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Take Me Sightseeing

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My name is Katsuki Yuuri. 23, Japanese, fresh graduate and just returned home for so long. This is a crazy story about how I accidentally or maybe unexpectedly get myself a life partner.

A celebrity in figure skating sports nonetheless…

"...I love you!"

Said the person overdramatically on the other side of the phone, plus a stern warning in the background by the person in charge.

Silent… I didn't reply anything and probably still thinking is this even real?!

"Well..? Aren't you gonna said it too?" I can clearly heard his pouting voice through the phone. Why is he even calling anyway? This action is strongly prohibited. 'sir, last warning. Please put down your phone! The flight is already going to take off.' The clear lines of warning in the background brought me back to reality as I decided to hang up real quick.

I took a deep breath and said, "you silly… come back here in spring and tell me that again like you've plan!" My gaze was fixed on a certain airline that was warming up at the distant runaway. Its increasing sound from the engines went silent behind the huge glass panel of waiting area that was separating us.

A light chuckle.

"Of course, darling! Wait for me and watch my performance okay! Love you too, Yuuri~" and a lovely kiss thru the phone ended the call.

And so did the flight finally took off soaring higher and higher in the sky, towards fixed destination; St. Petersburg, Russia.

I let out a heavy (read: content) sigh. Looking at the sparkling gold on my ring finger, I brought it to my lips intentionally to cover my blushing mess. Holy shit, did he just kiss me through the phone?

A racing heartbeat. He? Viktor Nikiforov?

"...I'm still in denial that everything is happening…" silently I muttered as I walked out of the airport, ending the drama for those who were still watching -if there is- and returned home, thought full of whirlwind event earlier this week.

Now folks, let's rewind to the moment of how it all started.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm sounded annoyingly breaking the silence of a cold morning.

It was cold. It was nice to give in and sleep some more. But rational thought said otherwise as I had promised no more jet lag, fully recovered and today is a productive day. Thus, the conscious slowly kicked in.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. A lazy groan escaped my lips as it started to sound even more annoying now.

Phone… phone… where is it… I mulled in my head, hand reaching out for the said object that supposed to be close to the bed, on the bed, or the floor… somewhere… ugh, just shut up. Yet, yelling to the phone in your head is not how it works.

Hand size, vibrating, annoying sound… ah, phone. Finally. My hand reached to it on the tatami floor, slightly further -don't know how it got there- without even opening my eyes. Then, a flip of it upside down was all it takes to stop the noise. Should have done that earlier.


Cool air, warm blanket, sleepy eyelids, nothing but a perfect recipe for more sleep indulging activity. Wait, I should wake up by now. Heavy eyelids were forced to flash open. Blurry images and my first instinct was of course my glasses. Then, my phone. Sliding it open, the first thing was to shut off the snoozed alarm, no need for second ringing. Next, just skimming through the notifications. A friend request; nah. Likes, tags and comments in Instagram; normal. A live video; who got time for this? A message from Phichit. Oh.

[Yuuri! Wakey wakey! Today is your lucky day! Your hometown is being blessed by a visit from…]

Unfinished lines. Of course it is, it was on notification panels only and the rest was in the bubble chat. I'll read it later. Two more notifications on games and lastly weather update; 'it's a clear day today at your area! Perfect for morning jogs.'

And that's just what I will do.

Donned in full tracksuit complete with sport shoes and a wireless earphones on, I was ready to head out. I already informed my sister, Mari and mom also knows my routine. I had to return early because as promised to myself, today is a productive day, enough slacking off even if I just landed from America the day before. They probably didn't mind if I rest more a day or two but I felt bad doing nothing at all, plus it's my goal to help reestablishing our family hot springs since I graduated.

Enough deep thinking, let's say good morning to the world! Or Hasetsu in this case.

I started at a steady pace as I made my way through the town by the familiar road. Breathing in rhythm to the moving feet, I indulged myself with the morning view. The sun was going up every second yet it appeared still at one place behind the light puffy cloud that could vanish anytime soon. The fresh air was a mutual heal to the now extra working lungs. Jogging by the road, it was inevitable for vehicles of different size to pass by creating noise from the engines, or by hitting the road or merely slicing through the air. The mild blaring instrumental sounds of the earphones that were wirelessly connected to my phone in my pocket did nothing to block the noise from outside.

Along the way, I greeted all the familiar townspeople, stopping by to say hello or how were they doing. I rarely done this but due to my family hot springs business and my long time disappearance for studying abroad, I'm also well known among them, and they were also the one that stopping me asking how had I been doing. Just to be polite, I engaged in a small chit chat before excused myself as I continued my routine. A good an hour and half jogging, my clothes began soaking with sweat. Thus, feeling uncomfortable, I swept off my bangs to the back and decided to go home after warming down a little in which I just walked leisurely. The heat from the sun was killing the mood to stay out longer even if it was not really hot. But the soft cool breeze really helped though making the sweaty feeling bearable.

Then, for the first time I saw him walking along the road on this same bridge of the opposite direction. A foreigner, blonde hair almost silver with his bangs covered one eye, casual outfit of black sleeves, blue black pants and black loafers with only a dark green scarf loosely covered his neck. Is he alone? He appeared busy with his phone, switching between looking at it and putting it to his ear.

He didn't noticed me even if our distance shortened by each passing steps. In a few moment, we walked passed each other, not as close as brushing our shoulders but the string of foreign words came from him as he stared at his phone made me noticed something more. Russian? Very rare. His steps faded slowly and I too just shrugged it off. Even if I'm interested, it's not my business so I just kept on walking without turning.

There was nothing more after that. I went home, had a quick shower, breakfast and then starting to help with the chores or any work of maintaining our inns. It was a good start.

When I say today is a good productive day, it is indeed a very productive day! A lot of works were done. Our hot springs and inns running smoothly. It was slow as there were few customers and mostly regular. It's normal but I hope I could make a better change of it slowly. I almost forgot I also did promised myself to spend my quality time with my adorable little poodle, Vicchan. He had been hogging and asking me to take him out.

After cleaning up the last table, my mom was satisfied enough as she suggested, "go on and walk him out, Yuuri. He really miss you since you're back home." A warm smile lit on her face as she told while serving the customers with drinks. "Go and make him happy. Leave the rest to Mari. There's nothing much left to do too." she added.

Vicchan too had been a good boy, sitting still watching us and occasionally wagging his fluffy tail, waiting for one of his owner to take him out. Thus, I sighed in defeat (read: can't resist him).

Turning to him and crouching down, I said happily. "Okay, Vicchan! Gimme a minute to change and get your leash. Then, we're out to play!"

He barked cutely in response which I spontaneously chuckle.

Vicchan was so energetic and obviously excited over this simple walk. Yet, I had to remind him a few times to behave as we walked along the road in no particular direction, or wherever Vicchan felt like going. Sometimes, he stopped by random butterflies, other dogs, people riding bicycle which he tends to chase, and inspecting any interesting stuff.

Then, we stopped by a park and I let him wondered around closely while I sat down on a bench. A few times he would return bringing gifts for me or stick just to play catch. We played together quite happily, until I heard a noticeable sniff from someone. Who?

I looked around carefully not trying to appear affected by it. Then, I noticed from the corner of my eyes, there was the man, the same one from earlier, sitting alone on another bench staring at Vicchan as he running around chasing his tail. Apart from him, there was no one else lingered that long or close enough for me to hear it again.

Maybe I should walk away and give him some space. He looked like he just broke up or being dumped because how else would an attractive person cry over? Plus, he was all alone, and perhaps since earlier.

Hence, I called out for Vicchan. "Vicchan~ let's go home. We'll continue some other time okay!" I told to him in my native tongue. He barked in understand and made his way here. However, he chosed to greet the sad stranger one last time before leaving, patting the Russian's shoe lightly with his small feet which surprised the person a little.

"Vicchan!" I called out to him again, trying to get his attention which was stolen by this attractive foreigner. I walked to him quickly and gently took him in my arms before he could proceed to begin familiarized with this person. While putting him back on leash, I bowed and apologized to the person, "I'm sorry if he is disturbing you, sir. He is just too friendly sometimes." I laughed a bit over his cute antics and also maybe to lighten up the person..?

But as I lifted my gaze to meet with expecting sad blue eyes, he appeared a little shocked as he gaped a bit with slightly wide eyes instead.

I was a little puzzled. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked faintly holding to Vicchan.

He mumbled something back barely audible that I surely understand even if lightly accented. " are... speaking english…"

I blinked. Uh yeah, "yes, I'm using it right now." I replied back confidently to convince him if he still didn't already.

Thus, he shot upright and instantly held my hands as he requested, "help… me, please…"

Then, in response he let out his tears that had been holding since who-knows-how-long for quite a reasonable time.

Oh… dear…

After a while and sitting beside him while Vicchan also comforted him at his legs, his tears completely dried leaving only occasional sobs. I had to make a quick run to the store on the opposite road to buy tissues for him even if he begged desperately not to leave him. I convinced him by leaving Vicchan to stay with him and returned two minutes later. Then, he told his whole story between tears.

Letting out a long breath, now I know his situation. "So, you get separate from your friends and now you're lost, you can't contact them and your phone's battery runs out completely…" he nodded once.

Oh poor dear, very unlucky indeed.

A stomach growl.

...and hungry too. I added in my head. He turned away slightly without even looking probably feeling embarrassed by it.

Thus I stood up, holding to Vicchan's leash and smiled warmly to him, "come, let's get something to eat first. I'm hungry too anyway."

As if I am his light... his hope… his only savior, he finally lighted up with a small smile after stranded all alone here for more than three hours. Then, he nodded and walked by my side very closely.

"Can I hold your hand too?" He asked timidly. What? for real…? "I don't wanna get lost again." He added.

I nodded and went along with him. Heck, he is so fragile. If he broke again I don't want to buy another pocket tissues from the same store. Thus, I relaxed my hand. His fingers carefully grazed over and circling around, gently latched on mine. Warm. I felt the heat seeped through his hands to my body towards my cheeks.

Oh god, this is embarrassing... Sweet but embarrassing.

Even Vicchan noticed as he turned around for a moment, wondering the sudden tight of leash.

A good walk later….

"Wow! Amazing~" he was practically beaming.

...and his mood changed completely over foods. I don't understand this man.

I took him out to a famous udon place to make up all of his sad story. But upon arrival, he changed 180 degree. We sat across each other by the window. Vicchan was beside me and behaved like a good little poodle. This small restaurant allowed pets and the owner also very friendly with animals. They served meals for them too and I planned to treat Vicchan one. But this particular person got more excited over some udon and being adorable rival to my Vicchan.

I even thought he was faking his sadness before, as I stared at him.

God, at this close distance, he is even more beautiful. Now shining cerulean eyes, perfect smooth skin, amazing smile, it should be illegal to be this stunning. Who is he? A model? An actor? Is he still single? Wait… what?

"So… what are your plan after this?" I asked while still waiting for our meals and looking at the drinks being placed on the table by the waitress.

He stopped looking around and meet my gaze a few times, he cast his eyes down as he answered, "I… don't know, to be honest. I don't know how to contact them, I don't remember their number nor the name of place I would stay in… I'm completely lost…" his voice was so sad.

Lifting his gaze to meet my glasses one, he reached for my hand on the table, holding it firmly. "You won't leave me alone, right..?" He said feeling very hopeful giving his best puppy look without he even trying.

I shook my head. No sweetheart, "of course not, I'll stay by your side for as long as you need me." Somehow, Vicchan too agreed in his own way.

The Russian grinned and thanked from the bottom of his big heart. He is like a kid. Easily swayed by foods and cute dogs.

"By the way, I have a poodle too back in Russia! Her name is Makkachin! A larger breed." He explained enthusiastically while petting Vicchan.

"That's a cute name." I replied. Makkachin… Makkachin. I think Phichit talks something about that, his new hamster's name?

"Thanks! Vicchan too, right Vic~chan?" He chuckled like an angel and continued to communicate with my little poodle as if it was his friend.

Then, once the food arrived, he insisted on taking a picture using my phone! Saying it was a moment to remember our meeting and I gave up. Taking one or two for foodstagram and the rest were selfies before we finally ate our meals.

He also asked me to send it to him later once he charged up his phone and promised to follow and tag me on his Instagram photos. I don't really like unknown people following me on social media but I'll make an exception for him since he is good looking and humble too. I can brag about this to Phichit.

A shopping district; that's our place right now.

Apparently, he had a brilliant idea on going to places that he might bump into his friends again as he remembered that they were planning to go to these place after this, while at the same time enjoying his little adventure with me plus Vicchan who had to tag along. That's how we got here in the first place wondering around aimlessly.

"Oh look! A tiger print shirt. Yuri would love this!" He exclaimed as he stopped by.

Since when I love tiger prints?!

"But since he's a brat and not answering my call, I won't buy for him or tell him either." He sounded darker at the end.


"Yuri… is your friend?" I asked skeptically while carrying Vicchan in my arms.

"Yes! But not really… he is a brat with short temper. That's why I like to tease him~" He explained while keep on walking. Oh… I see.

Sometimes, he would stop me and asking for candid pictures. Then, he muttered, "but, I don't think I went too far for him to punish me like this, did I?" He looked towards me for my response while walking together.

How can I answer? I'm a different Yuuri…

"Who knows…"

After that, we went to the Hasetsu Station. He didn't want to but I insisted because if someone is lost, they usually stay here or find out at these places where it's easy to access and have obvious landmark. Even though with him stood out in a sea of local people, it still didn't help as nobody recognized him and so we left shortly.

It was a pain in the ass -and also in the feet- but we still didn't give up as we all kept strolling. Plus, I wanted it to settle by today even if walking around with a Victoria-Secret-level model sounds somewhat refreshing.

"Wait, what is that?" He halted abruptly pointing to a famous statue.

"It's a squid. A squid statue, an icon of this place." I answered. Now even Vicchan wanted to go and mark on it but I pull him away in a warn.

"Oh, a landmark... Take a picture of me here!" he said happily skipping ahead and poised as I took another portrait of him. "One more! I want to hold Vicchan!" Again. Why am I doing this? I'm not even paid.

"Hm, but why a squid though? This place has many squid?" He asked again as we continued our nonexistent journey.

"Yeah, kind of. Hasetsu is famous for its squid dish. It's pretty tasty."

A wide grin.

Wait, are you serious?! Oh plea-

"Come on, It's my treat!" He hogged up to me, pulling my hands.

A heavy sigh escaped from my lips. "Fineee…. This way." Thus, another food trip.

"Vkusno!" He exclaimed mouth full with special takoyaki, mumbling sometimes gibberish or maybe Russian.

Meanwhile, I sat beside him on a seat while silently enjoying It's just a takoyakiNo need to exaggerate. A second later, I reminded myself that he is a foreigner, a tourist, a lost tourist to be exact.

"Here, Vicchan! Have some!" The Russian gave as he said.

My eyes went wide. "Wait a minute, give him in smaller size! He will choke on it..." I panicked a little seeing Vicchan was too absorbed eating it.

"Calm down, it's okay. I know. I have a poodle too remember?" he soothed my back as I was visibly anxious a moment there.

Silly me… it's okay. It's not happening again. "Oh yeah… alright. Sorry I'm just… paranoid." I slowly relaxed as I stared at my little miracle.

When I met his blue eyes again, he was waiting for me to speak. I knew he was expecting me to open up. Watching me silently debating, he was about to change the topic but I braced myself and told him anyway.

"It was earlier last year…" I began as I at stared long in the distant view. "I was abroad studying. Then, in the middle of my final exam, I got a call. My sister told me Vicchan… choked on some buns and was in critical…" My voice cracked a bit. "T-then, I flew back home that day, abandoned my exam… I pray all night long in the flight for him to survive, to stay together… he was unstable for a day and the vet even told us to be prepared…" I choked back a sob. Ah, these memories are making my eyes watery again.

Suddenly and even so gently, I was wrapped in a pair of arms of the stranger yet so familiar beside me. He hugged me close, whispering comforts which I really needed it back then. "It's okay. I'm here and I understand it very well. I will do anything for Makkachin too…"

Then, I took a deep breath calming myself and slowly, the feeling seeped away. "But thank goodness... he survived… Vicchan, I love him so much that I don't know what to do if I ever lost him." I exhaled deeply at the realisation as I picked up my little love. "He is indeed true champion, fighting for his life and he win! And also the winner of my heart! Right, Viktor-chan~?" I chuckled along with his cute little woof. "By the way, that's his real name." I shifted to face his surprised look and held out Vicchan little paw for him to shake. "Viktor-chan, say hello to the owner of your soon-to-be friends, Makkachin~"

Somehow, the Russian was rendered speechless… he turned away and covered his face slightly with his hands as I noticed him blushing for whatever reasons. I tilted my head slightly in confused. What's up with him?

"Oh I see. Um… h-hi there… right…" He cleared his throat and stood up. "S-so you have done eating, yes? Then… let's go." His speech was in a jumble mess as he grabbed my hands and pull me along as he lead the way.

I could still see the tip of his ear that was a little red from behind. Why are you suddenly embarrassed? Is Vicchan too cute for you?

Or me? Nah impossible…

so why…

Again. I couldn't understand this man.

Now we ended up on the bridge where we first meet. If he remember, that is.

"Hey do you remember this place? This bridge earlier this morning?" I asked him anyway. Vicchan was stopping for a while to pee.

"Hm?" He finally turned around. "Oh… I don't think so… sorry, did I missed anything?" He inquired. The soft blowing wind was making our hair ruffled softly, and even more gracefully as it made his blonde silver hair danced to the rhythm which also made me forgot to feel disappointed with him for not remembering me. Ok fine, I am plain.

"No, nothing… it's just that… we have met earlier here." I looked out to the horizon on the right side. It took a few more hour for the sun to set there at the end. We still had times."This morning… we passed by each other without a word, I was back from a morning jogging- ah, it doesn't matter, you don't recognize me…" I shrugged it off with my hand.

"Really? That was you?!" He stepped close to me -and if possible, closer- as he stared wide eyes at me. "You look different…" he mumbled quietly tapping his chin.

"Yeah, I know. I'm plain, like who would remem-"

"No. You look attractive... and dashing I say." He said it so clearly like stating a fact which I found it hard to believe. Me? Attractive? There was a few moments of thought before he continued, "oh~ I remember now, you didn't wear your glasses back then and your hair was slicked back. Damn, I should have went ahead and called out to you…" the Russian sounded so regretful at the end. Well, that would save a lot of time and energy…. and money.

"...yet, why didn't you…" I muttered barely audible, looking out again, not meeting his strong gaze that could waver me just like a few times before.

"I… don't know your name…" he answered it truthfully, reaching to hold my hand. "I even turned around to call for you… my hands reached out for you yet no words came out of my mouth…" He gently touched my cheeks.

Our eyes met longingly, like we had separated for so long, sparking warm feeling inside me and on my body where he touched… wait whoa, hold o-

"Would you have response…" he brought my hand to his lips as my brown eyes went wide at his action, yet his cool blue eyes gazed tenderly, "if I call you… love?"


That's it. Enough of this.

"Ouch!" He winched on his feet.

"You... smooth talker! I'm done with with you… go and find another to help you. I'm leaving." I said as I picked up Vicchan who startled a little and began leaving.

"No wait!"

"I won't." I kept walking.


"Stop following me!" I marched faster with Vicchan in my arms. But who am I compared to his long beautiful legs.

Suddenly, a firm hug from behind successfully stopped me as I was dumbfounded for a moment and held on to Vicchan tightly.

"Stop… don't leave me, I beg you." he spoke softly yet seriously beside my ear. My poor heartbeat… "If you really do… at least allow me to remember your name, someone who is so kind and generous to help me this far…" He made me turned around. "Please…" His eyes were so sad as we were going to part away.

Vicchan quickly took this moment to leap off from my arms to give us some space. He made a whined noise as the other person was looking unhappy. Then, I blinked once and twice at him before carefully said my name. "It's Yuuri… Katsuki Yuuri…"

Thus, his eyes lit up in delight. "Yuuri…" my name rolled of his tongue naturally making my heartbeat raced again but not due to jogging like earlier. Oh god…

He chuckled a bit. "Now I know two yuris! But you are sweet, kind and a far more cuter~" he pinched both of my cheek lightly as he gave eskimo kiss like it was so normal to do it with a stranger you barely know. This person don't know what personal space is!

"Shut up…" okay, that came out rude... "I mean I'm sor-…"

"No, you're right. I'm sorry I think I went too far." He took a step back. "I just… um," the Russian shifted away his blue eyes from me. "It was just a little payback… for earlier…?" his voice was a little bit muffled as he covered with his hand.

Seriously, what's wrong with this person?!

"What have I ever did wrong to you?" I narrowed my dark brown irises at him, crossing my arm. We still didn't leave this bridge and it wasn't the best place to have argument with. One wrong word and only one would be still standing here.

Meanwhile, Vicchan was back at my feet, that's wise of him.

He let out a momentary sigh before asking, "say… why… or rather how did you name him Viktor-chan?" He crouched down to pet the said poodle as he too wondering why are both humans speaking of him.

"Oh it was my friend's suggestion."

He stopped petting immediately.

"Back then when I got him from a street. My friends came to see him and she suggested, 'hey, why don't you named him 'Viktor'? He also has a poodle like this!' So I agreed." I added.

"...Is that all…" he mumbled slowly with a sigh. Vicchan tilted his head probably wondering in the change of tone.

"Yup. You know, Viktor is also a beautiful talented figure skater back then. He is so graceful… that's why I don't mind named him 'Viktor' and he is my childhood crush." I let out a soft giggle remembering how I was so obsessed over him when I was a kid. I lifted up Vicchan gently and hugged him. "Didn't I say Vicchan is my precious little love afterall?"

A sharp gasped.

The silver haired still didn't get up for a few moments and mumbled something in Russian.

"Say what?"

"I mean…" he switched back to English as he stood up. Eyes closing as he took a deep breath, hand soothing his chest. "You are giving me heart attack, Yuuri…"

I frowned. "Over what? Vicchan?" I pulled the leash along as I started walking. "You're being unreasonable, sir." I remarked turning my back on him.

"Unreasonable? Ok, fine." He quickened his pace to match mine and snatched my hand gently. "Yuuri, take me to the most romantic place here."

I glared. Why is that reasonable?!

"Or is there any ice skating rink around here?" He winked.

I looked away before I could lovestruck by that. "There is…"

"Let's go I'll show you a surprise~"

[I could really kiss you right now, Yuuri and it's not my fault.]

Ah… Ice Castle. It sure brought back memories.

Sadly, Yuuko wasn't there but someone else was on duty. We could have it all to us for an hour as it was less people today. I didn't put on the skating shoes as I was watching over Vicchan. So, the Russian had the ice all to himself.

Getting on the ice naturally, he skated around the rink for warming up and then do a light jump before gradually increasing his speed and difficulty. I inhaled sharply in amazed. Wow, he's a pro. But this wasn't the surprise, he said.

He skated closer to me, face to face. Taking off his scarf only to put it around my neck as he told, "look up for a song name 'Stammi Vicino', I'll skate it specially for you." he smiled cheekily.

Okay, you're good at this. No need to flirt. ShortlyI found the said song on a certain websites. Seeing he was ready at the center of ice, I tapped 'play' and the melodious sound echoed in full volume.

And he began.

Gracefully moving along the ice… his hands outstretched a little and then embracing gently, reaching out only to sink in like heartbroken. Turning around and slicing thru the ice as he kicked in and jumped soaring mid air with quadruple rotations and landed beautifully. His fluid movement, his intricate footworks, his expressiveness, everything he did was like a breathe to him. So enchanted… I was so mesmerized at his performance, spellbound to the point I didn't even bat an eyelid.

After quite a few captive moments passed, I didn't even realize it was ended. He skated towards me smiling with controlled heavy breathing. I blinked away as he was up so close suddenly and then lifted my chin up which I just realized I was gaping at him!

"Close your mouth. I can't resist you if you're too cute~" he chuckled.

As a result, I stared back blankly at him, holding my urge to roll my eyes at this overly friendly stranger. My heartbeat couldn't take it actually. "Would you just stop..?"

"Hm, on being honest?" He tapped his chin, "Nope." I sighed again. "Come on, tell me who do you like better! Or have you fallen for me again?" He giggled lightly, leaning on the small divider between us as I took a step back to gain my personal space.

"Since when did I fall for you?" I raised an eyebrows. Did he misunderstood any of my action? Then, what did I do again?

His facial tensed a bit that made his smile kinda fake. He tried to shrug it off with a different topic by asking, "Yuuri, have you skate before?"

I gazed at the center of the ice rink. "Yes, but now I only skate for leisure. Not competitively."

"Then, join me. Please." He held out his hand.

I shook my head. "I need to watch for Vicchan."

Instantly we both shifted our gaze at the said poodle who was napping at one of the seat.

"Just for a while…?"

"Then I have to go and get a pair skating shoes, and put it on..."

"Don't worry, I'll help you. Come." He insisted.

So...persistent. I only rolled my eyes after I turned around to grab the knife shoes -I mean skating shoes.

After for so long haven't been on ice rink -well, here in Hasetsu- the silver haired Russian had effectively convinced me to join him as I reluctantly wore the shoes with double blades at the bottom and tightening the laces together. He waited by the entrance, taking off the blades' cover, I stepped in and glided across the ice.

Soon, he skated by my side at my pace, then doing it backwards as he was facing me, smiling. "So, you did skate competitively before~"

I nodded. "Just in junior championship. Then, I switch to focus on my study." Doing a simple single jump, I laughed. "I had fun! So, it's enough for me. No regrets."

However the Russian huffed in pout. "We could have met even earlier, you know..." He said as he shifted back to skate facing forward, mumbling again in his native tongue.

"Do you still skate competitively?"

A nod and short silence. So he is an athlete. That's explained his nice body figure.

"And you? I mean are you still pursuing your study and in which major?" He asked suddenly interested in me while skating closer and pulled me to the center of the ice.

"I just graduated recently. So, I have a degree in Accounting… and finally got my ACCA qualification." I sighed heavily (read: in relief). "God, that was so hard… so many exams… and I even had to retake the exams that I missed due to Vicchan situation earlier. So, maybe I'll pursue master some other times... " I kept on talking as I skated together with him enjoying the moment without even realizing.

Glancing back at him and meeting his eyes, I noticed he was staring at me intensively as I talked. Which I was kinda embarrassed.

"Sorry if I'm kind of boring…" I chuckled darkly staring at the ice below.

"No! No at all." He denied holding both of my arms. "You are... amazing actually, you must be a genius then." He grinned.

Shaking my head with a light chuckle, I denied. "I'm not born genius. But hey, practice makes perfect, right?" I smiled.

He nodded knowingly. "Couldn't agree more…" He said as he continued twirling me around dancing on ice. "Hey, we should sign up for pair skating don't you think?" he smiled broadly.

Shaking my head in disagree, I argued back. "First, I'm not an athlete. And second, we don't have chemistry."

"We don't? Are you sure?" He quirked an eyebrow in amused as getting close just to emphasized his next word, "Because... I think we have a lot."

This isn't going anywhere...

Soon, I felt I had enough skating and moved away to glide to the exit. "I don't think so... What I mean is trust." I mumbled sofly, don't know if he heard it or not.

Seeing my action, the Russian skater also followed suit. Then, he proceed to put on the blades protection while I took off my skating shoes. "...we know each other now, right?" He stopped for a while and turned to me. "Isn't that trust, as we open up to each other?" He voiced out his opinion tilting his head.

Thinking for a while, I carefully said. "Yes, but… not about everything. I-I mean we barely known each other." I shrugged as I walked up to sleeping Vicchan. Wait, why are talking about this? He is a stranger, a passerby who I help out of kindness. I thought as I cradled Vicchan in my arms, resting him comfortably before looking back to the Russian. "So, what's after this?"

"We can start by being friends…" I shot him a confused look. "Oh~ you mean after this… right." He hurriedly took off his skating shoes and putting back his own. Taking another deep breath, he extended his hand as he said, "I think let's us get out first and see where else we haven't go…"

I agreed with a nod and walked by his side while he rested his hand on my back. Despite lasting for a mere second, I didn't miss the longing look he threw at me.

[All of these and you still didn't remember me, recognize me…]

Why are you making that face…? You don't have to get attached to me…

That's why I haven't ask for your name...

The probably last place; Hasetsu Castle.

It was late evening. I sat there quietly on a backless bench under a tree, running my hand over Vicchan fluffy body as he lying on my lap lazily while gazing at the distant view of Hasetsu, the small town by the sea. The famous castle stood spectacularly behind us. After having enough photography session with the Russian that he sometimes was so persistent on taking selfies together, -which mean less personal space- he offered to buy us something to eat at a certain food stall nearby. Thus, here I am, all alone enjoying the view from top of the hill that is indeed breathtaking.

Glancing at Vicchan on my lap, I began talking to him in my native tongue, "ne Vicchan, are you enjoying this little adventure?" He kept sniffing my hand and licking it sometimes. I giggled as it's ticklish. "So, what do you think of him?"

As in response, he only turned around lying on his back instead, tilting his head slight as he exposed his stomach in asking me to ruffle him and so did I. Is that so... I sighed again, feeling warm at heart for various reasons. "But I don't know, Vicchan. I think he is confused at first, but now… I'm confused too." Facing him eyes to eyes, I asked again. "So, what should I do, Vicchan?"

"Woof woof." A delicious looking parfait entered my vision.

Looking upward on my right, my eyes locked with a familar blue eyes. "...I don't remember having another puppy…" I teased as I grabbed for the sweets.

Ice cream, chocolate fudge, whipped cream with cherry on the top. Hello cavity~

"Yuuri, that's so mean." He pouted a little as he sat beside me on my left, enjoying his simple vanilla cone ice cream. "But then, I don't mind being yours~" A wink.

Oh I would love to smudge this ice cream on his head to cool him down a bit but this parfait is too sweet for that. Thus, I let it slide while handling my flipping heart and stomach on my own, thank you very much.

"Why is mine so sweet and special while yours is just plain vanilla ice cream?" I asked. I should give some to Vicchan.

"Because you are sweet."

I looked at him doubtfully. Really…

"Sadly I'm on athlete diet." He sighed. "I really want to… but I have to refrain myself. So, I'm content at seeing you enjoying it for now." He smiled and ate his ice cream gratefully.

Ah… I should have figured.

While splitting my share with Vicchan, he suddenly asked eyeing on tree. "Yuuri, is true that love confession under sakura tree is so romantic and definitely work out?"

Huh? "I don't know about that…" I shrugged. "...never try that before either…"

"So, I have to come back again in spring and do it properly then…" He mumbled to himself, tapping his chin while in thought.

So he is going back soon. I denied the little uneasy feeling. I wonder who… or I better don't know.

"Oh, Yuuri! have you try tying the cherry stem into a knot inside your mouth?" He asked, changing the topic suddenly like that.

What kind of topic is this..? "No..."

"Well, can you?" He was beaming and grinning again. "Come on! Try."

"Okay…" what a silly dare… Yet, I did it nonetheless, unaware of the true intention.

Based on the feeling of the cherry inside my mouth, I tried moving it around, gliding my tongue across it, moving my jaw slightly as my lips and teeth nipped the stem holding it in place, opening my mouth a little when needed. I let out a slight groan as it was frustrating as I could only imagine how it moved around inside my mouth. Wait a minute…

There as expected, from the corner of my eyes, he was watching intensely with a different hue in his gleaming blue eyes while holding his ice cream closed to his mouth probably hiding his smirk. Damn you gorgeous bastard…

A few more little attempts and I finally chewed the cherry forcefully. Then, taking out the result from my mouth. "There, I did. Now can you stop this? What ever you are trying?"

"Wait, you did? At first try?!" He appeared quite surprised. A second later, he sighed dejectedly finishing the last remaining bits of ice cream. " must have a lot of lovers back then…"

"Excuse me?!" I exclaimed. "Since when I have a lover in the first place?!" I gasped and clasped my mouth as I realized what had I just admitted.

"So you're single?! But you're so skilled!" He was practically wagging his tail now if he is Vicchan. He also mumble something about 'natural talent?' What the hell are you thinking about?!

"I… have no comment…" I said it shortly once I finished my own ice cream parfait. Vicchan was eating messily though.

"Oh…Then, let's talk about me!" He said enthusiastically. "I actually have nmpf-"

"No, stop! I don't need to know." I rambled in a breath as I covered his mouth too. We blinked to each other once before I realised what I did. Hence I slowly retracted my hand and sighed for the nth times. "Would you… please… stop all of this..?" I asked looking away again at the ground. "I think we are misunderstanding each other…"

His gaze did not leave me at all. Instead, it softened just like the way he was speaking to me right now. "Then Yuuri… will you listen to me? In all seriousness…" yet his eyes stayed tender and calm.

Hence, little by little my eyes zeroed on his blue ones. I waited, silently anticipated whatever he was going to tell.

Smiling so genuinely, He earnestly said, "I don't know when it start… just along the way, I feel... I'm falling for you, Yuuri… I really like you..."

Oh no…

This is what I want to avoid the most...

I gasped silently at his sudden confession. Still staring at me with the same amount of affection reflected in his eyes, I ran my hand along my black hair as I inhaled deeply and cautiously muttered, "I still think we're just confused about each other…"

Shaking his head slowly, he denied. "I'm not confused, Yuuri. This is my true feelings… I like everything you. You are kind, sweet, loving, amazing-"

"That's what I mean by confused…" I deadpanned. "I'm being kind and all of that out of generosity of helping you. If you meet someone else, it would be the same…" I explained carefully.

"No, I would only fall in love with you, Yuuri." The Russian didn't back down either, still standing by his feeling. "It's fate."

I frowned a bit. "You can't fall in love with the person you just met."

"It's called true love!"

"How can you be so sure of it?"

"Then, can you explain 'love at first sight'? And then develop into 'crush'?" He asked in a dare.

"This doesn't count as 'love at first sight'." I sighed helplessly rubbing my temple. "We didn't interacted at all during our first meeting. Since it didn't count, so nobody are having crush on anyone."

Somehow my argument had just flipped a switch in him which he looked so surprised and frustrated at the same time.

Immediately he held both of my shoulders firmly, his cerulean eyes looked desperately for something inside me. "Why haven't you recognized it's me… Yuuri… please remember…"

Now he didn't make any sense. I blinked confusedly at him in silence. Then he mumbled something...

"… Yuuri, ask for my name."




"Yuuri- why…why didn't you want to know my name..?" He sounded so desperate. "I need to know whether you kno-"

"Because I don't want to know."


"...and I have my own reason for it…" I'm sorry.

I finally said it,

the hardest truth of all…

That's why I haven't ask for your name…

Because, for sure…

I'll remember all of our little moments…

and will forever holding on to it.


A thick silence suddenly existed between us and I also did not have the courage to lift my gaze to meet his just yet. So, we stayed like that for a few moment. So close yet so far…




A drip. And then two.


I feel wet on my cheek but I'm very sure that I'm not cry-!

Then only my surprised brown eyes met with sad heartbroken blues… still dumbfounded by my response, he didn't realized crystal tears were forming, blinding his eyes and when it was so heavy, it fell on my cheek.


"You… are joking… right, Yuuri." Tears were steadily falling, his voice was so… emotionless, or more like his soul left his body. He limply let go of me.

I remained silence. 'Yes' or 'no' didn't mean anything by now. We went too far.

As I didn't denied it, he broke into full cry.

"Yuuri…" more tears. "Just tell me *sob* you forgot a-and I *sob* I'll make you remember…"

He tried to control his sobbing which failed horribly as more tears kept flowing, trying to stop with his hands.

"T-tell me *sob* you… d-don't *sob* know and I…. I will tell you, Yuuri… *sob* j-just tell me…" he wiped his tears with his sleeves, voice craking. "You just n-need *hic* t-to tell me… *hic* please, just…*hic*n-not like this… *hic* not when y-you didn't give me *hic* a-any chance…"

I... am the worst.

I just broke a heart… a fragile heart.

His crying went uncontrolled, even worst than earlier today. He was tearing up, sobbing and hiccup between words...

I did this… I did this to him.

"Yuuri~ *hic*" he slumped to the bench. "Y-you can't be *hic* l-like this… you *hic* are nice… Yuuri… *hic* y-you are not cruel…" His voice muffled as he covered his face with both of his hands.

I was still speechless or rather didn't know how to react. Vicchan whined sadly looking at one of the human crying.

"I l-love you… a-and *hic*... I don't want… to… *hic* hate y-you, Yuuri~ *hic*" he coughed a bit as his ragged breathing and hiccups mixed. "Y-you a-are… the one… I'll *hic* o-only love… don't d-do this *hic* t-to me…"

Indeed… I'm cruel.

Being so nice just to break him in the worst way.

Still at the same place, at the top of the hill...

Now it took even longer for him to stop crying. I still stayed by his side despite being the cause, thinking leaving him will only make it worst. Thus, we both just sat silently after it died down, not a word was exchanged, we were looking at anything except each other.

Vicchan must be tired of waiting. Well, I'm waiting for the right time too. Looking at the horizon. It was getting late as I noticed the sun started to set. I don't want to go back in dark. Thus, I muttered a word, "come."

Not sure who actually I was directed to, Vicchan or him.

I was worried at first, thinking he would still stay here. But then he reluctantly got up and followed with distance between us. I felt relieved but also very guilty too. if only we exchange names like normal people… I sighed.

I'm a weird person with attachment issues… I admitted as a watched between the ground and Vicchan ahead. How am I going to explain to mom, dad, and Mari? Coming back home with a man who just cried because of me?

There was a short distance left before we reached home. I intentionally walked slowly by the seaside, sinking myself in the sound of crashing waves, the flying seagulls and the sound of the fishermen boat in the distance. The sky appeared orange as half of the sun went down beyond the horizon. The wind from the sea smelled salty, yet breezed calmly, blowing away the hostility presented between two sad people.

As the steps behind me suddenly faded away, I turned around checking on him.

He was there stopping and staring very far into the horizon. Wind occasionally blowing ruffling his bangs. Despite earlier breakdown, he appeared... calm.

I was debating whether to approach him or not. Thinking of using the safest way, I let Vicchan walked to him first. A few seconds later, I tagged along.

His eyes looked tired but he still greeted Vicchan with a small smile that he could muster, petting the innocent poodle. He noticed I came closed too. Our eyes met for a brief before returning to look at anywhere. It was awkward, but bearable as we soundlessly stood close just outside of each others' space bubble.

I should have said something… apologized or anything. However, it was him who broke the ice first.

"You know…" he began, voice a little strain from crying for so long. "Watching the sea and sunset here really remind me of my hometown, St. Petersburg. It makes me so calm, and have a clear thought and feelings..."

Is that mean-!

"I… I am so s-"

"No, Yuuri. You are right. I shouldn't rush things just because… you have feelings for me way earlier… then, again I maybe just so full of myself… So Yuuri, I'm truly sorry."

No… you don't have to apologize. It's me… It's my fault… my tongue was tied.

"Even if I don't understand why you did that, but my feelings… my confession still stand. I want you to know that, Yuuri…" He added softly and then breathed deeply in. "Now, Vicchan~ do you wanna join me walking by the beach?" He faked his cheerfulness and started to jog away towards the sandy beach trying to bait the little one which was effortlessly successful.

Meanwhile, I remained here, watching them from afar and silently taking pictures of them. They run around, giggling along with tiny barks, playing catch and doing tricks. I was a little relieved seeing he was slowly getting better even if it didn't looked natural.

After a while, it was finally time to go home, I ambled towards the sandy beach and call out the name of my dearest, "Vicchan! C'mere~" I exclaimed sing-a-song as I opened my arms.

Both the poodle and the man turned towards me. At the far end. The Russian reluctantly let go of Vicchan who in full sprint towards me and I caught him with a bright smile lifting him on air and laughing a bit as I hugged him.

Then I realised, the blonde silver haired was still watching us from there, a mix of warm feelings and lonely gaze.

Putting down my little poodle gently, I turned to face him.


My arms spread wide just like before…

My lips gradually formed a smile, a smile that was only for him…

A gaze that was only for him


"You won't leave me, right?"

[Stay close to me and never leave.]


"I'll stay by your side, for as long as you need me."

[Then, need me as long as forever…]

His surprised eyes… His delighted face…

His breaking smiles…

were all I remembered as he ran towards the arms that should have comforted him back then...

Should have wiped his spilling tears…

Should have held his hand through the breakdown…

This is the best I could do… I said to myself, quelling the deep feelings that was responding to him, reaching for him.

'First step: don't get to know, Second: slowly forget. Easy right?'

No… not any more..!


We both embraced each other simultaneously.

So close… closer… stay.

I closed my eyes, taking in these new longing feelings, breathing in his cologne his smell, listening to his racing hearbeat -our heartbeats- gradually relaxed in each other arms as we circled each other dearly.

I felt warm at the back of my eyes, my throat, my nose…

God, help me. I want this… I want this forever...

Slowly he made just a little space between us, to look into my face, my eyes, my feelings. "Yuuri…" he sweetly muttered.

I stared back at him knowingly.

"...what is your answer…?" He asked staring back into my chocolate eyes warmly.

"I… I still don't know... you…" I said it very faintly as my eyes shifted slightly downward. "I'm... sorry… I-I don't know i-if I-I even-"

"Shh…" a warm finger on my lips stole the rest of the word. "Then, you need to know…

I'll tell you, Yuuri."

Before this,

I would surely deafen my ears, silent the sounds, never trying to remember,

to know, anyone's names.

But not anymore…

I want to remember, all these little memories…

And not being sad when they leave…

But being happy because they stay… for long, for a moment,

For both.

We strolled together hand in hand very slow while creating footprints on the sand. Vicchan followed a little behind at the same pace. We all bathed in the orange light of the sunset. The sea glimmered like diamond due to light refracted from the sun.

"Yuuri, how do you write it when two people fall in love..?" He asked picking a random stick on the sandy beach. "Like you know… like the one carved on apple tree with a heart shape…?"

Looking at him being timid a little as he poked the sand with the stick, I calmly convinced myself. Of course he mean it. "We… write our name together… under a love umbrella…"

He looked at me once and blinked before began doodling the umbrella, drawing it bigger than actual one. I chuckled as I saw him struggled doodling it when it was actually a very simple one. Thus, reaching out to the stick he had been holding, our eyes met, sending strong impulse to each of our hearts.

I offered him a friendly smile as I said, "Let's me show it to you." Hence, I draw the right one; a triangle shape as the umbrella with a long line dividing it equally downwards beyond the shape as the holder and a heart shape at the tip of the triangle. "There." These really feel like school days. I held my grin as I told, "the name of each persons are written on each side below the triangle."

He smiled widely and took the stick which I held out to him. Then, he started writing the name, our names.

My heartbeat slowly increased, blocking any sounds, any distractions as I watched every unfolding letter.

K-A-T-S-U-K-I- Y-U-U-R-I

"Correct?" He asked in confirmation, grinning slightly.

A relief breath that I didn't know I had been holding escaped. I nodded twice with a smile.

"Now, watch me. Don't ever take your eyes off me." He reminded sending shiver to my body, to my heartbeat. That intense gaze…

Thus, I held another breath, waiting for the letter to unfold.


[ is your lucky day as your hometown was blessed with a visit from five time world champions figure skater, Yuuri!]


[ the way, I have a poodle too!  back in Russia.]


[Her name is Makkachin. A larger breed]




[It's okay. I'm here and I understand it very well. I will do anything for Makkachin too…]


[say… why… or rather how did you name him Viktor-chan?]

This is… my eyes slowly went wide as my heart thumping loudly.


[is there any ice skating rink around here? Let's go I'll show you a surprise~]


[look up for a song name 'Stammi Vicino', I'll skate it specially for you]


[Come on, tell me who do you like better! Or have you fallen for me again?]


[We could have met even earlier, you know…]


["Do you still skate competitively?"  A nod and short silence]


[Watching the sea and sunset here really remind me of my hometown, St. Petersburg. It makes me so calm, and have a clear thought and feelings…]


[Why haven't you recognized it's me… Yuuri… please remember…]


[I shouldn't rush things just because… you have feelings for me way earlier…]


[name… Yuuri, ask for my name]

I gasped loudly. No way-!

Our eyes met again automatically. "Say my name, Yuuri." He asked, begging soflty, as he faced me with full honesty. The spreading lovely view of sunset behind him can't rival to this magical moments.

I mumbled in surprise.

"Again... please..." He requested, voice spoken affectionately. "I can't hear you…"

"...Viktor..." My breath hitched.

He broke into smile. "Yes~"

"Viktor… Nikiforov…" my eyes... it's getting watery.

"Yes, that's me~" Viktor genuinely smiled, eyes crinkled in happiness. "and I love you, Yuuri. I really do..."

I stood there dumbfounded, shutting my eyes so that the little tears didn't escaped. I tried to breathe normally to calm my increasing heartbeat, whirling thought and all my mixed feelings.

This man… is Viktor Nikiforov. The Viktor Nikiforov.

I think I haven't really wake up yet. I'm still sleeping after the first alarm… this is just a short crazy dream… who would fall in love in just a day within six hours? And it is your longtime crush and celebrity to top it all? Yeah… wake up, Yuuri. Wake. Up.

I'll open my eyes... and he is gone. That's it.

"Yuuri, what's wrong?" His worried voice caused my eyes to reflexively open and settled on pair of warm blues as he ambled closely to my stiff body. He looked concerned seeing me not responding at all.

You are here. "You are really here…" I mumbled as my eyes settled on his shoes, proving the reality that I had to chew in.

"Yes, I am." He sighed in relief knowing I could still talk. "I know, you'll find it hard to believe but I am really here, Yuuri. Here in front of you…" He-Viktor said, slowly lifting my chin as to meet my brown eyes hiding behind the blue-rimmed glasses.

"...Impossible…" I muttered the word that barely left my mouth.

"This is really me, Yuuri..." he replied almost whispering. "Viktor Nikiforov… Russia's figure skater, no one else…" His beautiful blue irises always fixed on mine. His fingers gently traced the contour of my face, feeling my skin.

"No, I mean… it's impossible for someone like you… to fall in love with me…" I told him truthfully, the thing that had been bugging my head as I pulled away his hand.

Before he could disagree with his sweet words, I spoke again.

"Look at me, Viktor… I'm just an ordinary person, normal looks, unattractive, harsh to new people due to my insecurities, socially awkward and there's a lot more…" I exhaled before continued with quiet voice, "so, what did you see in me… with just a day…"

A mild sea breeze passed between our face, causing our hair to sway just like the motions.

Viktor just breathed in wondrously, bringing my hand to his lips as he gently kissed it. Meeting my eyes again helplessly adorned, he told while tilting his head, "a lot, Yuuri. A lot. And when I say I like everything about you, I really mean it. Every new things I learning about you... the more my feelings grow."

I still in denial as I shook my head a little. "You are just… blinded and still confused. B-because once you know me you wi-!"

"Stop saying that, Yuuri." Viktor embraced me tightly. "If I'm just as what you say, can you explain this?" He asked next to my ear, referring to his fast beating heart.

Same as mine.

"Tell me, Yuuri. Do people normally feel like this for stranger you just met and for so long…?" He asked again.

No… I shook my head.

"Do any popular person feel like this meeting his fans, his lovely fans…?"

I inhaled his calming scent and answered."…"

"and do people still… feel like this… still feel like being in love… even if just… get rejected…" He swallowed his sadness in his voice.

With a little courage, I clutched to his back gently. "... I only said I don't know you." I paused a bit before continued with the same amount of calmness in my voice, "I didn't straight out reject you… I'm just… the one who is confused after all…"

Finally I realized.

"a-and you know… my true feelings from the start…" This was just another thing that I suddenly noticed. Thus, I buried my blushing face in his embrace as I admitted, "It looks like I confessed to you more than you say you love me…"

Oh god.

[...and also the winner of my heart! Right, Viktor-chan~]

[Yup. You know, Viktor is also a beautiful talented figure skater back then. He is so graceful…]

[...he is my childhood crush.]

[Didn't I say Vicchan is my precious little love afterall]

[...I love him so much that I don't know what to do if I ever lost him.]

I groaned and silently praying if a hole would appear and swallow me. "This is so embarrassing… I want to die…" and I even say that out loud! Get your shit together, Yuuri!

Unlike me, Viktor immediately erupted in beautiful laughter, lifting me slightly and turning me around like a trophy. "So, you finally realized~ how adorable and such a dear you are…-"

"V-viktor! Put me down-"

"-gushing your undying love to me~"

"please… enough already~" my face is burning red right now.

"So, how can I not fall for you, Yuuri…" He stared lovingly at me as he let me down to stand on my feet. "That's why it's call fate… true love…"

I widened my eyes.

"What do you say… Yuuri…" Viktor asked, bringing our forehead together, feeling each other breathing while our fingers intertwined completely. "Do you love me..? Do you still love me…?"

At this moment, I can't pulled away my eyes from him. Taking a short breath, I voiced my feelings honestly. "Of course… I love you, Viktor… I already love you too much."

And all the load in my chest suddenly disappeared with that magical words, feeling so light with warm feelings surrounding us. The only thing I could focus was Viktor.

His gaze softened like it could melt. Feeling contented at my honest declaration, he smiled. He moved his lips to my forehead place a gentle kiss… "I love you too, Yuuri." and then on my nose, "and I love you as much…" his thumb lightly brushed my lower lip as he whispered endearingly, "can I…show it to you, Yuuri..? Returning your feelings..."

I nodded once as I can no longer trust my judgment nor my mouth.

And our lips met.

Just in time as the final light of the sunset kissed goodbye.

This is surely a moment to remember, along with the person.


From a simple chaste kiss gradually became full of love... longing, happiness, desire.

Only a tiny whined coming from a temporarily abandoned little poodle broke our wet heated french kiss with a chup.

"Oh my god, Vicchan." I exclaimed as I was downed with realisation and turned to him Immediately. "Vicchan, I'm so sorry! I got distracted and missed your dinner… Vicchan, please forgive me…!" Yuuri! Bad owner! How could you do this!

I carried him in my arm and then realized about Viktor too. "Um, Viktor… do you want to come to my house? It's very near and our family run hot springs and inns…"

Grinning happily unfazed by the kiss, he answered with a smile. "I do love to~" He rushed to my side and grabbed my hand as we started walking. "Now tell me about your family, Yuuri. If you don't mind."

Thus, we continued our little bonding moment together, talking about nothing but our families. Shortly we reached my home at last as we stood at the door step. Thus, I entered together with him.

"I'm home." I announced in Japanese. Vicchan was the first to bolt in, driven by hunger and disappeared in the back.

"Yuuri, welcome home..." A distant voice resonated, it was mom. "How is Vicch- oh…"

"Hi~" Viktor greeted in his most charming smile.

"Mom, this is Viktor…" I introduced him and switching to English, I said, "and Viktor, this is my mother."

Thus, he bowed a little and said, "I'm Viktor Nikiforov. Nice to meet you, mama-Katsuki."

Just like that, my mom was already awestruck with his good manner. "Ah, Yuuri! Quick, come inside. Both of you must be very hungry. We have extra Katsudon too." She happily ushered us to sit down while she busied herself. I offered to help her but she insisted for me to stay with Viktor since he's alone and might feel awkward. Thus, I returned back to the lonely Russian (read: mine) after I explained briefly his situation to mom.

"You can stay here tonight, or as long as you want…" I broke the news to Viktor together with the phone charger as I sat down across him.

"Really? You don't mind?" His eyes lit up both at the news and finally can charge up his phone. He plugged it in and switch it on.

"That's what my mom said… she is very happy to have you as our guest. Oh, you can soak in later in hot springs after meal, I'll prepare your room and your need later." I explained to him.

"Oh, thank you so much, Yuuri! For everything." He beamed in pure delighted. Thinking for a moment while tapping his chin, he said, "hm, I wonder if she would be happier to have me as her son instead~"

"Biologically impossible but mom would love to." I remaked.

"Then, son in-law is definitely possible!" He grinned.

"Wha- when..- you didn't even proposed…!"

"Oh, I will." He was dead serious. My blush intensified. "Then, we can get married here and I take you back to Russia or vice versa, I don't mind…" he kept telling that and smiling happily while accessed his phone at the same time.

In all embarrassment I glared (read: pout). "...tell that to my mom."

He met my eyes. "Okay." then turned slightly towards the kitchen. "Mama-Katsuki~"

"wait, Don't!" In reflex I reached for his head to make him faced me. "Viktor, not now. She will get a heart attack."

However, Viktor just gave a coy smile.


"You just indirectly say 'yes' before I officially propose. I'm just happy." Then, he resumed looking back at his phone briefly, before asking for mine.

As I gave it to him, I sighed. "Don't you think we rushed things too fast? We just meet today and now we are talking about marriage…"

I just watched him tapping something into my phone as he said, "there is a saying 'it's okay to rush toward good things' and marriage is a good thing… " He smiled.

Wow. I can't believe we are talking about this on our first day.

"...or do I have to wait? How old are you?" He suddenly asked while returning my phone.

"23…" I answer it short while continued browsing my phone. I noticed there were a sudden boom of notifications.

"Oh, then you are lawfully eligible. We can even have it now." His words were quite suggestive. "Yuuri~ I wanna get married before 30…" he whined supporting his head on his palms as he put his hand on the table.

"We'll see…" I said as I sighed and scrolled through the notifications.

[Instagram: V_Nikiforov has tagged you in a photo.]

[Instagram: V_Nikiforov has tagged you in a photo.]

[Instagram: phichit+chu mentioned you in a comment.]

[Instagram: V_Nikiforov has tagged you in a photo.]

[Instagram: V_Nikiforov is now following you.]

Too much, I can't read it all now. I'll facetime Phichit later.

Suddenly, my mom came in with a tray of our meals. "Here your extra special Katsudon!"

"Arigatou~ wow~" There, Viktor's mood changed again.

"You're welcome, Viktor-kun." My mom smiled. "Yuuri, you too. Eat up and then help him get comfortable, okay."

I nodded and then began eating.

As for Viktor... he forgot his food selfie as he was truly enjoyed eating and crying in delight of the savoury meals, muttering a grateful 'Vkusno!' after he finished.

A moment after that, his phone suddenly rang. He reluctantly picked it up and answered the call in fluent Russian. I could hear the shouting and yelling from the other side while Viktor just talking in his usual voice and a little chuckle. He whined and shortly after, he ended the call and sighed heavily.

"Is… everything okay?" I asked worriedly.

"That's my coach, Yakov. He's always like that, don't worry." Viktor brushed it off with his hand.

"Um… what did he say?" I was kinda anxious.

"I told him I'm staying here tonight. And how I got lost. That's Yuri's- that angry kitten- fault!" He whined. "But I told him since I already went to many places which is actually tomorrow's activity, I'll pass and do something else instead."

"Oh… okay, alright." I nodded in understanding.

"Yuu~ri~" he grinned cheekily, bringing his face close to me. "Tomorrow is a date! Official date!"

"Huh- what..?" I gaped.


"So, take me sightseeing~"

the end.