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Moments of Comfort

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The smell of chemicals, alcohol, and sweat filled Scott’s nostrils as he finally made it to The Jungle. He mentally cursed Stiles for convincing him to come out here. He wanted to tell him that if he was so worried, then he should be the one here, but sighed when he remembered that Stiles was out on a fishing trip with his dad. Still, he wasn’t happy about coming out here and interrupted his studying.

Parking his bike out behind the building, he checked his pocket and quickly realized that he didn’t have his fake ID. Thinking quickly, he saw a nearby fire escape that he thought could get him inside. Bending down, he easily leapt up to the door, and quickly climbed inside before anyone noticed his presence.

Once inside, he looked across the sea of writhing bodies, looking for one girl in particular. Using his enhanced senses, he tried to get a lock on her scent and her the familiar sound of her voice as his eyes glowed slightly as he searched the crowd. After a minute or two of searching, he eventually found her.

She was towards the front of the room near the bar, her strawberry-blonde hair down and cascading down her shoulders, as her body moved along with the beat, a drink in her hand. She wasn’t dressed too differently from how she normally was, the only difference being that her dress seemed to be tighter than normal. It was obvious that she was out for attention, not that Scott could blame her.

They had managed to save Jackson, and it was Lydia’s love for him that broke whatever curse made him the Kanima and helped him become a werewolf. Things were great for a few weeks; Derek helped teach Jackson how to control his shift, and him and the rest of his pack managed to leave Scott and his friends alone. Then, three weeks later, Jackson told everyone that he was moving to London and broke up with Lydia, showing her and everyone else that he didn’t care for her like she cared for him.

To make it worse, right after the school year, Allison left to go to France over the summer leaving Lydia all by herself. Stiles asked him to regularly check on the girl. He tried to be inconspicuous about it, but he had a feeling that she had figured out that he was watching her. He tried to tell Stiles to just see her himself, but Stiles declined, claiming that he needed time to try and get over Lydia, though Scott didn’t believe it, and judging by the way Stiles smelled and how his heart rate jumped when he said it, neither did he.

Deciding he needed to get a little closer, he began to slip his way through the crowd, doing his best to not get smacked by the dancers or get a drink poured on him. He managed to get within 10 feet of her when the sound of her voice caught him off guard.

“Are you just going to stare at me McCall or are we going to dance.” She whipped around, never once losing her rhythm or spilling her drink, and gave him a look that could only be described as calculating.

“Are you sure you should be doing this?”

“I’m perfectly within my right to be here illegally, and you’re one to talk, you’re here too.”

He couldn’t argue with that, but still he felt the need to step in. During all the time that he’s spent checking on her, he usually traced her here, to The Jungle. He usually respected her privacy and let her be while she was here, but after the 10th time, he figured he needed to step in.

“There are better ways to deal with your problem than drinking them away.”

“You’re right. I could spend this time dancing, but you keep stalling.” He might’ve been mistaken but he swore the look on her face was slightly mischievous. He blamed it on the alcohol, because even though they talked on occasion, he wouldn’t really say they were friends.

“Come on Lydia. Let me take you home.”

She appeared thoughtful for a moment before retorting, “How about one dance and then I’ll go with you.”

Scott sighed as he realized that he wasn’t going to get her out of here any other way outside of dragging her, and he didn’t need to be a genius to figure out how that would end. He offered one hand as a sign of defeat, before Lydia downed the rest of her drink and pulled him deeper into the crowd.

Once she found a spot she deemed suitable, she placed his arms at her waist before wrapping her own around his neck and began to sway to the beat again. The few moments were awkward and clumsy, Scott was never much of a dancer, but he eventually decided to just go with it and not think about it and found his rhythm. The two of them moved together for several minutes, occasionally making eye contact, where Scott found a small smile gracing Lydia’s face. It had been a while since he had seen her genuinely smile, so he was happy that he helped he enjoy herself.

He too, enjoy himself and even began to think that this was actually fun, not even noticing when the song ended and another begun right afterwards. It wasn’t until they both had a sheen of sweat covering them and his feet were starting to ache that he realized that they were supposed to be leaving. He grabbed Lydia’s hand and directed her towards the door, only receiving a whine as they neared his bike.

“Where’s your car?”

“I don’t have one. I just got this bike and I decided to bring it instead.”

The apprehension was clear on her face. “I’m not riding on that thing. I’ll just drive myself home.”

“Lydia,” he began to placate her, “you’re in no condition to drive. I’ll bring you back tomorrow to get your car.” He outstretched a spare helmet, and after she had spent nearly a minute glaring between him and the helmet, she reluctantly placed it on her head with a huff.

The drive back to Lydia’s house only took about 15 minutes on his bike. He could’ve probably gotten there quicker if he ran and carried her somehow, but since she was just let on about the supernatural in Beacon Hills, he thought it best to try and not force it upon her. He was thankful for his superhuman strength and healing, because without them, he was convinced that Lydia would’ve cracked one of his ribs from her death grip behind him or blown one of his ear drums out from her screaming the first couple minutes. Eventually, she got used to the ride and relaxed a little bit, but he thought that maybe had to do with all the drinking she most likely did that night catching up to her more than anything else.

Pulling into her driveway, Scott glanced up at the sky and noticed the full moon. His control had gotten a lot better over the summer, having been forced t try and ground himself without Allison, but he still felt the pull of it. When him and Lydia both got off the bike, he turned to take her helmet from her and walk her to the front door, but he wasn’t sure if she would even make it that far, let alone up to her room, if the way she was swaying were any indication. He wrapped one of her arms around her shoulder and helped her inside as slowly and quietly as possible, he didn’t want to accidentally wake up her mom and explain the situation to her.

Starting on the stairs, he heard a quiet mumble from his side that sounded like a thank you, but it was so slurred and drowsy sounding that he wasn’t completely sure. He eventually made it up to the room that he believed was Lydia’s judging by the pink painted walls. He set her down on the bed so that he could shut the door quietly, before leaving out the window. Once he heard the latch click for the door, he heard movement behind him which he assumed was Lydia trying to get comfortable in her bed.

He turned around and instead was nearly face to face with Lydia, suddenly looking wide awake and sober. He opened his mouth to question her, but her hand latched onto the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Stunned momentarily, he allowed himself to be pulled further into the room, before the two of them fell onto the bed. The gasp that escaped him momentarily allowed Lydia’s tongue to find purchase in his mouth, just as the walls of his resistance crumbled.

His mind shut off as he returned her kiss in kind, one of his hands entangling itself in her hair as the other found its way to her hip. She wasn’t idle either, her legs wrapped around his waist, one hand remaining on the back of his hand, while the other moved down his neck to his chest. Scott marveled in how good this felt, even as his conscious tried to intervene, it couldn’t stop instinct form taking over. It had been so long since he had any kind of intimate contact like this, he couldn’t fight her even if he wanted to.

His mouth trailed from her mouth to her neck, attacking the flesh there and earning himself moans from Lydia that threatened to shatter what little self-control he had left. Their hips moved together lightly, more ghosting each other than any genuine contact, but apparently, Lydia was having none of it. Her hand on his chest snaked around to his hips and pulled them closer, ensuring the firmer contact she wanted.  Scott groaned, his hips becoming more urgent as his mouth returned to hers, her hand still coaxing his hips in a move that reminded him of Allison.


Scott broke away suddenly, backing up several steps trying to catch his breath looking at Lydia with almost fearful eyes. He tried to get himself under control, but one look at Lydia in her disheveled state, looking every bit as sexy, and he even had to admit that was, as ever, almost caused him to lose it once again.

“Lydia…we can’t…Stiles…Allison-” He was amazed he managed to get that out. The presence of the full moon made it hard to re-center himself, especially when flashbacks to a similar scene a few months ago played his mind.

“While I don’t know why Stiles has anything to do with this, Allison isn’t here and who knows if she’s coming back,” Lydia lied. She had heard from Allison once or twice over the summer and knew that she was coming back, but she was trying to get them back to where they just were. “Besides, I’m not looking for anything serious, I’m just looking for some fun. Don’t let Allison hold you back, especially when she broke up with you.”

Scott had managed to get back under control, which meant that her words wouldn’t jump start their tryst again. “Lydia, you don’t need to do this. Jackson’s gone, it’s okay to take some time to find yourself.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted them. A fire burned in Lydia’s eyes as she responded with teeth clenched. “Of course, you think you know what I do and don’t need. You, who kept me in the dark about everything for weeks.”

“We were just trying-”

“I’ve heard this before Scott,” she interrupted with venom in her voice, “You were trying to protect me, but no one ever considered how it makes me feel after you guys found it in your best interest to tell me.” Her eyes were beginning to well up.

The more Scott thought about it, the more he felt bad about leaving Lydia in the dark. She was ripped from normality and dropped into this much like he was, but they had all thought that it was best that she didn’t know what was happening, and their omission almost cost Lydia her life on multiple occasions. He felt terrible about it, especially when the sound of poorly controlled sobs reached his ears.

He moved back to the bed and wrapped Lydia in a hug, even as she struggled and attempted to beat her fist anywhere she could hit him. After a minute or two, her struggling ceased and she returned the embrace and cried even harder. Even though this was a hard moment, he still felt proud of the fact that Lydia had opened up to one of them, even if it was during an emotional break down. Eventually, Scott eased her back onto the bed and made his way towards her window.


If it wasn’t for his bearing, he probably wouldn’t have heard her. He turned back to regard Lydia again and was surprised to find sadness and a small hint of remorse in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Whether it was for her attempt to seduce him or for blaming him for everything, he didn’t know, but he figured it wasn’t all that important. “Can you please stay?”

A little surprised for her request, he almost declined, before remembering that his mom was pulling another all nightery, so he figured he could stay. He silently kicked off his shoes and removed his jacket, before deciding to take purchase in a nearby chair. By the look in Lydia’s eyes, he could tell his choice to move their instead of on the bed with her hurt, but he also saw acceptance there.

“I’ll be right here,” he whispered quietly, and with the smallest of smiles, he saw Lydia’s eyes droop as she slowly fell asleep, with Scott not too far behind her.