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Dean's Boy

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Castiel was beautiful.

His dark brown hair, curling in some spots and straight in others, was nice and soft. From the length it was, the boy was overdue for a haircut by a couple of months. His hair smelled like lavender, a sweet smell that mixed with sweat that still somehow managed to drive Dean crazy. Dean brushed away the little curl of hair on the boy's forehead and kissed the spot gently, collecting the sweat that had formed there with his lips. He licked his lips and smiled at the slightly salty taste, running his hand through the sweat drenched locks and looking down at his boy.

Castiel's eyes were a bright crystal blue, long black eyelashes curling upwards as the muscles in his eyelids twitched. Just looking down at the boy and meeting those crystals made him feel like his soul was being poked and prodded. Dean kissed the boy's thin eyebrows gently, moving his hand down from his hair to his cheek. His thumb caressed Castiel's cheek, pressing their foreheads together and keeping his emerald eyes locked on the pools of blue beneath him, which were glassy with tears. Tears of pleasure no doubt.

Castiel's lips were dry, but not chapped with dead skin peeling off of them like most people got. They were soft to the touch, a light pink that matched the boy's sweet little nipples. But they still looked so dry, so Dean would fix that for him. He closed the thin gap between their mouths and gently pressed his lips to Castiel's, running his tongue along the seam of them until they opened when the boy physically couldn't hold in another whimper. Dean continued to wet them with his tongue, slowly sliding the wet muscle into his boy's and exploring the warm cavity. Castiel's mouth tasted like honey and tea, probably from his last snack.

Pulling away from the kiss, Dean took the time to angle his head down and just take in the rest of the boy's beauty. Thin shoulders and a sharp collarbone littered with marks from Dean's mouth. Sweet little pink buds sitting on his chest, hard from when Dean licked and nibbled on them hungrily. A taut, quivering tummy covered in lube from Dean rubbing his hands over it after stretching him open. Sharp, jutting hip bones that were covered in bites and dark marks from when Dean discovered them and had let out an animalistic growl. Thighs too thick for the rest of his lithe body, but perfect for grabbing and squeezing. Asscheeks thick and oh so wonderfully soft, almost as good as what was between them. The sweet, delicious little pink hole Dean had spent nearly an hour licking open, he groaned at the recent memory. Castiel's little cock was adorable, no longer than the top of his index finger to the middle of his palm even when hard. Long tan legs, currently kept strung up and apart by a spreader bar hanging from the ceiling.

What a sweet little thing. The poor boy was crying, begging, crying out. Dean wanted to believe it was because of his cock and how wide he was fucking the boy, but he knew it wasn't. Not yet.

“Please stop,” Castiel begged, tears falling down his temples and into his hairline.

Dean kept thrusting into that sweet little asshole, groaning when it clenched around him impossibly tight as Castiel struggled. His legs were strung up by the bar hanging above the bed, making it too easy for Dean to slide right in between them. He'd left the brunette’s arms free, mainly because it made him feel special when the boy would push and shove at his chest as hard as he possibly could, but not be able to budge Dean. Dean was broader and taller and stronger than Castiel, so he could immobilize him just by laying on the smaller boy. It was almost too easy to overpower him.

Dean had been watching the boy for a good few months now. He went to the local high school down the road, to which his foster parents drove him and picked him up each day. Dean would sit in the impala across the street and watch Castiel each lunch alone out front. It seemed like the boy didn't have any friends, other than the pigeons he would feed each day. It was cute, like he was a Disney princess. He was Dean's little princess. He had made an account on Instagram, despite his lack of knowledge of the online world, just to follow the boy and see what he liked. Castiel enjoyed small animals and taking pictures of nature and some indie band called The 1975, so Dean knew how to decorate his room.

There were potted plants all around the room, mainly pretty and colorful flowers. He'd bought a few CDs of that band Cas liked for the small stereo in the corner, along with other music CDs for some variety. The bedsheets were a pastel blue color and he'd even painted the walls a light lavender so they weren't the plain grey concrete color all of the rooms in the bunker were. He'd painted the one brick wall behind the bed all white and left some acrylic paints so the boy could customize it once he got comfortable. There was a tablet in there with different makeover and coloring book games for him, which he figured his boy would enjoy. Clothes ranging from panties to boxers and from dresses to khaki pants were nearly folded in the dresser drawers. He was proud of himself for the comfy little room he'd made. He hoped Cas would like it.

Dean grunted and rolled his hips into the boy's ass, eyes closing as his movements sped up. Castiel was still crying and pleading for him to stop, yelping each time the older man fucked into him harder. His little body kept surging upwards on the bed and Dean would grip his hips, thumbs digging into the marked up hip bones, and yank him back down onto his cock. He groaned, his hips smacking against the thick meat of his boy's asscheeks. Castiel had been a virgin before today, before Dean snatched him up earlier this afternoon.

Castiel had been out at the pet store looking at the guinea pigs in the glass cages in the walls. His foster parents were due to pick him up, but before they could, Dean made his move. Castiel had just walked out of the pet store after petting all of the animals, bless his heart, and Dean had his car ready right in front, the engine off so he could be heard. He had lied that something had come up with his parents and they called him an Uber to get home. Castiel had believed him, and Dean was so glad that he'd picked out such a naive little thing. The teen had gotten into his car so easy, taken the water bottle with the roofies crushed up and stirred into it so easy, dranken it all and passed out so easy.

It must have been a scary wake up call when he'd opened his eyes and discovered he was naked and tied up on the soft pastel sheets of his bed. It must have been scary when the strange man he'd later know as Daddy came into the room, undressed, and began stretching open his little hole. It must have been humiliating to feel such big, thick fingers in his tight little virgin canal and love it when they pressed into his sweet spot. It must have made him want to cry when his little cock got hard at the stimulation and he realized he was enjoying it too much.

Dean began speeding up his hips, his large hands rubbing up and down the boy's sides, stopping just underneath his armpits so he could run his thumbs over the hard little nubs of his chest. Castiel whimpered at the feeling,unable to help the arching of his back into the touch. He was still crying, voice hoarse from screaming for help. Dean's cock had hurt when he first pushed it in slowly, centimeter by centimeter, which was agonizing considering how big it was. Now though, with the head pressing into that sweet spot within him, it felt so good that Castiel hated himself for arching into it. Dean, however, was having a field day with the reaction.

“Yeah, poor little baby just loves his Daddy's thick cock, huh?” he taunted, his lips right by Castiel's ear so even when the boy turned his head away, he could still hear him. “Bet you love it, love my cock pounding this sweet little virgin ass. Just watch, you'll be calling me Daddy by the end of the week, begging for me to fuck you.”

Castiel let out a sob, shaking his head quickly in denial. Dean chuckled, fucking his hips forward with a groan. Castiel's legs jerked slightly at the action, unable to stop the sound it tore from his throat. Dean's cock was long and thick and Castiel could feel it moving inside of his tight channel, even more so when he clamped down on it unintentionally. His thin body was covered in sweat as his back rubbed against the sheets, the ceiling fan in the room rotating but having no effect with the man's body covering his.

“Such a sweet boy, taking it so good. You'll learn to love it, you'll learn to beg for it and thank Daddy when he gives it to you,” Dean taunted, pearly white teeth nipping at the boy's jawline.

Castiel looked so beautiful when he cried, he even made the ugly sobbing sounds beautiful. His teary blue eyes made Dean coo at him and wipe the droplets away with his thumb. It was so pitiful how the boy was looking up at him, he almost felt bad. Almost.

“You want Daddy to slow down?”

No answer. Dean slammed his hips forward and Castiel let out a broken plea to stop.

“If you want Daddy to slow down, ask nicely.”

Still no answer. Dean used his free arm to wrap around the boy's waist and jackhammer his cock into him. Castiel cried out loudly and shoved at his chest pathetically.

“C'mon, if you want me to slow down and take it easy on you, ask nicely. C'mon Princess, just ask,” he whispered, kissing Castiel's sweaty forehead.

Defeated and aching from the roughness, Castiel gave in.

“P-please! Please s-sl-slow down,” he begged, legs trembling where they were still strung up.

Dean smiled and immediately slowed his hips to a gentle roll, the head of his cock still rubbing against his boy's prostate. He brushed his hand through his boy's hair and kissed his forehead, listening to Castiel's labored breathing and pants of relief. The brunette still whimpered each time his sweet spot was stimulated, eyes closed tightly and cheeks flushed bright red. Dean reached down with one hand, gently squeezing it around the boy's hard little prick. Castiel's eyes shot open with a gasp and he whined lowly, knees turning inwards as he tried and failed to clamp his legs together.

“Wonder if I can train you to come on my cock, maybe you'll get a reward each time you do…” Dean pondered aloud, grinning as he slowly stroked his boy's cock. “Maybe this time I'll help you out a little bit though, stroke your cute little dick until you come with me shoved up your ass.”

Castiel whimpered, breathing picking up even more as Dean moved his hand up and down. Dean's palm was rough and covered in a mixture of lube and sweat, slicking the way. It only took a few strokes and pulls until Castiel was arching his back off of the mattress and coming with a pathetic sob. Dean watched the boy's thin body bend and arch as he came, his beautiful tear streaked face contorting in pleasure. Dean smiled, burying his face in the boy's neck and rolling his hips quicker.

“You did so good for me, so good for your first time. I knew you'd be a good boy Sweetheart, my sweet boy,” he grunted, arms wrapping around Castiel's waist and holding him still. “My sweet boy, fuck, Daddy loves your fuckin’ asshole, shit. Shit, shit, shit! Fuck, take it!”

He came into his boy then, groaning into his neck loudly. He was buried balls deep in Castiel, both of them covered in sweat. His dirty blonde hair looked darker now that it was soaked in sweat with droplets dripping down onto Castiel's forehead when he pulled away. He smiled lazily down at the boy, who was sobbing uncontrollably now, probably humiliated that he came on his captor’s fat cock. Dean stayed there for a long time, dick now limp inside of him as they both came down from their highs. Castiel refused to look Dean in the eyes and it made the older man chuckle.

When he finally did pull out, the action came with an obscene squelching noise that made Castiel cringe. Dean sighed, satisfied with how good of a boy Castiel was. He stood up from the bed with a groan, heading over to where he'd brought his pajamas in for afterwards. He pulled on the plaid pajama pants, then walked out of the room. Castiel whimpered desperately, left strung up and sweaty and crying. Just when he thought he'd be left like this until the next visit, Dean walked back in with a pot of warm water, a rag, some light pink object, an ice pack, and a black t-shirt about Dean's size.

The man walked over and unlatched the restraints on both sides of the spreader bar, carefully lowering the boy's legs by his ankles until they were on the bed. He sat beside Castiel, dipping the rag into the warm water before carefully cleaning up the cum coating the boy's tan, taut tummy. He did the same all over his body to clean the sweat, then dropped the rag into the water. Wordlessly, he picked up the pink object and situated himself between Castiel's long legs. The brunette flinched when the object was pressed against the sensitive and abused hole oozing cum, but Dean slid it anyways, earning a whine and several pleas for no more from Castiel. Dean set the ice pack on the bed underneath his ass, and the cold made Castiel shiver, then sigh softly in relief.

Castiel's body felt as heavy as lead when Dean pulled his arms so he was in a sitting position. He slid the shirt over his head and made sure his arms found the right holes. The shirt was clearly too big for him, but that's what made it all the better view for Dean. Before he covered his Princess up with the blanket, he made sure to snap a picture. His boy looked like a broken doll, all bruised and limp on the bed, defeated. It was a sight he'd wanted to see since he first spotted Castiel. After he had the picture, he kissed the boy's forehead gently, then walked out of the room and locked the door from the outside.