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Can't wait!

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The smile on Bradley’s face couldn’t decide if it should slide off or get even wider when he picked up his phone.

“You are aware of the fact that people saw me in this t-shirt, aren’t you?”

“Hello to you, too, Colin. It’s a wonderful and sunny day here in Rome. How are things in London?” Bradley had just put his riding boots on and took some tentative steps.

“Bradley! Someone saw me wearing this t-shirt, how can you post a photo of yourself wearing it?”

“Oh, so Adidas only made one of them. Exclusively for me, I’m honoured.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it. The fans will know!”

“Colin, dear, calm down!” Bradley knew that this alone would make Colin even more aggravated and grinned. “We’ve been trying hard to not be public about it and rumours died down a bit, but after Rupert and I came to press night last month…”

Colin groaned. “That’s just because you made cow-eyes at me! You need to get your facial expressions under control, James!”

“And you need to stop beaming widely at me and making me listen to your music with shared earphones, Morgan.” Bradley had a hard time biting back the laughter. Trying to hide what they had was hopeless anyways, the fans that still followed them after all those years knew them too well.

There was a grumpy and annoyed little sound on the other end of the line.

“Love you, too.” Bradley made a kissy-sound. “Listen, I’m about to go into battle with the horse. I need to brush up my riding skills. Are we still good for next week? I’ll probably have not much time, but…”

“Only six performances left. I’m going to be on the first flight out on Sunday.” Colin sounded like he smiled fondly.

“Can’t wait!”