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Friends, enemies, and those inbetween

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Gil was 6 years old when he first met King Beast and Queen Belle. It was late at night only a few minutes till midnight and he was walking out alone in the cold night air. His father Gaston had kicked him out after he lost in a fight with his older brother Gaston the 3rd again, he had yet to ever win a fight against either of his older brothers.

He was cold. He wanted to go home and sleep even if it was on the rag he called a bed it would still be warmer than the night air. He had planned on going to the dock and see if Uma or Harry his only sort-of maybe friends would let him sleep at their houses. Even though he had walked there many times before, in the dark he had gotten himself lost.

Villian kids were not supposed to get scared, they were mean and tough. But Gil was scared. He wanted someone to come get him and hug him. He could feel the tears start to come and though he was young he knew if any one caught him in such a vulnerable state it would mean even more trouble for him.

He stayed hidden from the few people that he saw and kept on walking until he reached the end of the island. It was by that point very late and although he was scared and cold he was also tired, too tired to walk any farther than he had already had.

He was lucky for the first time that night and found a ripped old tarp that he could use as a blanket for the night. Crouching behind a crate he laid down and closed his eyes, willing himself to get some sleep, he would go to the dock tomorrow when it was light out.

It was not the light that woke Gil the next morning for the crate's shadow stopped the light from hitting his eyes, but the roar of cars engine. Gil shot up after hearing the noise his young mind thinking it a monster. He looked and saw a long shiny black cars and what seems to be endless windows. Although he knew he should stay hidden his child mind needed to see the car closer so very slowly he started to walk towards the car.

His small hand was just about to touch its smooth body when he heard a click and a door opened.

"Why must we come here once a month? No one on the island knows we do it and I don't think they care that we do." A man said coming out, his back was to Gil so he couldn't see his face, but he was tall maybe even taller than his dad.

"Because you said we would and plus it looks good that we-- oh well hello." A lady answered him, but stop when she saw Gil standing so close to their car.

With that, the man also turned around and Gil took a look at both their faces. They both had brown hair and brown eyes. The lady was shorter than the man and was very pretty to the 6-year-old. The man looked strong and big and something about his eyes made him look like he could be really mean if he wanted to be. They look familiar.

"I know you," Gil said.

"What do you mean son?" the familiar man asked.

Gil didn't really know what he meant. He did know them from somewhere. After a few seconds of hard thinking did he remember how he knew them. "Your pictures are in my house and in the streets! You're the King and Queen!! My dad knows you too."

"He does?" The queen said slightly more nervous than before.

" Yeah he does, he does. He likes you a lot" he said pointing the queen, "and he doesn't like you at all" he said to the king.

"Who is your father?"

"You have to guess," Gil said having fun talking to the two adults. " He is tall and super handsome and the best hunter in the entire world."

"Gaston," they both said together quietly.

" Yeah, you got it right," Gil said with a beaming smile. It was nice to talk to someone. His family didn't like to act he was there and Uma and Harry let him talk but never talked back to him or look at him.

"Um well --" The queen started to say but stopped realizing she didn't know Gil's name.

"Gil," He said filling in the blank.

"Um well Gil it was nice to meet you, but we need to go now"

"WHAT! why?" Gil asked saddened by the thought of them leaving.

"We have to go back home and so do you," said the king.

"No, I don't"


"No, I don't dad said I couldn't go back home till later so I can't go back home."

"Why did he tell you that," Belle asked the young boy in front of her.

" Because I didn't win my fight or any of my fights against my brothers, so dad said I couldn't go home until I stop being a weakling and a pain in the ass to have around. And I don't know if I have stopped yet so I can't go home yet because if I go home before I stopped doing all of that I have to fight dad next and I don't think I could beat him either." Said Gil.

He looked up and saw that the king's face had become pale and the queen had tears in her eyes, he didn't know what he had said, but he felt bad for making his knew friends upset.

It was quiet for a while until the queen asked "Gil sweety would you like to come sit in the car for a moment and have some candy?" by 6 most parents have taught their children not to go in a place with a stranger, but Gaston had never bothered to teach his youngest son much so Gil nodded his head quickly and all but jumped in the car.

The king and queen didn't come in the car too they just closed the door and left Gil alone once again. Gil looked around and saw strange brown squares in a bowl. Taking one in his hand he slowly took a bite. It was good really good. He quickly stuffed the rest on his month and went and grabbed a handful more. He put a few in his pant pocket to give to Harry and Uma later. He thought with a smile how they both would love these and might actually let him play pirate to if he gave them some.

As he sat back and enjoyed his new treat, he could hear loud yelling from outside the car. He cared too much about his new food to care though about what they were saying. He sat there for about 30 minutes before the car door opened again.

The king and queen stood in front of the door not coming inside.

"Gil," said the queen " if you were gone for a long time would your dad or brothers look for you?"

"Well once we played hide and seek and it took them a week and a half to find me" Gil answered.

" Well, would you like to come to a fun place with us?"

"Is there more of these?" Gil asked holding up the yummy treat.

"Yes lots," the queen said with a small smile.

"OK," Gil said leaving it to that.

Later he would ask how long he could stay at the fun place which turns out to be a castle and they told him as long as he wished. So he stayed there for a day, then 2 days, then a week, then a month, then a year. And soon after that, it stops being a fun place, but home and the king and queen became mom and dad. And they stop calling him Gil all the time, but their son Gil.
He forgot much about his life on the isle and the isle forgot about Gaston son Gil. Gaston never looked for him and Uma and Harry were still too young to realize the boy had just vanished from their lives.

And it stayed that way for 11 years and that is where this story begins.