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Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness

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At the precise moment Edmund sits on the stool, he feels nothing of what he's supposed to. Other students have seemed excited and anxious, or at least a bit nervous. Most of them, muggle-born aside obviously, have already decided in which house they wanted to be sorted. Edmund's not even sure there is a house which suits him.

Across the room, sat at the head of the Gryffondor table, Peter's eying him carefully as McGonagall puts the hat on his head. It's the only way Peter looks at him theses days, as if he was a particularly tricky bomb which could be triggered at any time. He clearly thinks his own brother has no chance to end up in Gryffondor. Not that Edmund particularly wants to anyway. He never understood this whole frenzy about the house of lions. A bunch of idiots who confuse stupidity for bravery he thinks distractedly.

« How very Slytherin of you to say so. » grumbles softly the hat, and even if Edmund has been warned he can't help but flinch as the voice resonates in his head.

« Does this mean you're going to put me in Slytherin ? » answers Edmund, pressing his lips tight by fear of saying it out loud. He doesn't want to look like the few morons who didn't understand the hat spoke in their head and that they were the only one to actually hear it.

« Do you think I'm such a lazy sorter, Edmund Pevensie ?” asks the hat. “That I'm going to choose your house according to one idle sentence? I can read in all the hidden depths of your mind, find about your every dream and secret ambitions Edmund.

But you're just a hat.”Edmund can't help but object. The hat producesa loud grumble and he first thinks that it's now angry and that it's going to send him back without even sorting him, before he realizes the grumble is actually a laugh.

I haven't had such a good time in ages” answers the hat “and I don't think I'll be wrong by sorting you in SLYTHERIN!”

The last word is actually pronounced at loud and loud cheers erupt from the green and silver table. Edmund stands up slowly as the hat is removed from his head, then proceeds to walk proudly to his table. Just as he's going to sit, he can't help but turn to look in Peter's direction. His elder brother is staring at him with pursed lips. Even at this distance, Edmund can practically read disappointment in his eyes. Maybe he has just become the family's shame. Suddenly realizing he couldn't care less, he shrugs and picks a chair among his new fellows. Deep down, he knows for sure the hat chose for the best.