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Whisper of a Silent Heart

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21 Years Ago

“We don’t have a choice” A man’s voice whispers,

“Please help us before he kills us all” A woman’s hiss, more assertive but no less desperate.

Maryse Lightwood was pacing around, her arms clasped around her small but swollen stomach as she did, watching as her husband was helping to draw out a pentagram. Looking at her tummy, hushing her unborn child while whispering love and comfort. “We need to hurry” She shouted and looked out the window, the road was empty, the rain pouring. Echoing through the derelict room almost painfully to her ears.

“It’s ready” A man with horns stood holding his hands out and signalled as Maryse and her husband, Robert, took their places. Deep breaths all round and a reassuring smile across was all they had time for before the Warlock began his summoning.

The windows rattled, hanging lights spun and flickered as the pentagram lit up, stumbling a little as a great flame burst from the centre, Robert used his arm to steady his wife.  They shared a look before instructed to step back slowly.

“Ragnor?” Robert looked across the flames where the Warlock was flicking through his book in what looked to be a panic.

“I didn’t summon you Prince of Hell” He spoke out between his teeth, rising from the centre a large beast with great claws and a protruding spine.

“But I have come regardless” His voice dripped with some unseen liquid pooling from his throat.

Ragnor kept his cool, knowing not to lose face in front of a greater demon.

“Lightwoods” He called across. “Now is the time to make your demand...don’t give me reason to doubt the trust I’ve placed in you” Stepping back and putting the book to one side, holding his arms out to steady the circle of flames as it flickered violently.

Holding back a scream, Maryse buried her head into her husbands shoulder at the hideous sight. The demon, turned his head and looked upon them with all of it’s six eyes and drooling lips.

“Why do you summon me Nephilim”.

Ragnor opened his mouth to throw in once more how it wasn’t actually him they were summoning, but thought better of it as the room was shaking a little more aggressively. They had to be quick.

“Valentine Morgenstern threatens our world...he has summoned Azazel and will use him to eradicate not only the downworld...but the mundane…This was never the Circles intention”

“Oh but it was” The demon laughed and threw his head back, exposing a scarred and bloodied throat. “You have been blind…Children of Raziel”

“We ask you fight Azazel and stop Valentine..stop the Circle” Maryse spoke up, drawing his eye and wrapping a protective arm around her midrift.

“Fight my own brother?”

Robert turned his gaze immediately to Ragnor who shook his head.

“You told us you’d be summoning a greater demon!?”

“Nephilim I will do as you ask…” Smirking through snarled teeth the demon approached the edge of the fire, looking Maryse in the eyes. “All I ask is for something in return”

“Anything” Maryse breathed out before it was too late, closing her eyes, Ragnor cursed and yelled across in anger at her foolish way with words, a hand breaching the flames to press to her stomach. The demon smirked and just as fast as they’d come, the flames extinguished along with the demon. Ashes fell to the now silent room, Maryse was unsteady on her feet as she fell back into Robert’s arms, lowering her to the ground he looked on concerned.

“We didn’t even negotiate...w-what do we do now? He’s gone?” He stood up. “Get him back Warlock!” Robert yelled before Ragnor was on his knees, a palm over the woman’s head.

“You didn’t...but your wife did” He looked up at him and then back to the now crying woman.

“You offered your unborn child didn’t you” Ragnor whispered in disbelief.

Robert stepped back.

“Maryse tell me you didn’t

“I didn’t” her words shaking. “I…”

“What deal did you make Maryse?” Ragnor took her face in his hands.

“He promised to bring honour to the family...he didn’t want anything”

Ragnor scoffed and moved back.

“I specifically told you deals made in one's head fall on the gravest of consequences…Not only did you bargain with out my struck TWO with Nephilim really are stupid”

“Warlock” Robert’s voice was warning enough, he stepped forward and helped his wife up, kissing her cheek before looking back to the horned man who was becoming quite tired of their lack of manners. “What will happen now?”

“As long as Azazel returns to Hell I don’t rightly care” He dismissed them. “Ask your wife for the truth” True to his word, he didn’t care what happened to the Lightwoods now. They had made their own decisions. Opening a portal he left the couple to their thoughts in a pile of ash.


Azazel left back through the rip between worlds, Valentine was defeated and members of his Circle were scattered and leaderless. Surrendering to the Clave or taking their own lives over the fear of what the former would lead to. The Lightwoods were heroes. They had double crossed Valentine and it was because of their sacrifice that the world was a safer place.

Whispers and gossip that Maryse had allowed a Demon to take her son were soon pushed down as she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Alexander Gideon Lightwood. He was a calm and beautiful baby. He rarely cried and proved himself curious and happy. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that they realised something was wrong.

“He’s defective” Maryse stood with her baby in her arms, looking to her husband who looked nothing but ashamed. “Why won’t he speak? Other children his age are babbling their nonsense…” She looked down as he was playing with his hands in front of his face.

“Underdeveloped?” Robert walked over and strokes his son’s hair, tilting his head to the side as something caught his eye. “What is this?” He looked closer, running his fingers at a black rune no bigger than a thumb print but delicately drawn in thin lines. Stepping back his eyes widened.

“You lying bitch” He looked at his wife, rage in his eyes.

Turning her son, a little too haphazardly she looked over the rune herself.

“This is your fault...tell me the truth of so help me” He pointed his finger directly at her, her face contorting in anger right back at him.

“If it wasn’t for me we’d be dead. Don’t you forget that” She yelled at him, the baby now on her shoulder was gripping her dress in distress at the raised voices and hate flooding through the room.

“What did you DO Maryse” Robert’s voice turned more to a please. “To our son

Maryse looked at him and exhaled shakily.

“In return for removing Azazel...He asked for the sense of an innocent..I gifted him Alec’s sense of taste- I NEVER imagined he’d take this from us” She looked down at the devil’s rune of silence etched into his skin.

Robert shook his head and sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose. He believed her.

“What about the second”

“There was no second”

“The family honour”

“He OFFERED the honour” She growled and pushed the baby into her husband’s arms. “I need take all of this in..when I return we’ll figure how to deal with..with this” She motioned to the baby and left the room.


10 years later

“What’s that?”

Alec looked round as his sister caught sight of the marking behind his right ear. Shrugging and batting her hand away he went back to his book, lying on his stomach.

Omphf He winced feeling the weight on his back as the small dark haired girl giggled and walked the length of his back. Isabelle was cute but she really was a menace.

“Jace will finally be here can be friends” She lay draped over his back and grinned over his shoulder.

Alec frowned and shrugged, uncaring. Jace was a boy his Mother and Father were taking in after his family were killed. If he was anything like the others, he’d find much more interesting things to occupy his time with than a defective Shadowhunter.

It had been this way for as long as he could remember. He’d mouth words but no sound would come out. The only sounds he could emit was his breathing, even humming or whistling was impossible. It wasn’t just his peers who actively avoided him, it was his parents who liked to remind him in their own silence, that he was different.

Later that afternoon as he sat wide eyes and all smiles listening to story after story of all the wild hunt's Jace had been on with his late Father. Alec could admit he’d been wrong about this one at least. He may be mute but his new brother could do the talking for the two of them.

As the weeks went by his 12 year old body and mind was changing, listening to his new brother read to him in secret each night was becoming one of his favourite times of the day, something that made his heart flutter and his stomach tighten. Such a strange and foreign feeling that left him confused. It was no feeling he’d ever felt. He’d talk to his sister, but emotions were harder to explain for him through gestures. It wasn’t worth confusing young mind.

Alec would pray to be back in Idris. Where his parents were proud of him, show him to fellow members of the clave and talk about his bravery. In New York they were ashamed of his imperfections. He hated it here. Isabelle and Jace were the best things in his life.

Tilting his head as he looked into the mirror, he knew the birthmark had meaning, but it was never spoken out loud. Everytime he would ask his parent’s they would get angry or upset. So he just stopped asking.

It was on his 16th birthday that he made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He was sat so close to his brother, they were alone in his basement room and they’d huddled close for warmth. Unsure what made him do it, he leant close to press his lips to Jaces. A fist to the face was all it took for him to never make that mistake again. Jace’s desperate apologises only soothed the pain in his face, but there was a greater pain in his heart.


Alec was indeed defective.