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Pretty woman

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Chapter 1

Bernie Wolfe is 51 years old and a really famous actress in Film,TV and Theatre. She has been an actress for the past 30 years she followed in her moms footsteps who was also a actress.Bernie has been in a lot of different genres in TV and Film from drama,romance,crime and thriller and she has done roles in a lot of different theatre plays but she has not enjoyed doing them because she hates to do theatre. Bernie lives in England with her 2 shih tzu dogs Toby and Monty in her English mansion in the countryside. Bernie has her parents John and Ann who live in New York and she has 2 brother Marcus and Edward who are older than her,her brother Marcus lives in LA who she has not spoken or seen for 10 years and Edward who lives in Australia with his wife Claire and their twin girls who are Lacey and Callie who 2 weeks old.