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Atlas and the Time Detective

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Our story begins with a strong figure with orange hair asleep, having a strange dream that seemed like in the past in the age of cavemen. It was prehistoric with the dinosaurs and the cavemen about. The figure found himself in the world as he explored and saw a tiny cave boy with his father as they were hunting together, though there seemed to be an aircraft coming from the distant future.

"What's that?" The figure wondered as he squinted his eyes.

There appeared to be two creatures that didn't seem human between a woman who had green hair in a high ponytail with a strapless red dress, but with a matching choker and gloves with a sneaky smirk on her face. And where she seemed rather interested in a pterodactyl that flew by.

"Aha! A real pterosaur, I want one!" The woman with green hair ponytail smiled.

"What do you mean, take it back with us?" The first creature asked.

"Uh, hey, Boss, no offense, but we gotta stick with the plans," The second creature added. "We gotta get that Time-Shifter and get outta here."

'Time-Shifter?' The strong figure thought to himself.

"We'll get that Time Shifter, don't you worry about it," The green-haired woman replied. "I WANT THAT PTEROSAUR-" she then fell out of their vehicle and was having a long fall.

"Whatever you say!" The first creature called down.

"You're the boss!" The second creature added.

A pterodactyl soon caught the woman before she could hit the ground into its mouth and flew off.

"Well, then..." The figure said to himself with a slight eye roll.

The flying dinosaur soon then started to try to eat her. The lady screamed out for help as she tried to escape, but had no such luck. The strong figure simply found this funny as he started laughing at her. The lady's minions soon argued about who should get her as they both didn't seem to want to, and where the pterodactyl soon spit her out back to the aircraft. The figure kind of chuckled as he found that to be rather amusing.

"All right, buddy, you wanna mess with Petra Fina, huh?!" The lady glared before she took out a gun. "Well, if you're so hungry, munch this!"

"That gun looks futuristic." The strong figure said.

"Hey, remember our mission?!" One minion scolded.

"Plus, you're just to save that for emergencies!" The other added in worry.

"Gotcha!" The woman glared as she shot at the pterodactyl for revenge, and where it was soon turned into a fossilized dinosaur egg which caused the strong figure to gasp. "Fossilized!" The woman laughed. "Tag and bag him, guys, and let's find that Shifter!"

"Whatever this time-shifter is, I better find it before they do," The strong figure said before seeing the two cavemen from before chasing a triceratops on another triceratops behind it. "That's something I never thought I'd see."

There appeared to be a father and son on the other triceratops and they laughed together.

"Hmm... But while I'm searching for this Time-Shifter, I guess I could go and have some fun." The strong figure said as he ran like the wind before ending up on the first Triceratops.

The two triceratops were soon right next to each other as they ran.

"YAH! YAH!" The man called out as a snapping sound was heard before he and the caveboy fell off of the dinosaur that they were on.

The strong figure soon made his triceratops stop so he could see if the caveman and his son were alright. "Whoa, are you guys okay?" he then asked the father and son. He soon saw the Triceratops they were riding on was about to charge at them. "LOOK OUT!" he then panicked before he dove in to help them. And what he saw surprised him as he saw the caveman's son stop the Triceratops with just one hand just like him. "Whoa..." he then blinked as the younger caveboy seemed to be rather strong, though this was nothing compared to what he could do.

Soon, an egg-like creature with wings soon appeared.

"Huh?" The caveboy looked over.

"You boys need some 'Heart'!" The creature said before magically making a heart appear before sending it toward them.

Once the heart blew over, the caveboy and the triceratops were suddenly hugging.

"Whoa, I did not see that coming." The strong figure said.

The father caveman smiled to this, speaking in ancient language.

"Attention, you troglodytes!" Petra Fina called out from the distance inside of her ship. "Hand over the Time Shifter!"

"Huh?" Everyone looked up.

"You heard me!" Petra Fina continued. "Take the kid and scrammo!"

The strong figure soon stood in front of the father, son, and what he guessed was the Time-Shifter.

"Dino, keep an eye on them, they look suspicious." Petra Fina commanded.

"I'll use both eyes, okay?" The first creature replied.

The triceratops soon left them going on its way.

"If you want them; you'll have to go through me." The strong figure said, but it seemed they couldn't hear him or see him.

The aircraft soon brought out a hand. The caveboy glared as he threatened in his native language. The caveman smirked as he held the hand while his son took out a piece of the ground to throw at the aircraft.

"Whoa, impressive." The strong figure smirked.

The aircraft soon crashed out of the sky and onto the ground which made the cave father and son cheer.

"Don't just lay there, get up!" Petra Fina glared to her minions.

"You guys are toast!" The second creature told the father caveman and his son.

"Yeah, what he said!" The first creature added.

"You just got an appointment with trouble!" Petra Fina glared as she stood up with her gun again. "You have a millisecond to move away or else!"

"Huh?" The cave father and son blinked in confusion.

"All right, Caveboys, watch this!" Petra Fina glared as she then shot the creature floating beside them, and it soon turned into a fossilized egg.

"Whoa, nice shot!" The first creature said to the woman. "You're getting pretty good with that thing, Boss."

"I'm not good, I'm perfect!" Petra Fina glared. "NOW GET OVER THERE AND BAG THAT EGG FOSSIL!"

Both the caveman father and his son glared as the caveboy placed the fossilized egg behind him. There seemed to be a rumbling.

"What the?!" The strong figure yelped as he nearly fell.

"What is that?!" Petra Fina asked.

"The volcano's about to blow!" The first creature warned her.

"We should hurry up to another time!" The second creature told her. "Hurry up, Petra!"

"Where did that ship go?" Petra wondered.

The cave boy glared as he seemed to threaten in his language.

"I can already guess what he said which was 'get lost'," The strong figure said. "Or something like that."

The volcano then erupted with a large lava spew.

"Sorry, hate to lava and leave ya, we'll defossilize that Time-Shifter back in the 25th century! Lift off!" Petra glared as she shot at the caveman and his son before going off with her henchmen.

The strong figure was about to try and move the two fossilized eggs, but he was soon fading, telling him he was waking up. He then blinked and opened his eyes as he looked around to see he was back in a bedroom, meaning that was all just a meaningful dream.

"Aw, dang it!" The strong figure groaned.

"Atlas! I hope you're ready for your first day at school as an assistant teacher!" A woman's voice called out.

"Uh, yeah, I'm coming!" The figure called back to the woman's voice. "I'll be right down!"

"Well, I sure would hope so!" The woman replied.

Atlas soon rushed and got himself ready for the day as he got the perfect clothes for his first day at the school after taking his shower and after all that, he came downstairs.