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Sense8 Drabbles

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She first sees him through the crowd.


She’d been at the airport for nearly three hours. After Wolfgang barely escaped Whispers, he’d grabbed the earliest flight he could. It was surprisingly easy for a man with no ticket and who was covered in blood to get a flight. Then again, Kala realized Wolfgang clearly had some contacts he could use.


But that doesn’t matter. He’s here. She’s here.


She weaves through the crowd towards him, and him towards her. There are still hints of blood on his shirt and he looks worn as hell, but to her that’s irrelevant.


They stop about a foot apart. Kala’s so nervous she doesn’t want to try to read his mind, but there’s something in his eyes that tells him she’s nervous. She nearly chuckles at that. Wolfgang, the intense badass, was nervous.


He takes her hand. He’s shaking and she can just tell its nerves. And she’s nervous too. She doesn’t want to screw this up and she can tell he feels the same.


The rest of the day passes in a blur for Kala. Wolfgang remains an utter gentleman, holding doors and treating her kindly.


And then they’re in the hotel room Felix had booked for the pair of them.


They both just chuck their suitcases down. Then, Wolfgang steps into her personal space, and kisses her.


It’s gentle. Slow. Unlike when they’ve kissed before, Wolfgang was slow and caring with her. She changed the angle, probing his lips with her tongue, and he picked her up and placed her on the bed.


It’s a two-week holiday in Paris. They leave the bed for one night.


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The light is streaming through the window when she awakens.


Looking down, she beheld the woman fast asleep in arms, her light skin contrasting against Amanita’s dark skin. She looked at the ring and thinks backs on the two months she’d spent imaging the ring there.


They’re finally getting married. Finally. It’s enough to bring tears to her eyes.


“I know your family doesn’t accept you, but forget them. We’re going to be a family now.” She quietly whispered, gently stroking Nomi’s arms and pressing gentle kisses against her skin.


“I love you. I love you so much. I can’t wait to marry you and I know our marriage is going to be awesome”.


Letting out a sigh, she laid back down. An arm came round and pulled her even closer to her fiancée.


“I love you too”

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After hours of labour, in which Daniela threatened to get both of them out of work forever, lamented why she ever chose to be their surrogate, and hurled several very sharp items at both of them (It’s only Wolfgang’s reflexes that prevent Lito’s good looks from being utterly destroyed. Lito makes a mental note to try and help Wolfgang and Kala get another weekend away).


But finally, Daniela was done. She slumped back against the pillows and a scream filled the air. “It’s a girl!”


The midwife lifted her and gently placed the baby into Hernando’s waiting arms, Lito waiting at his partner’s shoulder. As Hernando embraced her, the baby stopped screaming and instead snuggled into his arms. It instead just gazed at the two men, and Lito could already feel himself getting lost in the hazel eyes staring up at him.


“Hello, my dear. We’re your fathers” Hernando said and the baby yawned.


Lito reached around and kissed Daniela on the head. “Thank you for bringing the newest edition to our family, Dani”


“I would say you’re welcome, but honestly I’m still annoyed at both of you.” Dani says, and one second goes by before all three start bursting into laughter.

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Whispers still haunts them. His calm voice invades their minds, their dreams, haunting them, taunting them. No matter how many times they use blockers or whatever medical miracles Kala cooks up (in-between those long weekends she was off with Wolfgang), neither of them can ever get him out of their minds.

It is one gift that shuts him out, finally freeing their minds.

Their daughter. Born during the war with BPO.

From the day she is placed, screaming, against Riley’s chest by Kala, they both feel Whispers slipping, his voice suddenly so much quieter than it’s ever been.

It’s almost as if the child is battling Whispers. And winning, doing better than any of their cluster ever has. She forces Whispers to leave her parents alone with babbling, giggles, smiles, tantrums, to leave. And she does.