on the blonde hair who is busy looking on his watch, impatiently.

Itsuki firstly speak up in their queit atmosphere. “Mei-san, the game already started. What should we do?” He wanted to watch the game too. The stadium is not far away to their school but Mei is not in a mood to walk now. The blonde hair guy twitch his eyebrow and look at his young catcher, pointing at him. “Do you have a better plan to make? Carlos texted me that the both teams haven’t score yet. Just stay your ass there and wait for few more minutes.” Mei back on his watch and check his phone for a while then stuff it back on his pocket. Itsuki sighed, if only Mei didn’t demand so much earlier they might arrive in the stadium now.

Mei-san looks like looking forward to him pitching again. Itsuki smile softly, watching his respected pitcher. Itsuki remembered that they suppose to face Seido after their third game but it was oddly defeated by a small school. The coach didn’t blame but only Narumiya Mei’s selfishiness. After the third years retired, it became difficult to Itsuki to change his role and be a part in regulars. He sure have talent and stable personality to keep up to Mei.

“Ugh, this is getting a pain in the ass.” Mei yelled, he glance on Itsuki for a second then he added that gave Itsuki attention to him, “Itsuki, let’s walk now. I can’t tolerate the amount of patient i have waiting for taxi.” Mei suddenly speed up his walking and Itsuki having a hard time catching up to him.

“Mei-san, wait for me.”