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The Chronicles of Padenom

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The story of Padenom goes back through time to a time even the mightiest dragons don’t remember. To a time where man was only a whisper on the face of the world. That was far before my own birth, or the birth of my mother, or her mother before her. Times so old they are now only legends.

Of course, I could tell you about the story of Padenom from some centuries ago. From the Padenom I grew up in, the one where I learnt to hunt and discovered so many things, but human lives are so frail and short you would probably be dead before I even come close to our times.

I could start with my bonding with my human, but then you would not understand all the subtleties of his life, and the life of the ones who mattered to him.

Instead, let me start with the human history of just a few years ago. The history of the kingdom called Padenom. Fifteen years ago, the noble – and now disgraced – family of Sunseer attempted a coup d’état to dethrone King Arakis Gavrael and take the place of the royal family. These events soon enough turned into a war, later called the Astral War. Noble families and independent dragon riders (or dragonniers, as they call themselves. Us dragons prefer that word too.) allied themselves to either side.

In the end, the royal family won the war. The Sunseer retainers were all banished, while the Sunseer themselves were annihilated. It was a great slaughter, one that nowadays no man mentions without trembling. The royal family was, of course, thankful to its faithful retainers, and that where my dragonnier’s family comes in.

The Starscream family already had a noble lineage, going over the centuries, but they weren’t the most prominent family. In the war, however, they had poured more than any other, never shrinking back from the King, and they were rewarded in consequences. Hayato Starscream, the head of the family, was given more lands to rule upon, but the worthiest thing they obtained from their fidelity was the promise of an alliance between their two families through marriage.

By that time, Royal Princess Jamila Gavrael wasn’t but a glint in her mother’s eyes. The second prince, Hiles, was thus chosen to marry the Starscream daughter: Kyoko Starscream. The younglings were nowhere near being of mating age, and the two families agreed on not having them meet before the girl was to walk down the aisle. When those decisions were taken, my dragonnier was merely six years old, heir to the family and showing already great skills with dragons. And yet, those decisions shaped his life in a way he would have never imagined.


Atsushi. That is the given name of my dragonnier. He has titles – the Powerful, the Dragon Tamer, His Grace – but those few letters are him. He was merely a boy of eight when I first met him – a young kid riding a small dragon, with his bow and quiver in hand. With astounding red hair and blue eyes, the same shade as mine, and as soon as I saw him I knew. It is a rare thing for us bigger dragons to accept and recognize a dragonnier; one that changes our lives, and the life of the human involved, but I knew. And from this moment on, Atsushi was promised to fuse with me and become more than a man. From this moment on, I not only knew things because I was a dragon, but also through a unique bond. Through the eyes of my dragonnier.