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Cold as Ice (Gladion x Moon)

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It was chilly. Moon shifted and turned in her blankets, unable to fall asleep. It's usually extremely warm in Alola, but in the winter, it's freezing.

Impulses from her brain sent shivers down her spine. Too dang cold.

Moon stood up and looked outside. Small droplets of rain tapped against her window. It's relaxing to look outside and listen to the noises. Wrapping the blanket around herself tightly, she tiptoed through the room. Wouldn't want to wake up Lycanroc.
The girl made her way over to the fridge. Nothing. It turned out mom still hasn't unpacked all those boxes, either.

As she was rummaging through the cabinets on the search for a drink, Moon had to hold in a scream as Litten startled her.

"Meowwwww", he whined. She rolled her eyes and walked over to the kitty. Sitting down on the couch, she pulled him to her lap. The bastard tried to get away.
A few minutes of petting passed by. The only reason she has Litten is because she wanted to surprise Gladion. Moon wasn't that much of a fire-type person, and most certainly not a cat one. She had it hard enough with Meowth already. The reason she got him for Gladion is because Lillie told her he loves dark and fire types. Plus, the ravenette had Decidueye and Hau had Primarina. It would be "goals" as Lillie called it. Litten tried to get away again, this time she let him. The pokemon wasn't a fan of her, but the feeling was mutual. She grabbed her mug of Tapu Cocoa and went to her room again.

She was awakened by what she thought was Lycanroc. Barking and licking, the full package. Moon opened her eyes and looked at the source of the commotion. She expected to either see Solar or Luna, but she saw...

Silvally? She sat up straight and stared at the pokemon. It sat down, wagging its tail and staring back. Moon rubbed her eyes. It was still there. Again. Still there. It went on for a while until the thought came to mind that Gladion is most likely here. If only he doesn't see Litten...
Walking over to her closet the ravenette grabbed out a sweater and some jeans, and pulled them on. She opened the door and there they were. Anabel, Looker, Gladion and her mother.

"Ah! Good morning sweetheart! Have you slept well?", her mom asked.

"Not really, kind of an abrubt awakening." Moon glared at Gladion. She swears she saw him smirk before he turned back to Anabel and Looker.

"Moon, have a seat.", Anabel said. She walked over and sat down next to Gladion.

"We would like to thank you again for your previous service for the International Police.", Looker started. "We are very thankful you were willing to help us out with Ultra Beast invasion here in Alola. But we must ask of your assistance once more." He pointed towards Gladion.

"It turns out that Ultra Beasts have spread towards multiple regions. The regions currently known exist of: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. More importantly, they are forming a major threat to the citizens. They do not know how to dea---" Gladion's explaination by something Moon did not wish to hear.


"Moon, did you forget to feed Meowth?", her mother asked. Moon nodded quickly and ran outside, picking Litten up on the way. She sincerely hoped Gladion didn't see him.



"Shut. Up."

"Meooooow" Moon rolled her eyes, and grabbed a rare candy from her pocket. She handed it to the kitten.

"And don't go out of your Pokeball again." She walked back inside.

"Everything alright?" Moon nodded quickly. She sat back down, and motioned Gladion to continue.

"The citizens do not know how to deal with the UB's. So therefore, Looker and Anabel are asking us to visit the regions and exterminate them." Moon's eyes widened.

"We ask you to leave your team behind, to prevent them any harm. Gladion offered the third Type:Null for your use.", Anabel continued.

"Third?" Gladion nodded.

"The first is the one sleeping on the carpet over there, and the second one is in Kanto, together with Lillie and Lusamine."

"Why don't you just call her mom?" He looked away.

"Mother is a title you have to earn by loving your children." An eerie silence filled the livingroom.


"Mom, I can do this myself!"

"Ara~ My little girl is growing up! Going on holiday by herself! With a boy~!"

"Moooooom! It's a mission, not a holiday! And Gladion doesn't mean anything to me!"

"Are you sure about that?" A bright blush spread across Moons face.

"Yes, I'm sure! He's just a friend!"

"Oh, a bummer that I bought these then..." She held up a pair of bright pink lacy panties.

"MOM!!" Laughter filled Moon's bedroom. The ravenette glanced upwards to her clock. "Shit, it's already 9am?! The boat will leave in 30 minutes!!"

"I'll page Tauros then, dear. Make sure you don't forget enough sweaters for when you're in Kanto and Sinnoh."

"All my sweaters are still in Kanto, though, so that shouldn't be a problem." Moon's mother wrapped her arms around her.

"Be careful."

"Yes, mother."

"Call me every night."

"Yes, mother."

"Do not sleep naked."

"Yes, mother."

"And take your pills."

"Yes, mother." Moon let go of the hug, and picked up her luggage. She said a final goodbye to her mother, before hopping on Tauros and blasting her way to Hau'oli Marina.

"You're late.", rang the stern voice of Gladion.

"Well I didn't miss the boat, now did I?" He rolled his eyes and grabbed Moon's luggage off of the Tauros, throwing it onto the ship.

Moon had to deal with a Hau clutching onto her for dear life, crying. She had to explain how to take care of her newly-caught shiny Rockruff.

"And most importantly, NO malasadas!"

"What?! But they are good for raising the Pokemon's happiness"

"Rockruff dislikes the taste, I've tried every one in Alola." Hau nodded, and left off with the pupper after a final hug. Moon watched them stroll, when feeling a presence next to her.

"Ready to go?", Looker asked. She nodded, and followed him onto the ship.

He showed her around, eventually leading her to her room.

"You can do with it what you want, ofcourse, since it's yours. Decorate it with photos of Red and Blue for all I care." Moon's eyes lit up. "I-I didn't mean i-"

It was too late.

Moon was digging through her backpack, pulling out all the plushies and posters you could possibly imagine. Looker decided to leave, before becoming more traumatized.


"So this is what we are going to do," Anabel said, pointing at Pallet Town on the map. "This is where we'll be crashing for the time being. It's a small town, so we shouldn't draw too much attention towards us."