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The Demon and the Dancer

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/In the studio/

“Hobi! Get up!” Hoseok groans at the sound of his best friend's voice ringing in his ears. He understood why he was being loud but it's unreasonable to yell in his ear.

“Jimin-ah. If you yell like that, how am I supposed to hear the music when I dance?” The elder asks jokingly. Jimin slaps his shoulder in response, grinning at his hyung’s fake hurt gasp.

“Learn how to control your strength Minnie.” Hoseok teases, standing up from his spot against the mirror.

“Learn how to pick your song the night before.” Jimin fires back, straightening out his hood.

“Speaking of which, did you pick a song?” Hoseok asks, checking the time on his phone.

“I told Suga hyung we'd do a song he wanted.”

“You're whipped for your boyfriend.”

“Shut up!” Jimin retorts, frowning. Hoseok laughs before putting space between him and the younger in case he had to run.

“So did hyung answer?” He asks as the younger’s phone vibrates.

“Is that Yoongi hyung?” Jimin shakes his head no, scrolling through something.

“You remember that Q&A video you did last week?” Jimin asks, sitting down with his back leaning against the wall mirror.

“Yeah. What’s going on?”

“Someone started the hashtag ‘HopeJin’ with a link to the video, quoting the joke you made about Kim Seokjin.” Jimin explains, showing his phone Hoseok.

“So it’s got a lot of retweets? Nothing’s gonna happen.” Hoseok shrugs, laughing. Hoseok picks up his water bottle, sipping from it.

“Seokjin sunbaenim responded.” Hoseok nearly got strangled on his water, shocked to his core.

“What did he say?!” Hoseok yells, grabbing Jimin’s shoulders.

“Calm down or I won’t be able to read it.” Jimin complains, staring down at his phone. Hoseok lightens the grip he has on the younger’s shoulders, waiting as patiently as possible.

“He says, ‘If I like his dancing, I’ll hit him up.’ with a smiley face at the end. There are tons of comments vouching for you too.” Jimin teases, grinning at the shocked elder.

The Kim Seokjin is considering taking dance lessons from me?” Hoseok mumbles, still unbelieving of the situation.

“Are you okay hyung? Can you record today?” Jimin asks, very concerned for his friend. Hoseok shakes his head, which is still trying to process the news.

“I think I’ll postpone it until tomorrow.” Hoseok mutters and Jimin nods, standing up.

“Should I drive us home today? You don’t look well.”

“Please do Minnie.” At that Jimin laughs, Hoseok chuckling a little with him.

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/Next day/

Hoseok follows his daily routine of getting ready for the day, still thinking about what had happened yesterday. He still didn’t know whether he wanted it to be joke or not. The very idea of teaching a celebrity, especially one as amazing (and, he could easily admit, handsome), how to dance.

Hoseok’s day passes him by fairly quickly. Nothing too eventful happened other than one of his friends getting bitten by the cat he brought into the studio. Needless to say, Hoseok was tired (as usual) by the time he and Jimin got home.

“I call the shower!” Jimin yells, somehow managing to run into the bathroom as soon as the front door opened.

“You brat!” Hoseok yells after him, not really having the energy to do anything else. Hoseok drags his body over to the couch, flopping down on it. He takes his phone out of his pocket and scrolls through his social media, mainly Twitter. He’s been watching his DM’s, with both excitement and fear.

“The shower’s free now Hobi hyung.” Jimin calls, poking his head out. He wished he could shower longer but then Hoseok wouldn’t make him breakfast if he used up all the hot water. He didn’t think the elder took hot showers so seriously until he woke up the next morning with no breakfast or Hoseok in sight.

“Alright!” Hoseok answers, groaning as his aching body protests against his movements.

His phone was left alone on the couch until Jimin walks into the living room just as the phone buzzes, Twitter notification popping up. Along with the rest of the social media Hoseok has.

“Oh, Hobi hyung is gonna have a heart attack when he sees this.”

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“Breathe hyung! Breathe!”

“Stop yelling in my ear!”

“Sorry.” Jimin backs away from Hoseok, making sure he’s not in arms reach of the other man. Not that Hoseok was going to hit him, he’s frozen to his seat to begin with.

Kim Seokjin is following all of his social media accounts. All of them. He kind of thinks it’s a cruel joke and he doesn’t know if he’s okay with that or not.

“If I died right now, I wouldn’t mind.” Hoseok jokes, earning a playful shoulder shove from Jimin.

“Don't be so- Oh!” Jimin gasps, pointing at Hoseok’s phone that vibrated in his hands.


“He messaged you.” Jimin states, grinning. Hoseok stares at his phone, unmoving. He doesn’t even move when Jimin snatches the phone from his hands.

“He wants to know if you’re serious about teaching the unteachable.” Jimin tells the elder, waiting for his reply.


“Yes you are.” Jimin answers, typing the reply.

“Wait don’t-“ Jimin presses the send button, not allowing Hoseok’s words to stop him.

“You are doing this hyung. There’s no backing out.” Jimin insists, staring at the phone, waiting for a reply.

“Aish.” Hoseok grumbles, watching Jimin with slight irritation. He really should be sleeping soon, but this whole situation is keeping him up. A reply comes through not a minute later. Jimin hums thoughtfully before replying.

“What did he say?” Hoseok almost wishes he hadn’t asked because of the mischievous smile the younger gives him in response.

“Be prepared for a guest tomorrow.” Jimin states, dropping the phone in Hoseok’s lap before running off to the safety of his room.

“That brat.” Hoseok mutters, looking down at the messages. The elder works up the nerve to tell Seokjin good night, not waiting for a reply as he heads to his own room.

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"Hyung, are you okay?" Jimin asks, eyeing the older man worriedly. To say Hoseok had been nervous since he woke up this morning would be an understatement. The man had been so worked up about the Seokjin ordeal that he had hit his head on the wall mirror while stretching.

Jimin had forced him to sit down for a while with an ice pack on his head, so for the past 15 minutes he's been watching the younger practice by himself until the younger decided to take a break.

"I've been fine." Jimin scoffs at his hyung's answer, flicking his forehead and getting a flinch in response.

"I didn't thump you hard so your head hurts more than you let on." Jimin reasons, taking a sip of water from his water bottle.

"It's not serious Minnie."

"I'm not taking you to the hospital so rest for like 15 more minutes before getting up." Jimin suggests, watching Hoseok cautiously. Hoseok rolls his eyes but nods his head gingerly.

"I'll be back. I'm going to go get some lunch since someone didn't make any today." Jimin states, emphasizing 'someone' by narrowing his eyes at Hoseok who pays him no attention.

"You'll pay for mine right? I'll pay you back." Hoseok adds, looking up at the younger.

"Fine. I would've paid anyways hyung." Jimin agrees, smiling softly at the other. Once Jimin has left, Hoseok decides to play around on his phone since he knows Jimin would probably be angry with him if he caught him practicing. He decides to look through some of the comments on yesterday's video, half expecting there to be hate comments like usual. And there are, none of them phase him except for one.


How is one idiot gonna teach another?

"It's fine to insult me but don't insult Seokjin sunbae like that." Hoseok mumbles to who he thought was no one.

"Who's insulting me?" Hoseok almost has a heart attack for two reasons- The voice scared him and because of who the voice belonged to. Clutching a hand to his chest, his phone in the other, he slowly looks up at where the voice had come from.

"S-Seokjin sunbae-"

"You can just call me Jin." The elder interrupts, smiling.

"Jin...hyung?" Hoseok tests, getting a chuckle from the older man.

"Why so formal? We'll be getting to know each other for the next couple of weeks." Seokjin teases, sitting down next to the man. Hoseok shuffles away from him a little, scared that Jin can hear his heart beating loudly in his chest. Ignoring Jin's slightly confused expression, Hoseok nods and gives him what he hoped wasn't a nervous smile.

"I guess we will. Are you sure about this?"

"Of course I am." Jin assures Hoseok, watching the other man for any signs of uncertainty.

"Will you move out of the way you muscle pig?! Hobi hyung!" Jimin's scream from the doorway interrupts the elders inside of the studio. Currently, Jin's bodyguard is blocking his entrance. Jimin would fight him but one, he has no idea what the man is capable and two, he doesn't want to end up messing the food up.

Both Jin and Hoseok open the door in time to see Jimin and the guard about to throw down, but they don't get to since Hoseok pulls Jimin inside by the hood of his hoodie.

"Don't hit someone if you know you won't win." Hoseok states sternly, letting go of the younger.

"He started it! It's not my fault he's got no brains." Jimin huffs, glaring at the guard that was being scolded by Jin. But as soon as the guard heard Jimin, he turned his attention to shorter boy.

"What was that shortie?" He questions, enjoying the angry reaction he got.

"Jungkook stop." Jin warns, and Hoseok swears that Jin's eyes flashed red for a split second but plays it off as the light and his tiredness playing tricks on him.

"Let's just eat now, Jiminie." Hoseok suggests, taking the food from the younger.

"Yeah I guess." Jimin mumbles, giving Jungkook one final glance before sitting down against the wall opposite of the mirror.

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Somehow the rest of the day passes without any further arguments. Though on the way out of the studio, after discussing Jin’s schedule, Jimin stomped on Jungkook's foot and ran away. Hoseok would've apologized if he hadn't been laughing and getting dragged away at the same time.

“You sure about this whole ordeal Jin hyung? He might find out.” Jungkook cautions as he watches the duo get into their car.

“If I wasn't sure do you think I'd be here? ‘sides, if he finds out, it'll make my life more fun.” Jin answers, smirking as he heads to the car where his manager is waiting.

Chapter Text

Can you apologize to Jungkook for me?

Sure but it’s not necessary


But still
What Jiminie did isn’t right

I promise I’ll tell him for you

Thank you hyung

It’s nothing
See you in the morning

See you in the morning

Good night

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“Oh it’s the shortie again.”

“Not right now you muscle pig.”

“I’m sorry did you say something? I couldn’t hear you from way down there.”

“Will both of you cut it out?!” Hoseok comes in between the two youngest, glaring at them both. If it hadn’t of been for the bad morning both Hoseok and Jimin had, there wouldn’t be a need for Hoseok to step in.

This morning, their upstairs neighbor’s pipe decided to burst and flood their apartment. That was a wonderful way to be woken up. They had salvaged the camera and all their clothes, the wet and the dry, and went to the nearest hotel. Unfortunately the hotel had no vacancies, somehow, and they had to turn around but not before being allowed to use the hotel’s laundry mat.

The duo ended up convincing Yoongi to let them crash at his place. But not before Yoongi put his foot in his mouth and got into an argument with Jimin. Hoseok had to drag Jimin away before he actually did some unnecessary damage.

So here they are, Jimin still as frustrated and Hoseok losing his cool. What a series of misfortune.

“Let’s go inside Minnie. We need to get started.” Hoseok states firmly, leaving no room for the younger to argue. Instead, once Hoseok was inside, Jimin kicked Jungkook as hard as he could in the leg before running inside and locking the door.

“Jimin!” Hoseok scolds, folding his arms.

“Just start practice hyung.” Jimin rushes, disappearing into the changing room.

Hoseok silently curses the younger as Jungkook starts banging on the glass door.

“Don’t unlock it!” Jimin hollers, poking his head out.

“And why not?” Jin questions before Hoseok gets the chance to.

“Because if you unlock it, he’ll kill me.”

“What did you do Minnie?”

“I kicked him. In the leg.”

“Least it’s not the balls this time.” Hoseok mutters, remembering the time Jimin kicked a random dude in the nuts. He had it coming though.

“Well he shouldn’t have grabbed my butt.” Jimin replies, frowning at the memory.

“Let me in!” Jungkook yells, pushing against the door, making it rattle. Hoseok glances at Jimin, who shakes his head, but ignores him because he’s had enough this morning. The last thing he wants now is to explain to the building owner why the door was broken.

As soon as Jungkook attempts to rush past Hoseok, he’s grabbed by his collar.


“Let it go this time. We’ve had a rough morning and he’s just in a bad mood.” Hoseok states in gentle tone, staring Jungkook in the eye.

“But he-“

“I said,” Hoseok tightens his grip on the collar of Jungkook’s shirt, pulling him down to his level, "Let it go.” Hoseok hisses quietly.

Jungkook had never been scared of a human in his life… until now. Jungkook nods, scared that Hoseok would somehow kill him with his glare.

“Thank you.” Hoseok states, letting go.

“Jungkook has a new boogey man.” Jin mumbles, earning a short glare from the mentioned younger, a giggle from Jimin, and a chuckle from Hoseok.

“Ne, Jin hyung?” Jimin questions, stepping out into the studio. Hoseok eyes the younger worriedly, he knows he’s up to something.


“Can we crash at your place? Ours is flooded and we have nowhere to go ‘sides stinky hotels far from the studio.” Jimin rushes.

“Jimin-“ Hoseok starts to scold the younger before being shocked by Jin’s answer.


Chapter Text


You should thank me hyung


For what?

And I’m right next to you in the car


For getting us a place to stay


It’s not my fault you and Yoongi are butting heads right now


It ain’t mine either!


Didn’t say it was!

Calm down and stop hitting me!

I could’ve let Jungkook get you


But you didn’t

and that’s what makes you a great hyung

The great hyung that’s gonna get our stuff, right?


You owe me Minnie.


I know hyung  

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“Is it dead!?” Hoseok calls out from the living room, where he had run off. He’d run off at the sight of a spider as big as his hand in one of Jin’s guest bedrooms.

“No! We caught it though!” Jimin yells back, hardly containing his laughter. He’s a few minutes away from laughing at the way his hyung had run out of the room.

“You caught it?!” Hoseok exclaims, bewildered. He’s climbs down from his perch on the couch, getting ready to run for the front door. If Jimin is as evil and mischievous as usual he’d try to hand the spider to the older man.

Jimin and Jin walk into the living room, watching Hoseok with slight amusement because of the running stance he’s in.

In Jin’s hands is the daddy long leg spider, trapped in a clear container with its lid covering the opening. The spider is still, as if it’s sleeping.

“What are you gonna do with it?” Hoseok asks cautiously, looking nervously at the spider when one of its legs moved.

“I’m gonna go release it.” Jin answers, looking down into the container. Hoseok nods, looking between the spider and Jin. He completely ignores Jimin’s quiet snickers.

“While you do that, I’ll be in the kitchen.” Hoseok says quickly, walking (almost running) off to said area.

“Is he always this scared of spiders?” Jin asks, turning to Jimin who’d been watching Hoseok run away.

“He’s always like this with anything scary. Or what he deems as scary.” Jimin answers with a nod, laughing softly. Jin nods, heading to the front door with the spider.


After deciding that Hoseok would sleep in Jin’s room, which Hoseok had tried to get out of, they have dinner. Afterwards they take their showers, youngest to oldest.


“You gonna be okay by yourself Hoseokie?” Jin asks teasingly. Hoseok throws a playful glare at the elder, groaning.

“Of course I am. You’re just taking a shower anyways.” Hoseok replies, grinning. Jin hums, heading off to the bathroom, clothes and towel in hand. Hoseok watches the elder disappear before remembering that he’d put his phone and camera in his bookbag, which is under the bed.

Getting up from the bed, Hoseok gets down onto the floor, moving the hanging bedsheets out of the way. He reaches under, immediately finding his bag… and something else. Frowning, Hoseok pulls out his bag first before reaching back under to pull out the rough textured item he’d found.

He pulls out a leather-bound book, pretty worn and old from the looks of it. Hoseok squints at the cursive font, trying to understand what the title of it is.

“Liber... ab… inferno?” Hoseok slowly reads as best as he can. He looks at it curiously but shoves it back under the bed. He doesn’t want to make Jin angry for going through his things. He climbs back onto the bed, bookbag in hand.

He pulls out his phone and plugs it up to its charger. Taking his camera out, he films a quick vlog about what’s going on. After filming, he makes a note to blur out the background. He doesn’t want anyone to see Jin’s bedroom. He doesn’t think the elder would appreciate it.

He gets himself comfortable under the blankets just as Jin’s coming back into the room.

Chapter Text

When Jin wakes up, he notices two things.

1- Hoseok is gone.

2- There’s a delicious aroma coming from somewhere in the apartment.

Curious, Jin wastes no time in getting out of bed and making his way into the kitchen. Leaning up against the counter, Jimin’s already eating from the plate in his hands. There’s another plate on the counter next to him.

“Morning.” Jin greets, taking the other plate for himself. He moves to sit in one of the bar stools, setting his plate down on the island first.

“Morning hyung.” Jimin greets back after swallowing. He offers the elder a smile before his attention is back on the eggs Hoseok had kindly cooked before he left.

“Where’s Hoseok?” Jin questions, looking back down the hallway. He hasn’t seen the younger man since last night and didn’t even notice he’d left so early. Which is strange since Jin is usually a light sleeper.

“He left to go to the studio. He gives lessons there every Monday and Thursday, private lessons too if people can afford it and need it.” Jimin explains, finishing off the last of his eggs and toast. He moves to the sink and washes his dish in the lukewarm dishwater Hoseok left behind from his own cleaning.

Seokjin just hums a reply, focused on the simple breakfast in front of him. He watches Jimin scurry off down the hall, probably heading back to his temporary room. Seokjin finishes eating quickly knowing he has to be at the agency for a meeting he’s known was coming for the past three days. But before he leaves the kitchen, he leaves a raw steak out near the window, like he usually does.

About 20 minutes later, Jin joins Jimin in the living room. The younger is wearing the typical uniform that convenience store clerks wear. Seokjin himself is wearing a white button down with a black suit jacket, matching slacks and (soon to be put on) dress shoes.

“Going to work as well?” Jin asks out of verification.

“Mm. My friend’s supposed to come pick me up. Hopefully he hasn’t gotten lost. Again.” Jimin mutters that last part, staring down at his phone.

“Want me to come pick you up afterwards?” Jin offers, checking his phone for the time. 9:13 AM. Meeting’s not till 9:35. Which means Namjoon won’t be here for another 7 minutes.

“No thanks hyung. Hobi hyung picks me up so we can practice at the studio.” Jimin declines, smiling at the elder. Jin nods and hums in response before his curiosity becomes peaked about the boys’ usual schedule.

“You two are always at that studio when you have free time?” Jin questions and hums when the younger nods.

“For the past 4 years we’ve always stuck to this routine. It’s only been 3 years since we got our studio.” Jimin states. He opens his mouth to add something but a text message coming through interrupts him. The younger looks down at his phone, sighing at seeing that it’s Taehyung saying he’s outside.

“I’ll see you later hyung.” Jimin says, waving goodbye before rushing to the door. The elder waits until he hears the door close before he heads back to the kitchen for a water bottle. He notices the raw steak is gone and his mouth twitches into a small smile.

Chapter Text

After his last student left, Hoseok sits on the floor, phone in hand. He starts out scrolling through his social media. It’s not long before the book he found under Jin’s bed comes to mind. He pushes the thoughts away for as long as he can before his curiosity eats away his resolve. He searches up the name of the book using Google. A bunch of words he doesn’t understand appear on the screen, tons of links going to different places. After having Google attempt to translate the page (*snorts*), Hoseok can finally make out some of the words.

“The Devil’s spellbook?” He mumbles reading some of the links. He looks at images and comes upon a picture of a book that looks exactly like Jin’s book so he clicks on the image. The description says that it’s a book that high-level demons get when they enter the human world.

Hoseok snorts thinking that someone made this up for fun but he couldn’t fight the little voice in the back of his head saying that it’s true. He clicks on the image’s link and it takes him to a website that’s all in Latin. Hoseok bookmarks the page before closing the tab. He puts his phone down on the floor, moving over to the speaker. He didn’t want to think about his hyung being a demon. Not when he was so nice to him and others, but Hoseok’s not taking his chances.


The first time Jin noticed Hoseok’s odd behavior is when the human wouldn’t look him in the face when he and Jimin got home. The second time is when Hoseok put a pillow between them when they went to bed. Now he’s woken up a second time to the smell of breakfast but the younger men aren’t in the apartment.

Jin frowns down at the note the younger had left him saying he and Jimin had gone to the gym.

“If you’re avoiding me then just say so.” Jin mumbles, rolling his eyes as he throws the note away.

“Who’s avoiding you hyung?” Jin jumps at Jungkook’s sudden appearance behind him.

“Are you trying to kill me?!” Jin exclaims, glaring at the younger demon. Jungkook rolls his eyes with a slight smirk on his face.

“It’s been years now, you should be used to me appearing.”

“Well I’m not.” Jin growls, flecks of red appearing in his brown eyes.

“Well someone’s cranky. This have something to do with Hoseok?” Jungkook teases, eyeing the untouched plate of toast and eggs.

“He’s been avoiding me since last night and I don’t know why.” Jin states, noticing the younger’s gaze. Jin grabs the plate and passes it to him, surprisingly he’s lost his appetite for the moment. Jungkook gives him a grateful smile before devouring the food.

“Maybe he’s just gotten shy because he’s finally realized his situation.” Jungkook reasons, wiping his mouth.

“I doubt that but let’s go with that for right now. And you’re washing that plate since you ate the food.” Jin states, walking out of the kitchen leaving a Jungshook behind.

Chapter Text

“Why are you avoiding Jin hyung?” Jimin suddenly asks while I’m drinking from my water bottle. The younger is sitting on the weight bench while I’m sitting on the floor next to him. I just got off of the treadmill.

“I’m not avoiding him.” I deny, looking down at my phone. Jimin scoffs, nudging me in the arm.

“You’re always going to be a horrible liar hyung.” Jimin points out while joining me on the floor. I roll my eyes, paying him no mind.

“Something happen between the two of you?” Jimin questions curiously, looking down at my phone now.


“Liar.” Jimin states as he snatches my phone from my hand.

“Yah!” I exclaim but don’t attempt to get it back. There’s nothing for him to see.

I watch him exit Instagram, clicking on the ‘history’ shortcut on my home screen. I should’ve gotten rid of that. I reach for my phone but Jimin scoots away. I sigh and just give up.

“The Devil’s spellbook? You’re into witchcraft hyung?” Jimin asks incredulously.

“No. Jin hyung is apparently.”


“I found this book under hyung’s bed the first night we stayed there. It was accident. I was searching for my bag and found this book. It’s some book high-level demons get when they come to Earth apparently.” I explain taking my phone back. Jimin’s eyes widen unbelievably wide, the shock very evident on his face.

“Oh man holy crap!” Jimin exclaims, drawing a few stares from people around us. Jimin promptly flips them off before turning his attention back to me.

“I don’t know if this is cool or not but I’m excited at the thought of hyung being a demon. That would explain his good looks and charm.” Jimin points out, a small smirk on his face.

“Regardless of whether it’s cool or not, you cannot tell hyung we know. Understand?”

“Understood hyung,” Jimin answers with a salute,” Now let’s go eat. I’m hungry.” Jimin whines, standing up. I roll my eyes but follow him out of the gym after we gather our stuff.

A dark, wolf-shaped shadow follows the boys out of the gym. The shadow only goes as far as the car before it bolts down the street, back to Jin’s apartment. The shadow had heard their whole conversation and now had to report back to its master.

When the shadow enters the apartment, it finds its master sitting on the couch watching TV. It’s not long before the demon notices the wolf creature near him.

“What’s wrong Jjangu?”

Chapter Text

“Hoseok-ssi knows about the book master.”

Jin hums thoughtfully as he pets Jjangu head. The hellhound growls before laying down at its master’s feet.

“He told Jimin-ssi as well. What are you planning to do?”

Jin arches an eyebrow, gazing down at Jjangu. This is the first time in a while that the creature has been so invested in Jin’s plans.

“I just wanna see how this plays out. This is probably the most fun I’m gonna have in years.” Jin answers with a laugh, patting Jjangu’s head before withdrawing his hand.


On their way home/Walking up to the apartment building



“That is the 3rd time you’ve sneezed hyung. Are you sick?” Jimin asks the elder with slight concern. Hoseok sniffs then shakes his head.

“No, I feel fine. Someone’s probably talking ill of me.” Hoseok reasons with a chuckle.

“Well who wouldn’t be jealous of the amazing Hobi?” Jimin adds, nudging Hoseok’s arm.

“I wouldn’t be.” A voice pipes in from behind them, scaring the life out of Hoseok and Jimin. The pair whirl around and glare at Jungkook who’d decided to make his presence known in the worst way.

“Was that necessary you bastard?” Jimin curses, being the only one of the two that could speak at the moment. Hoseok is too busy trying not to pass out. For a split second the man could’ve sworn he’d seen Jungkook’s eyes turn from cobalt blue to brown. Hoseok blinks a few times before shaking his head as discreetly as he can.

“Something wrong hyung?” Jimin questions, glancing between Hoseok and Jungkook.

“Y-Yeah I’m fine now.” Hoseok mumbles, heading up the stairs.


Too short to have a preview but it does  :)


“Ah, how could he bail on me at a time like this?”




“Holy fucking shit!”




“I’m dying.”

Chapter Text

The next morning two different calls came to Hoseok and Jimin. One from their landlord, the other from Yoongi. Seokjin had already left that morning for an emergency meeting so it was just the two of them there eating breakfast.

Their landlord called Hoseok moments before Yoongi called Jimin. Both boys were happy to hear that they could finally go back to their apartment where they had their own room. They were a little sad though to leave Jin alone though.

Yoongi’s call was to obviously beg for Jimin to talk to him. After a little coaxing from Hoseok, who was making sure they had all their stuff together, Jimin finally decided to meet Yoongi at the Starbucks half a block away.

“Go, I'll be fine. I'll get Taehyung to help.” Hoseok assures a hesitant Jimin, pushing him out the door. Jimin gives his hyung one last glance before walking down the stairs and down the sidewalk. Hoseok watches him go before texting Taehyung to come pick him up. The younger replies immediately, saying he's on his way.

“Maybe I should text Jin and tell him.” Hoseok mumbles, staring down at his phone.

“You are an interesting human.”

Hoseok screeches at the sudden voice in his head, looking around wildly for the source afterwards. He sees a wolfish creature that's too big to be a dog or wolf. Half of its fur is obsidian black and the other half is pure white. Glowing red eyes stare right back at Hoseok making the man look away seconds later.

“I knew you were a frightful human but not this frightful. I won't do you any harm. Unless Master says to. Or your time's up.” The creature growls. Hoseok shivers, praying what it said was true.

“I'm not just some creature. My name is Jjangu. Jin is my master.” Jjangu growls again, coming closer to Hoseok. Hoseok shrieks and puts more distance between the two of them.

“W-What are you?” Hoseok stutters, watching Jjangu with caution. He didn’t want to be die like this, not by a dog.

“I’m a hellhound. Though a unique one.” Jjangu answers, baring his teeth as if he’s smiling.

“H-h-h-hellhound? As in one of the creatures that kill people who form contracts with the devil or his henchmen and collect their souls!?” Hoseok exclaims hysterically, on the verge of fainting.


“Holy fucking shit!” Hoseok exclaims, dropping to his knees.

“I’m dying.” Hoseok mutters before fainting. Jjangu chuckles before disappearing but not before telling Taehyung to come a little later. The younger unknowingly agreeing.

“Hoseok-ssi is an interesting human. He could not only hear me but he could see me. He must be…”      


“Ah, how could he bail on me at a time like this?” Jin mumbles staring down at his phone.

“Who? Jaehwan hyung?” Jungkook questions entering the car. They’re currently on their way to Jin’s place.

“Yeah. I need to talk to him about something.” Jin answers with a nod, still looking down at his phone.

He gets a text from both Hoseok and Jimin, Hoseok’s saying that the two of them have gone back to their apartment and Jimin’s asking if Jin could come pick him up from some bar called Platinum. Jin frowns at Jimin’s message, wondering what could be wrong with the younger if he wasn’t with Hoseok and couldn’t ask any of his other friends. Nonetheless, Jin tells him he will, getting a thank you in response.

“What’s wrong hyung?”

“I don’t know yet.” Jin mumbles as he instructs the driver to take him to the bar. A bar in broad daylight? What kind of people go there? Jin could only imagine though until he gets there.


“Yoongi is a stubborn bastard!” Jimin exclaims, bouncing around inside of the car. Jin stifles his laughter at the drunk human who’s been complaining about his boyfriend since he got in the car. The elder is surprised that Jungkook hasn’t attempted to put Jimin to sleep yet.

“He’ll never say sorry, I should just break up with him. No I can’t do that he needs me no matter how stubborn he is.” Jimin babbles, leaning his head against the car window.

“I think you should take a nap Jiminie.” Jin suggests, smiling at the boy.

”No! Not until I can see Hobi hyung!”

“Hobi will be very upset if you don’t take a nap before you meet him.” Jin reasons, his voice taking a serious tone.

“Mmm, okay.” Jimin mumbles and is out like a light in seconds. Jin chuckles, running a hand through the younger’s blonde hair.

“He reeks of sadness and booze.” Jungkook complains, holding his nose. Jin just rolls his eyes and ignores that younger, preferring to pay attention to the sleeping human next to him.

Chapter Text

Upon getting to Hoseok and Jimin’s apartment, the trio didn’t expect to meet a disgruntled Hoseok, like the man had just woken up.

Hobi hyung!” Jimin exclaims, launching himself at the elder causing the both of them to fall.

“Ugh. Jiminie. Stop drinking in broad daylight.” Hoseok groans, sitting up carefully with the younger on his lap.

I can’t help it. I just needed something for my nerves.” Jimin says before bursting into a fit of giggles. Even if the man wasn’t as drunk anymore, he’s still a little under the influence.

You smell like Taehyung’s cologne.” Jimin points out as he buries his face into Hoseok’s chest.

“I fell asleep on the ride here so he carried me inside.” Hoseok explains, standing up as carefully as he can without dropping the younger or falling. The younger gleefully wraps his arms around Hoseok’s neck, his legs tightly wrap around the elder’s waist.

Hoseok almost shudders at remembering the events before Taehyung picked him up. He doesn’t want to tell anyone though. Well, maybe Jimin later on.

“Taehyung?” Jin and Jungkook mumble, glancing at each other. Hoseok hums and leads them to the living room where mentioned man is sleeping on the couch.

Taehyung!” Jimin exclaims, unlatching himself from Hoseok and running and jumping on Taehyung. The man groans, sitting up with the elder on his lap.

“Mochi, are you trying to kill me?” Taehyung whines, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Jimin giggles at the younger before flopping onto the couch, his feet in Taehyung’s lap.

“So what did Yoongi do this time?” Hoseok finally asks, Jimin starts frowning at the very mention of the man’s name.

“Being stubborn as usual. We got into another argument.”

“Then shouldn’t you just break up with him?” Jungkook chimes, rubbing one of his ears.

“Then shouldn’t you just mind your own goddamn business ya bitch?” Jimin snaps, glaring at Jungkook. Hoseok sighs and shakes his head. Taehyung snickers, covering his mouth with his hand. There’s a small smile on Jin’s face as well.

“I’m just saying.”

“And I’m just sick of your shit, you giant.”

“Alright enough you two. Jiminie, let’s go take a nap.” Hoseok chimes in, pulling Jimin off the couch and to his room.

“Thank you Jin hyung, for taking care of Jimin.” Hoseok says quietly as he rejoins the others in the living room. And it’s now that Jin is finally focusing on the human that he can smell the faint scent of fear, death, and dirt. Something he’d smelled not too long ago.

“Hoseok can I ask you something in private?” Jin asks, his voice leaving no room for a ‘no’.

“Um su-“

Hoseok’s phone rings from his room, making a frown appear on the man’s face.

“I’ll be right back. Tae, you should probably head home now.” Hoseok states before running down the hall. Taehyung says goodbye to Jin and Jungkook before leaving, making sure to be quiet.

“You smelled it too hyung?” Jungkook asks in a hushed voice, as if breaking the silence would disturb the two in their rooms. Jin nods, furrowing his eyebrows in concentration.


“Ah yes, I got it… Bye.” Hoseok says cheerily as he hangs up. It was another private client that he’d have to meet after tomorrow’s class. Crap, he should really start paying more attention to Jin… to teaching Jin.

Hoseok chuckles and then sighs, remembering there was something the elder wanted to talk to him about.

“Hobi hyung! Water please!” Jimin calls out, sounding like he’s on the verge of throwing up.


“Hyung, that’s so cool.”

“It is not. It could’ve taken my soul.” Hoseok practically screeches as he and Jimin eat ice cream while sitting on the couch. Hoseok had sent Jin and Jungkook home once he’d helped Jimin into the bathroom. He assured Jin that they’ll talk tomorrow and sent the elder on his way.

Now they both sat stretched out on the couch, both resting their backs against opposite arms of the chair so they’re facing each other.

“But it didn’t besides, it belongs to Jin hyung and it knew you.” Jimin reason, his spoon dug into his tub of ice cream.

“It obviously knows you too since it knows me.” Hoseok points out, his spoon hanging from his mouth as he searches for his phone.

“Ooh! Do you think seeing Jjangu has to do with that ability of yours?”

“I could’ve sworn we weren’t going to talk about that ever again.”

“But hyung, what if this is the cause of that?”

“Then I’ll deal with it when it becomes an actual problem.” Hoseok states firmly, unaware of the presence behind him.

“What is this ability of yours Hoseok-ssi?”

Hoseok and Jimin scream as the sudden intrusion of their minds. Hoseok practically throws himself into Jimin’s lap, but turns to face the opposite end of the couch. The two glance at each other before glancing back to the end of the couch, where Jjangu sat. Hoseok grasps Jimin’s hands, the younger gripping his hands just as hard, making their hands turn a shade of red.

“That’s Jjangu?!” Jimin exclaims, wide-eyed with wonder, excitement, and fear.

“That’s my name.” Jjangu bares his teeth, as if smiling.

“Oh wow that’s creepy… but kind of cute.” Jimin comments, making Hoseok look at him like he’s insane.

“Thank you but I prefer to be called handsome.”

“Like your owner.” Hoseok and Jimin point out simultaneously.

“Yes, like my master. So Hoseok-ssi, your ability?”

“You don’t need to know.” Hoseok states, refusing to talk about his past.

“Does it involve something personal… like something involving your parents?”

Hoseok glares at Jjangu, becoming red in the face whereas Jimin pales looking in between the hellhound and his hyung.

“I said it’s none of your business!” Hoseok exclaims, a light bulb blows simultaneously, making the room dark with hardly any light.

“It seems I’ve overstepped my boundaries. I will leave now.”

And with that Jjangu disappears into a black cloud, leaving Hoseok to fume and Jimin terrified yet concerned.

“I think you should go take a shower hyung.” Jimin says, shaking his hand loose from Hoseok’s. The younger had been losing feeling in his hand.

“Yeah… I think I will.” Hoseok mumbles, standing up from the couch and heading towards the bathroom. Jimin sighs as he begins searching their apartment for their spare light bulbs.